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Maaaak, do you like shoujo? ♥ (I think you mentioned it to me once, but I'm not sure) if you do, what are your favorite anime/mangas?


I do like shoujo :3c  ♥ ♥ ♥ i’ve loved shoujo ever since Cardcaptor Sakura ~ (that was one of my fave childhood animes  ♥)

here’s a list of my favorite ones (so far, in no particular order):


1. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun / My Little Monster
the theme song is sooooooo catchy and adorable and so rainbow-y! there’s a maka look alike! (she’s in my header btw), and haru is just the sweetest dorkiest anime character. i have a soma au for this. and there is a love triangle. i need a season 2. i am dying. save me. this has been one of my favorite shoujo animes for a long time ♥

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2. Kyoukai no Kanata / Beyond the Boundary
it’s kind of not a typical shoujo, because it has a lot of action in it- but the art & animation style is just #artgoals and #gorgeous and the characters are so lovable i could scream. also i have not watched the movies yet but i would so love to watch them soon

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3. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji / Wolf Girl and Black Prince
i honestly would recommend the manga (since it’s better than the anime), but i love the ending song???? it’s so catchy and i will make a soma animation for it one day. this was honestly the inspiration for my mak persona! i only recommend it if you read a bit of the manga and want to see it animated

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4. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso / Your Lie in April
if you’ve seen tumblr posts and gifs about this and know a thing or two about the story, then you know why this is my fave. the art and animation style is AHMAZING, the story is sooooo good??? (feels though im warning you)
the ending could have been a little bit slower? but it still wraps up the anime very well, it gives all the characters closure. (did i mention the characters are all lovable too??). also i want to animate the theme song for soma au not gonna lie

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5. Akagami no Shirayukihime / Snow White with the Red Hair
the ones who produced this was the same animation studio that handled Soul Eater!! (studio bones)!! girl power tbh shirayuki (the red haired girl) is such an independent girl ♥ i love her.
also there’s a white haired boy who i think you’ll love cuz he is already one of my cinnamon rolls. freaking potential SoMa au i tell u (there are 2 seasons but i wish for another one) (also i love shirazenobi) (casually tags @l0chn3ss)

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6. Nisekoi / False Love
soul’s VA is the same as the male main character’s VA. nuff said.
no but seriously i love every single character here. it’s the only harem i would dare to watch. it’s so funny and light-hearted and the plot will keep having twists. it’s really fun to watch. @l0chn3ss@flamedork and i made a SoMa au for it last soma week :D the anime ending had something missing to it, but i believe you’ll still enjoy it nonetheless ♥

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7. Nagi no Asukara / A Lull in the Sea
OKAY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TBH out of all of the shoujo animes i listed as my fave, this one takes the cake. i actually did not expect any of the twists, and the story goes really deep. the ending could have gone better tbh (im so salty about how it ended too quickly), but the characters and how everyone interacts, it just makes you keep wanting to watch it D:
(plus! the art style is adorable im crying about it. the animation of the waves and the sea– and the opening and ending themes are soooo cool ♥ )

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8. Cardcaptor Sakura
oldie but goodie! there’s also a reboot coming up (or a sequel i think? based on the new Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Cards manga- which is so amazing for people who love nostalgic shows) idk if i can say any more about it, but it’s a magical girl story! and i love every single character. syaoran is my blushy-blush child.

