the little hint of a smile when she says that

Hiccstrid in Race to the Edge


So, I’ve been seing SO MANY comments about how “Hiccstrid was such a mistake” or “Rtte writers really flunked the Hiccstrid” and “The writers ruined Hiccstrid in RTTE, they made a big mistake.” and even “The plot for RTTE Hiccstrid is so bad.” (and these are direct quotes)

People, I really don’t know what your talking about! I think Rtte did an amazing job with the Hiccstrid, and I know people say that it’s rushed, or forced, but I really don’t think it is. Just here me out, and you might change your mind.

So, in the first season of RTTE, it appears that the two are just “friends” (as said multiple times by both Hiccup and Astrid) which leads me to believe this: The two are just shy and unsure as to where their relationship stands. Neither have actually come out and said that they “like” each other in that special way, or have said “I love you” (they still haven’t, but honestly that’s what makes RTTE Hiccstrid all the better, and I’ll explain that later on) so both are unsure. Hiccup knows he likes Astrid, because as he said in Blindsided, he’s thought about it a lot. And Astrid obviously likes Hiccup, after all that blushing and studdering and worried looks and those talks with Heather, I mean, it’s pretty obvious. But neither one wants to push it on the other, just in case the other doesn’t like them in return. It’s just that over the years since Riders/Defenders of Berk, they’ve come to terms with the fact that they’re “friends”, since neither have stood up and said anything against that fact. They’re both just shy, nervous, and unsure of their feelings. Typical teen feelings.

But they’re around 18 now, and the feelings haven’t really depleted at all for either of them, and RTTE shows this perfectly. 

Season 1:

I mean, just look at Hiccup! These two are normally shown- through out the entire show- as either standing by each other, or near each other. And it’s also shown that Hiccup laid out the Edge so that Astrid’s hut was closest to his. It’s just these small, subtle little moments scattered through out Season 1 and 2 that make Hiccstrid look like it’s just starting, or has still hung on. Like maybe the two do have feelings for each other, but are still able to hide them. (From each other anyways. Us, the audience, and Heather obviously pick up ont his type of stuff right away. XD)

And then “Reign of the Fireworms” the two were teasing each other playfully, suggesting that they enjoy having fun with each other and playfully annoying the other. Very cute, in my opinion. And it’s not too STRONG either, but gradually becomes more noticeable.

And here in Season 2: 

Here, it’s obvious Hiccup’s concerned for Astrid, especially when he volluntears to stay behind and sleep in the arena with her and Stormfly, and the others all joinn in to, when later Fishlegs explains that Hiccup wanted to “support” Astrid. 

Hiccup rescues Astrid from drowning, and acts extremely panicked when he notices she’s gone and not responding. I mean, yes, Hiccup would probably done this with the other riders, but he seemed extra concerned since it was Astrid.

THIS. And this is when we really start getting the “Hiccstrid” feels. I mean, before this, in the other episodes, we would not have really noticed the Hiccstrid if we hadn’t been looking for it. Otherwise, we would’ve thought “Oh, they’re teasing each other. How cute. I think they might like each other?” that kind of thing. But this, where Astrid half hugs Hiccup and says “But I still have you” it’s quite obvious she’s very slightly hinting at something.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Season 3: 

AND THIS. This is when we really get it! This is where all the other little moments have led to. I just love how gradual Hiccstrid processes throughout RTTE. It’s all gradual, but obvious, but not too obvious. And the Buffalord Soldier only helped with this. It wasn’t too much, and they didn’t kiss right away. It was just simple actions and words, but it was still so simple and clear. But not pushy either. And the words “I can’t imagine a world without you in it” coming from both of them to each other was just beautiful, and so perfect and fitting.

In “Stryke Out”, the only real Hiccstrid we get is when Hiccup and Astrid hug, but again, it’s just this simple little motion and the looks passed between them that is shining through. It clearly hints at Hiccstrid, but again, IT’S NOT FORCED. It just happens, and it flows very nicely. Fishleg’s also states that “Astrid would’ve killed you (Snotlout) if we hadn’t found Hiccup.” saying that Astrid was very worried and concerned for Hiccup’s well being.

This part just made me smile, because of how awkward and genuinely surprised they both are at this physical contact. Astrid’s face is priceless, and it clearly states that she wasn’t expecting their hands to touch. This little moment is just another example for how gradually Hiccstrid’s relationship is growing.

Here, in “Last Auction Heroes” is another small gesture between the two, a kind comforting gesture that Astrid offers Hiccup when they get captured and lose their dragons, Berk’s gold, and well… everything. It just shows that the two are very supportive to each other, and that they still don’t have to speak words to make this point clear. It’s another thing that the writers did amazingly, was just all the movements and hints that made Hiccstrid seem more real.


In Midnight Scrum, the two interact even more. Hiccup and Astrid have a private conversation int he Great Hall, and then later on, Astrid helps rescue Hiccup and helps him walk when he loses his medal leg. Again, support, but it’s not forced, or over load. It’s just right, just enough to get the point across that Astrid wants to be there for Hiccup and wants to help him. 

In “Dire Straights”, again we get to see Astrid worried about Hiccup, and Hiccup glad for her comfort. It’s just a few sweet gestures and words, but it is still a beautiful show that their relationship is gradually making it’s way up tot he point it’s at in HTTYD 2. 

In “Out of the Frying Pan” we see Astrid is about to give up to the heat, but Throk reminds her to stay awake for Hiccup, and she does, for HICCUP. 

*takes deep breath* So, “Blindsided” is the episode where the dams break, where they can’t contain their feelings anymore. Hiccup is very concerned about Astrid, and Astrid is starting to despair. Hiccup again offers his support. and since Astrid is blind, there is some more… well… touching and stuff. *winks* and it just brings stuff to mind for both of them, making them realize that they did like each other. I thought that, yeah, DreamWorks probably could’ve figured out a better way to actually get them together, other then making Astrid blind, but it still worked out very well, and I think that the Hiccstrid development is still very good in this, and not over-board, forced, or fakey. 

In “Shell Shocked Part 1″ We get to see them again, rather awkward bout everything still, and trying to hide it from the others. We also get to see Astrid’s concern for Hiccup, and it’s obvious she’s worried about him.

In “Shell Shocked Part 2″ we get to see that, again, Astrid is worried about Hiccup, and she doesn’t want him to get hurt and even suggests he go back and stay safe. Hiccup firmly states that they have to go on, keeping their feelings aside during battle, just like they’d done for years. By this time, Heather has pretty much figured out what’s going on, and the others are beginning to notice something going on between Hiccup and Astrid, although none of them (but Heather and Fishlegs) really notice anything is going on romantically. Viggo captures Astrid, forcing Hiccup to make a choise, Astrid killed or handing Viggo the Dragon Eye. Hiccup tosses the Dragon Eye into the volcano, freeing Astrid when Viggo jumped to catch it. After Viggo’s death, Astrid apologizes to Hiccup for not listening to him, but Hiccup just says that she had to let him know what she was thinking. The two therefore share a kiss, right in front of the other riders. Hiccstrid is now official.

The reason I wanted to explain all this, is because I really don’t believe Hiccstrid was rushed, forced, or poorly done at all. I think it worked it’s way up gradually to the point it’s at, and I think it was all done very wonderfully. It’s difficult to get this type of relationship just perfect, because it is a branch off of an original film, and to make it harder, it’s placed between two films, making getting the characters right all the harder. But I think DreamWorks did it VERY WELL. They worked it up gradually, with many little gestures, and moments in between the big noticeable moments, which makes it so much better.

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Part 6 of the fic where Betty has a baby with jughead but he never knew??? I'm dying for more!!!

okay! Part 5:


For the first time in Jughead Jones life he woke up to sticky fingers and the smell of Baby shampoo invading his nose, his eyes fluttered open and he was met with blue eyes the same shade as his own. Hunter grinned up at him with a gummy smile, his legs crossed as he sat beside Jughead in Bettys bed.

“good morning Hunter.” the sleepy eyed man yawned and threw his arm back on the pillow, smiling at the over excited two year old.

“g’morning. pancakes?” he giggled, pressing his hand against Jugheads cheek.

“pancakes?” jughead asked “I’ll always say yes to pancakes” he rolled over, taking the little boy with him and tickling under his ribs, causing the toddler to squeal.

“well good morning boys.”

Jugheads eyes snapped up to the doorway, taking in the gorgeous blonde leaning against the frame. Bettys blonde hair was damp and her long legs were wrapped up in tiny white shorts a baby blue tank top was snug around her chest, her cheeks had the faintest hint of pink when she glanced into his eyes, remembering the events of last night, the way they fell back into each other like he had never left, there new bodies in perfect sync.

“morning mama” Hunter crawled to the edge of the bed and reached out for Betty, who picked him up and headed for the door.

“Breakfast is ready in the kitchen, I washed your clothes from yesterday.” she tucked Hunter into her chest and spared a final glance at Jughead, her eyes sparkling as a secret smile played on her lips “see you soon”

Jughead ran a hand through his mess of bed head and grinned towards the ceiling as he flopped back down on the bed. So this is what he had been missing? this is what had been waiting for him the entire time? a gorgeous woman and the most amazing little boy in the world, he wanted Hunter to know, he needed Hunter to know, he wasn’t leaving, he was going to be a good dad, he would provide for them, take care of them, keep them safe, happy. He pulled his jeans back on and made his way to the kitchen.

Hunters eyes caught his first

“chocolate!” he grinned, holding up a hand full of chocolate chips and shoving them out towards Jughead.

Betty giggled when Jughead swooped in and let the toddler pour a pile of chocolate chips into his mouth, chewing obnoxiously and causing Hunter to squeal with laughter. Jughead glanced up at Bettys giggling and raised a brow, grabbing a chip from Hunters highchair, he slowly wrapped a hand around Bettys waist, bringing his fingers to her mouth and dropping the candy into it.

