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REASON # 3  — PARALLELS and PRESSURE POINTS aka Jon’s “Weakness” 

Wow. Just…wow. 

The hilarious thing is I was going to write a post about Sansa being Jon’s “weakness” and his one “pressure point” for days now and never got around to it. 

And then THIS^ happened. The moment Missandei came in to speak to Greyworm before his departure, I thought “that’s a parallel” to Jon and Sansa saying goodbye because he is departing. When he called her his one weakness, though, the one reason he has “fear” - I fell off the sofa. 

Because clearly the only thing that had Jon stalling or reluctant to leave Winterfell to go south was his fear of leaving Sansa on her own, and when he tells her she has Winterfell now, it he is trying to reassure her as much as himself that she will be alright even without him. Going to the crypt, he is asking Ned’s forgiveness, I think, for leaving Sansa and exposing her to danger, despite his vow to protect her. And this will be a BIG THING in Jon’s upcoming storyline. Littlefinger finds him there and tries to “test” Jon and what LF was trying to find out is: what’s Jon’s weakness, what’s his weak spot, his pressure point, the “button”, the one thing that can shatter the calm, brave facade. 

He got his answer, and so did we. Mention Sansa, mention the prospect of “touching” Sansa — Jon turns into the incredible HULK. He goes ballistic to a frightening point, and there is so much emotion behind his anger, like it isn’t just protectiveness, Jon is *never not* extremely protective of Sansa — and there is so much more in that outburst. It’s brute violence, it’s the shaking, growling, totally-lost-his-shit kind of rage that actually stands in contrast to the time Ned chokes LF, though it’s also an obvious parallel. 

Sansa is Jon’s BIG WEAKNESS: His reaction to LF is so significant here because it also leaves LF to contemplate big time what exactly he had just provoked and witnessed in Jon. If a woman is a man’s weakness, it’s usually either his child or his wife, a woman he loves deeply and is terrified of losing (Ahem, Greyworm, ahem). 

Connect this with what’s been said in interviews that Sansa affects Jon like no other (not sure anymore what the exact words were), she inspires extreme reactions in him, born out of frustration, confusion, tension and…fear for her. We’ve seen him being inexplicably weird with Sansa (ooc some had called it even) last ep. Now LF’s simple declaration that he loves Sansa was the trigger to release whatever pent up emotion and frustration, fear and madness Jon had in him even last episode. 

And what follows the crypt scene? Another parallel. The “goodbye and departure scene” between Jon and Sansa - coming in the same freaking episode as the “lover’s departure”  between Greyworm and Missandei. Are you actually kidding me? 

If Jonerys is endgame (and it may very well be so) then this is some elaborate elaborate ship trolling…and honestly, it would be a huge waste of perfectly good screen time on a show that is already nearing its end…


Before I begin my unsolicited recap of the episode, I beg you to please excuse the disorderliness of the piece and lack of direct quotes. I’m at work at the moment and I can’t fact check the quotes right now, so this post is pretty much based off of my impressions of last night and general scrolling through Tumblr. Please excuse the following incoherent jumble of thoughts.


Ok. First impression, Fire Beast Castle is straight up sinister. It gives me the creeps. It’s all dark and brooding and I don’t know how those poor Targs of Valyria the Old were holed up in there for 100+ years. I would have gone crazy.

D is headed down the path of insanity and I HAVE NO REGRETS. Her little speech to Varys was vaguely threatening AF. Be my dude and bow at the altar of my greatness, and you may live. Poison me like you advised Good King Bob and I will feed you to my dragons. Tell me, o readers, is this what one calls a kind, benevolent, and just queen?  It’s becoming clearer and clearer just how opposite Jon and D are. One is, like I said, just and benevolent, and the other is ruthless, power hungry, and much much much too self-confident.

I gotta say, though, I have a soft spot for wise old ladies, and I loved the little conversation with Olenna, and how she inspired the great and mighty Mother of Dragons to listen to her sage advice. Ignore the men and you’ll survive. Advice that I wholeheartedly agree with, though at this point, I’m kinda rooting for D to disregard said advice because *whispers*I don’t want her to survive. There. I said it. Make it quick, GoT Fandom. I don’t want to suffer.

And don’t even get me started on the Lady Mel’s sudden appearance! Did you see how D’s eyes light up when she hears that the prophecy may not necessarily be referring to a prince?? That lady is headed down the rabbit hole and I am here for it. And D, from one gal to another, you are NOT Jon Snow’s QUEEN until he kneels to you (which I hope and pray that Jon will not be stupid enough to do). He has his own kingdom and until he decides to proclaim you as such, you really need to get a hold of that self-titling obsession you’ve got. It’s not pretty.

