the little things oh josh

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okay i just saw a post talking about a fan who met josh and Tyler and Tyler asked where to sign their ukulele and then when they gave it to josh, Josh was just like "u want ME to sign it??" and I'm just like...what if joshs self esteem is just really shit sometimes and Tyler notices when Josh is just holding himself in more, closing up his body as small as possible bc GOD he's nothing compared to Tyler and Tyler has to be like !!!! No !!! You are amazing and wonderful and beautiful !!!


like josh just says these little things sometimes like ‘oh well youre more important anyways” or “im just the drummer” and “man those pants look so much better on you than they do on me, im so fat” and Tyler is just goes out of his way on those days to be like “this is my amazing friend josh , he’s the best drummer ever and hes so handsome have you seen him, hot dang? i wouldnt trade him for a free lifetime supply of red bull ok because i cant live without him. I live for him man, hes my favorite, hes so great and talented!” and josh hears tyler saying all of this and even when parts of him cant believe it over the years he starts to realise that tyler is completely serious and he kinda feels a lot better because of it.