the little boy had the biggest smile on his face

After all this time.

((I have a feeling that this is total shit, but it was in my head. So I wrote it))

Eddie had just moved back to Derry & everything looked the same. He wondered if his old friends remembered him, he had only moved away 5 years ago. He was now 17 & 5’5, he hit a small growth spurt at 14 & been that height ever since.

When he moved to New York the losers kept in touch but after a year the calls stopped. Of course Eddie had never forgotten them. When he found out he was moving back all he wanted to do was call all of them, but he worried they had no memories of him, so he decided against it.

“Eddie we’re here.” His moms voice snapped him out of his thoughts. Eddie looked up, they were indeed home. New York never felt like home, not they way Derry did. Of course he had made friends, he also discovered things about himself.

Like the fact, he was indeed gay. New York shed a whole new light on him. He had a couple boyfriends, none of which he shared so much of a kiss with. He wanted to make sure he was gay. His first boyfriend he had at the age of 15. The boy, Trevor was 18. He brought Eddie to his first queer party. Which were apparently a thing? He had never seen people so free. That’s when he knew for sure.

After the Kaspbraks finished unpacking, Eddie decided to go for a walk. After the move to New York, Eddies mom didn’t care as much about what he did. She told him to at least shower & change seeing as he was still in his night clothes.

Once Eddie was changed, he walked out the door & into town. Everything looked the same. Was he surprised, not really.

Eddie was walking past The Aladdin when he heard the yelling.

“Holy fucking shit, is that Eddie Kaspbrak!?” He smiled & turned to see Beverly Marsh & Ben Hascom.

“Why yes it is, lady & gent” They had the biggest smile on their faces.

“We’ve missed you so much!” Beverly pulled him in to a tight hug.

“Dude, why didn’t you call?” Ben asked him giving him a hug also.

Eddie took a minute to take in their appearances. Beverly had grown up beautifully, she had curves & her hair was a little longer than her 12 year old self.

Now Ben, he had lost his belly that had gotten replaced by huge muscles. His face was still the same just less chubby.

That’s also when he noticed, they were holding hands.

“What holy shit are you guys to-“

“Yep!” Beverly said with the biggest smile “Have been since 14.”

“and Bill?” Eddie asked, it was no secret Bill had a crush on the girl back when they were 12.

Ben & Beverly looked at each other & laughed.

“Well if you want the truth, Billy boy is dating Stan” Ben said looking at Eddie.

“Wait Bill & Stan…….are gay?” Eddie asked look confused as hell.

“Well if that’s a shocker, wait until I tell you about Richie!”

Eddies breathe stopped short. Richie, the first boy he had a crush on. Richie, the boy who made him question his sexuality. Richie, the boy he loved & probably still did.

“He’s gay too?” Eddie said swallowing a lump in his throat.

“After all this time….you still love him?” Beverly said giving him a smirk.

“What no?” Ben looked past them.

“Here come the rest of ‘em, quick get behind me Eddie let’s surprise ‘em” Ben said & pushed him behind them.

“Well look here, Miss Beverly Marsh & Hamburger Helper” Eddie knew that voice, it was slightly deeper. But he knew it was Richie.

“Hey guys” That was Bill, for sure. He could see through Ben & Beverly that Stan was there.

He was holding Bills hand, so they weren’t lying.

“Who’s that behind you?” Stan spoke up.

“Well everyone, i’d like to present to you. The new & improved…….Eddie Kaspbrak!” Ben pushed him out.

“Eddie, what the…” Bill said smiling.

“It’s been so long” Stan said pulling him in a hug.

“Holy fucking shit” Eddie finally got a good look at Richie & he looked…..well, hot.

He had grown, he had to be at least 6’0. He still had those stupid glasses, but his face had matured. He noticed, he still had his Hawaiian shirt & well he looked damn amazing.

“No mom jokes?” Eddie finally said, his voice cracking.

“Well fuck Eddie, I don’t think I need your mom anymore.” Richie said looking him up & down.

“Well fuck Richie, your still an idiot.” Eddie said smiling at the taller boy.

Eddie hugged him, after all this time.

Yes, he still loves Richie.

((I might write a part 2 if anyone actually likes this lol))

s u r  r e n d e r | jjk | 1

“If I could turn back the time and make things different from the way it is now, would you be still here with me? Would it change everything?”

✧pairing: fuckboy!jungkook x reader
✧genre: angst + touch of smut 
✧summary: the first time you had a conversation with jeon jungkook you were 15.  the first time you heard him calling you by your name you were 16.  the first time you realize you were in love with him you were 17. the first time you saw him crying you were 18 - because he wasn’t the golden boy, never been. indeed, he was in pain.
✧warnings: abusing relationship, alcohol, depression, violence, quick changes in behavior, cursing, blood, cheating, smoking, lots of angst (for the whole series) just dark themes
✧keep in mind: english is not my first language. I can, and I’ll make mistakes, but I’m trying my best! Feel free to correct me.
✧wordcount: 8.2k

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 -  Playlist:  highly recommended while reading.

I. The Analepsis;

You met Jeon Jungkook when you were 15.

He was the boy with the biggest amount of friends in high school. He was the boy who spent his entire lunch break on the basketball field. He was the boy who you would always glance at when he was near his locker, looking like an angel sent from above whilst doing nothing in particular. He was the boy that never went to detention because he was ‘the golden one’. He was the boy with a good voice, a boy that always sang to girls to get him out of trouble – sometimes even to teachers.

He was the boy with the loudest laugh, the prettiest one. He was the boy that made you silently laugh in your seat when he did something silly, forced you to laugh quietly because you never wanted him to see you like that.  He was the boy all of the girls wanted, though he ended up with no one other than his one night stands. He was the boy that never done relationships, and you always thought that that was because he thought nobody was good enough for him - but the worst part of it was that you thought that too.

