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How long does it take you to draw a full scene like in the mer au. Ps your art makes me really happy its so cute 😚✌

Thank you!! <3 On average it takes me about 4-6 hours per panel but I’ve spent up to 8 hours on one panel before… X,D

It’s mostly because I don’t use line art, I’m just sort of free hand painting and I also need a few days to look over each panel with fresh eyes and make adjustments. I can’t finish a panel in one sitting and be pleased with it lol

I need a few days off

of my daily struggles and stress so I’ve decided that while I’ll still be looking for a job, I’m taking a 5 days hiatus off school. In the mean time, I’ll try to get to all of my drafts and schedule them in my queue. 

I love yall and I missed you. Expect to see me online this week.

These assholes will be at your disposition the whole week <3

I’m literally waiting for someone to congratulate me on this development?? Like I tell people and they don’t react or don’t react happily. Someone congratulate me please? XD

EDIT:  ahhh thanks you guys! *throws confetti* I’m gonna be really embarrassed later but for now I’m just basking in it lmao

EDIT 2: Now I am embarassed lol knew it was coming back around to bite me.


To explain, “The Brave Little Toaster” is one of my all time favorite animated movies and I really respect it for what it manages to accomplish. Everything about this movie influences me and my work immensely; down to the great characters, heart-felt writing, and tHE TOP NOTCH SOUNDTRACK. 

I’ve been wanting to do a tribute for it since forever. So, here it is!

i just.. . can’t get over sign of the times. there is so much feeling in it - hope, desperation, strength, vulnerability, pain, love, bravery - and all of it is so palpable, i feel like i can taste it in the air while the song’s playing. he pulls you in at the very first note and tangles you into his soul with every note after that. the energy in his voice just. it washes over you, wave after wave, like an ocean of electricity and emotion. 


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.13

Doctor Palmer, it’s very nice to see you again.

If you haven’t already, you gotta go see the new Power Rangers movie. You must. Don’t let anyone be like “that’s for kids” because it’s so dope for all ages. Power Rangers has: a diverse cast of layered characters, correct LGBT representation, correct autism representation (which is as rare as a good Shondaland plot twist) good humor, a good soundtrack, action scenes that will make you be like: OH, SHIT but in the good way, and every member of the squad is loveable in their own ways, even the straight white boy lead. Go and see it. Take your friends and family. Go. Seriously, go!

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