the little mermaid fandom


Hi!!! These are all my drawings of Disney movies based on Rapunzel’s wall paintings illustrated by Claire Keane! :D
I know there are more movies, but they are too many so I chose my favorite ones !!
It took me a lot of time to do all these drawings!! But I had fun! I’m so happy I finished! I hope you like them! :)

Which is your favorite one?


Hi!! This is my new Disney Princesses series!!! I really hope you like it!! Which_is_your_favorite_one?


I don’t know when… I don’t know how… But I know something’s starting right now. Watch and you’ll see… someday I’ll be… Part of your world!!

I know it’s quiiite late, but I’ve literately been out of internet for two weeks! So, here is my entry for the @starcoweek3​ day 6, Little Mermaid AU

I’ll upload an entire fanfic I wrote for this, so stay tune! It’s like the little mermaid story but with many considerable twists…


My dear, sweet child. That’s what I do. It’s what I live for, to help unfortunate merfolk, like yourself, poor souls with no one else to turn to. 

Day 6- Violet

Colors Used:

Glitter Daze- Away Message

Sinful Colors- Cheshire China, Rojo Your Boat, Black On Black, Snow Me White

Pretty Serious- Snugglebutt, Luminous Doom

OPI- This Isn’t Greenland, Matte Top Coat

Esmaltes Da Kelly- Ursula

When I get rid of my social life for fandoms

When OTP isn’t canon

When OTP becomes canon

When my friend has weird ships

When my friend has stupid fan theories

When an author kills a character

When my favourite character does something stupid

When I keep getting attached to characters who die

When I show my friends my fandoms

When my friends join my fandoms

When a plot twist comes out of nowhere

When I unleash my fangirly powers 

The Signs as the Worst Part of the Fandoms


Taurus: Pokemon furries

Gemini: Fanfiction writers who make Sherlock/Watson smut

Cancer: one of those people who collects hundreds of Supernatural gifs so they can use them on comments on literally everything

Leo: the entire Doctor Who fandom

Virgo: Peridot excusers 

Libra: Snape supporters

Scorpio: Sterek shippers

Sagittarius: Anyone who doesn’t love Lito/Hernando

Capricorn: the Hannibal fans who beg you to watch Hannibal

Aquarius: “Cronus is just misunderstood”

Pisces: People who sing Little Mermaid songs in public


Shalalala my oh my look at the boy too shy! So I was listening to my disney playlist and I got inspired! These are so much fun to do!


Hi!!! These are my drawings of The Little Mermaid’s characters!!! Ariel, Prince Eric and their daughter Melody!!! I really hope you like them!!! :)