But he was also the boy who you never saw him cry, until that night. The milestone of your life.

The first time you saw Jeon Jungkook cry, you were 18.

It made you realize that you never knew him in the first place. You had never imagined the brown haired boy crying like a five-year-old in your arms. Never in your life had you imagined that the boy with the deep brown eyes - the eyes you realized had to bear everything once you saw them before they burst into tears.

It happened the night high school ended.

You had to attend the ceremony, not that you wanted to, but your parents insisted. They said that it was too important for your future to miss and that if you didn’t attend you’d be sorry. Sorry by the time you grew up into that beautiful and strong woman with a stable job that missed her high school years. You laughed it off. The only thing you were going to miss about this filthy place was, sadly, him.

Him - of all the people.

Him - without him being aware of your feelings for all of these years.

Him - without you knowing the real Jeon Jungkook.

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Babysitting Together {BTS Scenario’s}


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When your best friend called you to ask if you could babysit her three-year-old daughter, you immediately said yes. When your boyfriend called to ask if you could hang out five minutes later, you decided he could just come with. 

The toddler in question was a handful. You knew how to handle her, as you’d known her her entire life, but you were glad to have some help.
Jin spent most of his time trying to make the young girl laugh. You watched with amusement as he played peek-a-boo with her. The child was almost crying because she was laughing so hard and honestly, it was the most adorable thing you had ever seen.
You had to put her to bed because she would not calm down when Jin was around. When you finally made sure she was comfortable, you walked back to your boyfriend, who was lying on the couch.
“I could get used to this, Jagi. Could you?”


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Yoongi called you in a panic. He was stuck babysitting a child he did not know how to handle, and he was pretty sick of it. 

After laughing at him over the phone for a good amount of time, you packed some stuff and drove over to the house he was babysitting at.
You walked in on your boyfriend laying on the floor, empty eyes looking at the ceiling, and a small child sitting on his stomach, bouncing up and down.
When he heard the door shut, he stood up quickly, causing the child to tumble off of him and land on the floor.
The little boy started to cry immediately and you rushed over, glaring at your boyfriend in the process.
After you took care of the boy and laid him in his bed, Yoongi and you just laid on the couch for the rest of the night.
Yoongi looked at the back of your head resting against his shoulder. “Man, children are terrible.”
You chuckled. “Not if you know how to handle them.”
He just smiled and kissed your shoulder.


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You and your boyfriend, Hoseok, had agreed to babysit your niece for the evening. You were pretty tired from work this day, but Hoseok had had the day off, and he was full of energy.

The evening consisted of you making dinner for the three of you while Hoseok and your niece were endlessly running around the house, screaming and yelling and laughing.
When dinner was ready, you all sat around the small round table and talked about small things.
You could tell that both Hoseok and your niece were starting to get tired, but neither of them was ready to admit it.
After dinner, the two kept messing around a bit, but when Hoseok started to chase after the young girl, causing her to find shelter in your arms, it only took minutes for her to fall asleep.
You decided to put her to bed, which obviously wasn’t a struggle, and walked back to the living room. You found your boyfriend fast asleep on the couch, one arm wrapped around a pillow.
You smiled and lay down beside him. You were really happy that your boyfriend went along with your family so greatly. You couldn’t wait for the day he’d actually be a part of it.

Rap Monster

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Namjoon called you from his sister’s house. He had agreed to babysit her little son but was already regretting the decision. The toddler, quote, was ‘destroying the house and my will to live, with it’. It looked like you were going to have to cancel your plans to sit in a bath for the evening and pay a visit to your boyfriend.

Namjoon opened the door more disheveled than you’d ever seen him and you had to stifle your laughter. His hair was sticking out like a mad scientist’s and his clothes were obviously tugged on too many times to count. He looked completely exhausted.
The house looked no better. Magazines were spread over the entire floor, there was a puddle of what seemed to be lemonade on the floor, and the pillows that belonged on the couch were nowhere to be seen. In the middle of the chaos sat a tiny human being, smiling like he was having the time of his life.
At this point, you couldn’t contain your laughter at the insane scene in front of you and you had to hold on to the doorpost to keep from falling to the floor.
Namjoon was awkwardly standing behind you, obviously too embarrassed to say anything.
When you calmed down a bit, you turned around and gave him a quick peck on the lips.
“Let’s get this mess cleaned up, shall we?”


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You and your boyfriend were enjoying a nice evening on the couch together when your best friend called you in a panic. Her babysitter had canceled last minute and she was supposed to be in a meeting in half an hour.

Of course, you told her she could just drop the girl off at your house. You and Jimin would keep her entertained until the meeting was over and she would be picked up again.
Sure enough, your friend showed up at your door minutes later, thanking you over and over again before leaving.
Jimin and you spent the evening watching movies while the small girl was cuddled up between you. The movies were mostly Disney, and neither of you minded. At one point during Cinderella, you heard soft snores coming out of the girl’s mouth and you both awed out loud.
When you looked up from the toddler you saw Jimin staring at you. He leaned in and kissed you softly.
“I love this,” he whispered, “and I could get used to this.”


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Taehyung had agreed to come babysit with you the second you asked him. It was no secret he loved children and you could use some company other than your older brother’s three-year-old son. 