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9. Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru / This Art Club Has a Problem!
this was one of the most recent i’ve watched and it’s totally not like all the others. mainly because… it’s just so random? it’s a school anime about an art club and i just love the characters and the randomness of it all. i totally ship these two who are just so cute together but the guy is too dense. eurghhh
(this anime has a manga but i havent read it so i cant say much about it)

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10. Tamako Market
this is one of the cutest shoujo i’ve ever seen. oh my gosh- you will love tamako. for sure. also! the animation is so fluid and adorable! the opening will make u puke rainbows bc of the cuteness, and the ending is so aesthetic, every scene would be worthy for a gifset. the story is different for a school type anime (it’s more centered on the marketplace tamako lives in) and it revolves around all the characters and their development and relationship to tamako :3

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11. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (i’ve memorized this anime title) / We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw that Day (or in shorter terms: AnoHana)
this anime is definitely one of the best ones. it will make you cry. produced by A-1 pictures, the same ones who animated this prized piece. you will definitely cry. it’s best if you watch for yourself if you havent watched it yet ;w;
p.s. i love menma so much hrhrrrr

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1. Hirunaka no Ryuusei / Daytime Shooting Star
the art style of this manga is my aesthetic tbh. the characters and the love triangle is my fave part– for me, ending could have been less rushed tho (i will fight for mamura) (just a warning, there’s a teacher-student thing going on)


2. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun / My Little Monster
yeah this has a manga too! i love the characters and the love triangle too (you can see i have a type), and the art style is so lit, you’re gonna love it. i don’t remember if i loved the ending, but yeah it’s completed as well

3. Taiyou no Ie / House of the Sun
i don’t remember much of the story anymore (since it was such a long time ago since i last read it), but the art style is so cute it will give u cavities. it’s kind of weird since the couple may seem like siblings, but eh, they’re just really close childhood friends. if you like domestic fluff, you will love this.

4. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji / Wolf Girl and Black Prince
i basically love the character development. the art style also gets better over time and the story so far is going through so many twists. i have not caught up too much so pls no spoilers :“)

5. Akagami no Shirayukihime / Snow White with the Red Hair
yeah this has a manga too! right now the manga is still ongoing so it’s not too late to catch up :”) i also need to catch up though hehe

6. Nisekoi / False Love
it also has a manga!! if the anime is super good, then the manga is so much better. it handles so much character development and i seriously got addicted to it the more i kept reading. unfortunately it’s finished (i wanted to see more heh), but the ending is kept with good closure for each character (for a harem, that’s a blessing), but it also depends on who you’re betting on for raku ;w;

7. Cardcaptor Sakura
honestly im not even sure how many chapters there are, but the new Clear Cards manga is still ongoing, so there’s something to look forward to :D

(not sure if i should add this but i want to talk about it :>)


1. Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name
have i talked about this enough? no? well im gonna talk about it anyway

it’s so amazing. i literally screamed all throughout (well maybe not really).
the animation. the voice acting. the characters. the designs. the music. the aesthetic. the story. THE STORY AGH you will cry. or at least be moved.

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2. Koe no Katachi / A Silent Voice
this movie gave me a great hype tbh. even though the ending could have been a bit more thought out (as you can see i have such a high standards for endings), the story and the feels totally made up for it. it deals with a more serious topic than Kimi No Na Wa but it’s worth the watch esp if you like crying good animation and friendship-type shoujos (but u will have feels. i promise).

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I have found and am now following several blogs from you, and I love them all. Keep up the amazing work, your work always makes me smile!✨

Aww, thank you so much! This was such a nice thing to come back to.
I love your work as well! Your college AU with Frisk and Flowey is absolutely adorable! And the flowisk appreciation blog you run with Reye is one of the fun little blogs I check daily. It’s so cute!
Here, have this:


I want to thank @mintchocolateleaves for the cutest AU ever. Bless you.

They all had a little accident and everyone shrunk, but in different ages. Now it’s time for mommy Ran and daddy Shin to step in!

Like the Heart Goes

Characters: Chuck Shurley, Castiel, Dean Winchester (mentioned), Sam Winchester (mentioned), Lucifer (mentioned), Amara (mentioned)    

Pairing: None. General fic - Cas centric.

Warnings: None really. A little angsty but nothing too bad.   

Word Count: 1400ish

A/N: This is my entry for @mrswhozeewhatsis 2017 Louden Swain Mini Bang. The song I chose to write for is one of my favorite Louden Swain songs: Like The Heart Goes. I participated last year and I loved it so much. I really rarely write for Chuck, but I adore the character and Rob’s acting as well as his music so I am thrilled this is turning into a yearly event.

