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Does most of the fandom understand just how destructive Littlefinger is?

I think most ASOIAF/GoT fans understand Littlefinger is a bad guy because he screwed Ned over and he told Cat the dagger belonged to Tyrion.

That’s not the end of it, though. His villainy did not begin with lying to Catelyn about where that dagger came from.

Do most of the fandom register, and understand the implications thereof, that he conspired with Lysa Arryn to murder Jon Arryn and draw the Starks’ suspicions to the Lannisters? When you consider Lysa’s confession in ASOS, and you look back at the events of AGOT, do you understand just how thoroughly Ned and Cat got played? And how much of that danger came not from the Lannisters, but from Cat’s sister and foster brother?

Looking back at the events of AGOT, do you understand how the Lannisters were being attacked and vilified by Littlefinger and Lysa’s lies? Do you notice how every shitty thing the Lannisters did to the Starks was reactive (if sometimes disproportionate), not pre-emptive?

Do you even look back at the events of GoT and understand that the Lannisters did not kill Jon Arryn? Do you understand that when Ned was convinced the queen’s family had killed Lord Arryn, he was dangerously mistaken? With that knowledge in mind, do you ever consider how Ned and Cat’s actions may have appeared to the Lannisters?

Seriously, I’ll say it again: do you even register that the Lannisters did not kill Jon Arryn? The possibility that they “would have” killed him if Lysa hadn’t poisoned him first is irrelevant: they didn’t kill him.

Leaving out the White Walkers and focusing on just the political struggles, there is no more unambiguous villain in the series than Littlefinger. I’ve said it before and I still think so: if the Lannisters (especially Tywin and Cersei) didn’t exist, Littlefinger would’ve had to invent them.


( Varys ): And Westeros has been burning ever since…

( Baelish ): Let it.

( Varys ): How Targaryen of you…one of the mad ones.

( Baelish ): Fire turns even the proudest oaks to ash, leaving newer roots space to climb…

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Why do I ship Petyr x Sansa

1. He notices even the littlest detail about her

2.  The way he smiles at her

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3. And the way he looks at her ~ like if she was the light of his life (which she is)

4. He wants her to call him by his first name

5. Sansa defends Petyr when someone’s ‘’rude’’ to him (or when someone has disrespectful questions…)

6. He took her under his wings even he didn’t have to

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7. He saved her and he always will, countless time if needed

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8. He loses his breath everytime he sees her

9. He helped her become stronger

10. Although she didn’t believe in herself, he believed in HER 

11. His kisses aren’t harsh nor rough

his kisses are tender, soft and loving

12. She’s the one to who he told about his intentions

13. She lied about Lysa’s death to save him

14. When he’s with her, you can read his emotions in his eyes

15. She seems to enjoy his company as much as he does enjoy hers

16. There was clear despair, suffering and pain in his eyes when she told him about Ramsay, you can notice how it’s tearing his heart apart

17. He doesn’t push on her, he wouldn’t do anything against her will

18. The way he touches her hair

19. He treats her like a Queen

20. And he wants her to be HIS Queen

21.  She’s the one he opens up to

22. He would die if she wished so

23. When she was scared, he calmed her

he supports her, he made her brave and strong
he motivates her and made her courageous

24. Without him, she would end up badly

25. And without her, he wouldn’t achieve many things

26. They complete each other

27. He’s gentle towards her

28. She’s his happiness

29. She’s his “everything” he wants

30. They’re the most charming duo

31. Just as much as they’re charming, they’re powerful

32. Sansa finally deserves someone who will treat her like a treasure

33. Petyr deserves someone who will accept and return his feelings

34. There’s so much chemistry between them

35. And the last reason why I do ship these two and I want them to end up together so badly is: I HAVE EYES

Sansa: I thought you wanted everything? 

 Petyr: you are my everything sweetling…

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