As expected, your nephew was completely fascinated by your boyfriend, and your boyfriend by him.
You felt like the luckiest girl in the world while playing games with Tae and your nephew. He was just so.. sweet with the little boy, and it was obvious that he already loved the boy, despite just having met him.
Your nephew insisted that Taehyung would bring him to bed and tuck him in. You didn’t mind and just waited for your boyfriend’s return on the couch.
Taehyung walked into the living room with the biggest smile on his face. He felt as though he had been enchanted by the little kid. He had always known he wanted kids, but after spending the evening with you and a child, he was even surer.
The moment he saw you on the couch, he couldn’t contain himself and walked over, bending over you before kissing you gently. His hand cupped your face as you shifted slightly, making it easier for him to lean over your small figure. The kiss was sweet and gentle and the both of you made no move to deepen it, it was just right for the moment.
“Y/N,” Tae murmured against your lips, “I love you so much.”
You’d heard him say the words before but they still made your insides chutter.
“I love you, too, Tae. So, so much.”


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It was Jungkook’s first time babysitting, and to say he was nervous was an understatement. The fact that the child he’d be babysitting didn’t know him at all didn’t help the matter. It seemed only logical to him to call you. Of course, you decided to help your boyfriend out and show him some of the tricks you’d learned in your years of experience with babysitting.

You arrived a bit late, half an hour or so, and the scene you saw when you walked through the door surprised you.
Jungkook was laying on the couch with the toddler in his arms. Both were sound asleep.
The sight was the most adorable thing you’d ever seen and you couldn’t help but take some photos.
After you’d taken at least forty pictures, you decided to make some dinner for when the two would wake up.
When they didn’t you walked over to the couch and kissed Jungkooks forehead lightly. He stirred a bit, and you giggled.
“Looks like you didn’t need much help, after all.” You smiled at him.
He looked up at you and kissed your lips gently.
“Maybe not, but I’m still glad you came.”

Meeting his child for the first time


Jin was there every step of the way. He had taken off two months before your due date to be with you in case something happened. When your water broke he was in the car with 3 emergency bags and held your hand during the entire birth. He was full of nervous laughter as you squeezed his hand hard. “He’s so handsome, like me.” Were his first words about your son and you laughed.


He wasn’t able to make it to your daughters birth due to his schedule and you having her prematurely. However, once he found out you were in labor he was on the first plane home. “She’s so sweet.” Were his first words when he held her. His face was bright and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. 


J-Hope wasn’t able to make it there for your daughters birth and he was absolutely heartbroken over it. He couldn’t stop kissing your daughter. He was so in love with your little sunshine and he couldn’t stop saying it. You left the two alone for a little bit and when you came back, she had fallen asleep on him. He looked so happy. You were so happy.


He made it in for the tail end of delivery. Namjoon was shocked for the first few seconds, but quickly ran to your side to hold your hand with the biggest smile on his face. “It’s a boy!” he yelled, moving over next to the doctors holding your son. “We have a boy and he has your nose!” he was ecstatic. Within seconds, you were in each others arms. “We have a baby…” 


Even though you were the one having the baby, Jimin was more nervous than you. All he had done the entire due date was worry and when your water broke he screamed louder than he had in a haunted house a few weeks ago. He was by your side through it all and when you gave birth to your son, he walked him over to you. “We made this, angel. Our own baby…”


Taehyung hadn’t been able to make it there for the birth of your daughter, but the moment he heard you were in labor he was on a plane from wherever he was. He showed up out of breath, with a stuffed lion for your baby. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here-” Before you could interrupt him, he took your daughter into his arms. “I got you this, my sweet girl. I hope you’ll forgive me…” She simply giggled and then went back to crying. “I think she forgave me.”


He was there for the first half of the delivery and then Jungkook had fainted. You were in too much pain to laugh at the time, but when he came back into the room after he woke up, you laughed. “Oh, I’m so sorry-” He spotted the two of yours son in your arms. “That’s him? He’s so cute, he looks like us. Like you.” He reached his arms out and you passed him his son. “Hello there.” he coed, “I’m your daddy.”

breakfast ~ soulmate series ~

next part to the soulmate series!! sorry it’s like super super short guys but I tried not to drag it out too much & it’s also unedited bc who’s got the time for that?

I actually used some of @shawnsassymendes​ ideas that I read in her tags and thought it was super adorable so thank you!!

also feedback would make my day!! <3

You had to admit, this breakfast place was much nicer than the small low budget diner you and Ava usually go to, but as you read through the menu you noticed the prices were way higher and it was going to be hard to order something Ava would actually eat at a low price.

You managed to make some small talk with Shawn and his friend (who you have yet to learn the name of) as you were waiting for your waitress to return with your drinks and take your food orders, but as hard as you were trying to not make it awkward for yourself you couldn’t help but feel out of place talking to him. He’s this worldwide successful pop star while you were just a teen mom trying to provide for your child. But, he’s also your soulmate. Ava managed to run away from you while you were trying to ease the sudden pain in your left leg, and you knew what that meant but you never thought it would happen to you. You were slowly trying to convince yourself that it was all just one big coincidence but why would he ask you to join him if he didn’t feel it too?

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Pillow Talk

Summary: While at Vidcon, Phil can’t seem to fall asleep, even after the whole ‘missed flight’ ordeal. His mind begins to drift, and his thoughts start to be filled with pride for his most favorite person.

Genre: don’t let the title fool you, it’s all FLUFF

Warnings: umm none that i can think of

Word Count: 1486

a/n: apparently my brain always comes up with stories about people who can’t sleep. also pLEASE DON’T JUDE ME i couldn’t think of a good title so i named it after zayn’s song and yeah i wrote thing while waiting in lines and legoland and universal studios and finished while at dinner so yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It’s been a long two days. Phil still couldn’t believe they had made it to Vidcon. He thought, for sure, that they’d miss it. He still couldn’t believe they they had gotten so lucky with that flight that had two seats left, perfect for him and Dan.

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Seventeen Reaction to seeing you coming to visit him after not seeing him for a year

You’re his best friend and had come to visit him

S.coups: He would be in such shock that he is seeing you right now, right in front of him. He would probably tear up just a little but would try them up really quickly so that you didn’t see them.