Ok, but GWxM killed me. KILLED ME. “I have one weakness” ahjdhflhlsfhlgsjlgsjlgjslg. But to be honest, you know how it is when you play the Game of Thrones. They’re both basically walking corpses now :(

King’s Landing

“In Essos, her brutality is already legendary. She crucified hundreds of noblemen in Slaver’s Bay. And when she grew bored of that, she fed them to her dragons.”

Cersei, pal, I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with you, lady. I agree with you! This woman knows of that which she speaks.

@heathergee25 has a Tarly theory that looks to be on the right track. Go check it out!

Otherwise, idk, bored.


Ew, Samwell, ew. That scene was basically me browsing through another window on my screen while crackling flesh and unholy grunts made their way through my headphones. Poor Jorah and his love letter to his Khaleesi.

But I love the fact that, as JBW pointed out, bookish, shy Sam was never good at anything, yet here, in the library, here he finds his battleground, and I firmly stand behind all those underappreciated BTS players who ultimately save the day!. Sam “I killed an actual White Walker with a blade of glass” Tarly is not here for your “no can do” attitude. Looking at you, Maester Slughorn.


My baby Arya is going home!!! Hot Pie called her pretty!!! I think that’s the first time in her life she’s been called pretty and she liked it!! And her face when she finds out that her beloved Jon Snow is now King in the North!! Damn you, D&D, making my baby Starklings just miss each other. Can’t say I’m surprised, though.

I don’t cry often when watching things, but I literally had tears of joy welling in my eyes when Arya spotted Nymeria and she let herself be petted. Man, that wolf if huge! And then, of course, when Nymeria backed away, my heart cracked just that wee bit. *sniffs* WHY?????

Somewhere in the Narrow Sea

I’m not one for battle scenes, so I didn’t really follow along. Sorry if that’s your thing. BUT, Yara and Ellaria get it on, obviously, mere moments before their ship is ransacked by Pirate Uncle Euron. Obviously. Never really cared for the Sand Snakes, so I’m glad they’re gone. And Theon. I don’t know what set him off, but that guy has some serious PTSD and that breaks my heart. Are you dead, Theon? Please don’t be dead, Theon. I have so many questions.


Saved the best for last. *rubs hands gleefully together* Let’s get down to it!

I’mma be honest  here for a sec, we got wayyyy too few North scenes and they were much too rushed.  I would be happy to watch an entire 8 seasons of just my Starklings home in their ice castle. But that’s just me.

Boy, they are really laying it on thick with the Ned/Cat parallels. They’re not even trying to be subtle at this point. The first scene begins just the way the Ned/Cat scene begins in S1. An arrow hitting a target with the lord and lady figures looking down from on high. I swear though, that’s a scene straight out of a Jonsa future-fic. Mother and Father gazing down proudly as their Stargaryen babies become the best archers and swordsmen in the land.

Jon looking to Sansa for her take on Tyrion great and if you still think StarkBowl is an actually feasible possibility as cast and crew love to claim, just watch the episode. You’ll have no doubts whatsoever.

Ok. Meeting scene. I know that we all may not agree with Jon’s decisions all the time, but he is just, benevolent, and decisive. All good things in a king. Now, if he would only listen to his platonic-hot-sister-wife-hand-queen, that would be even better.

He makes his decision with listening to the dissenting voices and you know what, I understand him. “The North is my home. It’s part of me and I will never stop fighting for it, no matter the odds”. Jon has no desire to meet D. He has no desire to bend the knee. He needs the dragonglass and that is the one and only reason why he is going south. Sansa knows that he needs the weaponry and the army that D can provide. She knows that the WW are the biggest threat right now. But she protests because she’s SCARED. The last two times that the Starks rode south, they never returned. Also, kinda awkward that one grandfather roasted the other one. Oops.

But that look when Jon turns to Sansa, looks her straight in the eye, and says “I will accept”, did me in. It’s like no one else exists in the room and Hubby just asked Wifey for her consent in their secret married language. But what absolutely killed me was Sansa’s face when Jon leaves her the North. Props to Sophie and Kit, you guys, I have no words. Sansa haters will say that this is all she wanted, for Jon to leave her in charge to do with Winterfell what she wants. I say no. Sansa has been through so much, and as another blogger pointed out, they both have been constantly told that they know nothing. To suddenly have her experiences acknowledged and validated, and to be put in a position of trust by the ruler of Winterfell, I think that is the most gratifying, humbling thing she has ever experienced. And that all is clearly written on her face. Sophie, I love you.

One last thing. When Sansa gives her speech that Jon is abandoning the North, his people, etc, I SWEAR it’s on the tip of her tongue to say “you’re abandoning me”. I swear it. Fight me. 

