the little match girl


This list is in no particular order, and is simply categorized. This is by far my favorite medium of film and television, a combination of art, storytelling, and music. Let me know what your favorite animated works are.

anonymous asked:

Zestiria AU based on both The Little Match Girl and Cinderella. Or both together.

Send us an au and I’ll write headcanons/a drabble for it

*tear rolls down cheek* Gdi, Cinderella is my absolute favorite disney film, but the little matchgirl is so.. so sad. I might have to go with the little match girl for now. Let’s get down to business :’))

I just looked up the summary of the little match girl and wow it’s much sadder than I remember, prepare for a drabble instead of headcanons. I’m going to try and follow the original story the best I can -G

“Matches for sale,” Sorey tried again with faux cheer. A gloved hand waved away his offer as another hand pressed against his shoulder as a man maneuvered his way around Sorey. He felt a shiver jolt through his spine, the muscles in his back spasming painfully. Still, even in the dimming daylight he continued the attempt of selling his matches.

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