Jeonghan: Who’s Jeonghan’s favourite? You are! He would have the biggest smile on his face and wouldn’t be able to hold back the urge to squeeze you so tight that you had to tell him to pull away so you could breathe.

Seungkwan & Hoshi: This boy would high key started crying as soon as he saw you. He would run up to you and pull you into a hug and just start balling but would eventually try to pull himself together and act like he was never crying in the first place.

Woozi: He’d be super happy to see you but would have a hard time showing it. He’d be more flustered than anything and wouldn’t even know what to tell you after not seeing you in person for so long.

Joshua & Vernon: He would be so surprised that you came to see him. But, after overcoming the surprise he’d act super chill as if you had seen each other in person yesterday.

Wonwoo: He would be flustered and a little shy around you after not seeing you for a while. But, he would quickly warm up to you and remember that you are his best friend after all.

Jun, Mingyu & The8: His first reaction would be, to be playfully angry at you but is lowkey serious. He’d ask you what took you so long to come and see him but would be so incredibly happy to see you right there in front of him.

Dino & DK: There would be no time to waste with him and he’d immediately be asking you a million questions about how you got here, if this was real or if he was dreaming. He’d want to make the most of the time that he has with you

Sweet story time #1: My first paci v/ daddy's kisses

In the beginning of my career as a little, I wanted a paci so badly. I would try sucking my thumb, but it felt a little weird to me. At night, I’d bite my cheek or tongue craving to be able to do something with my mouth. I begged daddy almost every day to buy me one, but it was a little odd for a teenage boy to ask to buy a pacifier. What would his parents think?
After about a month of begging and coaxing, daddy finally got me my first pacis. (The post of when I got them is still up) I was a very hoppy bunny. That weekend, daddy came over to my house, and brought the pacis. I ripped the packaging open, and took the pink one out to keep for the moment, and hid the purple one in my pillow case. I was so happy. Daddy said I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time he was there.
The first time I put it in my mouth felt like an instant stress relief. I felt my whole body relax. It was the strangest bliss. To daddy’s dismay, however, I did not want to take it out of my mouth. He kept asking for me to take it out so he could kiss me, to which I replied with “nuh-uh”.
Daddy and I started play fighting, and we ended up on the floor. I was sitting on top of him, and he had his arms lovingly wrapped around my waist. I was giggling, and daddy was giving me “the look”. Daddy pulled me down by the waist, bit the handle of the paci, and pulled it out of my mouth. Before I could really react to this, he was already kissing me. And it was one of the most wonderful kisses he’s ever given me.


Coming Home - Brad Simpson Imagine

Tonight was the night. After him being away for three months, you’d finally see your boyfriend, Brad, back. Tonight was the last show of their world tour, and their families, all of the other girlfriends and you would be attending. These three months seemed to have last forever, and the thought of him holding you in his arms again, made you feel warm inside. A little smile curled around your lips as you looked at a picture of you and him holding hands. The both of you had been dating for a solid three years now and never felt so in love. You still got butterflies every time you saw him, every kiss still felt like the first and every touch still gave you that warm feeling inside.

“Hey, Y/N, are you ready? It’s time to leave.” Kirstie’s head peaked around the corner of your bathroom. You had invited all the girlfriends over at yours and Brad’s place to have dinner before the show. As a final touch to your outfit, black skinny jeans, white converse and a baby blue blouse, you putted on the necklace that Brad gave you right before he left: a music note with his initials carved in it.

“You look absolutely stunning.” You smiled softly before following the blonde girl to the living room, where everybody was ready to leave. All of you were picked up by a van sent by management and were led into the venue before everyone else. Unlike other tours, there was a separate area foreseen for the relatives this time; right in front of the catwalk. There even was a small staircase, making it easy to climb up on stage. Even though it was quite peculiar, you decided not to worry about it and just enjoy yourself.

The lights went down and it only got better from that moment on. First Sabrina Carpenter had her own little set, then it was up to the boys of New Hope Club and finally, the moment you had been waiting for all night: The Vamps took the stage.

“What’s up, London?!” The excited voice of your boyfriend simply put world’s biggest smile on your face. He looked especially well. Although he was simply wearing his doc’s, a black skinny jeans, white T-shirt and his green bomber jacket, he looked especially well to you. This outfit was the one he wore on the day you two first kissed and it had been your favourite ever since.

“Okay, for this next song, I need a little help. This is “Somebody To You”, give it up for Sabrina Carpenter and New Hope Club everybody!” Loud screams came from all over the crowd, including from you. This was your favourite song by the boys, one you would never get tired of hearing. Brad walked along the catwalk and winked when he caught your eye, quickly running back to the main stage afterwards.

“Woah, it’s getting hot in here, you’re on fire, London! I need to take this jacket off.” Brad shouted when the final notes of the song faded away. He disappeared behind the others in the direction of the drums, while everyone else came a bit more to the front, all standing in line, starting with NHC, followed by Sabrina and then the rest of the boys.

“Yeah, I agree. Brad, I must admit, I really like this shirt I found in your dressing room.” George opened his jacket, revealing a shirt with your face on it. You couldn’t help but laugh, just like the rest of the crowd.

“That’s a nice shirt. Damn, it really is hot, I think I’m going to take of my jacket as well.” Blake unzipped his jacket and took it off. He on the contrary was wearing a simple white shirt with a comma printed on it. Following the first two boys’ lead, each took his turn in taking his or her jacket off. All white shirts with something written on it, all together forming a simple sentence.

Y/N, will you marry Brad?” was the end result. It took you a while to realise what was happening. Did he just…? From behind the line of people forming the sentence, a smiling, but clearly nervous Brad popped up, walking all the way to the end of the catwalk. He stepped down the stairs and by your hand leaded you on the stage, before going down on one knee and revealing the most beautiful diamond ring you had ever seen.

