the little mermaid t shirt

Birthday Wishes // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader really wants to go to Disney World so the team decides to take her for her birthday.

Requested by: Anonymous

“Are we seriously going? We’re grown adults,” Morgan commented incredulously as the team huddled around Garcia’s computer set up.

“It’s Y/N’s birthday and this is what she wants,” she replied firmly as she purchased the plane tickets. “And besides, do you think Spencer would really not grant Y/N’s every wish?”

The team all smiled as Spencer blushed deeply at her comment. He rubbed the back of his neck in slight embarrassment at the look they were all giving him.

“She’s my girlfriend and this is what she’s been begging for,” he defended with a small smile. “I think she deserves it. Don’t you?”

“You’re just head over heels in love with her,” Morgan replied with a shake of his head. There was a tug of a smile on his lips as he tried to stay straight faced. “But I guess if we have to, I’ll go.”

“Have you ever seen those two act so childishly?” JJ asked with a bright laugh as she and Hotch walked behind you and Spencer.

You were on Spencer’s back, dressed casually in a little mermaid t-shirt and jeans with a backpack for your belongings. There were a pair of Minnie Mouse ears on your head as Spencer continued to walk, a pair of Mickey ears on his own head. The team chuckled as they watched you point in a direction, causing Spencer to immediately turn and walk with a huge smile as he carried you through the Disney World park.

“A grown woman and this is what she wants,” Rossi commented with a grin. You had begged to go to Disney World for your birthday, dropping hints at every possible moment. They had been more than happy to indulge your wish as it gave them all some time off too.

“Spence look! There’s Belle!” You exclaimed excitedly as you pointed toward the princess. He chuckled as he made his way over, stopping to join the line of people waiting to take a photograph with the character. You jumped off of his back, letting him rest for a moment.

“Thank you so much for this,” you thanked as you wrapped your arms around him happily. He smiled as he looked down at your happy face, that excited gleam never once leaving your eye since the moment you set foot in the theme park.

“Happy birthday,” he replied, giving you a quick kiss as his own arms wrapped around you. The children in line behind you giggled at the gesture. JJ took various pictures of the two of you with the Disney princess before forcing everyone else to do the same.

“I’m so making a scrapbook of this trip!” Penelope exclaimed as she snapped away at every moment.

The rest of the day was spent going in and out of all the little Disney stores. You had insisted that everyone wear Mickey ears and after a few complaints from the men they had all ultimately agreed to do so. You giggled as you took various photos of both Hotch and Morgan in Mickey Mouse ears, their faces hiding amused grins at your giddy excitement.

Spencer continued to lead you through the park with his fingers intertwined with yours as he bought you all sorts of treats. Your backpack was beginning to become heavy with everything and Morgan had taken it.

“Can’t have you breaking your back when you still have so much to see,” he had commented as he had thrown it onto his shoulders. You smiled gratefully before Spencer called you over once more, showing you a necklace he had just purchased with the famous Disney castle on it.

“God, those two are everything,” Penelope sighed dreamily as she watched you lift your hair up, Spencer placing the necklace on you. You smiled happily as you pulled him in for a kiss, only to be startled by a flash going off.

“Sorry,” JJ said sheepishly as she put her phone away. “It was too cute not too.”

The team tackled many rides that day, the favorite being Splash Mountain. They all emerged soaked to the core with Penelope nearly in tears over her three phones that had managed to somehow get wet despite being put away. Morgan spent the next hour consoling her, telling her there would be other phones in which she could store her cute animal videos.

“Maybe I should quit the BAU and get a job here,” you joked with a smile as the day grew darker. “I could totally be a princess.”

Spencer smiled as he picked you up bridal style. Your hand shot out to balance your ears as they threatened to fall, an amused laugh escaping your lips.

“You’re my princess. Isn’t that enough?” He questioned with a raise of his eyebrows. You hummed, pretending to mull over it before a broad smile graced your lips.

“I’m your Belle? Your Jasmine? Your Cinderella?” you asked, a smile plastered to your face that seemed to be permanent that day.

“Hmmm. Better than any of them. You’re my Y/N,” he replied before he kissed you once more. The day had been perfect not just for you, but for him as well. Being able to make you happy was something he took pride in. And you wouldn’t have changed that day for the world.

Another flash went off as JJ captured the sweet moment that would later sit on your desk in a Disney World picture frame.