THE SCENE which I have literally been looking forward to since the trailer came out was everything that I could have wanted, and more! Jon staring teary-eyed at the statue of his “father”, LF creeping up behind him like the creepyfinger he is, muttering unnecessary nonsense about Cat and how she never loved Jon. Jon is all like “why are you here, tho. Go away, asshole”. And as he’s about to leave, LF let’s slip about Sansa. And Jon FLIPS OUT. My lords and ladies, let me tell you, LF had a suspicion and that suspicion was just confirmed. The most fascinating thing about this episode, TBH, was watching Jon’s face transform from calm, annoyed indifference to snarling dragon-wolf hybrid ready to attack. I mean, his lip twitched and he actually snarled! I am always here for baby Jon going all Crazy Grandpa Aerys when somebody insults his platonic hot sister wife. Always here. And that smirk on LF’s blue face as Jon exits the crypts in a huff, that man knows things.

Not gonna lie, super bummed that we got no formal goodbye scene, and Jonny galloped out of Winterfell way too fast. But I do have some thoughts on what we did get. That wave. Now, I don’t remember the Jaime/Brienne scene, but seeing the gifs floating around, yep, I agree. But what I got from that brief moment was that there was a general feeling of controlled, conscious restraint. Sansa agrees that it’s necessary for Jon to leave. But she’s freaking terrified, and I think that if she lets slip something more that a curt wave and shy smile, the whole dam will break loose and she’ll never recover. That’s what I got.

Ok, time to wrap it up. Thanks for getting this far, hope you enjoyed my ramblings, and tell me what you think.

Love ya, Jonsa fam!

  • Littlefinger: Winterfell and the North are your birthright, Sansa. you need to make your move now, while you hold the power. you can't trust Jon.
  • Sansa: Jon has only ever protected me. if there's anyone I can't trust, Lord Baelish, it's you.
  • Littlefinger: he desires you. how long do you think it will be before he tries to act on it?
  • Sansa: don't be ridiculous.
  • Littlefinger: the way he-
  • Sansa: he 'acted' on it two weeks ago, if you know what I mean.
  • Littlefinger: ...
  • Sansa: although, if you want to be exact, I 'acted' on him first.
  • Littlefinger: ...
  • Sansa: goodbye, Lord Baelish.
  • Littlefinger *screaming internally*: HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN AGAIN
  • Littlefinger: ...bye

Honestly the last littlefinger scene where he watches Jon leave then turns to Sansa is so important for his story. Until now he thought he could turn her against Jon. He reminded her Jon was her “half” brother, told her he was a bastard born in the south, tried to point out she is not happy. But all he got was the cold shoulder from Sansa while she gave all of her support to Jon. No matter what Littlefinger said or did, Sansa shut him out completely. No matter what Jon said or did, Sansa stood by him. Littlefinger thought he could bargain with Jon. He didn’t go down to the crypts to piss him off. He went down to remind Jon of all the nice things he had done for the Starks, brought Ned’s bones, loved Cat, saved Jon from Boltons. In exchange for his favors he wanted to ask for Sansa. He didn’t expect Jon to choke him like Ned did. He didn’t expect Jon to love Sansa with such fierceness. He didn’t expect Sansa to be so loyal, where she couldn’t be manipulated. Cool and composed Sansa was on the verge of a meltdown when Jon announced he was leaving. Jon’s departure is everything Littlefinger’s Sansa should hope for, but this Sansa was worried about Jon’s safety. He realized at that last moment he can’t play her against Jon.

So now he needs a new game, a new approach. If he can’t use her, he will turn against her. He will try to force her hand one way or another.

The Crypt Scene: Jon's Brain Edition
  • Littlefinger: *interrupts Jon's last bit of man-time with Uncle Ned*
  • Jon's Brain: wtf
  • Littlefinger: Do give Lord Tyrion my best when you see him.
  • Jon's Brain: Ignore him...
  • Littlefinger: *drones on about his undying love for Cat* ...She wasn't fond of you, was she?
  • Jon's Brain: IGNORE HIM...
  • Littlefinger: *pathetic attempts at flattery*
  • Jon's Brain: ...count to 10...
  • Littlefinger: *more pathetic attempts at flattery*...I wanted to remedy that.
  • Jon's Brain: ...walk away...
  • Littlefinger: Not even "Thank you"?
  • Jon's Brain: ...count to 20...
  • Littlefinger: If it weren't for me, you'd have been slaughtered on that battlefield.
  • Jon's Brain: ...COUNT TO 100...
  • Littlefinger: I love Sansa...
  • Littlefinger: I loved her mother...
  • Jon's Brain: @#$*&@#*(&%(*@#&%*(@&#% *ENTERS FULL-BLOWN GODZILLA MODE*
Littlefinger’s Motivation and Thoughts