“Y/N, from the moment I met you, I knew you were the kind of girl that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with” he started. “The past three years have been the most beautiful of my life and all thanks to you. Being away for three whole months made me realise that I never want to let you go, ever. You’re not only my lover, but also my best friend and therefore: will you marry me?” Tears from happiness were rolling down your cheeks. You were unable to speak out loud, so all you did was nod, nod a thousand times yes. With a big smile Brad put the ring on your finger. You throw your arms around his neck and hug him before quickly pecking his lips. He picks you up and spins you around, having you squeal with delight. The whole crowd was cheering and clapping, as well as everyone on the stage. The moment Brad put you back down, you kissed him one more time and went back to your seat, helped by a smiling Brad.

“I’m a happy man, London, I’m a happy man!” He ran back to the main stage, receiving hugs from his band- and tour mates, while you did the same in the family pit from everyone there. Sabrina and the boys from New Hope Club walked off stage, giving The Vamps the chance to continue.

“Alright, let’s wrap this up, baby! Here is one of my personal favourites, and the first single of our second album: this is ‘Wake Up’.” The boys put all the last bit of energy they had left in this song and ended this tour in the best way possible. Right before the end of the song, you and the family pit made your way backstage, waiting for your loved ones to come off that stage.

The moment you see Brad coming around that corner, you run at him and jump straight into his arms. He holds you firmly in his embrace, before kissing you passionately.

“Hello, future Mrs. Simpson.” He says with a smile when you break apart.

“I think I can get used to that.” You reply smiling, before kissing him just one more time. No matter whatever happens, there was nothing that could shatter your happiness. You were engaged to the love of your life and more than one hundred percent sure that this was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.


Author’s note: thank you for reading this and making it this far! I really hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to send in requests and I’ll be more than happy to write them for you! :)

P.S. From now on I will be adding cute GIFs from the main character to the imagines as well ;)

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First Love CarlXReader Jessie’s 1k Writing Challenge

This is my first one-shot ever and I am so excited to be posting it! Hopefully, you guys will enjoy it. This was written for @grimes-slut ‘s writing challenge. Congratulations on hitting 1k, doll, you deserve it!

Prompt: “Song of your choice” Chosen song: ‘Hey Jude’ by The Beatles

Plot: First loves can happen where ever and whenever. For Carl, his first love happened when he arrived at Alexandria and met a young girl. But not everyone can accept their feelings easily. As Rick watches his son struggle with his feelings and opening up to a stranger. He can’t help but hope that Carl won’t turn away. 

Warnings: None

World Count: 2345

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Pinky Promise (Connor Murphy x Reader)

a/n; this is my first imagine so i’m really sorry if this sucks!! i’ll get better i promise you guys. also i know this is really out of connor’s character, it’s an imagine okay

warnings; just a little bit of swearing?? 

wc; almost 1.2k w hoops 

“How about this - if neither of us have a date, or a relationship before prom. We go with each other.” You smiled at Connor, slightly shivering at the cold gust of wind that seemed to have come out of nowhere.

He glanced at you, the moonlight shining against his pale skin. His skin looked as if it were made of porcelain, with his eyes sparkling a light blue. He smiled and nodded. “It’s a deal.”

You put your hand out for a pinky promise, moments later he intertwined his pinky with yours and you two lifted your hands to your lips and kissed them to seal the deal.


“So, prom!” A loud voice echoed from behind you. Your reflexes couldn’t help but freak out, so you hit the back of your head on the inside of your locker.


You took your head out of your locker and got up to see Jared standing next to you. You started to rub the back of your head to soothe the pain while talking to him.

“What the fuck was that for, Kleinman?”

He shot you a cocky smile. “Well, you’re going to prom, I’m going to prom. And who are we kidding? We obviously have a connection. So how about you and me go to prom together huh? You could get it on with the Jared Kleinman.”

You rolled your eyes and shook your head at the boy. He was so full of himself!

“Um no. I would rather go alone than go with  you, sorry. Nice try though sweetie!” A smile crept up on your lips, and he couldn’t help but smirk whenever you called him ‘sweetie’.

He shrugged his shoulders and pushed his glasses up with his finger. “Oh well, that’s your loss! Don’t come crying to me when you don’t get laid!”

“That’s a bit hypocritical, seeing that’s exactly what you’ll do to me!” You shot back and shut your locker. You smiled at him then turned around to walk away to fourth period. You could feel his glare burning into the back of your head, but you didn’t care. That’s what he gets for being so cocky.


“Are you kidding me?! Jared asked you to prom?!” Connor laughed, taking a hit of his freshly lit blunt. You nodded and laughed, replaying the moment in your head. You looked at the boy and he slowly shook his head, staring at the wall.

Connor turned and looked at you, his head resting against the wall. His eyes were already a tiny bit bloodshot, making his blue eyes even look even bluer. Sweat formed on his forehead, which wasn’t an uncommon thing for him at all. He continued to stare without saying a word. He just gave you a cute half-smile.

“What’s up Con?” A giggle escaped your lips. He rolled his head to the other side of him, looking away from you.

“It’s nothing.” He groaned.

You pouted, knowing something was on his mind that he wasn’t telling you. “Come on! I thought we were best friends, you need to tell me things.”

“Well.. there is.. one thing.” He rolled his head back over at you, slightly raising his left eyebrow. He had a slight smirk on his face, which was honestly kind of hot. He properly sat up and grabbed your hand, his thumb repeatedly grazing over your hand. “How about… how about we go to prom together?”

Your heart skipped a beat. Was he serious?? No, there’s no way. You lifted your head off of the wall and looked at him with your mouth slightly open, not knowing how to respond. Thank God he filled the silence by continuing his question.

