the live action gave me feels

Beauty and the Beast

Me before watching Beauty and the Beast: I watched the live-action Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie as a kid, so sure, I’ll see it.

Me while watching Beauty and the Beast: I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THESE EMOTIONS

Seriously, I just pretty much loved everything. The trailers gave me no warning that I would feel this way. Nothing warned me.

Admittance     By: Y. Black

Dear ­­­_________,

I rather not say your name. Partly because I feel so much shame. The way things ended… Well, it never should have. But it did. I promised not to break your heart, essentially that’s what ended up happening. I let my word speak louder than my actions. You fought for me as much as you could.  I respect the fight you gave too. I was hard to appreciate in the moment, but as I reflect you did go to bat for me. Clouded by situations and life I couldn’t see nor hear you. I feel so foolish to not have been able to save us. To not see you for the woman you are. I wish I could take it all back. But no, I have to live with the costly mistakes I’ve made. I’m on the road to forgiving myself for the torment I put you through. I only hope I didn’t forever scar you. Make you bitter and resentful. I broke your trust, I violated our bond and really had no excuse other than I was going through shit. Instead of leaning towards you and giving you a chance to be there for me when I needed you the most. I resorted back to my old ways and confided in some hoe. Please don’t question you, I know easier said than done. On everything this is on me not you. You are an amazing woman and I still love you for it. I just wish I was a better man back then, so I could show you where your rightful place was to stand. It’s been two years, but I’m a better man now. They say karma is bitch, and she visited me with a sick smile. I had it coming, so I fell back for a while.  I hope this reaches you and you are doing well. I couldn’t move on without with-out addressing our past. Don’t take this as me trying to get back with you, as I know our ship has sailed. I just want you to know and understand it was me that failed. I apologize and am for forever grateful of the time we shared. You deserve the absolute best I pray you get your just do.

                                                                                                                                               Love Always,

                                                                                                                                               The Nigga who let you get away

Please, I don’t want a Wicked movie that’s just a remake of the musical but with popular auto-tuned Hollywood actresses! I just want a book based live action film that uses Susan Hilferty’s amazing costumes with believable talented actresses who can play up the Gelphie!

However if someone could add an epilogue of sorts with Elphaba finding Glinda in Southstairs (that scene from Out of Oz) and cast Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel for this… Yes that would be great thanks.

jokerspuddin  asked:

from one Harley Quinn to another. what did you think of the joker and harley's relationship in the new movie. cause clearly the Joker's love for Harley was very much alive in the film in my option. BTW love you blog

I mean you’re right it was very alive. It was a little more affection that we’re used to seeing Joker display and that kinda put me off and gave him an OOC feeling for me personally. But it was cute nonetheless. The 14 year old in me really loved the terrible “would you live for me” lines and the passionate kissing tbh. I’m a little disappointed they cut out the more overt abusive scenes. I mean I’m happy cause I don’t wanna see Harley abused of course but that’s just how their relationship is and I’m afraid people wont notice his subtle abusive actions that actually occurred. Idk I’m not thrilled about it overall but if all you’re looking for is fanservice, you definitely got it.