the little spring awakening things

Spring Awakening Appreciation

10 Little Things I Love About Spring Awakening

1. The way Moritz’s voice is dressed as a punk rocker

2. The moment at the beginning of the show where Wendla hands her voice a guitar, and Voice of Wendla hands Wendla her dress through the fake mirror

3. How other people have to come in and sign for Hanschen during the masturbation scene

4. The signing of the line “oh, you’re gonna be my bruise” on the other person’s forehead

5. Voice of Ernst’s happy little spin on his piano stool when Ernst and Hanschen kiss (!!!)

6. The tragic symbolism of Martha’s voice never being near her, unlike all the other voices

7. Ali Stroker wheeling across the stage with a flirty hairflip like the queen she is

8. The human tree

9. The drummer who is no one’s voice but works so hard. He is on stage the whole time and is absolutely performing from start to finish.

10. The tension when Voice of Moritz hands Moritz the gun