the littlest dinosaur

The Littlest Winchester - Guide You Safely Through

Character: Castiel

Warning: None

Word Count: 820

Prompt: Could you hold my hand?

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    The dinosaurs are not quite how Castiel remembers them. For one thing, many of them are smaller than they really were, and some are oddly disproportionate. You can only do so well when you’re limited by fifteen-foot ceilings. The colors are also inaccurate; they’ve been painted the way humans imagine they’d look. Their roars, growls, chirps, and clicks, though similar to the real things, sound tinny and canned, piped through camouflaged speakers somewhere behind them and timed to match their movements. To the angel, the velociraptors have been the most authentic so far. These animals are fake, made from rubber stretched over a metal frame to create a robotic dinosaur complete with glass eyes and sharp teeth. They can move their tails, bend their necks, tilt their heads, bite down, and even blink, but once you’ve seen them in real life, these renderings aren’t all that impressive. At least the time and creativity put into bringing the lizards to life helps make up for what they lack in intimidation.

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Tiny Tomcat’s Guide for Sad, Grumpy Littles

●Find Out What is Making You Sad
Sometimes just knowing what is making you sad can help you feel better. Because when you know what’s making you sad, sometimes you can stop it. What’s wrong, Little One? Are you lonely? Are you depressed? Feeling sick? Is there a bad storm outside scaring you? It’s okay, sweetie pie.This list will try to help you feel better.

●Tell Your Bad Feelings to Go Away
It’s not silly or weird to just tell those bad thoughts to just go away. You can imagine them as a fly and shoo them away with your hands. You can turn into huge dinosaur, or big strong bear and give your best scary roar and scare away those sad, bad feelings. Throw a fit. You have my full permission– just this once. Stamp your feet, ball your little fists, jump up and down. Go away, go away, go away! There’s no place for you here! Good feelings only!

●Take a Nice Warm Bath
Sometimes taking baths is like a chore. But if you make it something nice and fun it can make you feel better. Add lots and lots of bubbles, rubber duckies, toy boats and bath crayons, light candles and use your favorite smelling soap. Don’t forget to put on jammies or cozy clothes afterwards. Fuzzy sock or slippers after a bath are the best!

● Cuddle With Your Favorite Plushie
A nice warm hug for 8 seconds raises goodie feelings and helps us feel better. So can you imagine how much better a cuddle puddle with your favorite plushies would make you feel? Maybe tell them what’s wrong. They are always ready and willing to listen to whatever is on your mind

●Play With Your Toys
Pull out the legos and play-doh, get out your dinosaurs, cars, littlest pet shops, dolls, lite-brites, mr. potato head, pegs, all of it! Get out all of your toys and spread them all over the floor! Make a huge giant city out of one, and tiny shops and people with the other. Tell a pretty story about two duckies and a porcupine that live there. Now smash the whole city down! Boom! (save the animals of course)

●Have A Dance Party!
Wag that tail, wiggle those little paws, flap your arms and jump all around in circles, hop up and down, shake it left and right. Whoo-hoo! Look at you go, Little One! Shake out all those bad feelings like you’ve got ants in your pants. Shake it all out my little wiggly squirmy wormy! Show me all your silly fun dance moves!

●Treat Yourself
Alright, okay. Just this once because my precious Little isn’t feeling the best. Grab that extra cookie. You can have one more scoop of ice cream. Yes, precious, you can get another toy at the store, you can stay up past bedtime, you can watch one more show. It’s not a night with no rules, cause rules are there to keep you healthy and safe, but we can bend a few, just for you. An extra coloring book, a suprise plushie, and extra sticker on your star chart for being such a good Little and trying so hard to feel all better. I am very, very proud of you. Yes, muffin. You do deserve an extra treat. What a very good and precious Little you are.

●Make Some Art
Oh! Is that your coloring book? Can I see what coloring you’ve done? Wow! Look at that! You are very very good at coloring inside the lines and those colors are so pretty! Can you color a page for me? I would love to have one of your original works to show off. Wow! Did you make this with play-doh? Is that your macaroni art? Did you make a rain maker all by yourself? It sounds so pretty! My goodness! What an incredibly artistic little bug you are. If you are feeling up to it my tiny Michelangelo, I would absolutely adore one of your original pieces if you please. It would be gift to receive something from such a young talent!

●Watch Something Fun
It’s Disney time! What’s your favorite Little One? Do you wanna sing Hakuna Matata with me? Or maybe we can dance around the house to Be Our Guest. Oho. Ooh. So you’re naughty like Stitch, huh? But also cute and fluffy! Or maybe you like Ghibli? Do you wanna cuddle on a big fat Totoro, too? Or fly around like Kiki? Or are you very small like Arrietty? We can watch cartoons, too! Kipper the Dog, or Miffy the Rabbit, what about Jake and the Neverland Pirates, or Adventure Time? Shall we explore Ooo together? Or save Beach City with Steven and the Gems? Lets go on a great huge adventure, Little One. You choose where!

●Remember You Are Loved
No matter what you’re feeling, you’re still valid. If you’re feeling upset because you think you’re too clingy, or lonely because you’re without a caregiver, if dysphoria of any kind is creeping in, or if you like Little Space but you’re just sort of floating through it without friends or a big.. That’s okay. Please don’t leave, okay? Little Space is magical and good and pure and sweet. If you want to watch a movie, you can message me sometime, and I’ll try to set one up. If you just need to hear some encouraging words, I’ll send you a message. Upset feelings are sad and heavy, which is why we retreat to someplace happy and light. Little Space should be your safe and happy place always. Talk to someone, talk to me if it isn’t. You are valid, accepted for who you are. I promise. I love you, Little One. I do.
I love you, I love you, I love you. So, so very much. Don’t ever forget that.

- Ayru ☆