“sweet” Betty whispered huskily, the messy haired boys eyes darkening.

“yeah” he answered, swallowing thickly.

the two lovers stared at each other with such intensity the room was buzzing with electricity, it was broken however by a mumbled little voice.


Both Betty and Jughead snapped their eyes to Hunter, he was holding his arms out to Jughead with desperate eyes. Jughead heard Betty gasp and he brought his eyes to hers, not surprised to see unshed tears glistening, she shook her head and smiled at Jughead, she was letting him know it was okay, he could do this.

Jughead reached down and held his son to his chest

“yeah buddy, that’s me. I’m your daddy.” his voice broke as he buried his face into his sons hair.

Betty placed a comforting hand to Jughead shoulder and he quickly wrapped his free arm around her waist tugging his little family into a makeshift huddle. it was perfect, it was finally..right.

“Elizabeth?! Hunter?!” the front door slammed open

Jugheads eyes snapped open at the voice and Betty physically threw herself out of Jugheads arms


Part 7:
Pictures of You (Cole Sprouse)

Originally posted by paranoid-papi

Pairing: Cole Sprouse x Photographer!Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: You and Cole have been dating for a while and he’s head over heels just like you. He is constantly posting photos about you and just being all and all cute. During one of his interviews, when asked about you, he confesses that he’s missed you since you’ve been out working on your photography somewhere else.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is my first Cole Sprouse fic and it was requested by a cute anon who said, “Can you do a Cole Sprouse one shot where you’re a photographer and you two are dating and he’s always posting about you and you two are really cute and it’s all fluffy and people are always him about you in interviews and he’s all blushy 💛💛😩and your tom holland imagines are awesome lmao💛💛”

Masterlist Request a Prompt

“So, all I’ve seen on your Instagram are pictures of your girlfriend.” The host who was interviewing Cole stated, only to cause a blush to rise to Cole’s cheeks.

You smiled as you watched him on the television, knowing that the host’s statement was true.

“Well, I do post a lot about Y/n and I’ve been doing it even more lately because she’s been working on her photography in China. She actually just got a job with National Geographic.” Cole said proudly as the audience clapped. “Aw, thanks. I’ll tell her you all are proud.”

You laughed softly as your cheeks started to heat up at the fact that Cole was gushing about you on television.

“You two are so charming.” The host smiled. “How long have you two been together?”

“We’ve been together for two years.” Cole replied. “Our two year anniversary is today, actually.” An choir of awe came from the audience as Cole turned even more red. “Yeah, but she’s in China so we were going to do a skype date.”

“That’s so cute. But before we change the subject, everyone here at the studio has a bit of a surprise for you.”

That was your cue to go. You picked up a cardboard cutout of yourself and headed onto the stage, making sure to cover yourself so Cole couldn’t see you.

“Oh my god!” Cole laughed. “You guys must think I’m too lonely!”

“Well, we thought it’d be a great idea to bring Y/n for you so you wouldn’t feel so alone.” The host explained. “Why don’t you go ahead and take her from our intern?”

“Yeah, sure. Okay.” Cole replied, shaking his head as he rose from his seat. “I still can’t believe you got me this.”

His hands brushed yours as he took the cardboard cutout from you, only to drop it when he laid eyes on your smiling face.

“Y/n!” He cried, pulling you into a hug and lifting you into the air as you lost yourself in a fit of giggles.

“Well, hello to you too.” You smiled as he set you down and placed a kiss on your cheek.

“When- when did you get here?” Cole stammered as the crowd and host watched you two in silence.

“A few hours ago. I would’ve called, but that would’ve ruined the surprise.” You stated, taking Cole’s hand in yours before leading him back to the couch he was previously sitting on.

“Thank you so much for coming, Y/N.” The host said.

“Thank you for having me.”

“So, two years. That is a long time to date so young.”

“Well, it doesn’t feel all that long. I mean, we started dating right when I was finishing up college and now here we are, both with amazing jobs and still together.”

“That’s just amazing. Most couples your age don’t stay together very long. I mean, when I was in my twenties I had a new boyfriend every other week.”

You chuckled along with the audience and Cole. “Well, we always joke that we act like an older couple because of how we get along and how things just fall into place at home. But, lately it’s been hard to be so far away.”

“The only thing you didn’t tell her was that every time I start to see you on Skype, no matter how far you are, I know- I know that I’m in love with you.” Cole said, placing a hand on yours with a smile.

“Yes, even though I’m far away, we both know I’ll always stay right alongside you.” You replied, putting your hand on his.

“Now, I’d like to play a little game with you two. If you look in front of you on the table, there’s two whiteboards and markers.” the host explained. “We are going to play the newlywed game.”

“Awesome.” You smiled as you retrieved your marker and board.

“Alright, first question. What is Cole’s favorite food? You guys will show your boards on the count of three.”

You wrote down your answer and looked at Cole with a smile. “This question is easy.”

“Okay. Count of three. One, two, three.”

You and Cole showed your boards and laughed as you got the same answer.

“Okay! Good job! Next question, what is Y/N’s favorite thing to photograph?”

You smiled and wrote down your answer as Cole tried to look over your shoulder, causing you to move and hide your board.

“One, two, three!”

You shook your head with a chuckle as you looked at Cole’s board, an answer very different from your answer of nature.

“What?!” Cole exclaimed between chuckles. “You take so many pictures of me! How can I not say me?”

“You were so off, baby.”

“Okay, so Cole is obviously a little vain.” The host joked. “Let’s move on to the next question. Cole loves to bake, what is his specialty?”

“Cake.” You stated, a little cake drawn in the corner of your board as Cole nudged you.

“Man, you really know Cole, but obviously he needs to work on his facts.”

“It’s not my fault she has so many pictures of me!”

“Okay, okay, new question. Who is Y/N’s favorite artist? Hint; the artist is not a photographer.”

“Frida Kahlo.” You both said in unison, showing your boards on the count.

“Alright, Cole’s catching up. We have time for two more questions.” The host smiled. “First question, what is the one chick flick Cole secretly loves?”

“The Notebook. A classic.” You stated before he could say anything when the count was called. “We watched it together on our fourth date cause I asked him to watch it with me and he cried before confessing he’d seen it before a few times even though he said he never had.”

The host laughed. “That’s phenomenal. Alright, the last and final question; what has Y/N been dying to ask Cole?”

“Oh, god. I have no idea. I’m not even going to write something down.” Cole stated.

“No, write something.” You told him with a smile.

“Okay. Fine.”

“Show the boards on the count of three. One, two, three!”

On Cole’s board was a drawing of you and him with flowers surrounding you and on yours it said, “Will you marry me?” with a ring drawn on it.

“Do you mean that?” Cole asked, his jaw hanging low in shock.

“Yes! Of course! I know it’s not a normal proposal, but when have we ever been normal?”

“Let’s get married! Oh my god, baby, let’s get married.” Cole exclaimed, pulling you towards him before locking lips with you and the audience went wild.

All that waiting and all those pictures he posted of you to get to that point seemed like nothing to Cole in that moment. 

For a request please can you write a Trimberly fic where Trini is being her usual sarcastic self and makes a slightly sexual joke to which Kim reacts with surprising enthusiasm - Anonymous

“Well that’s always a great way to end a workout” Trini said as she and Kimberly landed at the top of the cliff after they jumped up the chasm and through the water, soaking wet as always. 

“Tell me about it. Even though I hate getting soaked every time we leave the ship, I can’t help but appreciate how refreshing it feels.” Kimberly replied. The two of them stayed to train a while after the boys had left, since they enjoyed sparring alone occasionally. 

The sun was still setting so they decided to sit on one of the cliffs and let the sunlight dry them off a bit before they headed home. They hiked up the path to their usual spot, still feeling exhausted after their recent training session. Trini pulled her water bottle out of her backpack and let Kimberly have a sip of her water before she drank some herself. 

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Daddy’s Girl

Originally posted by jontaargaryens

“Come on, you can say it. Ma-ma.”

“Da-da,” Lillian squeaked out.

“Ma-ma,” you repeated anxiously.


“Lily, come on. you can do this,” you said angrily.

“Da-da,” she shouted more enthusiastically, flailing her little fingers at you.

“Jesus we’re raising an idiot,” you muttered under your breath. Lily’s little laugh then filled the air.

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I ❤you and your writing. B + C met during a games night at mutual friends when they got ultra competitive over a game of Monopoly. It's only right that he proposes during a game of Pictionary with the gang. Except Clarke is so focused on trying to win, that the 'subtle' theming of all the clues (i.e. totally obvious films/books etc about love and marriage, especially picked by Bellamy) totally passes her by... Cue much hilarity amongst their friends, and much exasperation/love from Bellamy. ❤

Thanks for the prompt!! I tweaked it a little, firstly because I was going on memory and forgot it was specifically pictionary, and then secondly because the thought of someone proposing to me in public/in front of people genuinely horrifies me and I couldn’t bring myself to write it lmao. Hope you like it anyway!


“So, marriage.”

Bellamy drives off the road, blinking at the TV as Princess Peach zooms across the finish line while his screen is black, Waluigi falling into the abyss.

“Was that intentional?” He asks, finishing the race on autopilot and in twelfth place, as Clarke snuggles into his side and presses her smile into his shoulder.

“It was a conversation I’ve been trying to figure out when to have.”

“And you decided the last three seconds of Rainbow Road was the right time?”

“Two birds, one stone.” She tilts her head and smirks up at him, and he can’t help the way his irritation instantly disappears. She might be ruthlessly competitive, but he’s also like ninety percent sure she wants to marry him, and he can’t find it within himself to be upset about anything when he’s thinking about that. “So what do you think?”