“And remember.. you promised.” The enthusiasm drained from his face and was replaced with a more serious look. You remembered the night perfectly. How you and Connor got bored at two in the morning and decided to climb a tree. How you sat there for hours and just enjoyed each other’s company. And most importantly - the promise you two had made.

“Connor. I’d love to go to prom with you.” You nodded. His face lit up brighter than the sun - he looked as happy as a kid on Christmas morning.

“rEALLY?!” A childlike squeal came from the almost fully-grown man. A genuine smile crept up on your lips, and you nodded.



Connor looked so handsome. His hair was down with a lock tucked behind his ear, his nails were freshly painted black, and he wore a fucking tux!!! His tie was tied.. differently.. but it made him look so unique and you were so happy to have gone with him.

You wore a stunning all-black outfit for Connor, which you spent hours and hours of shopping to find the perfect one. When he first saw you, his jaw almost dropped to the floor. You left him speechless! When he recollected himself, he softly mumbled 'I’ve never seen someone so beautiful.’

You two were there for a total of two songs before you realized that prom wasn’t your thing, as much as you wanted it to be. You wanted it to be the perfect night with Connor, but the loud music and gymnasium crowded full of people just wasn’t your forte.

“How about we blow this joint?” You heard Connor mumble in your ear before wrapping his arms around your waist. You have never agreed to anything faster in your life.

He took you by hand and you two walked to the park - the park that contained you and Connor’s tree. The one that you happily made your promise in, not regretting a single word. He wanted to climb it, and there’s no way you would decline an offer like that.

You two began to climb, then rested on the same exact branch you were on months and months ago.

“I’m sorry this night didn’t go out as planned.” He shook his head, wind softly blowing his hair back. You smiled and grabbed his hand.

“Connor, I’m with you. And that’s more than enough.” You blushed.

“Can I try something?” His head tilted to the side. You nodded. Before you could comprehend anything, his hand was cupping your face. He leaned in and softly kissed your lips. He tasted like mint gum with a hint of weed, which wasn’t a surprise. When he pulled away, you leaned in and kissed him for a second time. This time, you were the one to end it.

There were very little times where this boy was genuinely happy, but he had the biggest and truest smile on his face. He flicked his eyes from direct eye contact, to your lips, then back to your eyes.

“How about this,” he began, “if neither of us have a relationship by the last day of school, we dat each other.” Blush took over his whole entire face, which made him even cuter.

You glanced up at him, his skin still seeming like porcelain. “It’s a deal.”

He put his hand out and you intertwined your pinky with his. You two lifted your hands up to your lips to kiss them to seal the deal.

Got7 reacting to seeing their girlfriend in the crowd

Requested by; anon

Got7 reacting to seeing their girlfriend in the crowd at a concert!!


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He’d be in the middle of performing Never Ever as he spots you in the crowd, he tries to stay serious but just seeing you jump along with the fans, made him start smiling like an idiot. When they walked around on stage, he comes towards you as you just wave at him, seeing him shine on stage made you really happy.


Originally posted by sgfgdolans

He’d be really confused for a second because you told him you were really busy and didn’t have time to see the show. He managed to stay serious, after the song ended he smiled and waved as you, staring the entire show at you, almost never taking his eyes off. He’d tell at the end of the show that his girlfriend is here, all happy.


Originally posted by daefsoul

He’d see you and would immediately start jumping up and down. He’d literally shout your name in the mic as he waved at you like a little kid. He’d even pull you on stage and start dancing around you, making the entire crowd laugh.


Originally posted by the-princejinyoung

He’d be looking at you the entire show, inviting you backstage once the concert is over. He’d manage to stay serious, focusing on the show. What else did you expect from an actor? He’d tell all the members that you’re here mid-show, looking at you from time to him. You just saw the sparkles in his eyes.


Originally posted by huggableyoungjae

This ball of sunshine would suddenly tell the entire crowd your here, running around on the stage with the biggest smile on his face. Whenever he had to sing his eyes landed on you, only focusing on you and nobody else.

Bam Bam

Originally posted by exoshineeikon

He’d be such a little kid seeing his girlfriend. Together with Jackson he’d start being extra, seeing you die out of shame, but you still loved him. He’d shout your name or ‘babe’ whenever his part came on.


Originally posted by yugyeom

This boy would literally either start being really sexy or really cute, being all shy. He was so focused on dancing until he spotted you, cracking up in a smile as he lost focus for a second. He’d ask for you to come on stage, giving you the biggest hug as he sang.

Jeff Atkins imagine for Iris

#57: “Is that my shirt?”

Originally posted by knightlley

You cheered as your boyfriend hits a home run. “Yes, go babe!” you call out and stand up and clap. People around you were cheering along and you couldn’t help the smile that formed on your face. He ran around the bases, and as he made it back to home he looked at you and smiled with a wink. You giggled, watching as he goes over to the boys and gets numerous high fives or bro hugs, they had just won the game, meaning they would be going to the finals. You sat down, smiling as the team goes to high five the other team. “That was amazing” Hannah said, sitting next to you. “I know, I’m so proud of him” you smile, looking at the boy as him and his teammates excitedly talk about the game. She chuckles a bit, looking at you. “You two are so in love, it’s adorable” she smiles. You blush and bite your lip. “Maybe a little” you giggle a bit as she nods. 

You looked out at your boyfriend, who had the biggest smile on his face, and couldn’t help but admire him a bit. He looked at you and ran over and wrapped his arms around you. “We did it! We won!” He said, picking you up and spinning you around. You giggled and hugged him. “I’m so proud of you babe” you say truthfully, “that was amazing” you smiled and kissed him gently. “We need to celebrate” you smile at him.

