the little look of surprise is so precious


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So, looking through the Day and Night AU by @beanpots, I don’t see a lot of Yuri(o) and Phichit? Well, you know, why not do some myself? Since I did Viktor and Yuuri already, the other precious babies need time to shine! They’re a little less fancy cuz well, they technically aren’t as powerful, right?? Dawn and Dusk really have a similar set of colours though…Also I can’t draw people facing the left properly I cry I’m sorry Phichit!

sometimes I like to imagine Harry and Ginny have a 4th kid a few years after Lily Luna, it’s a complete surprise and unplanned pregnancy but they’re excited anyways. They have a little girl who looks like Harry (so dark hair, needs glasses and a goofy grin) but has Ginnys brown eyes. They name her Ruby Minevra Potter and she is precious.

Hagrid cries when she comes to Hogwarts.

IKON REACTION: To their girlfriend sleeping on their lap

B.I .:

After some time embraced with you, he would marvel you don’t moving or saying something, so he would perceive you were sleeping on his lap. Chocked, he would think what to do for few minutes until decide that the better is wake up you.

“Y/N…”Whispering, he would look at you and see that he want to enjoy the moment then he would hug you and close his eyes “Oh… Alright! Let’s go sleep!”


Seeing you sleeping so prettily, Jinhwan would be happy with your confiance, then, he would caress your hair and sweetly sing for you while he would try to find a comfortable position for you two.

“My precious baby…”


Probably, he would be surprised with you and so happy because it’s the first time. But he would be worried with your back and a little shy with the situation.

“Jagi-ya…  Wake up…” He would whisper gently “You should go to the bed, It’s more comfortable” Seeing that you don’t wake up, he would catch you on his arms and take you to the bedroom, leaving you lying on the bed and going again to the sofa, where you two were sitting, for to sleep with a big smile on his face.


He would be like:

But inside…



After a long time watching the drama, when you hug Dong Hyuk’s waist snoring softly, he would be surprised with you, but at the same time, happy like the child he is, smiling with a shy way. Not knowing what to do besides hug you back and stay there.


Wow… He is a cold guy sometimes and in this situation he wouldn’t know what to do, Because it was a so big and unexpected step in your relationship and he wouldn’t want do the wrong thing. But he wouldn’t be able to wake up you, then he would prefer continue the same way with you, doing nothing more.


Shocked and frozen, he wouldn’t do nothing…

But after his record fall…


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I have a theory on the scene of Jughead in the boys lockeroom smiling. What if he overhears Betty telling V about their kiss ? Usually in schools the boys & girls LR are directly next to each other and share the same piping and ventilation system. Maybe he hears her telling V about it through the vents? How he completely surprised her and how much she enjoyed it. By episode 8 V already knows about them and the change in their relationship. I'm just happy Jughead has something to smile about. :)

Aww that sounds so cute!!! Imagine that precious little boy hearing Betty talking about him to Veronica and feeling his heart ache because it gives him the reassurance that he did something right since she is blabbing about their kiss to her best friend! And he lets that cute little smile, ugh, my feels!! <3 Even though, it looks to me that he is looking at somebody and Juggie has this look and is so content and all smiley only with Betty so my poor shipper heart hopes that they are together in that locker room; maybe going to school to change out of their damp clothes after getting soaked looking for Jason’s car? I don’t know maybe I’m wishing impossible things :P Either way, Jughead smiling should be a must from now on! This boy needs to find happiness! 

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I have this little headcanon that jets and flight modes have a harder time with their avatars than grounders. Like, in the air, there is little need to show a pilot because at that speed, who's looking??? But like, grounders have to have a driver to seem normal. So: what if Starscream has to get coaching from Knockout to work with his avatar to surprise Precious Human?

oh gosh that’s adorable, like teaching him how to use it and keep it stable, and with practice he gets better and better and aaaaaaa im love this whole idea


160304 Inauguration Ceremony:
Hyukjae, Sungmin, Shindong and Jaejoong performing in Gyeryongdae

SWR Overanalysis Time!: Stealth Strike

First of all–I was in the same position as Ezra. I saw two stormtroopers running in just as he beat the crap out of the previous ones and just finished throwing them into the brig when two more showed up. not only that but they were sprinting full speed. So I don’t blame the kid for shooting the hell out of them–he did set it to stun afterall and still isn’t going to kill them. I love this kid. This is my son, my precious blueberry.

On another note: Look how at the last second Kanan looks up at the sight of Ezra. Call me crazy, but I can just imagine how relieved he was to see the little blueberry safe and sound. Imagine the look on his face underneath that helmet! I wouldn’t be surprised if he was about to shout “EZRA!” with all due spacedad emotional tone in his voice.

Ezra: Oh! Oh no, OH NO.

That is the most stressed I’ve seen and heard Ezra about fucking up a situation. Think about it–how many times has he screwed up on a mission (especially when rescuing Master Luminara) and NOT seemed sorry at all. The tone of his voice here was just pure and utter regret and damnnnn kid you are getting really attached to your spacefamily. You’ve changed–and it’s good.