“What do I think about marriage? In general?”

“Sure. And to me, specifically.”

“Is this you proposing?”

“No way,” she snorts. “You know I don’t half-ass anything, ever. If I propose, I’m gonna sweep you off your feet.”

He grins. “Fair point.”


“So–” He shrugs. “I don’t know. Marriage in general has never been a big dream of mine, mostly because I was pretty relieved Mom never married any of the guys in her life. It’s not like– It was still hard for her to leave some of them, but it would have been harder if there were legalities involved.”

Clarke kisses his shoulder again, nuzzling into him a little, and he puts his arm around her. “As a child of divorce, I can attest that the legalities don’t make any of it easier.”

“I guess I didn’t get the appeal of it for a long time.” He pauses. “But ever since we started dating… Well, I get it now.”


He kisses her hair. “Yeah. I want to tell everyone all the time how awesome you are and how awesome our life is together. It’s a lot easier if we do it all at once, with all the people important to us watching. And then everyone else can just take a hint from the rings.”

“Sappy,” she accuses, but he can hear the smile in her voice.

“Plus there are tax advantages and healthcare and stuff.”

“Well if it’s for tax advantages.” She straightens a little, still under his arm, and picks her controller back up.

“Hey.” He pokes her in the side. “You can’t just leave it at that. This is when you’re supposed to tell me what you think.”

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pizza delivery girl

A/N: okay, so this idea strangely came to mind after I ordered pizza the other night and I HAD TO WRITE ABOUT IT. Also, I feel like I’ve seen a prompt like this floating around somewhere on tumblr but couldn’t find it. I hope its not too out of character for them– PLS FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW. I hope you guys haven’t gone anywhere! Enjoy :)
Pairing: Riley x Lucas
Words: 1,760 words


The group of Zeta Psi boys sat around the living room with a few bottles beer, reminiscing over the party they had thrown the night before. It was as if they were a bunch of high school boys, going around the room going over who hooked up with which girl.

“Ahh, saint Lucas— what a surprise. You stayed to yourself last night?” Asher asked, smirking.

“Well I’m pretty sure it’s not mandatory for me to hook up with someone…” Lucas remarks, raising a brow at his frat brother.

“Asher is just jealous because Holly was ogling Lucas all night while she was with him,” Dylan points out before the group breaks out into laughter.

Asher scowls at Dylan, though he knows it’s all in fun. Which was probably what lead to their next move of immaturity. After they came to a consensus that they were all starving, they decided to order pizza. But apparently to order pizza, they thought it would be the funniest thing in the world if they made the pizza delivery boy say something stupid when he arrives.

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Aelin and Rowan and Rhys and Feyre reacting to Seraphine being pregnant.


so I’ve actually considered what might happen if Seraphine got pregnant before she left the House of Wind (and I honestly don’t care, I am trash for stuff like these, and tbh they are stories and not real people and the whole point of writing is creating imaginary worlds)

  • this is a spoiler, but I don’t think you guys realise how old Seraphine is!!! I’ve dropped hints that Fen (her wolf) has been travelling with her for a while, and in actuality, she’s a little over a century old
  • Kastiel is a little less than a century old (so he’s a little bit younger, but both look like they’re in their 20′s)
  • when Seraphine found out she was pregnant, she told her aunt Manon first
  • Seraphine knows just how precious babies are to Manon, and when Manon found out, she gives a wicked looking smile and says, “well, I hope it’s a girl.”
  • Dorian would eventually hear it from Manon and instantly want dibs at taking care of the child because he is just straight up obsessed with kids
  • Manon comforts Seraphine into telling her parents
  • Aelin, at first, was surprised, as well as Rowan (though they already knew what had happened at Prythian, and the love their daughter felt for Kastiel)
  • but Aelin can’t help the feeling of amazement at having a grandchild
  • they also both know how precious and rare a Fae child is and want to celebrate, but they also understand how hard it would be for Seraphine without Kastiel
  • so through some secret turn of events (that would spoil the main plot so I wont say), Seraphine goes back to the House of Wind
  • Kastiel is there staring out into the stars, his back to her
  • Seraphine walks behind him and perches herself next to Kastiel just like he had when she first stayed there
  • Kastiel is so startled that he doesn’t believe it’s real. His hand cups Seraphine’s face, “the Cauldron must take pity on me,” he says, “to make you feel so real in my dreams.”
  • Seraphine smiles into his palm, because she is real, she couldn’t help but kiss him passionately, murmuring again and again into his lips, “it’s me, I’m here.”
  • Kastiel’s hands travel across Seraphine’s body, until he feels the bump in her stomach and hears the beating of the child’s heart and he just straight up crumbles in emotion
  • “he’s yours,” Seraphine says to him
  • because Rhysand gets alerted every time someone appears (winnows) into the house, he rushes into the room with Cassian and Azriel
  • Looking at Seraphine and Kastiel, he gives a big goofy smile to Cassian and Azriel
  • Rhys sends the happiest message through the mating bond saying, “Feyre, it’s your time to make another bargain. I want our grandchild to live in Velaris.”

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Heyyy! Thanks for your very creative writing, I totally understand if you reject my request, bc it can be a little weird, but I would like to know how would RFA + Saeran and V react to MC lyric pranking them with Ariana Grande's songs, or maybe she's just trying to send them a message through the song's lyrics? I'm a huge arianator and I would love to see that, since you're very inventive, maybe you could put them together somehow? Thank you so much!

Yeah, I almost rejected this one, but I really like Ariana too, so I went with your second option, but I choose mostly “Dangerous Woman” songs… hope that’s what you wanted! It was pretty fun ^

RFA + Saeran and V reacting to MC quoting Ariana Grande

Zen – Into You

  • You are totally ready to get intimate, but he keeps holding back because of THE BEAST
  • So you call him when we went out to buy some groceries, he picks it up right away: “Hey, babe! I miss you so much! What are you up to?”
  • “I’m so into you I can barely breathe, and all I want to do is to fall in deep. But close ain’t close enough till we cross the line, so name a game to play, and I’ll roll the dice…”
  • “B-Babe, what are you talking about? G-Games?”
  • “Oh baby, look what you started! The temperature is rising in here, is this gonna happen? Been waiting for you to make a move before I’ll make a move…”
  • “Oh princess, you… you’ve been waiting for my move? But I… I’m a gentleman, MC…although I would like to see your moves…  I mean, I…”
  • “So baby, come light me up! And maybe I’ll let you on it… a little bit dangerous, but baby, that’s how I want it…”
  • “D-Dangerous? You wanna see the beast? But I want to be always a gentleman in front of you, MC… I…”
  • “A little less conversation, and a little more touch my body, cause I’m so into you! Into you! Into you!”
  • “Wow, you’re really into me, then…  I… I didn’t know that, MC. Well, if that’s what you really want…”
  •  You were going to repeat the chorus, but then Zen came in suddenly and carried you to the bedroom. “I loved everything you said to me, except for the ‘maybe I’ll let you on it’, if you really want the beast, you better let me on it!” Oh boy…
  • God bless Ariana Grande!

Yoosung – Moonlight

  • He’s probably an arianator too lololol
  • So he thinks it’s really cute when you call him and recite “Moonlight” for him
  • “The sun is setting, and you are right here by my side and the movie is playing, but we won’t be watching tonight, every look, every touch, makes me wanna give you my heart. I’ve been crushing on you, baby. Stay right where you are…”
  • “Oh… that’s so sweet, MC, I… I’m blushing really hard, because you’re so cute and…”
  • “I kiss your fingertips as I wish you’re all mine. You’re giving me Elvis with some James Dean in your eyes…”
  • “Wow, they’re pretty cool and manly guys, MC, I didn’t know you really see me like that…”
  •  “Put your lips on my neck, make me want to give you my body. I’ve been falling for you, baby… and I just can’t stop…”
  • Blushing mess, he didn’t expect for you to say that part of the song… “Wh-What? You – You mean it, MC? I… I…”
  • “I never knew you could have moonlight in your hand till the night I held you. You are my moonlight!”
  • He’s so red because he instantly remembers last night with you… oh so that’s why you picked this song… he’s still a mess, but he wants to play along: “You’re so bossy, you make me dance! Tryna sit in the back of your whip and just cancel my plans” which were playing LOLOL, basically.
  • Then you continue: “Sweet like candy, but you’re such a man. ”
  • And you finish together: “You know just what you do when you hold me tight and you call me moonlight too.”
  •  “You mean it, MC?” “Yes, you can come over, I’m waiting…” “No, I mean… about be being ‘such a man’?”

