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Little looking for a caregiver ^_^

Name: Emmett 
Little Names: Baby, Babyboy, Bubba, Little One, Kitten etc. Just nothing super girly :)
Role: I can be dominant on rare occasions but for the most part a little. 
Age: 14 
Little Range: 3-5
Location: Idaho, US 
About Yourself: I’m ftm but I tend to use they pronouns. He/they pronouns are fine :) I’m 5'5 ish and that’s me in my icon :)
Big Hobbies/Interest: I love watching Dan ad Phil. I love listening to music and singing along (horribly though) I love the show Shadowhunters and I also like The 100. I also really love cats. 

Little Hobbies/Interest: Drawing, watching disney movies, cuddling, and sleeping. 
♡fav color: pastel pink and blue or black 
♡activities: Drawing, coloring, etc. Playing with stuffies or playing kiddy games on my phone.
♡fav tv shows/movies: Clifford, Frozen, The Little Mermaid, and Doc Mcstuffins 
♡ stuffie names: Elizabeth, Gretel, Olaf, and Snowy. 
♡snacks/candy: Cake batter cookies, cookie dough ice cream, cheese sticks, and snap peas. 
♡little gear: I don’t really have any but I love binkies and onesies. 

Partner Preference: Male, female, or anything in between is fine :)
Partner Preference Age: 14-16 (17 isn’t ruled out just i have to be careful) 
Partner Preference Role: Caregiver (switches included) 
What do you look for in a Partner: Nice. Understanding of my depression and anxiety. Not pushy or rude when I’m not feeling well. I need someone to always be there for me. I tend to think I annoy everyone around me so please just reassure me that I’m not annoying you. 
I am Looking for a Sexual/Nonsexual/TBD relationship: Mostly non sexual but it just depends. 
What Names do you Like to Call Your Caregiver: Daddy/Mommy Sir/Miss (maybe master/mistress) 
I Like When My Caregiver Does: Calls me cute names that make me bush. Assures me that I’m not a pest. Starts the conversation first. Asks me how I am. 
I Don’t Like: Distant caregivers who seem uninterested in what I’m saying. Meanies. Overly sexual. 

Best way to get in touch with you is: Tumblr- littlespacebub (I have a personal tumblr and I will give it to you if I trust you) 

Shirley Temple and Cathleen Nesbett in The Little Mermaid on Shirley Temple’s Storybook, March 5, 1961.

good ol @next-great-adventure tag me in this mem

Relationship status: oh i’ve got a relationship all right… with food!!! ladies am i right? maybe i’ll have some cheese with that wine!! Ha Ha Ha Ha !
Favourite colour: purple
Lipstick or chapstick: i like lipstick despite never wearing it
Last songs i listened to: oh that fucking ed sheeran song was on TWO STATIONS on the radio going home… goblin lookin ass i can’t escape him
Last movie i watched: i was about to say it was hellraiser 3 but i forgot i rewatched the little mermaid this past weekend
Top three tv shows:
 sailor moon! ds9! stargate!
Top three characters:
 worm queen, courage sam, and honestly? ariel! she’s so nice to everyone no matter who they are ;_; Good Princess
Top three ships:
 sam/jack is still good, kiradax is The Most, and uhhhhh what the fuck is up with kirk/spock ya’ll? those boys love each other… like for real…

i tag @moominpappa since i’m meeting her next week and all

♡little form♡

Name: Abigayle (but to make it easier i go by Rose too)

Little Names: anything cute☺️

Role: Little
   Age: 17
   Little Range: 4-8
   Location: South Carolina

About Yourself: i’m really shy and awkward. i can sometimes be emo i guess? lol. i love Eminem, MGK, and Hopsin. and other genres of music. i don’t know…i’m not that interesting🙈

Big Hobbies/Interest: playing the violin, writing(stories, poems, & lyrics), listening to music, reading, & eating.
Little Hobbies /Interest: coloring, watching cartoons, dancing around all crazy, playing with my stuffy.

♡fav color: black

♡activities: swimming, writing, dancing,

♡fav tv shows/movies: 8 Mile, The Little Mermaid, Bambi, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Spongebob, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Paw Patrol.

♡ stuffie names: Samuel my big bear, Buddy my anxiety bear, Brownie my bear my grandma got me, Blue Baby a doll who i HAVE to have at ALL TIMES.

♡snacks/candy: Kit Kat, Cheetos

♡little gear: chokers, skirt, dresses, sweaters, socks.
Partner Preference: Male

Partner Preference Age: 16-19

Partner Preference Role: Daddy

What do you look for in a Partner: a good, strict Daddy who will protect me and make sure i’m okay, and is willing to understand if i need my space, and when i need attention, and will give me a punishment if i’m bad. make sure they’re good with conversations as well.
I’am Looking for a Sexual/Nonsexual/TBD relationship: Nonsexual

What Names do you Like to Call Your Caregiver: Daddy, Big Bear, anything cute i can think of.

