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Please help and support this show by watching is legally on Netflix THIS FRIDAY ONWARDS! I normally hate these types of posts, but for this show, it’s needed. It’s not often we get such a female driven show like this within the anime industry, and compared to the many male driven animes, it’s not even a fraction of how popular it SHOULD be.


(So here’s a little aftermath piece for the Pen Pal AU! ideas from me crying to @honeycombhenry and her consoling me with good goopey content)

“And this one,” Sidney says, pointing to a bit of smudged ink and glitter on the letter, “is from when I had to help Taylor with her art project. I couldn’t wash it off my hands. It was everywhere.”

“You help her a lot, might as well do project for her,” Geno says, adjusting Sidney so he can scoot up some more and Geno can rest his chin comfortably on Sidney’s curls. They’re both on Geno’s bed, the letters they’ve collected strewn about in a nest of memories. “I write that in letter, I remember.”

“I remember that one,” Sidney laughs. “I was so annoyed because I couldn’t just chirp you immediately.”

“With all the time on your hands, you still not think of good comeback,” Geno says, kissing Sidney’s hair. He eyes the, ‘Your handwriting sucks,’ on one of the letters, written in Sidney’s equally abysmal handwriting.

“I tried,” Sidney says, flipping through a couple more letters and looking at his own 10-year-old scrawl. “I can’t believe you kept all of this.” Like me, he doesn’t say.

“Is important to me,” Geno says softly. “I think that, you know, after hockey, I’m find this Sid in Canada.”


“Sometimes have not so good thought, think Sid maybe not want to see me, maybe he already have family. Is little bit weird if stranger show up to door like, ‘Hello, I’m pen pal from childhood. Please date me.’”

It is weird, but Sidney would’ve been immediately charmed anyways. “I would’ve gone on that date with you,” Sidney murmurs, closing his eyes and nuzzling Geno’s cheek. “I would’ve quit hockey if you didn’t talk me out of it.”

Geno hums, holding Sidney close. He parts Sidney’s hair a little, touching the faint scar there with two gentle fingers. “Scar still here. I’m worry a lot when you write me, say some kid high stick you on purpose.”

“I remember I tore a page out of the family atlas, the big one on the bottom shelf that no one really reads,” Sidney croaks out. “It was the one with Magnitogorsk. Whenever it gets too hard, I told myself that I could always run away and find you.” Sidney laughs, his eyes stinging. “I couldn’t even find your street address on the map. I just circled the damn city. I was just going to walk to Russia. I was really dumb.”

Geno rubs a steady hand on Sidney’s shoulder. “When I’m write that letter to you, that I love you, I’m feel like die because so scared. Drop mail in mailbox and run home, then check mail every day like idiot. Of course, no answer because family moved, and I think is maybe for the best.“

Sidney looks up at Geno, as he’d slid down to rest his head on Geno’s thighs; he might as well have been looking up at the stars, something that had once seemed so impossible to reach. “Did you cry?”

“Maybe little bit,” Geno admits, but he’s smiling. “I’m emotional guy.”

“Why didn’t you send me something from your new address?”

“I couldn’t,” Geno mumbles. “Maybe you not want hear from me. Not be bother. Thinking, have all these letters is enough.”

“Zhenya,” Sidney whispers, praying that Geno can’t hear his heart clamoring in his chest. He reaches up to touch Geno’s cheek, just as Geno leans into his touch. “Zhenya, can you kiss me?”

“Not have to ask,” Geno says, and does exactly as Sidney says.  

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Thanks, Rex!! I honestly should not be doing this, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to tease haha,, In return, here’s a glimpse of what I’ll be working on in the mere future!! I’m quite sure you know where this is from B)

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Beauty and the Beast Fic: You’re My Home, Stay with Me by ladymacbeth99

Belle has returned to the village to look after her father, but still finds she can’t stop thinking about the castle and its inhabitants. Is she crazy for missing that creepy old castle? For missing him? 

Meanwhile, Chip gets a chance to play matchmaker.

Aaron sees a pack of those thin colorful jelly bracelets at the store and buys them for Kevin as a joke but Kevin puts like 3 of them on each wrist and never takes them off


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you know a finale is horrible when the only thought you have afterwards is “haha okay this was fun, but where is the REAL finale”