Jaehee- Greedy

  • You’re still friends, but you want to be something more… you’ve been dropping hints but she’s very oblivious, so maybe it’s time to be more direct…
  • Yet you don’t want to be too direct… so you call her and let Ariana Grande speaks for you:
  • “Girl, you give me feelings, never felt before. And I’m making it obvious by knocking at your door. You know I’m coming tonight, I know I’m coming tonight, don’t want to deny it anymore…”
  • “I don’t understand, MC, and… yes, I know you’re coming tonight, we live together…”
  • “Baby, you got lucky cause you rocking with the best and I’m greedy. So greedy!”
  • “Are you trying to tell me you want a salary increase? Well, we can discuss that, you’ve been a great partner and…”
  • “I ain’t talking money, I’m just physically obsessed, and I’m greedy! So greedy! GREEEEDDDYYYYYY!”
  • “MC, are you okay?”
  • “I don’t need a phone call! Got nothing to say, I’mma tell you when it’s over, got no games to play…”
  •  “Okay, so why don’t you tell what you’re trying to say in person?”
  • You take a deep breath: “You know that I’m greedy for love…”
  • “What? No, I don’t… I… MC? You’re greedy for… my love?” “Well, I… yes, Jaehee.”
  • “Oh… that’s interesting, I told you I’ve been getting pretty greedy myself too…” WAIT! Was she trying to drop hints too? You are shocked, but in a very good way…
  • “So let’s talk about it when you come tonight.” You’re not seeing her, but you know she’s smiling…

Jumin – Touch it

  • He’s been away on a business trip and, it was a sudden decision and he didn’t even say a proper goodbye, you were a little sentimental, but still missed him.
  • You call him late at night, when you’re pretty sure he’s not workig anymore, he picks up: “MC, I apologize for…
  • “How do I make the phone ring? Why do I even care? How are you all around me when you’re not really there? How do I feel you on me when you’re not on my skin?”
  • “Well, princess, you’ve got a great amount of questions, huh? And some pretty bold ones…do you have the time to get the answers?”
  • “Cause every time I’m with you I go into a zone. And I remember all the places you wanna go… Take me all the way! Ain’t nobody gonna touch it! Touch it! Touch it!”
  • “I’m not following, honey… but if you want to come with me on my next business trip, I would be delighted… and why do you keep saying to ‘touch it’? You have any idea how tempting you sound right now? ”
  • “How do you know I’m breathing when I’m holding my breath? Why don’t we face the danger just for the night and forget? Baby, let’s just forget…”
  • “’Danger’? Kitten, you shouldn’t play with me like that… you know what happens when you tease me…”
  • “Cause every time I see you, I don’t wanna behave! I’m tired of being patient, so let’s pick up the pace… take me all the way!”
  • “Well, if you insist so much, kitten… tell me, what are you wearing right now?”
  • God bless Ariana Grande!²

Saeyoung – Dangerous Woman

  • He’s been locked on his office for a few hours now, he even got a little snappy and told you to stay away when he’s dealing with dangerous stuff…
  • You know he always picks up your calls even when he shouldn’t… “What do you want, MC? Didn’t I tell you to stop calling me when I’m working?
  • “Don’t need permission, made my decision to test my limits! Cause it’s my business, God as my witness, start what I finished… no need to hold up taking control of this kind of moment. I’m locked and loaded, completely focused, my mind is open…”
  • “Well, I’m locked and loaded too, but you don’t let me focus! What… what do you want, anyway?”
  • “All that you got, skin to skin… Oh my god! Don’t ya stop, boy!”
  • “S-Stop with what? What are you saying, woman?”
  • “Somethin’ about you makes me feel like a dangerous woman. Somethin’ about you makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t…”
  • “Like calling me while I’m at work? Stop… stop teasing me, MC… it’s very hard to focus… maybe later we can talk about this…”
  • “I wanna savor, save it for later. The taste of flavor, cause I’m a taker, cause I’m a giver, it’s only nature… I live for danger!”
  • “Oh, is that so? Tell me… tell me more, then…”
  • “All girls wanna be like that, bad girls underneath like that, you know how I’m feeling inside…”
  • “Okay, MC. Hold that thought, I’m coming to you…”
  • You smirk, and then Saeyoung comes in to the room in a full cosplay of Ariana Grande’s bunny outfit, he even got the ponytail! You are shocked… at how much you’re turned on by this… “Saeyoung…I…”
  • “Nothing to prove and I’m bulletproof, and know what I’m doing! The way we’re movin’ like introducing us to a new thing…” his crossdressing kink is not really that new to you but… “Are you ready to be my Mac Miller, MC?” okay, this is new, tho

Saeran  - Best Mistake

  • You’ve had a pretty bad fight, neither one of you want to be the first to apologize, but you really regret the things you said…
  •  You call him, expecting him not to pick up, but he does… “WHAT?”
  • He seems pretty mad, you forget what you wanted to say… and then this comes to your mind: “As soon do we forget how we fell, dealing with emotions that never left, playing with the hand that we were dealt in this game…”
  • “What game, are you drunk?”
  • “Maybe I’m the sinner and you’re the saint. Gotta stop pretending what we ain’t, why we’re pointing fingers, anyway? We’re all the same…”
  • “We’re not the same! Don’t say weird things like that! I… don’t want to fight with you again…”
  • “Break-up, make-up… total waste of time! Can we please make up our minds and stop acting like we’re blind?”
  • “Are you trying to give me a ultimatum? How bold of you… why… why are you doing this?”
  • “Cause if the water dries up, and the moon stop shining, stars fall and the world goes blind, boy… you know I’ve been saving my love for you… for you…”
  • “Have you… for real? MC, I… I don’t want you to feel you made a mistake being with me… I know how messed up I can be and… it can be pretty hard for you…
  • “Cause you’re the best mistake I’ve ever made, but we hold on… there’s no pot of gold in the rainbows we chase, but we hold on…”
  • “Okay, you said what you want to say, it’s my turn now…” he takes a deep breath… “I guess times wasting, tick tocking, lip locking… How can we keep the feelings fresh? How do we zip lock them?” oh my god… is he reciting Big Sean’s rap?
  • “Hold love! I know love can be a beach with no shore. I done count to ten, lost my temper and went back to four… I know sometimes it’s hard to realize I’m the man that you need… I had a dream we branched out, started a family tree…”
  • “Wait! Have you?”
  • “I wish that you were happy! I guess that’s the one thing I should be providing…Ain’t no number twos, we both ones and ones, we the oddest…”
  • “Well, I guess , but…”
  • “Couple only human except you, you a goddess… only lying to you when I lie you down, just being honest! When you start as friends, it’s hard to say you’re never going back… If I’m not the one, then I’m the best mistake you ever had.”
  •   “Saeran… you are the one for me, and… wait! How do you know this song?” “Well, you keep listening to it, I pay more attention to you than you think, you know? So… please come back home so I can… lie you down.” “Oh my God, Saeran…” you blush. “What? Just being honest…”

V – One Last Time

  • You’ve had a fight, it was weird and at some point between the anger, he called you Rika.
  • You were so confused and hurt, so you just stormed out of there, you’ve had a little too much to drink and called him, even thought you had no idea what to say.
  • He picks up. “MC, where are you? I was so worried… there’s so much I want to say to you…”
  • “I was a liar, I gave into the fire! I know I should’ve fought it! At least I’m being honest… Feel like a failure, cause I know that I failed you, I should’ve done you better, cause you don’t want a liar…”
  • “A liar? What are you talking about, love?”
  • “And I know she gave you everything, but boy, I couldn’t give it to you… And I know that you got everything, but I got nothing here without you…”
  • “MC, is this about Rika? Please don’t say that…”
  • “So one last time I need to be the one who takes you home… One more time! I promise after that, I’ll let you go!”
  • “Let… let me go? Are you breaking up with me, MC?”
  • “Baby, I don’t care if you got her in your heart! All I really care is you wake up in my arms… One last time, I need to be the one who takes you home…”
  • “Take me home? But you’re the one who left… wait, are you… are you drunk?”
  • “I don’t deserve it! I know I don’t deserve it! But stay with me a minute…I’ll swear I’ll make it worth it!”
  • “MC, I’m asking Seven to track you down right now! I’m coming to you, don’t do anything you’ll regret later!”
  • “Can’t you forgive me? At least just temporarily? I know that this is my fault!I should have been more careful…”
  • “I should be the one saying that, my love…”
  • A few minutes later, he finds you at a bar, you want to say something, he just hugs you tightly, stroking your hair.
  • “V, I’m… I’m sorry if I’m not her, I’m doing my best! I mean… not now, but I…I want to fill this void inside you…” “You already do, my love, I was just caught up with the moment, and I feel so bad… just focus on being you, because you’re the one I love…I got you, and only you, in my heart…” he kisses you, and you know he’s trying not to act too desperate for your lips…
  • “And I would be more than honored to wake up in your arms, but I hope this isn’t the last time…” “It won’t, I promise…”

olicity || ao3 || gen || fluff & angst || 923  || more fics

summary: prompt: Felicity has a tattoo that’s a not so subtle reminder of Oliver (thank you @yellowflicker09011996) based on [x]
a/n: reminder that anita made me do it

Felicity tried in vain to take a picture of her back. Her tattoo was still fresh, kind of red and angry, but she wanted to take a picture so bad. She was going to text a picture to Thea before Oliver got home. He had been out all day, helping with the Hoffman’s third backyard barbeque that week, then he volunteered to bring the snacks to the little league game, and then he was going to the store to get groceries for dinner. While he was playing his suburban role, she went into the city to… well originally she was just getting out of the suburbs to relax, but she passed a tattoo parlor.

She hated needles. Like really hated them, so how she ended up laying face down with a strange man stabbing her repeatedly with a needle, she would never know. It was so impulsive, but she was happy with the finished product. A little arrow on her shoulder blade; an outward reminder of who held her heart.

It was super cheesy wasn’t it? Whatever.

“What are you doing?”

“Ack!” Felicity fumbled with her phone, dropping it on the counter. “Nothing.”

“You’re standing here shirtless in front of the mirror,” Oliver said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

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who i am | | [ kara danvers ]

a/n: It’s perfectly fine nonnie, I hope this is to your liking and that you don’t mind that I added bisexual barry in this as well because that has been my favorite headcannon before cw got grant gustin to be the flash. I added kara as well to this for story purposes plus she’s an adorable puppy unless you anger her. Barr and Cisco are the best friends I want, I love them so much. Send me more pride imagines if you’d like since it’s pride month, yay. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

nonnie requested: where reader is bisexual and she still has no idea what to with herself and they help her through it? I totally didn’t see the list oops 🙈 maybe Barry and Cisco?

