the little dalek

Imagine the Doctor finding out you’d been getting hassled everyday by a group of guys on your daily walk home. They mostly just cat call you and whistle and stuff, but the Doctor gets adorably pissed. After chasing them off, the Doctor grumbles to himself until you make it back to the TARDIS.

“The little… Daleks!”

“Oh they’re on the same level as Daleks now, are they?”

“Of course! No one gets to mess with you except me.”

Fandom insults:

Harry Potter: “Filthy Muggle!” or, “Not even a Dementor would kiss you”

Doctor Who: “You little Dalek!” or “Not even Jack Harkness would flirt with you”

Divergent: “You Pansycake!”

Percy Jackson: “Stupid Mortal!”

Sherlock: “Don’t talk. You’ll lower the IQ of the whole street.”

Supernatural: “Assbutt.”

Lord of the Rings: “You look like an orc!”

The Mortal Instruments: “Stupid mundane!”

Merlin: “Dollophead!”

The Hunger Games: “I hope you get reaped.”


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Peter Capaldi is awesome!!!

Quote from the little girl’s aunt:

“Hiya, the little girl in the dalek outfit is my niece, she’s autistic and was finding it difficult coming to terms with the regeneration as Matts doctor is her imaginary friend, she was worried PCap wouldn’t want to play with her. We are very ecstatic that he took time to reassure her. He’s brilliant!”

What's the strangest gift you've got from a fan?
  • Pete: I've gotten bloody razors. Well, there was certainly red stuff on them. That was not the greatest but maybe the strangest. We get little dolls that look a lot like us sometimes that are real freaky looking. I had one that had buttons for eyes and it's real hilarious.
  • Andy: I don't get much weird stuff: I get Doctor Who stuff and Star Wars stuff which is all cool. I got a little Dalek thing that they must have knitted. It was pretty awesome and pretty cute. We got Lego Jedi versions of us. Pretty cool.