the little endless storybook

Yesterday I went to a bookstore and I couldn’t decide which book to buy when I suddenly saw The Little Endless Storybook (aka the loveliest book on Earth). I just had to buy it. And as it was Jill Thompson’s (who had participated in some Sandman stories) I knew it was going to be something great. I started reading it on the subway and I got simply amazed by the drawings! I felt like painting something similar to that (as I’m trying to improve my water colour paintings). The result was much more than I expected, but I still keep painting the clouds blue (why?) and I couldn’t make the waves look like waves.

Sweet Dreams (Jimin)

this request left me a lot of room for creativity, so i apologize in advanced because this probably wasn’t what you were expecting. i happened to see some jimin gifs today that just left me so indescribably happy, and this is the result of my feels i guess. i’m so sorry i have no idea what this is

Genre: this is like namjoon level abstract fluff

Word count: 845 (wow so short for once)

Rating: E for Existential thoughts 

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