He sets you down and smiles. “I was thinking we could do an indoor date night to celebrate. No parties, just me and you.” He smiles. “We can build a little fort and we can watch movies all night and talk, maybe go get a milkshake at Rosie’s, but other than that just have a night in.” He smiles. You giggle a bit. “That doesn’t sound like celebrating but I definitely would love that.” You smile and peck his lips. He pecks yours back, holding your hand. “Oh trust me, it will feel like it. A night with my girl always makes me feel celebrated” he smiles. You roll your eyes playfully at his cheesy comment but smile. “Glad I can do that for you Atkins, see you in 45 minutes?” You ask, giving him time to get ready and do what he needs to. He nods and squeezes your hand. “See you in 45 minutes” he promises and kisses you once more before leaving.

You smile and leave as well, going home to get ready. You put on some shorts that were like sweats and one of Jeff’s baseball tee’s. It was a very comfortable outfit and you wore it a lot. His shirt still smelled like him and it was so baggy on you and you loved the soft material. It brought you comfort, you just really like his clothes.

You played on your phone for the next little bit, waiting for the text that says he is outside. When you get it, you say bye to who is home and you go meet him in the car. You kiss him as you get in. “Hi babe” you smile. “Hey princess” he says, looking at you. He looks at you a bit confused but a small smile is placed on his face. “Is that my shirt?” he asks, smiling a bit more as you blush. “Yeah it is, I like wearing it” you say. He smiles. “It looks amazing on you babe, a lot better than it did on me” he compliment as he drives. You roll your eyes, smiling at his compliment. “Nah, but thank you” you look at him. “I wonder what you would look like in one of my hoodies, like you look amazing in that, you would look amazing in a hoodie” he says, causing you to giggle. “Why thank you Atkins, I’m glad you approve of this. I’ll have to steal a hoodie when I go over today and we can test that out next” you smile. 

You two get to his house, and he comes and opens the door for you before taking your hand and you guys go inside. The living room was all set up, a little fort was made out of couch cushions, the TV was set to Netflix, there was pizza and all kinds of sweets in the fort. You smiled, looking at him. “This looks amazing, thank you for getting this together” you kiss him gently. “I wish I could take the credit but it was really my mom’s doing. I built the fort but” he starts and smiles. You giggle. “Remind me to thank her later when I see her” you say, knowing his parents were out now.

You two climb in the fort, getting cozy as you wrap the blankets around you two. You start off with a classic disney movie as you two begin to eat the food around you. You two sing the songs in the wrong key and quote the movie together and just enjoy each others company. You don’t pay as much attention to the second movie, too busy talking to each other and kissing here and there. All his kisses were soft and gentle, the kind that made you fall for him more. As you guys were about to pick the next movie he turns to you. “Let’s go get those milkshakes instead” he smiles. You smile and nod. “Yeah, let’s do it” you say and you two get up and make your way to Rosies.

You arrive and go order the usual milkshake to share and sit in a booth across from each other. He smiles. “What has been the best part of your day?” he asks as you guys wait for the milkshake. “Hm, probably watching you kill it in your game today. You were incredible” you smile, holding his hand from across the table. He smiles and blushes a bit. “Awe thank you” he says and kisses your hand gently. “What was the best part of your day?” You asked, expecting it to be about the game. He thinks for a bit. “Winning was definitely cool, but learning that you look adorable in my clothes was the best part.” He smiles, making you blush. You giggle a bit. “You are so cute” you say and rub gentle circles on his hand. “Nah that’s you” he says, making you smile.

The milkshake comes out and you guys end up spending most of the night talking there. It was one of the best nights of your lives, getting to know each other more and just being together was always a highlight, and tonight was definitely a night to remember with the soft spoken words and the endless laughter and the way you two just seemed to glow. It was perfect, and you almost wished the night would never end.

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Maybe a one with Junkrat getting all prepped up for a first date? ^^

Coming right up, my dude!

  • “Whadda ya think Roadie?”
  • He had the biggest grin on his face as he did a lil twirl
  • The boy had gone out of his way and bought jeans and a shirt just to impress you
  • His hair was actually clean and the dirt on his fair was minimal
  • Roadhog just gave him a big ol thumbs up and Jamie’s eyes lit up
  • Practically sprinted to get to your door, for the third time after forgetting the flowers twice
  • He’s nearly shaking he’s so nervous
  • When he sees you, his smile grows as if that would be possible
  • Can’t help but blush and stutter a little when you compliment him on his appearance. He’d try to return the favour but end up tripping over his words
  • You giggle, holding out your hand to him to which he would eagerly take and the two of you set off.

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Writing prompt: People assumed that Megan carried the sword to earn her keep, to defend herself from the monsters of the night and cut out the tongues that scorned her name. But no one knew that it was a blunt sword, one she had never killed with before.

(BTW, I do do prompts! I’ve gotten a lot of them so it may take me a couple of days :) Thanks for sending this one in anon!)

“I never wanted to become a legend,” Megan says gloomily, staring at the sheathed sword on her knees.

Across the campfire, the mountain troll snorts. “Don’t flatter yourself. You’re a horror story, not a legend.”

Megan isn’t sure she wants to be hearing that from a mountain troll, particularly not one who had been trying to sneak up and eat her only twenty minutes before. She doesn’t answer, staring at the way the firelight flickers over the metal scabbard, sending long, deep shadows into the engravings along it.

“If you’re going to kill me,” the mountain troll says, “hurry up and do it. Sun’s coming up and I’d rather go by that sword than a bit of sunlight.” The troll looks anxiously to the horizon, hands twisting in the ropes binding it to the pine tree behind it.

Megan, feeling dangerous, picks her sword up with both hands, one on the scabbard, one on the hilt. The troll’s beady eyes fix on it, the breath seeming to still in their lungs. Slowly, Megan drew her sword just one inch. Then two.