While I was watching the crypt scene, I was afraid Jon would attack LF for another reason besides Sansa. LF said a lot of things that would make Jon mad. And then I realized what LF was doing- he was gathering intel. LF doesn’t really know Jon- they’ve never had a proper conversation, as LF said. So LF just started talking to Jon about a variety of topics that might push Jon’s buttons- Ned being dead, Catelyn never loving him, etc. He was trying to get Jon to attack him to learn his weakness. After all, Grey Worm was talking about Missandei being his weakness in the same episode (love them, by the way!). LF knows that Starks have quick tempers so he would know that Jon’s weakness would be whatever caused Jon to attack him. I do believe LF loves Sansa the same way I love my favorite jacket- as a pretty thing to have with me. As such, I would be mildly inconvenienced if I had to threaten to “get rid of it”, if you catch my drift. That’s probably why Sansa was the last thing he used- he doesn’t really want to get rid of his favorite jack-I mean, person. 

All of this to say, LF got more than he bargained for. Not only does he realize that Sansa is Jon’s weakness, but he also knows that Jon’s feelings for her go far beyond brotherly affection. His face after Jon attacked him and in the courtyard are proof enough of that. Which brings us to what LF’s next move is. The idea of Jon being in love with his sister and she possibly being in love with him is way juicer than he anticipated. Since we’ve got the famous shot of Sansa in the Godswood in the next episode, LF might not wait very long to act on this information. He might tell Sansa that Jon, her brother, is in love with her. Which is upsetting news, even if Sansa loves him too. Or possibly Bran might come back and tell her about R+L=J, which is also upsetting for many different reasons. 

Anyway, this is just my two cents on the crypt scene and what it means going forward.       

Yeah but didn’t Petyr reveal all that stuff just to annoy and disconcert Jon immediately before starting his journey to meet Daenerys? Make him feel less secure about leaving Winterfell and provoke him by talking about loving his mother and his sister? He knew Jon could kill him so he popped in the bit about saving Jon’s life to hopefully minimise that risk. I think Petyr was being totally devious and manipulating with a decision calculated solely to disrupt Jon’s equilibrium.

I love him!  ♥

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Jon Choking Littlefinger: Why I Think the Writing Matters

First I’ll preface this by saying, I don’t know if Jonsa will happen.  But I’ve spent sometime today discussing with others why I think the Jon choking LF scene possibly means more than a man defending his sister.

My main point in this post is that the writing matters. There is a deliberate choice in what is filmed and said in that scene and in trying to examine it objectively and through the lens of Jon is only acting like a brother, it doesn’t make sense that they would choose that particular route unless:

1. They do mean for Jon to have non-sibling feelings for Sansa OR

2.  They’re trying to deliberately muddy the waters 

I’ll dismiss #2 because if they were trying to do a fake out and make us think Jonsa was a possibility if only to be “surprised” when they do Joneryes, they’re doing a poor job of it because they, HBO/Show, hasn’t really been promoting Jonsa. Just a sly remark here or there from Kit or Sophie and people would have been off to the races. So I don’t think this is a fake out.

So why doesn’t that scene feel sibling like? It’s the dialogue itself that’s troublesome. Basically, Jon is still in control enough that he can walk away from LF until LF mentions “I love Sansa, like I did her mother.” which means, in a non-platonic way.  That is the first time Sansa’s name is mentioned and it sends Jon over the edge.  But it’s also the context of where her name is mentioned, a romantic one.  LF could have easily said, “I love Sansa…like she was my own daughter.”  And while still creepy because we know LF, it may not have been as creepy for Jon.  Because we’re not sure how much Jon knows about LF’s obsession with Sansa.

Well, it’s clear to him now what LF wants from Sansa.

IF this scene was just meant to be about sibling love and protection, the words LF could have used and still get a rise out of Jon are many. Such as the one I mentioned above or:

“Don’t worry your Grace, I’ll make sure Sansa is protected while you’re gone.” or “I’ll look after Sansa while you’re gone.”  or “Sansa is safe with me.”  (Jon knows what happened the last time LF offered Sansa protection, boom, justification for being pissed)

Instead we get a declaration of love that is the straw that broke Jon’s control.  Not allusions to Jon possibly usurping his noble-born family’s claim, not his fraught relationship with Catelyn, insinuated remarks of his bastard status, his utter failure at the BotB.  Jon takes all of those comments, starts to walk away or at least no jump on LF until he mentions Sansa. Angry bunny nose twitch is on and Jon is on top of LF like Tyrion on good wine.

So, there is a deliberate choice to use those words. The question is why and I can’t see any other reason than a hint of something more on Jon’s part in the way he feels towards Sansa.

Now, whether anything is ever done about it, that’s another story.