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“I’m sorry. The old K.O. can’t come to the phone right now…
Oh, ‘cause he’s dead now!”

Not really! Super hype for this special!!!

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Favorite Donna Paulsen Scenes [no order]: 4/10

2.3 Meet the New Boss

“Oh my god, what the hell did you order?”

Dolly (eladrin): I want to network platonically. I’m going to try to ingratiate myself with some official merfolk.

DM: You succeed in befriending a noble house. They gain prestige for knowing one of the airbreathers, and are therefore enthusiastic to welcome you.

Dolly: I befriend their highborn daughters.

DM: The mermaids are wary at first, but once they realise you speak elven and are passionate about your hair they accept you into their circle.

Soulmate AU; Hoseok

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Summary; Your soulmate’s initials are on your wrist, and your initials are on his. As soon as you meet your S/O the tattoo will disappear and be replaced with the s/o’s full name.

A/N i love writing these they’RE SO FUN TO MAKE also this is kind of like a fansign thing so yeah


-you have a tattoo

-on your arm 

-more like wrist

-of your s/o’s name 

-well initials of those two points

-got that? good cause they have yours

-on their wrist

-and ever since you were little

-you and your dad would be talking about your little tattoo and who it could be 

-your dad would always say it would be a doctor or a laywer


-you wanted someone who was fun and exciting and stuff

-oh look at that Jung Hoseok wants the same for his s/o too!

-it’s so cute because he would place hearts around it and it looked so cuTEEEEE

-you did the same


-that….was going to be kind of hard though

-your friend was a huge kpop stan

-like they had the cds




-on the other hand……….

-you were studying korean and economics and was accepted into a college over there

-so your friend tagged along to what turned out to being an impromptu moving houses plan

-you two got a little apartment to call yours and it was cheap too! 

-and while you studied in college your friend was able to get a part-time job working for a tv station

- H O W  T H E 

-you didn’t question it

-only a little though

-but yeah 

-through some secret underground networking thing though….

-you called it that because you had no idea how she got tickets

-you friend was able to nab some tickets to a bts fansign for her and you

-you were pretty happy because you were slowly starting to get into their music 

-so you agreed to go with her 

-and soon enough the day came along

-and your friend was freaking out crying and laughing at the same time because she never really thought she would be doing this

-you and your friend travelled to the hall where the fansign was and you could see the mass amount of people waiting to go inside

-you turn to your friend who was just talking about the line

-”the sad thing is most of them won’t get in….”

-”really? that’s…upsetting…how did you get tickets anyways?”

-”i got them from work”

-”wow there are some perks to this new job then!”

-the queue quickly shortened and you two were able to enter in to the fansign 


-one of the memebrs

-jung hoseok

-betcha didn’t see that one– oh wait

-he was just smiling down to the little tattoo on his wrist rubbing his hand over it

-”hoseok let’s go! we’re starting in 5!”

-he nodded

-and before he left the room

-he quickly whispered to himself

-”let me find you today….please”

-and then kissed the tattoo

-oh my gosh im so soft

-that’s a thing he did too

-he kissed it for good luck on any stage that he performed on

-and you also……kissed it for good luck for any tests you had to do

-and everything turned out alright


-you and your friend somehow managed to get up close to the stage where they were

-and as they came out on stage

-you looked and heard past the fans and the screams and yells

-and you thought

-wow these boys up close are like gods

-not just normal gods

-the amazing gods that made your heart race

-especially the one in the middle


-you had a little bit of a soft spot for him

-”lookie~! it’s your soulmate~!”

-you heard your friend say

-yeah she knew about your tattoo and came up with this crazy theory J-hope was your soulmate

-you kind of shrugged it off because 1. no 2. that’s impossible 3. how

-you laughed along

-you glanced back up to the boys 

-and you looked straight to J-Hope 

-your eyes met his

-and a smile emerged from his pretty face

-and you just died

-and you’re thinking…..huh….she might be onto something here


-so the fansign was underway

-you went and saw Jungkook Jin and Jimin

-and you got to J-Hope quicker than you thought you would

-you said hello and he said hello back

-he asked what your name was and you replied with 

-”y/n l/n”

-his eyes lit up so quickLY SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR

-the initials matched his handwriting and everything wooooooAAAAAAAAAAAH

-he just smiled to you and you smile back while he was looking at his wrist

-he was writing for quite a while

-you were curious about it but then remembered something that you had in your bag for him

-you took out a small teddy bear and gave it to him just as a little present

-it had his initials on the small foot

-and you looked to it

-the font on the bear matched the font on your wrist


-you gave it over

-but just as you gave it to him he noticed the tattoo on your wrist

-that had his initials on it

-his brain;

-w h a t 

-H U  H



-just as you were about to take the cd he asked for a sticky note from one of the staff members

-he wrote something down and placed it at the back of the cd

-you smiled and moved along to the next member 

-before you knew it

-the fansign ended 

-but you had fun!! 

