the little fucker

Tonight I had to rescue an injured Northern Mockingbird from 4 young boys chasing it at my apartment complex. Poor baby can’t fly and was running for it’s life until I told them to piss off. It was obviously already injured and they were just being obnoxious kids, but still, little fuckers.

So I have it in a cat carrier on my patio and it’s covered up with a towel and shirt. I checked in once and it’s asleep. I’m trying to leave it alone and let it relax but it’s hard to refrain from peeking. I’m taking it to a wildlife care center in the morning, so please send good thoughts our way!

In other news Park Jimin is the fakest hoe I’ve ever seen, boy runs around with that squishy smile and baby hands acting all soft n cute like he just the Purest Bean in the bunch and then u put him on stage and he somehow gains +2000 Daddy™ points and grinds so fine the earth quakes I don’t wanna be played like this, u gotta pick one personality u chimchiminey shit I don’t have time for these games

Did you know that “Jimin” spelled backwards is “nimij” which translates to “Little fucker that won’t ever let you have a boyfriend because he will always be in your fucking mind” in a language I just made up?… Well, now you know.

So I let my cousin log into her webkinz account today on my computer and all this shit went down

First, she got two of the high score of the days

Then beat her own score

And then this happened when she found a star

And finally that little fucker got three wells in the middle line. 

So basically she did in one night what i spent my entire childhood trying to do


we always talk about how Dan is always a very enthused music person, but phil is always making references to songs if you pay very close attention and he has a sick ass playlist called “ian” on spotify.I think about around christmas he blasts all I want for Christmas is you and he can’t listen to words with lyrics when he’s working so he likes soft music :((and the mark of oxin soundtrack was so great. that little creative fucker used to take violin lessons what happen to that??