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“The best part of any first-kiss is the lead-up to it, the moment right before the lips touch. It’s like a big drumroll.” HIMYM


you take my hand and drag me head first fearless

“Queen of Sass” - Digital Oil Painting

There isn’t actually a flower that means ‘sassy,’ but the orchid comes close. An orchid lays everything out there, it says ‘this is me, this is all of my sassy self, love me.’ So I chose a deep burgundy orchid to represent our queen of sass. ^_^

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Is there a follow up on Steve VS 123...5 chickens? I'd just like to see how that went down

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Darcy was awesome for a lot of reasons.  She was incredibly helpful when it came to pop culture references and only sassed him a little.  She took no shit, not even from Thor (no matter how heart-meltingly he could smile).  She’d introduced him to the Dead Kennedys and Primus and the beauty of dipping fries in soft-serve (It’s a Frosty, Steve).  

She was also awesome because she’d agreed, with a wicked gleam in her eye, to release four chickens labeled 1, 2, 3, and 5 in the Tower while Steve was on assignment.  The first indication that things were going swimmingly was a Snapchat from Clint of a chicken poking around the communal kitchen with the caption the Poultry Mafia is here for you.  Are you really on assignment, or did you enter the witness protection program? Asking for a friend that is definitely not a chicken.

It was the call from Tony, though, that truly tested Steve’s ability to keep a straight face.  

“I don’t care what’s happening right now, where the hell did you get a t-shirt that fits a chicken that has the Robot Chicken logo on it?  I have to know.  I didn’t even know that you knew Robot Chicken was a thing.  It’s brilliant and also I hate you, Dum-E has been cleaning up chicken shit in my lab all day.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Tony.”

“The chicken.”  Tony deadpanned.  “The chicken wearing a t-shirt and an ID tag on it’s foot that says ‘3′.” 

“I’m terrified of chickens, Tony.  Don’t you remember?  I didn’t have anything to do with this.”

There were a series of strangled sounds on the other end of the line that Steve presumed were an indication that Tony was struggling to find words and failing. 

Tony finally settled on: “Butthead.” And hung up.  

It was hours later, after numerous texts and pictures and snaps and only one or two calls, that Steve’s facade finally broke.  

Steve had just settled into his temporary base (a shoddy hotel room, what else was new?) when his phone rang, Bucky’s picture lighting up the screen.


Don’t you ‘Buck’ me, you asshole. Where is it? I know it’s here.

“…Where’s what?”


“There were only four chickens, Buck, one of the numbers is missing on purpose.”

If it was anyone else, I’d believe that shitty prank, but you’re a class-A punk and dollars to donuts you hid that ‘missing’ one real well so it takes us all by surprise.  I’m not having it.  Where is it, Rogers?

There was no amount of convincing that would sway Bucky and Steve had a dial tone in his ear before he could get his laughter under control.   

The next afternoon, as Steve was packing up his gear to return to the Tower, he got a Snapchat from Darcy.  Bucky was staked out in the common living space looking downright murderous.  I let a fifth chicken go this morning and labeled him ‘four’; the search should be over soon.  Barnes was on the verge of a breakdown.  In other news, he totally discovered like, six of Clint’s candy stashes, a pair of earrings Pepper lost, and three mice [I’ve adopted them and named them Moe, Larry, and Curly.  What is it with you old dudes and chickens?  



Darcy Henderson wasn’t a grade A student, she wasn’t the captain of any sports teams or the most popular girl in class. In fact, Darcy wasn’t particularly good at anything, anything except being a big sister. 

She would go to the ends of the earth for her baby brother, and had done for practically his entire life. Darcy had gotten in more fights with bullies trying to protect her brother than she had trying to protect herself, and she’d do anything to keep him safe. 

So, when the world starts going crazy and a little girl with magical powers appears out of nowhere the first person Dustin turns to for help is his sister - because Darce always knows what to do. 

Some new requested designs for the Little Hero au! These and the others will be re blogged to the Little Hero au ask blog that should be up and running by tomorrow! I did this all in under an hour so cut me some slack on a few mistakes. And I know Darcy has a bit of hip for a nine year old, but I didn’t want to give her an average thing bodytype and wanted to stay true to her actress. so I’m blaming growth spurts since puberty usually starts it’s course around then,

Jane Foster- As the sole member and president of her high school’s science and astrology club, Jane has taken it upon herself to lead her misfit group of scientists, and new super powered friends on their adventures through New Mexico and New York. She’s a tough, open minded girl with a strong sense of morals. She looks out for her new young friend Darcy and he partially ditsy senior Erik. She keeps Thor in line, buffering his flirtations with questions of Asgard and his sciences. Much to Thor’s disappointment, Jane’s too busy with breakthroughs in science to spend her tome daydreaming of buff blonde boyfriends, not that it doesn’t still cross her mind from time to time.

Darcy Lewis- Darcy is the second unofficial member of jane’s high school’s science club. Using the older girl as ‘high school popularity credit’ for when she joins and fulfilling her love of astrology.The youngest of the group, Darcy uses her early growth spurt as a defense as well as the tazer her father gifted to her the week her hips started to come in early. The day is tazed Thor was one of her greatest achievements if she did say so herself and she makes sure to remind him of that as often as she likes. Her favorite pastimes are finding Loki and reminding him of the one inch she has over him in height and finding new inventive ways to wake Erik up when he falls asleep at his desk. 

Loki- After finding out of his adoption,Loki through quite the temper tantrum and ran off to earth in a fit. After being brought back and grounded the first time for running off, Loki makes sure the second time he runs to stay hidden from his troublesome older brother. He uses his knowledge of magic to hide himself as other people’s children and beautiful women to get by, and spends the rest of the time causes the Avengers trouble. Being as young as he is, Loki still yearns for adult affection and visits his mother under the nose of his father and brother frequently. When not available, Loki does give in to temptation and spends brief amounts of time with his older brother, Natasha ( who he still finds fascinating after their conversation where she managed to trick him. HIM) and Hawkeye even though he usually just spends the time dodging arrows, and imminently runs away afterwards. He refuses to get close to Bruce and plans to find growth magic to use on himself the next time Darcy tries to fins him again

Erik Selvig- New Mexico’s top and youngest high school science teacher, Erik is the chaperoning teacher for the schools science/astrology club. After a weekend field trip with Jane and Darcy, he mostly uses field trips an an excuse to keep a close eye on his girls to make sure they stay out of harms way with their new otherworldly friends. He tends to keep to himself and his studies and looks forward to becoming a top scientific mind with his new findings in Asgard. That is, if he can keep his only responsibilities out of harms way while he’s still on the lower levels on the government payroll.


SFW, I promise.

“Hey, Steve?” Darcy called from her bathroom. He could hear her running the tap.

Steve rolled onto his back in her bed, and stretched his whole body under the garish duvet. If his hands and feet overhung the edges when he did, he wasn’t bothered in the slightest. That might have been the best night of sleep of his life.

Preceded by one of the best nights of his life, full stop.

But, Darcy had said something, so he should probably get his head out of the clouds and answer her. “What’s up, Darce?”

“You know how I rocked your world last night?”

Steve looked up at the mangled headboard, recalling exactly how she’d gotten him to do that. He grinned. “Yeah, you sure did.”

“Ok, well, it looks like you’re super down to your sperm.”

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