the little mermaid diamond edition

Klaine: make you feel my love

(A/N: Remember I said my goal was to make all of these fluffy? Well, have some fluffy angst instead!)

Warnings: hints at depression

Song: Make You Feel My Love (Adele)

Day 3, or, the one where Blaine has a sad day and Kurt builds a blanket fort.

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When the evening shadows and the stars appear,
And there is no one there to dry your tears,
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love

Every once in a while, Blaine has what Kurt calls a “sad day.”

It’s different than a “bad day” (because Blaine’s got those, too): a “bad day” is when he accidentally sleeps in, he loses his keys, and he’s late to go to work. Or when he’s leaving work and he’s called right as he’s got one foot outside the door, because one of his co-workers needs help and Blaine is the only one that knows how to aid him. O when he’s looking for one of his favorite shirts only to realize that he forgot to do the laundry during the weekend. A “bad day” is when little things start to snowball together and ruin his entire day.

A “sad day”, on the other hand, starts the second he wakes up. He doesn’t have the energy to get out of bed at all, and he’ll spend ten minutes looking up at the ceiling, his eyes empty of any feeling or emotion, almost like he’s a zombie, before he promptly bursts into sobs and tears for no reason other than the inexplicable yet overwhelming sadness he feels deep in his chest, making his whole body ache with a pain he can’t understand—a pain he doesn’t know how to stop or heal.

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I think it's time we talked about the Beast's name

Do you know what it is?

“It’s Adam! Every Disney fan knows that!”

No, bitch. It’s not.


The “Adam” name is an in Internet rumor spurred by an unreliable Disney Trivia PC game and another rumor that insists that the name “Adam” is included in the “Disney A - Z Encyclopedia.”

“Well, it’s a Disney trivia game! That’s reliable enough.”

This game had numerous errors including, but not limited to, character mislabeling.

This trivia game, called “The D Show” (LOL), wasn’t developed by Disney, but rather it was licensed by them. What does that mean? Well, it’s kind of like having your friend do your homework for you. It’s not your handwriting or your thoughts. Some answers may be right, some may be wrong. A lot of other Disney trivia based games have errors as well. Perhaps you’ve seen some of your own.

“Well, what about the name Adam being in the Disney encyclopedia?”

There’s a pretty simple answer: it’s not.

“Wasn’t he referred to as Adam during the movie’s creation? Isn’t it, like, a behind-the-scenes fun fact from the studios?”

The answer is…


Beast was never given a name. He has always just been “The Beast.” In fact, in the film’s audio-commentary you’ll hear the brains behind the movie joking around about how they never gave him a name, and shouting potential ones such as “Jerome” and “Steve.”

The audio-clip is online.

So, how far has this rumor spread?

Well, Adam has made it to Beast’s wiki page. Maybe you heard the name mentioned in the popular Youtube video, “Happily Never After.”

Oh, and it’s made it onto Disney products too:

“Wait, so how the hell is his name NOT Adam if the company is releasing stuff with his name on it?”

Disney isn’t an error-free company. For example, the Diamond Edition of “The Little Mermaid” accidentally switched two cuts of “Part of Your World.” While the error doesn’t impact the film as a whole, or even the song (it’s probably only noticeable to “Mermaid” fans), this goes to show that Disney can still goof

Disney’s not always on its A game when it comes to merchandizing and advertizing:

I’m sure there are a tons of other, “but, wait…what about…” comments in response to the “Beast’s Name Debate.” If you go to or D23, the site for Disney’s official fan club, they’ll reconfirm that the Beast’s name is Beast. You need to make an account to access D23.

So, the rumor has spread like a disease and has confused and duped many Disney fans.

However, pay attention to one of the most important resources if you’re still struggling to believe: the film itself.

What does the movie say? Does it refer to him as Adam? Nope. Not once. Not in the credits. Not in the opening. Not in the dialogue. 

And, if his name were Adam, why would the movie not utilize it?

My information has been gathered from various Disney portals, sites, and informational pools.

The following videos, by Youtuber Keith Lapinig, detail the proof of Beast’s namelessness nicely. If you care to watch you’ll be given even more proof INCLUDING the audio clip and sections from both websites that reconfirm Beast’s lack of name. (Beast’s Real Name Isn’t Adam Pt. 1) (Pt. 2).

Shout out to Mr. Lapinig for heading the investigation and conducting exceptional research.

This post is mostly me restating a lot of what Keith says in his videos (check him out on Youtube).

So, if you’re a Disney fan, SPREAD THE WORD!


(credit to Keith Lapinig for info/picture).


Part Of Your World!

List of the SEXIEST new seafoods of 2014:

  • Raw oyster except slightly cooked
  • Meatball meatball spaghetti underneath ravioli ravioli great barrier reef
  • The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition on Blu-Ray and DVD

A Little Bit of Little Ariel. Finally watched my copy of The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Blu-Ray that my brother got me for Christmas. I grew up on a very poor quality VHS version of the movie, so to actually see the characters so super clearly made me wanna make some fanart. :D Not a lot of fanart, but at least some. ;)

Anonymous said:

Tony, we already heard about standard gifts for you, is there a standard set for Steve :) ?

(follows this ask)

“Steve is this kind of guy who is happy with everything he gets.”

“Well, I didn’t receive many gifts when I was growing up. We were too poor, and even if we weren’t, there was not much we could buy anyway! Clean notebooks and charcoal for sketching were high on my list back then.”

“And they still are. Steve loves to get art supplies, all kinds of pencils, brushes, paints.. Nice editions of books, all kinds of book to be honest. Oh, and Disney movies. I told him that I can buy him a whole collection at once, but he likes to get them one by one.”

“Tony promised to buy me “The Little Mermaid” Diamond Edition for Easter!!”

“Just look how excited he is! So precious..”