This year it is written from Castiel’s PoV as he is reading a letter left to him from Chuck after the Winchester’s and Cas all returned to the Bunker after saving Sam from the Brits.

Thanks Erin aka @blacktithe7 for saving me and betaing this one for me last minute when Ana’s docs were being a bitch.

Cas had been staring at the envelope ever since he had returned to the Bunker with the Winchesters. Dean was alive. They had gotten Sam back. Cas had healed him, so he was fine now too, physically anyway. Mary Winchester had been returned to the brothers by Amara. On the surface, everything was fine, except for the fact that Lucifer was still walking the Earth. Cas was the one to blame for him being out of the cage in the first place. He was the one that failed. The one that once again chose to not listen to Dean. He wanted to spare the brothers of pain, just like he always did, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Now Lucifer walked the Earth, because Cas had let him. He thought he was strong enough, but he was wrong yet again, and the world was in danger because of him.

Oh and Cas’ father had disappeared again. Before he had gotten the chance to really talk to him. Before he could ask for answers to the questions he had been struggling with ever since he had learned God was no longer in Heaven. Cas needed answers, but he was coming to terms with the fact that he might never get them. That was until he saw the letter on his desk. His room stood as it did before he had been locked away in his own mind, even if the brother’s had temporarily loaned it to his father. Nothing was out of place. Nothing had changed. Except for the letter.

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Can I get some relationship headcannons for Kuroo, Tendou, Daisho and Daichi? So nice to see you guys are back again!

It’s good to be back! Much thanks!


  • Kuroo would be a very adoring boyfriend. He’d love to spoil his SO and would enjoy taking care of them.
  • He might seem a little overbearing at time but he could respect his SO’s quiet time and would just enjoy being in their company.
  • He would want all his friends and teammates to get along with his SO so they would go out together often.
  • He might be one to get a little jealous when others paid too much attention to his SO but he is generally good natured about it.
  • Kurro would have tendency of just laying around in his underwear. Certainly not disrespectfully, maybe a little cheekily, but more just as a cat would who’s comfortable in his own home.


  • Tendou would have a habit of teasing his SO but only lovingly. He’d know (from hard learnt experience) where the line and to not cross it.
  • He’d be happy to flaunt his SO status to his friends and teammates.
  • He’d be a terrible flirt even long term he’d still work his hardest to make his SO blush.
  • He’d be overbearingly protective. He and his SO would have each other on Find Friends not because he was worried about them cheating but just so he knew where they were at all time.
  • He would be known for giving small lovingly gestures and gifts not many but enough for his SO to know they’re appreciated.    


  • Would keep his SO at a certain physcial distant but would have complete trust in them, just dislikes PDA.
  • He’d plan all kinds of surprises for SO, some good, some maybe a little sneaky and naughty.
  • He’d willingly share all his ice cream with his SO but only if they promised to buy more.
  • He’d try to split his focus between volleyball and his SO and would be thrilled if they desired to be involved.
  • Daisho would be very proud of his SO and would enjoy praising them when deserved.    


  • Daichi would still get a little flustered by his SO’s affection, just a little pink around the ears and maybe a crack in his voice.
  • He’d want to befriend his SO deeply, so they’d be best friends rather than just lovers.
  • He would share his food with his SO, but maybe a grumble a little about it.
  • He’d have important dates and anniversaries sorted in his calendar so he’d never forget a special day.
  • Daichi and his SO would be #couplegoals and would inspire the envy of all their friends and teammates.

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headcanon for the first time you stay over evan's house????

