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Yoonjin conversations -

When yoongi is curious about jin’s adventure in finding the 7 layer burger. And when he knows he just walked around and asked if he “just went in” so matter of factly like he knew Jins way of thinking and personality so well

Bonus : hoseok cock blocking yoonjin. He is the true leader of the yoonjin ship

Everything is connected

Everything we do (Thoughts, breathing, actions, conversations, Facebook posts, music ect.), is in one way or another influencing our environment. I say “We” and “Our” because this is an experience that we all share together (Animals, insects, plants, and all consciousness and non-conscious life included). We are all directly connected to each other’s consciousness, minds, and perception. In fact, everything you know of in existence, has left some type of an impression on your consciousness, otherwise it would not be there at all. There is a network of energy that connects all things, even the not yet experienced forms - and every little thing we do, ripples through that network. We have power to make great changes in this universe for all beings, simply by changing the energy we emanate in this present moment.

I want good company

but it’s hard to find people these days who have the same mindset as you. People whose friends aren’t all up in your business and judging you off what they think they know about you. People who really, truly think for themselves. Very hard to find people who don’t post every-little-thing on social networking sites. Why is it hard to find people like me? Where are the people who like long walks? Who like to go to karaoke night or open mic? The people who get in trouble by the police not for drugs or anything, but for stopping their car in the middle of the road to save a frog? Lol I feel like sometimes the person that I want doesn’t exist because - is it just me or is

the same?
'Mindy Project': Season 4 to Introduce New Female Friend Character
Now that the show is off network television, can fans expect more risqué shots of her onscreen beau, Chris Messina? "Can we just be all sex and drugs? Matt [Warburton] and I are both smart writers but also repressed people. We decided we want people who tuned into the show to tune in for two reasons: because we're doing things we couldn’t do on network TV, but also not giving up what people love. … And so much of romance comes from restraint, and the things you don't see. … I always have to remind myself that a little goes a long way."

The worst thing about all this is that people are hating on Spencer while the one they should all be mad at is actually Caleb. Spencer is clearly in love with him, she also told him so, but Caleb? If he wasn’t over Hanna he should have never ever tried anything with one of her best friends. He was the one using Spencer to forget Hanna, and by doing so he was extremely unfair to both. He could have just picked a random girl, anyone, but not one of his ex’s friends who also happened to be one of his own best friends. Also, from the flashback it was clear that he was the one flirting with her. Spencer didn’t start it. If anything it was mutual from the start, and actually I think Caleb was more obvious than Spencer. So really, how can Haleb fans ignore that? This just leaves two options; either Caleb has feelings for Spencer and he realizes he made a mistake (ahah), or they’ve just ruined his character forever.