-on the train back home you two were looking at the signed cds you two had with you

-”woah thats so cool! let’s see what your soulmate wrote!”

-you flicked to the page where he signed and it just said the same as everyone elses but with your name– in….a love heart


-your friend took a look into her cd and saw that there wasn’t a heart by her name

-your friend also managed to take a gander at the back page

-she saw the sticky note

-you took it out and started to read it

-”To y/n, we were distant but now we’re close, my tattoo is your name and yours is mine. Call me, ok? XXX-XXX-XXXX”

-”h-huh? so i was right!!”

-you were still so confused about everything

-so you looked to your wrist

-and there it was

-mimicking his writing

-Jung Hoseok

“so who was right?”


“good you know that.”

“ok whos your s/o then?”

“u-UH IDK–”


pc-the-unicorn  asked:

Since you work in the industry, do you think some cartoons try way to hard to be "hip" and "cool" with modern kids? Like I understand them wanting to try to connect with kids but some shows try WAY to hard.

(I’m going to answer this one publicly because I think it’s pretty important to answer honestly.)

My simple answer is, yes, I agree with you, some shows are made specifically with the intent of being a product and have very little creative merit, and that’s a bummer.  Without shaming any of the artists involved (a job is a job and not every job is great), there are some truly unwatchable cartoons out there that were bred in a test tube and never touched by a person who actually cared about making anything good.  A lot of those kinds of projects rightfully fall flat on their faces after a season or maybe a lucky two.

However (and this is SO IMPORTANT), all cartoons have elements of being marketable to a target audience.  Even your favorite shows, even the ones that are super lovingly crafted, are influenced by entities higher on the ladder in a studio/network setting in order to make that show more profitable.  This is not always a bad thing, and it’s usually not a big deal.

I think people on the internet - especially older viewers who aren’t necessarily the target audience - fail to understand just how expensive and time-consuming animation is on a series level.  These things aren’t made in a week for a couple thousand bucks.  It’s wonderful when a show is heavily influenced by its creator and is made with love and care and joy by its creative and production teams.  That said, it’s also totally fair that a network would want to have a say in the content in order to hopefully insure its success in favor of making all of that money back, and then some.  If great cartoons get to stay on the air because of a little meddling from the network to make that thing more “hip” and “cool,” that’s totally fine and it’s fair.

Furthermore, remember, If you’re older than approximately 12, you’re probably not our target audience (though we ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU and please don’t think I don’t mean that).  You’d be surprised at how savvy those network folks are when it comes to the tastes of younger viewers.  It may seem foreign to you and it may not speak to you, but chances are, it does resonate with a kid who is about 6 to 11 years-old.

If you’re watching cartoons intended for kids, watch with a grain of salt.  Understand that you can like something even if it’s not made specifically for you, and that you don’t have to like everything about something in order to enjoy it.  Look at quality shows like My Little Pony and Teen Titans GO!, both of which were made to appeal to a very specific audience but have a lot of great elements that appeal to older viewers.  Get past the “hip and cool” vibe they sometimes give off and you’ll have a much better experience.

Happy viewing!



Yoonjin conversations -

When yoongi is curious about jin’s adventure in finding the 7 layer burger. And when he knows he just walked around and asked if he “just went in” so matter of factly like he knew Jins way of thinking and personality so well

Bonus : hoseok cock blocking yoonjin. He is the true leader of the yoonjin ship


Asian American TV Producers Speak Out About Making the Shows They Want, Whether or Not Networks Are on Board

“I was always writing little things, web series and shorts, and just kind of doing things and creating acting opportunities for myself that were different from what was being offered to me, as far as auditions were concerned,” he continued. “The things that I made for myself here and there got the attention of certain parts of the industry and led to me playing roles that were a little bit different from the standard fare. I feel like now, there’s kind of no excuse for young actors to not constantly be acting… and creating their own dream roles, and making projects where they can perform these roles.” -Randall Park (x)

anonymous asked:

I'm imagining post-Robert's Rebellion what-ifs where the winning coalition sets up a "dream team" government and I was thinking about the idea of Davos as Robert's Master of Whisperers? He's a master smuggler and able counselor with friends on both sides of the Narrow Sea and skill at secretive work. Besides illiteracy (fixable as in OTL), his only drawback would be that he'd be way more scrupulous than typical for the role (Imagine the spymaster siding with Ned/Barristan against assassination).

I don’t think that would work. Davos is a commoner in an era where class prejudice is a very real thing. Davos has little experience managing a network of informants or in vetting information for its trustworthiness, so he wouldn’t be very good at his job. Don’t get me wrong, Davos is the best guy in the world, but I don’t think he makes a very good spymaster.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King