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Shirley Temple and Cathleen Nesbett in The Little Mermaid on Shirley Temple’s Storybook, March 5, 1961.

Instead of a Frozen themed cruise, Disney, how about you bring back things that died prematurely like:

  • Toon Disney. Do you guys remember Toon Disney? That was back in the day when Disney would make TV shows out of movies like The Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch, Aladdin and Hercules ( I know you guys remember that cross-over between Al and Wonder Boy). They also had Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers ( I would watch the reruns and this was before they opened that strip club)
  • Jetix. Please tell you guys remember this, too. Toon and Jetix shared a channel before Disney XD reared it’s ugly head. They had shows like Pucca, W.I.T.C.H., Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go ( Long title, I know) and Oban Star Racers ( Not a lot of people remember this one but it was a really good show. Biracial female protag *thumbs up*)
  • Mickey’s House of Mouse. We all suffered a giant lost with this one.
  • Treasure Planet 2 and the TV show that was in the works. I need more Jim Hawkins.

“When I was little and still had to visit my dad after he divorced my mum, I hated being awake during the day because he made me cry. So, I would sleep all day, and stay up at night. I always watched The Little Mermaid television series and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh to calm myself down. It made me feel closer to my disney-loving mum even though I was hundreds of miles away from her.”


The Little Mermaid Episode 10 (by WhenMy ReflectionShow)

I loved this show when I was younger!  I’m so glad that I was able to find it again. It’s hilarious! XD

Eric looks so weird in this episode. Go to 13:15 to see him, or watch the whole episode. ^.^

I’m now going to call boots “thingamajiggers" 

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Imagine little baby Derek having been a fan of some obscure cartoon as a child that no one has ever even heard of outside of his generation like Seabert or Old Bear Stories or even something slightly less obscure like the Aladdin TV series or the The Little Mermaid TV series (psst Ariel is totally his favorite princess shhh) but still not really something anyone remembers and ofcourse Stiles finds out about it somehow- because he's STILES- and feels terrible because Derek lost the VHS in the 1/?

fire (although who still has VHS? No one) and he feels a little terrible because his favorite cartoon was probably Dragon Tales or something with a long lifespan and a generous fandom so like he can still show that to their kids one day and ~nostalgia~ you know? Derek can’t, just one more thing about his childhood he can never share with them, and it HURTS ok? So he tracks down the stupid VHS (NOT. EASY.) and has them copied onto DVDs (not cheap) and gives them to Derek the day they find out that they’re going to have a baby and Derek just …. this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for him and he just feels like crying because he’s getting a family and he’s getting to share something so special with them that he never thought he’d have back and just… Derek Hale hurts my heart…

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And then can you imagine Derek showing them to his kids? Okay, but see, now I am just thinking about Stiles and Derek adopting this little red headed girl and the moment she lays eyes on Ariel she just wants to be her. And she sits in Derek’s lap and talks all about the characters and how she wants to be friends with fish a swim with dolphins. (Which has actually always been a secret dream of Derek’s since he was a kid and first saw The Little Mermaid TV show.) 

And so for Christmas Stiles buys them plane tickets and tells them they are going to swim with dolphins. And naturally, little Alana (let’s call her Alana because it’s super pretty and there can be tons of headcanons about her sharing the same nicknames as Auntie Allison) is over the moon. But Derek…Derek just stares at Stiles. At first Stiles thinks Derek is not that excited and is just trying to be polite, but then Derek is pinning Stiles up against the kitchen wall and kissing him breathless because his husband is not only beautiful, and funny and kind and smart, but he never lets Derek forget how much he knows him. That he loves him enough to learn about him and continue learning abut him, just as Derek loves learning about Stiles. Derek never thought he would get that. Never thought someone would love him enough to care this much.