Originally posted by dibot

                      Relationship(s): Barry Allen & Reader (friendship), Cisco Ramon & Reader (friendship), Kara Danvers & Reader (date)

You were hesitant about telling your friends that you were bisexual because your older brother wasn’t the most supportive about it. You were tired of hearing comments that if you thought a guy was cute then you’re straight or if you liked a girl then it meant you were a lesbian. You didn’t want the same thing happening to your friends, Barry and Cisco whom had your back as you rubbed your hands on your jeans while trying to take breaths. It was making you more anxious in Jitters than you ever thought it would while you waited for the two to arrive as you sipped your drink again, hoping they be coming through the door now. Somehow luck was on your side as your head snapped back up when you heard the faint bell chine to see the two as you waved them down at the table you were sitting.

The civilian speedster walked over as Cisco went to get himself something to drink as he slides into the seat across from you with his usual happy smile. “You feeling okay, Y/N? You seem a little anxious. .” He says while pointing at your leg that was shaking from the anxiety as you slowed it down and nodded to him.

Cisco finally came over and also sat across from you as he sipped his drink before putting it on the table, “Hey Y/N, what’s up? It’s not like of you to talk to us both more privately like this other than our Star Trek and Harry Potter nights.” He says as you notice both of your friends as you take a breath while looking down with a bite of your lip.

“You can tell us Y/N, we are not to judge you. I mean we are like the golden trio, I’m Harry,” Barr points to himself then to the other male sitting beside him, “Cisco is Ron and you.” He then finishes off while moving his pointer at you, “You are Hermione although you aren’t dating Cisco.” Which causes you three to chuckle as you felt slightly better.

You rub your hands together and look at them both, “Okay. Promise you won’t laugh or judge me after this.” Your E/C eyes gaze at them as they nod for you to keep going, “Barry. Cisco. My two partners in crime or heroism. Whatever. I-I’m bisexual as in I’m attracted to both girls and guys.” You wince as you crack an eye open to see any reaction however there was none. You opened both eyes as you expected them to freak out or something crazy like your brother did but nothing.

“Are we supposed to react a certain way to our friend being bisexual?” Cisco asks with a confused look on his face as he looks at Barry who shrugs at him. “You do know Y/N that you’re not the only one who is bisexual in the three of us right?” He also adds before taking a sip of his coffee as it was your turn to look confused before turning your head when you heard the speedster clear his throat.

“Y/N, I’m also bisexual too.” The brown-haired male confesses to you as your mouth dropped while he laughed at your expression. “I know, I know. Thought I should come out too since Central City is going to have a pride day parade soon.” He says with a smile on his face while you took a breath, “I know that Kara is coming because she’s never been to one and wants to see it. You wanna come back to S.T.A.R labs when Cisco brings her over to our Earth?”
You have heard of this Kara person before but you never really had the chance to meet her while your two friends have talked about her before. She was known as Supergirl and all these really cool powers while being almost as fast as Barry when it came to speed.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” You nod as you thought it be cool to meet another superhero that helped your friends out here and there from time to time. While you followed them back to the labs, you didn’t really much on team flash unless they needed you since they thought it be best for you to stay out of harm’s way while you had your job as a web designer. You couldn’t help but blush perhaps a little when the blonde heroine came out while she greeted ecstatically to Barry and Cisco.

Kara smiled while she hugged her Earth-1 friends before noticing you standing there awkwardly, “And you are? I’m Kara Danvers or well probably better known as Supergirl.” She says as she sticks her hand out to you while Cisco whispers you to go and shake it, causing you to snap you out of your thoughts.

“O-oh. I’m Y/N L/N or well, I’m just a web designer. No cool superpowers or anything.” You say with hint of hesitation in your voice as you shake her hand as she smiled at you. You thought she was really adorable or well, cute. While you snap out of your thoughts once more as Barry pulls you to the side to look at you like he knows something is up.

Barr grinned and looked down at your height, “You starting to crush on the one and only Supergirl aren’t you, Y/N?” He remarks as you start to blush again, “Not critizing you or anything of course. But why don’t you go ask her to be your date to pride parade?” The speedster nudges you with a wink, “I don’t think she’ll say no to you.

”Your eyes meet up with his, “Okay but if I get turned down, you owe me whatever I want. Including Coast City pizza.” You say as he agrees while you shake hands with him and head your way back to the technical engineer and the other earth heroine. “Um hey Kara, do you think you could…” You take another breath as she head tilts at you, “Do you wanna be my date to the pride day?”

Kara smiled fondly at you, “Oh? Well I certainly can. You know you are pretty cute when you blush right Y/N? And yes, before you start, Cisco mentioned you were bisexual to me but I don’t mind.” She says as she goes to link arms with you, “Now let’s go and get ready for the parade! I’m sure we can we find some stuff to show our orientations.” She exclaims as you walk with your arms linked to go look for stuff to show your pride, “And as long as you promise me a date after this.”

You nod and laugh, for once in your life you felt proud of who you were. Maybe linking arms with a heroine and supportive friends might’ve helped you feel confident and your brother can kiss his own ass if he made another dumb comment.


Imagine Barbara Kean being your mother and Lee taking you in after her fall.

Your arms curled around a teddy bear as you sat across from the woman you now knew as Lee Tompkins.

“Would you like some cookies, [f/n]?” Lee offered gently, flashing a warm smile.

You shook your head, still staring at her. “No, thank you,” you mumbled. Your mother had always taught you to be polite. She hadn’t been around much for the last while. She was always off with Mr. Galavan and the other grown-ups, leaving you to play with Silver or your toys. Silver didn’t seem to like you much, though, so mostly you played with your toys since you weren’t allowed outside.

You stopped staring at Lee in favour of adjusting your teddy bear’s worn fur. He was missing one of his eyes and his stitching was starting to fray in places, allowing bits of stuffing to slip out every so often.

“That’s a very cute teddy,” Lee piped up. “Does he have a name?”

You nodded. “Mama calls him Sandman. He’s a gangster.” You held him out so she could see him better. “He says it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Lee smiled and shook his little paw. “Thanks. You’re cute. For a gangster.”

You hid the tiniest hint of a grin and hugged Sandman close again. “Mama says Sandman is supposed to protect me when I sleep if she’s not around.” You blinked at Lee, “Is mama okay?”

Lee’s lips tightened, “She had a bad fall and she’s been very sick. She’s going to need a lot of help before she’s back to normal again.”

You tilted your head to one side, “Does she need my bandaids? They have pictures of puppies on them.”

Lee shook her head, smiling softly, “I’m sure she’d appreciate the sentiment, but the doctors have lots of bandaids.”

“Do they have puppies on them?”

“I’m sure they do.”

You nodded seriously and pursed your lips. “Is Mr. Gordon going to come home soon?” you asked after a few moments. “He always tucked me into bed when he and mama were dating. They were gonna get married but then bad stuff happened and mama and me had to leave. Is he still gonna be my daddy?” You paused as though deep in thought. “Does that make you my new mama?”

Lee smiled, “Do you want me to be your new mama?”

You considered it. “Sandman says he’d like that,” you announced after a long moment.

Lee laughed, her eyes crinkling at the edges. “I’m glad to have his approval.”

Gif Credit: Lee

Leading the wolf to slaughter

A little breakdown of this scene, re: why I loved Tom’s Lestat so much in this scene, since we’re talking about it.

^Claudia leads him in, and he’s so trusting. When he sees the boys there, he is not immediately very pleased. He actually looks a little disappointed. The house rule is not to bring victims into the house, and she brought them in, is he going to have to lay down the law again? Bad timing for it, since he’s trying to make peace with her.

She glances up at him to gauge his reaction but looks away before he can meet her gaze. She’s thrilled with what she’s about to do and doesn’t want him derailing her from her mission. 

^I use this gif a lot for “such feels,” but there’s really more going on here, and not necessarily happiness. She’s told him that the boys are the gift to him. He starts w/ a facepalm, bc, hey, Lestat would actually rather not kill children.* He tries to go for adult evildoers. It’s clearer in TVL than in movie!IWTV, but he does tell Louis in an earlier scene, “Evildoers are easier, and they taste better.”**

Lestat is also very guarded in his body language here, all closed off w/ his arms across his chest (we don’t usually see him this closed off in the movie). When he shows his face, he’s not smiling at first, bc, this wasn’t really the kind of truce he would have wanted. But then he rallies, shakes his head a little bit, and tries to smile, probably tells himself inwardly, “She did this for me, she has good intentions…”

^”Well, you certainly have… outdone yourself,” he says. He’s struggling to compliment her, that hesitation could have led to a criticism. Trying to convince himself that this is a peace offering and to reign in his usual edgy sense of humor. The main rule in their home was always “Never [kill] in the house” and she wants him to share this kill. In. The. House. A rule she’s broken countless times. He’s still guarded, still has his arms up protectively.

The smile fails as he looks over the boys like he’s looking at something unappetizing at a buffet. For me, that would be the wilted salad area.

^There’s a full second pause as he looks at her bc he’s still struggling to believe it was all this easy. Then he asks: “We forgive each other, then?” This is Lestat without any of his bravado, no games, not asking as her maker, just as someone who loves her and wants her love, too. This is the Lestat who spent most of his childhood unloved or beaten down for trying to find a place where ppl would love him ;A;

^There’s almost a full second pause as she looks at him - bc she doesn’t really forgive him - and then says: “Yes” She’s lying right to his face, so evil! If you cover her mouth, her eyebrows don’t change at all with that smile. But there is still a chance to abandon her plan if she wants to.

^Having secured the peace, putting his trust in her about this gift being OK to consume, he has this little sigh of relief; his usual confidence comes back in, you can see a hint of a smile as he turns away.

(This victim is one of the moments in the film that really pushed the envelope for its time, when Lestat bites into the child. It’s actually a lot less homoerotic/pedophilic than in the book, where he gets his hands wrapped up in the kid’s shirt. Unlike when he bites adults and we see his face, here, we see him from behind. It makes it less sexual, he didn’t choose this victim, it’s seems like it’s more about the consumption.)