I Like When My Caregiver Does: give me attention,
understands that i do need space, doesn’t get mad if i cuss, will punish if needed, will give me lots of attention & love, etc.

I Don’t Like: random nudes, nudes, being rude, bringing me down, doesn’t show me attention, says bad things about the things i like.
Best way to get in touch with you is: my kik: abitailrose

Little Princess looking for a mommy or dadsy

Name: Ash

Little Names: Princess Ash, Little Ash, Princess, baby, Angel, Darling

Role: Little

Age: 15

Little Range: 5-7

Location: USA western area

About Yourself: I’m kind of shy at first and may be a bit hesitant to become little at first but then more we get to know each other the better I’ll be. I’m also a bit chubby but not too bad

Big Hobbies/Interest: Hamilton, TV shows, reading, writing, anything art related

Little Hobbies /Interest: coloring, making forts, watching TV, drawing

♡fav color: Purple

♡activities: Coloring, cuddling, skyping, texting

♡fav tv shows/movies: Little mermaid, anything Disney or Pixar

♡ stuffie names: Pan, brave, giraffeness

♡snacks/candy: Skittles, Twix, gummy bears, fruit snacks

♡little gear: stuffies

Partner Preference: Female but male is ok too

Partner Preference Age: 14-17

Partner Preference Role: Mommy or Daddy

What do you look for in a Partner: Someone who is nice and sweet and takes care of me and makes me feel special and never ignores me

I’am Looking for a Sexual/Nonsexual/TBD relationship: TBD

What Names do you Like to Call Your Caregiver: Mama, Daddy, Mommy,

I Like When My Caregiver Does: gives me attention, makes me feel special, texts me first, spoils me

I Don’t Like: When they’re mean or ignore me

Best way to get in touch with you is:
Kik: littlleash

anonymous asked:

I just read that someone saw or read that B's fav film and tv show are "Little Mermaid" and "The Transformers". Where is this??? Do you have the link? I remember him mentioning "Paw Patrol" which I Loved hearing. Was it in the same interview? If so, I don't remember. OMG, he is such a sweetie. G&B = 2 Big Dorks. I LOVE it.

Right here!

Instead of a Frozen themed cruise, Disney, how about you bring back things that died prematurely like:

  • Toon Disney. Do you guys remember Toon Disney? That was back in the day when Disney would make TV shows out of movies like The Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, Aladdin and Hercules ( I know you guys remember that cross-over between Al and Wonder Boy). They also had Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers ( I would watch the reruns and this was before they opened that strip club)
  • Jetix. Please tell you guys remember this, too. Toon and Jetix shared a channel before Disney XD reared it’s ugly head. They had shows like Pucca, W.I.T.C.H., Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go ( Long title, I know) and Oban Star Racers ( Not a lot of people remember this one but it was a really good show. Biracial female protag *thumbs up*)
  • Mickey’s House of Mouse. We all suffered a giant lost with this one.
  • Treasure Planet 2 and the TV show that was in the works. I need more Jim Hawkins.

anonymous asked:

Omg I just got to know that Blake's one of the fav film and tv show are Little Mermaid and The Transformers. That's so fkn cute. I love him even more 😂😂. But Little Mermaid??? How?? How can a big 6'5 man love that? 😥😚😍😂

He’s SUCH A dork. ❤️

(I also am still heart eyes over the fact that he, Gwen and Apollo apparently marathoned Paw Patrol, lol)

♡little form♡

Name: Qualetta

Little Names: Kitten, princess, love


Little Range:6  

Location: Ohio

About Yourself: Hi i love watching arthur and wonder pets. im 5'0, kinky and a great sense of humor.

Little Hobbies /Interest:coloring, watching nextflix, playing ds games

♡fav color:blue and green

 dress up

♡fav tv shows/movies: wonderpets, little mermaid, tangled

♡ stuffie names: i dont have any

♡snacks/candy: reese cups, chocolate chip cookies, gummy bears

♡little gear: dont have any have to start over.

 Partner Preference Age: 20-27

Partner Preference Role: daddy

What do you look for in a Partner: someone kind loving and patient, and loves to cuddle

I’am Looking for a Sexual/Nonsexual/TBD relationship: TBD

I like when my caregiver does: colors with me, cuddle, watch tv

I don’t like: yelling or thunder

Best way to get in touch with you is: through Tumblr mssg: unicornmariee