-the first time you stay over evan’s house he is super nervous

-heidi left that morning on a business trip, and wouldn’t be back until the following afternoon

-so you told your parents you were staying at zoe’s bc you weren’t sure if they’d be completely okay with you staying at your boyfriends house a LO Ne

-but evan wants you to feel super comfortable and tries everythingggg his adorable little self can think of to make you feel that way

-after school you run home to grab clothes and a toothbrush but purposefully don’t get pajamas because you lo VE TO WEAR EVAN’S SWEATSHIRTS WOW THEY’RE SO SOFT AND JUST THE RIGHT SIZE AND THEY SMELLED JUST LIKE HIM THEY WERE GLORIOUS

-while you were home evan went to the store and got a bunch of snacks and stuff for the two of you (he even remembered to get starbursts ((but one of those special bags with only the pink ones)) because he knows you love them)

-when both of you are finally back home you’re awkward and nervous because you guys are completely a lo n e (the possibilities of what could happen are infiniteeeEE)

-but you guys settle on a disney musical (bc they are some of evan’s favorites and now yours because his voice was heavenly but would only sing to you when you guys watched musicals) and the two of you sing your little hearts out while watching

-during one of the more serious parts in the movie you cuddle up to each other and since evan is super nervous he does that “yawn and put your arm over the person” thing and it’s so cliche but you think it’s the most adorable and funny thing he’s ever done

-you laugh and look up at him and give him a look and he immediately is like “wait was that okay? i’m so sorry i hope you didn’t think that was me trying to start something, like, uh, if you’re uncomfortable i can move if you wan-” 

-and you cut him off by kissing him and the two of you suddenly forget that you were supposed to be singing the duet that had starting playing on the movie

-but it doesn’t go farther than making out because you guys are both still nervous and haven’t been together for super long but all you really need is each other and the simplicity and comfort that come with kissing

-the two of you end up falling asleep on the couch, the movie longggg forgotten

-but you wake up at 4 in the morning and grab the blanket draped over the back of the couch and cover the two of you with it bc you’re chilly

-and before you go back to sleep you just look at evan for a little bit, taking in the fact that the world’s most adorable and sweet and perfect boy was yours and you are so lucky

-you reach up and press one last kiss to his cheek before snuggling back up against him and falling back asleep

-you thought he didn’t feel it but he woke up while you were adjusting the blanket and watched you as you drifted back off thinking the exacT SAMe thing as you, that he was the luckiest kid to ever live 

-you guys wake up the next morning the happiest you have ever been, and make pancakes for breakfast 

-and surprisingly didn’t burn down the house, so you guys considered it a pretty successful sleepover 

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I saw some really great black swans in my local reservoir yesterday, but when i tried to get a close picture, one of them angry flapped at me so i backed off. Have you ever seen a black swan in person? I, for one, have never seen ANY swan in person until that black swan. They're really pretty though! I wish i could have taken better pictures than the fuzzy ones i did.

I haven’t even seen a photo of a black swan before! I think I’ve seen swans at a park before, but it was from a distance. They get pretty aggressive and bite you don’t they? Or is that geese? If you go back and take some clearer shots I’d love to see them! I bet the little swan chicks are so adorable.

“Regular Dopey Cat”

Hello everyone! A lot of people seemed to love my first Dopey Cat drawing and @samantha-massey even asked to do more faces! So, I did!

Dopey Cat is so adorable, right? He’s even cuter with his little tongue sticking out! But, doesn’t this Dopey Cat look a little fatter than the other one? Ok, who fed him the burritos? XD

Well, what do you think? I think animals are much easier to do than humans! (At least from my experience.) Do you have any requests? I’ll be happy to try! Just note, I have 6 drawings on my to-do list. But there are only 3 confirmed! And those are the rest of the Dopey Cat faces, which are very easy and quick for me to do! So don’t be afraid to ask! :)


One year anniversary of FitzSimmons becoming canon (April 19th, 2016) → It’s been 10 years, we can’t waste anymore time // Who needs space? ‘Cause I’ve got something magnificent right here. 