^Anyway… he thinks she spiked their blood with absinthe bc he immediately feels drugged/drunk from it. She tells him it’s laudanum, and he repeats that word, has he heard of it before? Probably not, bc she tells him what it does. 

So right up until the moment she explicitly lays it out for him, he still believes they’ve reconciled, and even that she flavored the blood for him as an extra consideration! It’s a very painful betrayal, specifically bc he wanted to believe her SO BADLY that he ignored all the red flags ;A;

You could say he deserved this betrayal, but I think this scene is part of what makes Tom’s Lestat so very good. Even as he’s led into getting his punishment, you still feel sorry for him, it’s hard to hate a monster when he’s being this trusting and gentle and really wanting to well… not be a monster.

I recognize that this is a social media site so you are welcome to reblog and comment and engage on this, but please do so respectfully, and keep in mind that #your headcanon may vary, and we are all entitled to our own interpretations/opinions about canon, and about movie!IWTV.    

(Asterisked notes under the cut.)

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villainousunsub  asked:

so *shudders* fluff prompt: Cat takes Kara to Paris and Kara eats too many pastries and has thousands of photos from around the city and Cat only has like 5 photos most of them are of Kara

This is a little longer than expected but there’s no angst at all, just fluff. Enjoy ♥


She arrives in the city of light as the sun is starting to rise on the horizon.

The dark skyline is slowly beginning to brighten into lighter shades of blue and there’s even the faintest glimpse of some orange rays showing behind the skyscrapers. The sparkling lights of the French capital are still bright and strong but then, one by one, they fade away to welcome the rising day.

She softly lands on the top balcony of a private town house, atop the Montmartre hill, and she leans against the railing to soak in the ambiance.

It smells like freshly baked pastries and morning dew, with a hint of something floral. It’s intoxicating, really, and she breathes the unique scent of the city at 5AM. She sees the lights go off on the Eiffel Tower and the Iron Lady is, for a moment, barely visible in the darkness of the night. Then, the early morning light hits the monument, chasing the shadows away, and the iron is bathing in blue, pink and orange as the sky slowly turns into something of a painting.

“You’re late, Supergirl. Or early, it depends on how we look at it.”

She was so engrossed in the beautiful scene unfolding in front of her, she didn’t hear the footsteps behind her, nor did she hears the strong and steady heartbeat she’s usually so focused on.

She smiles but doesn’t answer.
She’s overwhelmed by Paris and she can’t bring herself to talk, it would break the moment. Instead, she simply moves to allow Cat to come between her and the railing of the balcony before putting her arms around the other woman’s waist, resting her chin on Cat’s shoulder so she can still admire the awakening of the French Capital.

Cat seems to understand because she doesn’t say anything.

Il est 5 heures, Paris s’éveille.

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With all my heart

Summary: Set after the SuperFlash musical crossover. Kara notices that Mon-El is way too quiet after the Music Meister madness, and he opens his heart to her once again.

Rating: M

(Also on AO3 and FFNet)

“Ah, there’s no place like home!” Kara exclaimed as she and Mon-El entered her apartment. They had just came back from the DEO after all the Music Meister madness, and Kara noticed Mon-El had barely said a word all the way home, and his lack of response now made her feel a little bit uneasy. “You’re so quiet…”

When they returned from Earth-1, the Daxamite had seemed pretty fine, talkative as always as he, Kara and J'onn took turns telling everyone at the DEO what had happened after they crossed the portal to Barry’s world. He also seemed happy ‒ endearingly happy ‒ when she asked him to go home with her.

She locked the door, and when she turned around she found Mon-El standing next to her kitchen counter, staring at her, his hands tucked inside his pockets, his face serious.

“Is there anything wrong?”

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The Earp Sisters

Hi Guys,

So I noticed that nobody was really doing fill in fics for Wynonna Earp and Wayhaught yet so I thought that I would give it a whirl. If you like it and want me to keep writing them please let me know. Also if you have ideas for a fic that you want me to write just ask! Thanks and on to the fic!

To be honest, when Wynonna found out about her sister and the new cop in town dating it took her a little by surprise.

I mean according to Waverly and Nicole they were about as subtle as a brick to the face before coming out to her, but Wynonna was known for being a little bit oblivious at times. 

Okay, A LOT a bit oblivious.

And truth be told, that bothered her even more. An older sister should be able to sense that her family member is hooking up with some random broad. And Wynonna had also always thought that she had awesome gaydar, but apparently she had been wrong about that too because there was a time that she was sure that Waverly and Champ were going to move to Buenos Aires to produce little geniuses and little meat heads in turn. 

And because of this ignorance, Wynonna was caught a little off guard to say the least. I mean finding out at gun point didn’t exactly make it an easy transition either.

Wynonna liked Nicole. A lot actually. She was smart and brave and charming. She said all the right things at the right time. And the fact that she thought her ass was “top shelf” was just icing on the cake.

But Wynonna is nothing if not protective of her baby sister. And after that whole Champ fiasco, Wynonna wasn’t exactly sure of Waverly’s judgement when it came to partners. Not like she was in any position to judge though because…well… you know.

So she was cautious. Well cautious by Wynonna standards anyway. It was a topic that she, miraculously was able to avoid at any opportunity, and truth be told, Waverly didn’t seem that keen to approach it either.

There was an unspoken agreement between the sisters to almost leave each other alone when it came to the other’s love life and that was A OK to Wynonna.

But over the first few months of the budding relationship, they began to grow apart. Wynonna began to pull away into a depression about Willa and an increased vigor about ending the Earp curse, while Waverly started putting any spare time that she had outside of Black Badge straight into her relationship.

That was, until the night the gang got pulled into signing a blood oath to Black Badge.

Waverly slowly and softly knocked on her sister’s door with red eyes and tears streaming down her face. 

“What’s wrong babygirl?” Wynonna said with concern filling her voice. 

“It’s Nicole. I think…I think I’m losing her.” Waverly stated blankly. 

Even though tears were streaming down her face, her voice was steady. Not peppy Waverly-like at all.

Wynonna walked over to her sister and put her arms around her almost awkwardly. It had been a while since the two had even hugged each other. But as the moments passed by, the embrace became soft, warm, and to Waverly…most welcome.

“So do I need to kill a cop tonight because I was really hoping to get a soak in the tub?” Wynonna asks with humor in her voice, but the slightest hint of seriousness. 

“No, I don’t think that’s quite needed.” Waverly responds with a laugh.

“Because I’ll do it. I mean I could even get Doc to help me bury the body…Dolls could probably be good when it comes to covering it up too. Come to think of it nobody would even…”

“Wynonna!” Waverly interrupts her sister when she can see that she may be taking this a little far.

“Wyn I don’t even know if I’m imagining it or not. Killing is not an option.” She says through tears, but she’s smiling now and Wynonna’s heart lifts.

“Well tell me what’s wrong than Waves.” 

“I don’t know it’s kind of stupid I’m probably just overreacting.” Waverly says with insecurity dripping off of every word. 

“As much as I know how you love to overreact, God I remember the missing stuffed rabbit fiasco of ‘99, you seem pretty upset about this. Let me help. Or fuck everything up like usual, but you know…details.”

Waverly actually laughs this time and Wynonna can’t help but mentally give herself a high five and a promise of a shot of Whiskey later.

“She…she turned away from me…After what happened today…She actually didn’t even look at me…When I tried to kiss her. She just seemed so distant. I think she’s getting tired of me Wyn and I’m scared.” Waverly confesses in a small voice.

“Well than let her go. Release her back into the hell hole that I hear lesbian dating pools can be.” Wynonna says.

“You don’t understand…I love her.” Waverly says in almost a whisper.

Wynonna freezes. It’s not the first time that she has heard these words come out of her sister’s lips about the officer, but before she had chalked it up to adrenaline and fear. She hadn’t realized how deep her sister’s affection for the cop really were.

“Have you told her that?” Wynonna says lightly.

“Pffffft have you told Doc or Dolls that?” Waverly throws back

“Fair point, but we’re talking about you.” Wynonna responds with a grin.

“No, but I don’t know if I should. I’m new at all of this Wyn. I’ve never dated a girl before. I don’t know what’s considered too soon or too clingy and I don’t want to make things worse.”

“Well…Maybe that’s why she’s pulling away. Because she thinks that you don’t want her.” Wynonna states trying to choose her words carefully.

“I mean you two are totally disgustingly adorable together, but if she feels that you’re not truly in it, maybe she doesn’t want to get her heart broken. Maybe she’s afraid of scaring you off by saying it first.” Wynonna continues.

“Those…are actually some good points.” Waverly comments in disbelief.

“I know shocking. My hard hitting knowledge about human emotion usually only comes out in moments of pure intoxication, but I guess tonight I got lucky.” Wynonna says with a grin.

Waverly giggles and hugs her sister again.

“Get out of here kid. Go see your woman. Tell her how you feel.”

Waverly gets up to leave, but lingers by the door.

“Wyn, even though I’m with Nicole, you need to know that you always come first to me. No matter what. You’re the most important person in my life.” Waverly says with a small smile.

“Yeah same here Waves. Now go.”

Waverly runs out of the room and down the stairs.

“JUST DON’T FUCK ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER AGAIN PLEASE! PEOPLE EAT THERE YA KNOW!” Wynonna yells after her sister in an afterthought as she smiles to herself. 

She knows they’re gonna be okay.

it was a chorus so sublime

Summary: “I miss Him,” says Anne, her voice lost to the arches of the cathedral, trapped here in this limbo of life and death in a war-torn galaxy. “That’s why I came here. I was wondering if He’s still watching over us.”

