the little mermaid*


The making of THIS manip! ;D



lame ass recording of a lame ass procrastinating dweeb lmao

maybe I’ll do Moana next probably idk

SDC & DiU Favourite Disney Movie HCs

I’m in a Disney kinda mood, I can’t help it.

Stardust Crusaders

Jotaro: The Little Mermaid (I mean, what else would it be.)

Kakyoin: Mulan

Joseph: Hercules

Polnareff: Ratatouille 

Avdol: Toy Story


Hol Horse: Home On The Range (I’m not even sorry)

Dio: Bambi 

Diamond Is Unbreakable

Josuke: The Emperor’s New Groove

Okuyasu: The Lion King

Koichi: The Incredible 

Yukako: Tangled

Rohan: Beauty And The Beast

- Slug

anonymous asked:

Cartman as Prince Eric and Kyle as Ariel, in a little mermaid au? I mean come on, Kyle has the long red poofy hair and Cartman is literally named Eric

I love the kyman little mermaid au so much dude! I need to do more with it~

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite Disney movie?

Newsies, though that’s probably pretty obvious by my blog, haha! Some of my other favorites that aren’t so obvious are Beauty and the Beast, Nightmare Before Christmas, Frozen (don’t kill me), Tangled and The Little Mermaid!

beauty and the beast tag

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1. First disney movie?

i can’t remember but it was either cinderella or the little mermaid

2. Favorite disney movie?

the little mermaid and mulan have always been my faves!!

3. Favorite disney princess?

ariel and mulan obv.

4. Favorite non-princesses?

flounder from the little mermaid!!

5. Favorite non-princess disney movie?


6. Favorite disney song?

part of your world (ariel) and make a man out of you (mulan)

7. Non-disney related fandom?

im one of those ppl that knows stuff about every fandom but my faves are: yuri on ice, throne of glass (dorian my bby <3), black butler, tokyo ghoul, snk, etc. 

8. One random fact about you?

im a potato.

9. Who is your favorite disney villain and why?

maleficent bc she’s cool 😎 idk just go watch the movie and you’ll see lol

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Inspired by the Women’s March and my firm belief that these Princesses would be out there. Dream Big, Princess!