the little hint of a smile when she says that

scorpionathens  asked:

I have seen the very last scene of yesterdays episode after Paige/Toby's dialogue and i can't really decipher her facial expression and what she feels.I mean it looks like she is sorry about broke Walter's heart but then she seems to smile a little bit like she is happy that Walter meant it when he said that he loves her?what do you think?

I’ve seen several people saying they see her smiling at the end and I honestly have no idea what they’re seeing.

This is just as the episode is fading to black.  I don’t see any hint of a smile.  She looks more thoughtful than anything else.

nice little parallel I noticed in Avengers - Nat telling people not to devalue themselves for actions that were beyond their control, because she “knows what it’s like to be unmade.”

When Clint asks her how many agents he killed, she tells him, “Don’t do that to yourself.”

When Selvig expresses regret for opening the portal while under the influence of Loki’s scepter, she tells him “It’s not your fault. You didn’t know what you were doing.”

And finally when Bruce apologizes for being something worse than “horrible” - “No, it’s alright. We could use a little worse,” she says, with just the smallest hint of a smile.

She knows what it’s like to be a little worse. She knows what it’s like to be unmade. She’s decided to trust him because she can see the good in him, much as Clint once chose to trust her. She herself is “a little worse” than your standard heroic Avenger - her skillset can never be entirely divorced from her dark past, which will always cast a shadow over her heroic present. But some people work better within the shadows and can put them to use - and that is the case, I believe, for both her and Bruce. They can’t separate their present, nobler selves from their darker selves, but they can control how those selves manifest. 

And if you can’t see how their arc together in Avengers ties into both their individual arcs and into the storyline in AoU, then you don’t really understand Natasha at all.