“There is no doubt in my mind,” says Aramis, his voice thick with something she can’t place, looking directly at Anne as though her presence is what is solidifying this conviction.

LITERALLY CANT BELIEVE @parlegee CONVINCED ME TO WRITE ANNAMIS SPACE DYSTOPIA AU THE WEEK BEFORE MIDTERMS!!! anyways here u have it just in time for valentines day, can u actually believe me. the premise is like ….. star wars mixed with the hunger games mixed with like …. gothic cathedrals and catholicism???? gosh who knows but its HERE and i am SORT OF HAPPY WITH IT so im posting it. did u know the doc name for this was “the nunnery sceneTM but every time i cry it gets faster” bc that was indeed the name and this is indeed a version of That Scene, which my good friend @emilybrontay said “was kind of Holy, phil,” and she is Correct. love yall!!! can u believe annamis invented romance!!! also titles from florence and the machine bc mother florence wrote a whole discography about this ship, guys.

The stars are shining through the crumbling gaps in the building’s domed ceiling.

Anne can see them, count them, watch as they twinkle and shine at her almost in mockery, silver and gold against the ink blue of the sky. Her feet make muted sounds against the gravel as she steps across the stone of the old church, down through the pews and towards the front. Great big slabs of marble are lying buried into the ground, cracks not webbing but tracing patterns around them. It’s almost artful in its destruction, deceptively beautiful, spanning across the floor and sneaking under her feet. There is dust choking the once-shimmering gold and bronze gilding of the arches, flying high into the sky above her like someone has thrown a swath of the industrial glue she’s seen Constance use on broken plates over the architecture.

Most of the glass in the windows is shattered, blackened. Anne wonders if it used to be stained.

She feels her hands raise up to cradle each other at the elbows; there’s a cool blanket that’s seeping in through the gaping blast holes in the architecture, brushing against her cheeks, and the silky fabric of her dress is not conducive to remaining comfortable in such weather. She thinks that perhaps she should go back to their safehouse, change into something more sensible; her jacket and circlet are lying on the table, she knows, easy to reach, ready for her to don again tomorrow. The clasps of her boots would not be that hard to fasten, and she would be ready to face the galaxy, the clothing bringing with it the seamless, trained ability to armor herself with words.

The sounds of her slippered footsteps should be echoing more than they are, Anne thinks. It feels as if she is being swallowed by the vast night sky above her. There’s already a lantern at the front of the cathedral, by the confession box. The mesh itself is destroyed, left in tatters – one side of the box has great black streaks running across it, and in the warm orange half-light Anne cannot tell if it is dust or the fingerprints of a burn, the flames of the explosion having dragged their hands across one of the most intimate spots in the church.

She sits down.

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can i be him ✗ part six

A/N: hey guys! this was supposed to be posted a wHILE ago but here i am forever delaying everything. this chapter is pretty long & a LOT of shit goes down in here. i hope you guys enjoyed it & hate james as much as i do! if there are any mistakes in here, please do let me know bc i felt like i’ve read this over 19843 times and can’t tell at this point lol
Words: 5,332 words
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————————————————— ❤ —————————————————

As each day grew closer to Maya’s Christmas Party, Lucas grew more anxious. He kept thinking about Riley and how he was doing an injustice to her by not telling her about James. He was sure that James would be at the party, clearly bound to run into him at some point after their little meeting at the pub.

Thankfully the week had been slow in regards to fires and accidents so the team wasn’t needed as much as they usually are which gave him time to shop for Christmas. As much he detested shopping (online shopping was just so much easier), he had no choice but bear with the horrendous idea of holiday gift shopping.

Whenever he walked into any store, Riley came to mind. He was in the middle of a heated debate with himself, wondering if he should get her anything for Christmas and if it would be deemed inappropriate considering she was in a relationship. But when he spotted a necklace, so simple yet beautiful, he couldn’t think of anyone else adorning it except for her. Her dimply smile and twinkling eyes come to mind and he couldn’t help but letting his lips curl into a small grin at the thought. Regardless of James being who he was for her, he found himself purchasing it for her anyways.

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Assistant Teacher

Requests: “Would you be willing to write a Jake Riley imagine? With y/n being his gf and the class’s assistant teacher and they’re shocked to see each other in the hospital? Please and thank you!! I love your writing! You’re REALLY good!” Jake fluff I got carried away like the Barry fluff I’m sorry :’(

“So we’re in quarantine?” You folded your arms over your chest, children bounced around at your feet and chased each other through the waiting room like nothing was ever going on outside. They were so innocent, so happy, not a care in the world. Your long time friend, Katie stared back at you with her mouth forming a straight line. She swiped a hand over her face and looked around the room to her class of children. “I don’t understand. Everything was fine-” You slapped your hands to your forehead.

Katie seemed shaky and panicky, but that wouldn’t hold her down for long. Or so you hoped. You were her assistant teacher and your full class of children looked up to her and they adored her. So you’d hope that she’d keep strong for all of you. Being brave wasn’t your strong suit either. “Nobody gets in or out I guess-” She said rather quietly and sat in one of the cushioned chairs against the wall. You drew a deep breath into your lungs and nodded. Time to keep everything cool, things would be better by morning. “Forty eight hours.” That was when you wiped your hands over your own face and sat next to her.

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Our True Love - Chapter 3

A/N: Thank you for those who are following the story and the one that gave my previous two chapters likes and re-blogs. I really appreciate it! I didn’t think anyone would read it, but I am pleasantly surprised. So thank you very much for that again! Without further ado, I hope you enjoy the story! (Again, I apologize in advance for any grammatical mistakes in my stories.)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 3,043
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

I haven’t laughed this much since Bucky’s engagement party.

“I swear! His white boy’s ass was running with 90 degrees arms on his sides like a robot.” Sam says as he re-enacts the way Steve runs. Bucky is swirling the drink in his hand, eyes staring out to somewhere in the crowd and lost in his own thought.

I clutch my stomach from the laughter, nearly spilling the drink in my hand. Steve only manage little chuckles, watching his friend do the exact opposite way of how he runs. It wasn’t weird to him.

“At least I actually run. Unlike you.” Steve answers. I place my hand over my mouth with my eyes shifting between both of them. Sam lets out a laugh before approaching Steve.

“You want me to show you how it’s done? I bet yo ass that even the Falcon can beat the American eagle any day!” Sam says while cracking his knuckles. Steve lifts his hands up before backing off, admitting defeat.

“Calm down, boys. Especially you, birdbrain.” I say, pushing Sam back a little by his shoulder. It did little to back him off since he is three times bigger than me. He crosses his arms over his chest.

“What about you? I bet you run like a kangaroo.” Sam says directly towards me with a mocking tone. I raise an eyebrow.

“Kangaroos don’t run. And I think I run quite normally compared to the both of you.” I say as Sam rolls his eyes. I look over towards Bucky to see if he is listening; of course not. I follow his gaze into the crowd. My chest tightens a little when I realize who he is looking at: Rosaline. I take a quiet deep breath.

“I bet you run like a robot too, Buck. Heck, you are a half robot yourself.” I call out to him. He turns his head to look at me with a small chuckle.

“Not that I know of. But I have to admit, Steve does run in a weird manner. Even when he was a kid. Right, punk?” He says while petting his hand on Steve’s shoulder. Steve rolls his eyes this time, getting a little tired of people making fun of the way he runs.

I watch as Steve and Bucky exchange laughter with each other at the statement Sam just made. The pain of the heartbreak is still there, but it is bearable now. After that night when Bucky was angry at me, I apologized to him the next day. He was still angry at me. But after a while, we are fine again. Not like what we used to be though, even lesser than that.

I missed seeing him laugh and smile. The way his hair falls down to his face when he leans down. The way his eyes stare at yours when you both talk. It helps with my acceptance process. I was also able to talk with Rosaline without feeling that physical pain in my chest. I even managed to visit their apartment without the need to bawl my eyes out when I get home.

“How are things with Rosaline, Frozone?” He directs the question to Bucky, catching my attention. A hint of red on his cheeks form before he steals a quick glance towards the laughing Rosaline by the couches.

“Great. She makes me happy. It is wonderful.” He answers, a little hesitant. When he talks about the things he loves, he gets shy. This side of him had always been adorable.

“Yeah, seems like you both are very happy together.” Steve says wrapping an arm around Bucky’s shoulder to pull him into a quick side hug. Bucky only let out a small laugh.

To see Bucky so happy, it does make my heart light up. The twinkle in his eyes, the sweet smile, and the shy voice: all had been traits of Bucky that I missed the most. I’m happy to get to see them again. Steve glances over at me. I replied to him with a smile. A very genuine one.

“Have you done the dirty?” Sam asks straights out, making me choke on my drink. Steve nudges Sam, signalling him to shut up. Bucky’s face turns into a playful one.

“Of course.”

That answer somehow made something rip inside my heart.

“So a baby might pop out soon, huh? You and Steve should plan that out. Both of your children will be friends like you both were. I bet Sharon and Rosaline don’t mind.” Sam adds. The thought made my head spin. Looks like I was wrong into thinking that I was already accepting their marriage after all.

“Y/N! Come here.” Sharon calls out for me. I breathe out a sigh of relief.

“Be right back.” I say to them before heading over to her. Thank God, Sharon. I can hear Steve and Sam laughing as I make my way through the crowd. Perhaps it was good that I left. I don’t know how I’ll handle the rest of that conversation.

When I arrived at the couches, Sharon was with Rosaline and a man I’ve never seen before. I held my breath when I finally saw his face.

“Y/N, this is Richard, my step-brother. He recently moved here to find a job.” Rosaline introduces him to me as her brown eyes sparkle under the light. When my eyes caught with his, I feel little butterflies flutter around in my stomach. He was extremely good looking.