Is it me, or did he SLAP THE SHIT out of Kanan, then proceed to gently tap Rex on the cheek. My personal headcanon is that he was so panicked that Kanan wasn’t okay that once Kanan was up he was like “OH THANK GOD…right, now for Grunkle Rex.” Emotional rush for spacedad anyone?

This scene had me laughing my ass off. I love every little detail the animators and script writers put into it, this is just QUALITY stuff!! Screw all those people that say “this show is for kids”!

External image

And here we are, Chopper being a little shit and ratting out the blueberry for knocking out Spacedad and Grunkle.

Why was Chopper recording? And also, why was Chopper able to capture that exact moment of Ezra shooting them down? The little shit…KNEW. THE LITTLE SHIT KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN AND HE LET IT.

“Oh, so Kanan and Rex are going to run in there dressed like stormtroopers. I wonder if Ezra’s escaped yet. He’s escaped before–I know him. He’s definitely escaped. HAHA LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY MEET I NEED TO TAPE THIS MUAHAHAHA! IT’S GOING TO BE SOOOO GOOOOD!”

This little tidbit of dialogue caught my attention. After Ezra tries to play it off saying that “There was a firefight! Yeah, a BIIIIIG firefight! You guys fought great!” (complimenting spacedad to avoid punishment amiright? We’ve all done this to our parents as teenagers.)

Kanan: Thanks! (tone a little gushy here don’t lie to me, he’s flattered) All I saw was you. (AWWWHHHHH!! SO SWEET.)

Like, it wasn’t even a SUSPICIOUS “Wait a minute, all I saw was you, are you lying to me?” It was literally, “Haha cool. Thanks son. All I saw was you though–you must’ve really kicked some ass!”

Kanan, excuse me but your spacedad is showing.

JUST LOOK AT HIS FACE when he finds out what actually happened. Here, shocked…

…next, misery. He looks so HURT. Like “Ow son you trampled on my feelings. I came to save you and you hurt me. YOU HURT ME–I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU AND THE FIRST THING YOU TO IS SHOOT ME. I feel so betrayed.”

Like, he doesn’t even look mad or angry, he’s just hurt and upset. Like a kicked puppy. The phrase “why would you DO that” is plastered all over his face. He suddenly makes ZERO sense when he then says…

Kanan: “You SHOT us?! I can’t believe you SHOT us!”

Ezra: “Yeah but, you were dressed like stormtroopers!”

The kid as a perfectly valid reason for shooting them given the situation, the fact that he’s escaping, and the fact that these two were literally dressed as the same people who were trying to throw him in the brig just now. But Kanan’s only response is….

Kanan: “YEAH!”

With the tone of “duh, what did you expect? Of COURSE were were dressed as stormtroopers!” as if Ezra would know that they would be coming to get him and if they did they would look exactly like the people he’s trying to get away from. Kanan, seriously–you’ve lost your logic.

That’s not anger. That’s hurt-filled backlash. From a father. From a very disappointed father. 

From a very disappointed father who only wanted to protect his blueberry spaceson.

“My son–”

“–my pride and joy.” *sniffle*

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I was too shy to say at the time but I just wanted to say you look so damn stunningly pretty in that selfie you posted a little while back (with the Timon/Pumbaa conversation attached)

Thank you so much, you kind and precious soul! You have no idea how much this means to me!!!!! I have spent most of today hating the way I look so this was a genuinely lovely surprise to log onto.

Feelings on Chapter 164

They can be pretty much summed up as ‘why is everyone so freaking cute and why can’t i handle it’ but i’ll go a bit more in depth.

Is Noya biting him? Or is he just screaming? But anyway, I love Tanaka’s habit of expressing his affection through punching Tsukki. (And what on earth are Hinata and Yams doing?)

Even Asahi wants to join in.  He’s so cute.  I love how amped up everyone is. Look at the team camaraderie.

I have no idea how on earth am I even surprised about how well Yamaguchi can read Tsukki and how much he trusts him but I am.  Like, how can he be this precious? He is so proud of his friend but at the same time he didn’t underestimate him either and that’s so sweet.

Fitting in is such a huge step forward for Tsukki and seeing Akiteru’s open pride in him is so precious.  His little bro is growing up and moving forward and he’s there in the stands to see it.

And the fact that Akiteru can see this growth firsthand is even more important because he blames himself.  (Oh no baby, don’t do that.)

I’m so glad that Akiteru can forgive himself.  Ugh this hurts.

But its also very important that Tsukki tries to maintain his cool after this whole thing.  He’s downplaying what he did, but at the same time he’s sticking to his character.  He might be a bit more of a team player than he seemed before, but he’s the same guy that picks a fight and tries to not be a hot head.  That development in itself is a huge shift from his previous apathy and any more growth will occur just as slowly.  (Otherwise a massive change would be unnatural.)