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Favorite Donna Paulsen Scenes [no order]: 4/10

2.3 Meet the New Boss

“Oh my god, what the hell did you order?”

Little theory-thing

Ok but does anyone else think Topaz might get sick of Aquamarine’s shit at some point?

And turn on her. Idk, she seems pretty loyal to me but… just a thought. Like the way Aquamarine is so condescending to her and how she was rushing Topaz to wrap up the fight on the ship, telling her to “clean up” the mess, and the fact that she doesn’t talk.

tsubasagirl  asked:

Other than tumblr, do you have any social media like twitter, YouTube, instagram? Any other social media at all?

Funnily enough, not really! Tumblr is my main love, and most of my time is split between this blog and my casual one

Technically I do have a Twitter that I don’t use ( @Tornadochanlive) , and I used to have an Instagram that I forgot the password to. I think I might also have a Twitch account that I don’t use yet (but hope to play with one day, if not seriously). Otherwise that’s pretty much it. 

What’s hilarious about my fic, Artificial Doll, is that I was all “ah, yes, this is the time where my computer science course becomes useful”. And I’m really glad you guys all say it’s well done.

Ironically, I was pretty bad in the AI subject (search algos and learning), it was mostly my groupmates who did the practical work. So it’s a hodge podge nightmare of what I remembered.

A tip though:

From what I’ve read, AIs don’t start instantly knowing how to do the thing (I’ve read that in a few Ironman stuff, like blip it on and it knows how to do the thing and kinda uhhhh) . You gotta teach them, this is usually in the form of giving them data and then checking the number of rights and wrongs they make. Which is why Kaiba is dueling him despite the fact that he always loses, it’s not for the challenge. He’s feeding him data and figuring out what’s missing.

Well idk, that’s how my AI-ish schoolwork was like. Most of the time, my class was stuck giving sample data to our programs. A lot took hours.

pc-the-unicorn  asked:

Since you work in the industry, do you think some cartoons try way to hard to be "hip" and "cool" with modern kids? Like I understand them wanting to try to connect with kids but some shows try WAY to hard.

(I’m going to answer this one publicly because I think it’s pretty important to answer honestly.)

My simple answer is, yes, I agree with you, some shows are made specifically with the intent of being a product and have very little creative merit, and that’s a bummer.  Without shaming any of the artists involved (a job is a job and not every job is great), there are some truly unwatchable cartoons out there that were bred in a test tube and never touched by a person who actually cared about making anything good.  A lot of those kinds of projects rightfully fall flat on their faces after a season or maybe a lucky two.

However (and this is SO IMPORTANT), all cartoons have elements of being marketable to a target audience.  Even your favorite shows, even the ones that are super lovingly crafted, are influenced by entities higher on the ladder in a studio/network setting in order to make that show more profitable.  This is not always a bad thing, and it’s usually not a big deal.

I think people on the internet - especially older viewers who aren’t necessarily the target audience - fail to understand just how expensive and time-consuming animation is on a series level.  These things aren’t made in a week for a couple thousand bucks.  It’s wonderful when a show is heavily influenced by its creator and is made with love and care and joy by its creative and production teams.  That said, it’s also totally fair that a network would want to have a say in the content in order to hopefully insure its success in favor of making all of that money back, and then some.  If great cartoons get to stay on the air because of a little meddling from the network to make that thing more “hip” and “cool,” that’s totally fine and it’s fair.

Furthermore, remember, If you’re older than approximately 12, you’re probably not our target audience (though we ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU and please don’t think I don’t mean that).  You’d be surprised at how savvy those network folks are when it comes to the tastes of younger viewers.  It may seem foreign to you and it may not speak to you, but chances are, it does resonate with a kid who is about 6 to 11 years-old.

If you’re watching cartoons intended for kids, watch with a grain of salt.  Understand that you can like something even if it’s not made specifically for you, and that you don’t have to like everything about something in order to enjoy it.  Look at quality shows like My Little Pony and Teen Titans GO!, both of which were made to appeal to a very specific audience but have a lot of great elements that appeal to older viewers.  Get past the “hip and cool” vibe they sometimes give off and you’ll have a much better experience.

Happy viewing!



Yoonjin conversations -

When yoongi is curious about jin’s adventure in finding the 7 layer burger. And when he knows he just walked around and asked if he “just went in” so matter of factly like he knew Jins way of thinking and personality so well

Bonus : hoseok cock blocking yoonjin. He is the true leader of the yoonjin ship

As much as i love Riverdale, im kinda feeling like its losing all i loved about it. I went in extremely excited because they had a pretty diverse cast and mainly women leading. I loved that even though Veronica hated Cheryl, she put all of that hate aside and was there for her during her panic attack and the funeral. I loved that the first few episodes showed strong B&V scenes.

It was so refreshing to watch a show that really captured a strong friendship that wouldn’t be ruined by some stupid things like a boy because in shows these days it seems like one little petty thing can make such a dynamic friendship fall apart because networks think girls are petty?

But now all that girl power is gone, and why didn’t the pussycats perform after or before archie and veronica during homecoming? They made them seem like hotshit but we haven’t even seen much from Josies end lately and i loved that episode showing a bit of her backstory, it was just so great to see a poc character get that screen time without it being all like “OH LOOK ITS A BLACK CHAR WE SLID IN TO LOOK RELATABLE AND TOTALLY NOT WHITEWASHED.”

Where are the dynamic hardhitting B&V scenes? As much as i love bughead, ever since that ship went canon those friendship scenes just went right out the window. I get Veronica is slowly turning back into the mean girl and thats why she was so mean to Cheryl and initiated the very biased dance off, but it still made me sad to see another piece of that girlpower just chip off. I loved Riverdale for its characters, for its diverse cast, i loved it for finally bringing in 3 dimensional women, yet it seems all i loved about it is gone or fading, which really sucks because i really loved the first few episodes.

I’ll still watch it in hopes of it getting its rhythm back, but i doubt it will.

anonymous asked:

So Ironwood is depicted as a duck in volume 2, something that catches my eye is "Are your children ready to fight a war - I hope they never have to" I can understand not liking Ironwood. But I think he probably had a point here. And I have no clue how to take Ozpin's response. Putting aside Amber who was created post volume 2, Ozpib knew about Salem, had he thought he'd won? Or was he in denial as to Salem? Summer probably didn't due to just a normal Grimm after all.

yeah that’s kind of the thing with Ironwood - he’s a dick but he is also halfway to a good point sometimes

and honestly, i think possibly Ozpin thought he could handle the situation, stop whatever machinations were going on at Beacon with Cinder and that would be the end of it until Salem tried again at some nebulous point in the future - his little network keeping things under wraps without it ever effecting the populace

Everything is connected

Everything we do (Thoughts, breathing, actions, conversations, Facebook posts, music ect.), is in one way or another influencing our environment. I say “We” and “Our” because this is an experience that we all share together (Animals, insects, plants, and all consciousness and non-conscious life included). We are all directly connected to each other’s consciousness, minds, and perception. In fact, everything you know of in existence, has left some type of an impression on your consciousness, otherwise it would not be there at all. There is a network of energy that connects all things, even the not yet experienced forms - and every little thing we do, ripples through that network. We have power to make great changes in this universe for all beings, simply by changing the energy we emanate in this present moment.