Dark brown hair, green eyes, tan skin and a very sexy jaw line.

“H…Hi, Richard, nice… uh, a pleasure meeting you. I’m Y/N.” I stutter a little while holding my hand out to shake his. He gives me the warmest and sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. And I thought Bucky’s smile was the sweetest.

“The pleasure is all mine, Y/N. I heard a great deal about you from these two ladies.” He says charmingly.

His voice melts my very core. I blush at the statement as he pulls my hand up to leave a sweet kiss on the back of it. I can feel my insides shake at the elegant gesture. His lips feels soft and warm against my skin.

“I hope they said nothing bad about me.” I joke, keeping my eyes glued on him.

“Well, that’s that, I need to check on the cake. Richard, why don’t you chat with Y/N? Come, Sharon.” Rosaline winks at me before pulling Sharon off the couch. Sharon just smiles before trailing after Rosaline.

I watch them disappear out into the kitchen while still trying to make sense of that little wink Rosaline just delivered to me. Now here I am, sitting alone with this man I had just met. My heart beats fast as I sink deeper into the couch with my drink still in my hand.  

This is so awkward. I don’t deal well with new people by myself. Especially when that person is extremely hot. I grip onto the glass in my hand a little tight, unsure of how to start a conversation with this man.

“You work at the Avengers Headquarters, as Rosy says?” He begins, sipping on the glass of wine in his hand. I didn’t try to make eye contact with him, not when I’m alone. I just feel like I will make a fool of myself at any second if I do.  

“Yeah, I manage files mostly. Keeping the system organized in the missions division.” I answer, keeping my eyes down at my feet.

“They must depend on you a lot then. You work hard, don’t you?” He asks. I let out a small laugh still my eyes glued to my shoes. But I do manage a few glances every now and then. He is handsome after all; I can’t miss this chance.

“No, I just keep things organized more than anything really. That’s all.” I say, glancing up at him. I catch his green eyes in mine. My heart skips a beat.

“Hm, how long have you been working there?” He asks, still keeping a strong grip on my gaze. I play with my hair, straightening it out; it was a little tangled.

Oh God, wait, how do I even look like, right now? My eyes shift around the room to see if I can get a reflection of myself anywhere. Is my hair okay? Is it tangled and weird? Is my face clean? Is there a little chocolate stain on the side of my lips when I ate that chocolate earlier? Is there boogers in my nose?

“Y/N?” I jump at his voice.

“Ye…Yes?” I say looking at him. He raises an eyebrow. So cute.

“I asked you a question.” His chuckle is so warm and sweet, like hot chocolate.

“O…Oh yeah. Urr, I’ve been working there for four years.” I say. My voice is a little shaky. Oh God, such an impression I’m leaving on this man. He lets out a small laugh. I look at him surprised.

“Sharon told me that you can be very shifty and nervous around new people.” He says, looking right through me. I turn back to the glass in my hand, embarrassed at his statement. Gosh, I’m an idiot.

“Just relax and don’t be shy. I’m a laidback kind of guy.” He says, leaning into me a little. I look at him, catching his eyes in mine again. Stunning. This man is utterly beautiful. So beautiful it made me forget all about my heartbreak when Bucky slipped that ring on Rosaline’s finger.

I take a deep breath before managing a smile. Right. I should just take it easy with this. We ended up talking that whole night after I finally manage to grow comfortable around him.

Both getting excited when either of us mentioned the things we like. Like our love and interest for musicals, the different books and the types of music among others. Agreeing with each other on certain things we disagree upon and debating on the ones we do have different views on.

It was like out of a book. Meeting someone who just seems to understand everything we say and feel. I had forgotten where I was after being so deep in a conversation with him. It felt like we were the only ones in the room despite the other twenty different people there.

I was happy and excited. We both had an instant connection. But, all the while we were conversing, I could not shake the feeling of someone watching us from far.

People started leaving at around eleven at night. I step outside in the small garden to get some fresh air after Rosaline called Richard over to help her.

Steve and Sharon had planted the flowers in the back, but all that’s left are leaves since it is summer. I look at the clear night sky, catching a few stars scattered around in the blanket of darkness. I smile satisfyingly.

“You seemed to have enjoyed yourself tonight.” Steve’s voice coming from behind. I turn to look at him. I blush a little when I catch a glimpse of Richard talking to Sam inside the house. I smile.

“Yeah, it was nice. Thank you for inviting me. I hope Sharon will like the perfume.” I say, drifting my attention back to the sky. Steve stands next to me following my gaze to the sky above.

“I’m sure she will.” We were quiet for a few moments. The laughter and chatter from inside the house is still loud despite how many people left.

“Do you still have feelings for Bucky?” That question just slapped me in the face. Hard. I forgot about Bucky momentarily when I was lost in Richard’s eyes.

“Takes a while, Steve. Three years of feelings does not fade away in three months. But I am doing better every day.” I answer. I suddenly smelt a familiar scent when the breeze brushes through. I inhale the air and turn my attention to a bush flower just next to me.

“Lavender?” I ask. Steve nods. His blue eyes seems bright under the night sky.

“Oh. You need them too, huh?” I look up at him, picking off a stem of the flower from the bush.

“I do have problem sleeping sometimes, yes. But I mostly grew them for Bucky.” I look up at him, blinking. I let out a small giggle.


“Nothing. Just the things that you would do for Bucky is adorable.” I say while running the flowers under my nose. Such a heavenly scent.

Steve keeps his eyes on me. He slides his hands in his pocket, showing the little shyness creeping up from underneath his blank expression. Anyone is lucky enough to get Steve as their best friend. He will do anything to keep you safe. I wonder if Bucky even knows how much Steve cares for him.

“Steve. Rosaline and I are about to leave.” Bucky calls out from the doorway of the house. Speak of the devil. He looks at me surprised.

“Oh, Y/N. I was looking for you.” He says while coming down the steps towards Steve. His blue polo shirt and black jeans make him blend in with the darkness around the garden a little too easily. Only that his metal arm would have given away his position if he did try to sneak up on someone.

“I’ll go say bye to Rosaline first, then.” Steve makes his way up to his house a little too fast. I am left alone with Bucky now. I can feel his eyes on me, but I don’t know what to expect if I ended up making contact with them.

“Did you have fun tonight?” He asks. I twirl the stem between my fingers, smiling to myself before looking up at him. His light blue eyes staring deeply into mine.

“I did. It was so much fun. Did you?” I answer genuinely. I truly enjoyed my time here, especially with Richard. It was the break I needed, with the exception of the little questions from both Sam and Steve earlier.

“I did as well… Richard seems to like it being around you.” He says. My heart jumps a little at the mention of his name. When I turn to Bucky he had a surprised look on his face. I must’ve been blushing.

“Is that so? He is interesting and we did talk a lot. We share a lot of things in common.” I say while remembering back to the conversations we had. His expression changes a little.

“You seem to awfully like it being around him too.” Bucky says, running his metal fingers through his hair. I watch his hand carefully brushes the strands away from his face. The way the metal glimmers under the moonlight and the light from inside the house reflects on his features takes my breath away.

I was speechless. My heart thumps wildly in my chest as I stare at him. He is truly a piece of art work. From the top of his head down to the shoes; he looks like someone straight out of a painting. His blue eyes fall back on me.

“What?” He asks, pulling me out of my daydream. I shake my head before smelling the scent of the flowers in my hand again. It calmed my nerves.

“Lavender?” He asks while looking at me. I look down at the flowers before holding it out to him.

“Yup. Do they still help you sleep?” I ask him. He holds out his metal hand, accepting the flower. Despite it being a killing a machine, his metal hand holds the flower rather delicately. He was afraid to crush it.

“Yeah. A little.” He answers while looking at me.

“I’m glad. Keep using it then.” I say while tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Bucky, honey. Let’s go!” Rosaline calls out from inside the house.

“I’ll be there, doll.” He shouts back at her. The tone of his voice made my heart crack. I manage a smile for him.

“I’ll see you later then, Sergeant.” I hesitate for a moment but eventually, I reach out to give him a good solid hug. His arms wrap around me tightly and almost desperately too. The way he pulled me in against him knocked a bit of the wind out of me. A moment of nostalgia passes through us.

I haven’t hugged Bucky in so long now, have I?

After what feels like forever, I pulled myself away from the hug. I didn’t want anyone to see us like that. Bucky didn’t seem to want to let me go in that instance, though. My hands linger on his shoulders as his lingers on my waist. I look up at him, examining the familiar blue eyes. One I had seen so many times at nights like these.

“Y/N, I—”

“Y/N! I found you!” Richard yells while going down the small steps. I glance over at Bucky when I feel his hands suddenly gripping at my shirt. But we part away from each other immediately when Richard approached us.

“I’d like your phone number, please.” He says while handing me his phone. I take the phone and enter in my number quickly. When I hand it back to him, Richard leans in to peck my cheeks softly. My body froze when his lips make contact against my skin again. My chest feels like it’s going to burst.

“Thank you, darling. We’ll keep in contact. Let’s go, James.” Richard winks at me before making his way up the steps. I place my hand over my cheeks where Richard had kissed me. My face warms up.

“James!” Richard calls out again, waiting by the doorway. I look over at Bucky who is still standing next to me. He is wearing a rather dark expression on his face. He looks over at me.

“I’ll see you later.” He says darkly as he makes his way back into the house. I watch him as he disappears into it with Richard. My heart is beating wildly and happily inside my chest at the kiss Richard had left me with. But at the same time, my chest tightens with worry; why did Bucky look so angry?

★ ★ ★

A/N: I didn’t realize that with each chapters, the story gets longer and longer. I’ll try to play it down a little next time, but we’ll see. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to fix or improve on. Your inputs are much appreciated. Thank you very much!

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