Little chatterbox Seung Jae

I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*

Some Little Things I Love About Camp Camp

-The fact that these children swear and talk about philosophy and violence and have perhaps read Lord of the Flies yet obviously still don’t know everything and it’s both hilarious and adorable.
-Max is good at sewing and knitting
-David learning to pick his battles with Max the more time they spend together at Camp
-Every single one of the kids is weird, which is so great because OF COURSE kids are weird
-There’s really no romance plot because they’re all ten or something so it’s cute friendship development
-The implication that Camp Campbell has always kind of been a complete fucking disaster of a sorts but David just keeps on trucking
-Their mascot is a Platypus that quacks


🎧 adore u - seventeen

my iphone charger decided to die so after yesterday’s exam i had to go out and buy a new one… and i had korean beauty promo coupons for sephora so you know i went for a little retail therapy 🙊that tube of dr. jart moisturizer was actually a sample, can you believe that! onto food chem revision now ~

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how much fucking LOVE there is in Star Wars and how fast it happens but how REAL it feels, how PRECIOUS it is

So I’m a very, very shippy person, and I ship a lot of stuff in Star Wars hard but I want to take a moment to appreciate how friendships form in these amazing movies. 

Let’s start with a New Hope. 

Here is Han Solo. 

All he wants is to be a grumpy smuggler with one trustworthy, hairy friend and no debts and no worries. 

Is that so much to ask?

Hahaha, yes, sir. Yes it is.

Because here is this goddamn FARM kid who is naive and idealistic and believes SO HARD in doing the right thing and is so disappointed in how jaded Han is

and also this sassy, rude, intelligent BRAT of a princess who has lost everything but still believe so much in their pointless rebellion and she’s also so very disappointed in how jaded he is

and he wants so much to just walk away, but he CAN’T because even though he’s known them for A DAY they are in his head and they’re in his heart, and fuck it, he comes back and helps them save the day (and so many days after) and they are SO HAPPY


Then there’s FORCE AWAKENS. 

Where we have this guy who about to get executed, but at the last minute he’s saved by a guy who desperately wants to escape, because he doesn’t want to be a weapon. He’s dressed like the enemy, but he says it’s a rescue.

And even though Poe has suffered so much torture at the hands of these people he’s just like OKAY I TRUST YOU LET’S FUCKING DO THIS

and then they’re escaping he realizes those bastards never even gave his savior a NAME and he’s like:


And Finn is like YES, YES IT IS. 

But then it’s NOT cool because things go wrong and he tries really hard to save Poe but there IS no Poe and all there is a jacket, but he takes it, because even though it was so brief, they had this CONNECTION , and he wants to remember this brave man who gave him a name and got him OUT of hell

But then, OMG.






HAVE MY JACKET AND MY HEART (oh fuck I did a shipping thing sorry I’ll stop now)



Let’s go back to that grumpy smuggler. 

Sadly because of reasons he has become a grumpy smuggler once again. 






And last but not least (THERE IS NO LEAST, EVERYTHING IS AMAZING) we’ve got Finn and Rey

They start off a little rocky because of misunderstandings 

And also, explosions

but 20 minutes later…

they are BFFs and SO FUCKING DELIGHTED with each other

And they kinda get pulled in different directions for a second because they’ve both got SOME SHIT going on, but the SECOND he realizes she’s in danger, it’s NOPE. I WILL GO TO THE LAST PLACE IN THE GALAXY I WANT TO BE FOR YOU. I WILL RISK EVERYTHING. 


I just love them all so much. I’m so happy they found each other. MY HEART. 


2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The reader moves into a new town and finds out something surprising about her new gorgeous neighbor.

Prompt: “I’m not sure if you’re trying to turn me on but I have a boner now.”

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Requested: @whispersandwhiskerburn


You’ve never despised a word so much in your god damn life. It mocks you, rips every little aggravation from the world and throws it right into your fucking face. It’s turned your life completely and totally upside down. Then it spun you the fuck around just to make sure you’re officially screwed.

