finnrey: the little mermaid au (part 1)

-princess rey is an adventurous mermaid who is the daughter of the mighty king luke, the most powerful merman of the seven seas

-rey has always wanted to go to the surface, she longs to see what its like up there, but her father luke forbids her, he warns her that humans are horrible creatures and that its safer under the sea

-one day, while princess rey is swimming, she notices theres a very violent storm up above, and suddenly, she notices a body floating in the water. someone is drowning! she swims over and carries them to the surface as quick as she can

-when she reaches the surface, she realizes that the human she rescued is a very handsome man, who is actually the prince of the land shes on, prince finn

-as prince finn wakes up he swears he saw and heard a beautiful women with long brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes, looking down at him, with the voice of an angel….


After photographing the Lego Disney villains earlier in the year, it seemed only fair to turn my new macro lens attachment to the heroes!

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