Having just moved from New York two weeks ago, you can now call Nashville home. Forget a different state, you feel like you’re in a freaking different reality. The friendly residents alone throw you for a loop. You’re slightly convinced that they have some ulterior motive. Then again considering the shady fuckers in your past, you could just be paranoid. 

Growing up in a big city has given you a tough exterior that the men around here seem to be intimated by. It must be the way you carry yourself, also the permanent bitch face that you’ve acquired over the years.

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our little family pt.5 | park jimin

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Pairing: Father! Jimin + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + parent au

Word Count: 3.2k

Summary: You were just a pre-school teacher, a simple dream that came true as you always adored children. But what you didn’t know, was how one child and her very special father would change you dream forever.

Parts: 1 2 3 4 5

AN: SO I though this was going to be the last part BUT it’s not, I’m so sorry but the next part definitely will and again I’m so sorry for the wait, things had been a little rough at school with exams and just life *ugh* but I hope you enjoy this!

“Hey, what’s wrong man?” Taehyung asked worriedly, as Jimin sat down in front of him, his head buried in his hands as he let out a long sigh.

It had been a couple days since he’d last seen you, and honestly it was destroying him. Every day he’d go to Jieun’s preschool, expecting to see you there, but you weren’t.

But in all honesty, even if you were, he didn’t know what he’d do. What would he say to you after what happened? Would he act like it never happened? Would he bring it up? Would you bring it up?

“I–” he started before grumbling, “I just don’t know what to do Taehyung-ah.”

Prying Jimin’s hands away from his face, Taehyung looked at the boy and teased, “It’d be easier for me to help if you told me what’s actually going on.”

Jimin gave him a look, before sighing again and spilling out everything that happened in the last 3 weeks. From the day he met you,m to the club incident and to last Friday, to where Jimin had messed up big time.

“So you were about to kiss her and then you just..didn’t?” Taehyung asked in disbelief, “Are you freaking crazy? Why?!

"I–” Jimin exasperated before taking a breath, “I couldn’t do that to her.”

He stirred the small spoon he held in his coffee cup as he continued, “I didn’t want to because she deserves someone much more than me. She doesn’t deserve to be held back with someone who’s a single father and–”

“Did she say that?” Taehyung interrupted softly making Jimin look up at him with widened eyes.

“Did she say she didn’t want to be with you? Because I think it’s up to her whether she thinks you’re deserving or not and in all honesty man? You’re hell of a good guy.” Taehyung finished, with a proud smile on his face.

“Just look at the way you raised Jieun. She’s one of the most beautiful kids I know and the sweetest too? Why? Because of you.” Taehyung said softly, making Jimin chuckle, “Even after Herim left you, you still stayed strong. Why wouldn’t she deserve you?”

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Hi, I can't link because I really don't know how. But Tomlinsondaily has only one pic from today of Louis smiling. I'm a dental person and his teeth were buggin me so I zoomed in and he is wearing clear braces on his top teeth! I haven't seen anyone else notice this (did send to another blog but no comment).. but zoom and it's there! I'll try to attach the link but I'm horrible at this. thetomlinsondaily*tumblr*com/post/161867198062/1506 He's adorable and probably getting his teeth ready to tour

OK! So.  tumblr DID eat my response, so let’s just try this the old fashioned way.

First things first, this is the post and pic you’re referring to.  LOOK HOW PRECIOUS HE IS. 

So I went ahead and zoomed in myself! 

And I’ll be perfectly honest…I don’t see it.  BUT you’re the expert and not me.  So it’s definitely possible because GUESS WHAT.  It wouldn’t be the first time.  I showed this to @bananastagram and she pointed out that he’s had braces before and gave me evidence!! 

so maybe he wasn’t wearing his retainer and they shifted and he wanted to get them realigned???  

WHY IS THIS SO ENDEARING???  This should not be this endearing!!!!  BUT IT IS.