“The Sword of a Thousand Souls,” the mountain troll breathes. The troll stares for another beat and then laughs without humor. “They said you could feel the pressure of your kills from across a field.” It swallows. “They were right.”

So even this one can’t tell a blunt sword from a live one.

Megan sheathes her sword with force, the metal singing a protest, and stands. She doesn’t know what she expected. To be caught? To be freed of this reputation? To be understood?


She can’t look down at the troll, the troll being taller than her even while sitting, but she tries. “You’re a disappointment,” she says coldly. “Maybe the sun will think differently.” She turns sharply on her heel and clicks her fingers. With a hiss, the fire goes out.

“Wait,” the troll says with alarm. “Wait! You can’t leave me here! Behead me, stab me, take my heart, anything. I don’t want to burn!”

Megan scoops up her bag, purses her lips, and keeps walking.

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Hook Family Headcanons

- As much as he was aware that the barrier kept them in, Captain Hook took solace that the barrier also kept Peter Pan OUT and away from his children.

- While they were growing up the crew would sing Never Smile at a Crocodile to the buccaneer rugrats to teach them to stay away from Tick-Tock.

- When they got older Harriet and CJ started to sing Never Smile, not about Tick-Tock, but about their brother; feeling that it was a good warning about him.

- Harry gets the biggest kick out of it.

- Captain Hook learned he never had to worry about his son going Lost Boy when Harry was about 5. Returning to the Jolly Roger he found the crew working and being ordered around by a tiny little voice. Looking up at the top of the stairs was Harry swimming in one of his spare coats and a hat that he kept having to push up out of his face while swinging around one of his spare hooks.

- After that day Harry was his father’s “little captain.“

- Harry got to keep the hook too.

so the most amazing thing happened to me today. i was working at target and i was restocking the clothes in the kids section so like costumes and stuff and i feel this tap on my leg and look down to find this little boy about 8 or 9. he looks at me with these gorgeous green eyes and asks where he can try on this cinderella dress. i asked him where his mum or dad was and he pointed at a tall woman talking to her daughter. i took him over and told her where the changing rooms were and she thanked me and dudes you should’ve seen the look in this boys eyes when he came out of the changing rooms and he had the biggest smile on his face when he yelled out to me ‘it fits! it fits’ and i was just so happy for him and his sister who was about 7 came up to him and asked him why he chose a dress and not your classic boy costume like spiderman or something like that and he just looks at her and says ‘because i like cinderella and i like wearing dresses and it doesn’t matter if i’m a boy because i can be anything i want to be and so can you, isn’t that right?’ and he looked at me and i said ‘of course you can, don’t let anybody tell you what you can and can’t be or do just because your a girl or a boy.’ and it was just amazing to see two people so young have such a good idea of what you can do and i just loved it

Infatuation (pt4)

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“Watching him walk smoothly from the porch and down the street, I waited until his tall figure disappeared into the darkness before I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. A pink blush prominent on my cheeks.

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 2572

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Secret-Chanyeol Fluff

Happy Yeol Day! Here’s a super fluffy Chanyeol one shot inspired by the super fluffy baby feels i was having earlier. (I died writing this just for the record thanks I’m not sure why I did this I’m now dead) -A

Originally posted by jongxuns

“You ready babe?” Chanyeol asked, hugging me tightly.

We were hanging out at the apartment, waiting for the other members to come over. We had something we were keeping from them, and we were finally ready to tell them.

For weeks we’ve kept it a secret. Chanyeol had tried so hard to not spill the beans, to not let everyone know that we were having a little one.

Chanyeol was so excited when I told him. When I found out, I got so excited that I went to the nearest shop and bought a Father’s Day card to give him. On the inside I wrote ‘Hi Dad’ and placed a picture of the pregnancy test on the inside that just read ‘Pregnant’.

When he got home I handed him the card. He was incredibly confused, but once he opened it and saw the inside, he looked at me and had the biggest smile on his face.

“Are you serious? We’re going to be parents?” He asked excitedly.

I nodded my head and he started yelling. He picked me up and spun me around and kissed me. He placed both hands on my belly and dropped to his knees so he could kiss the small baby growing in my belly as well.

“Hey little one, It’s your dad. I can’t wait to finally see you” He said, kissing my belly again.

He would always want to touch my belly when we were around everyone, but I had to stop him constantly. He was so antsy about telling everyone but I was incredibly apprehensive.

I wanted to make sure our baby was healthy before we announced it to anyone, just in case anything would go wrong. I was happy that it was autumn, because it made it easy to cover my growing belly with big baggy sweaters and long hoodies. They were key to keeping our secret hidden in plain sight.

It was killing Chanyeol to keep it a secret, but he did well. Luckily, he got a lot of his excitement out at night time when we were lying in bed or when we were home alone.

He loved talking to our little one. He would rub my belly all the time, talking about the baby, whether it’s a he or a she. Chanyeol sang to the baby constantly. Every night he would grab his guitar and sing random songs to the baby.

“Maybe it’ll be musical like me” he said, beaming every time he brought it up.

“Musical like us baby.” I said, kissing him.

Chanyeol would always talk about how smart and talented he or she would be, and would also talk about what they may look like.

“I hope it has your eyes” he would say, “and your ears.”

“Baby boy, chances are our kids will have your ears, you’ll just have to accept that. Besides, your ears are one of my favorite things about you. I honestly hope they have your ears.” I said.

He just shook his head and continued daydreaming about what our kids would be like.

He talked about how we were going to tell the members, and how we were going to tell our families as well. We talked about small gifts for our parents,

The first ultrasound was a whirlwind. The moment we saw our little one on the screen, excitement overtook us. We both had the biggest smiles on our faces, and when the doctor let us hear our baby’s heart beat for the first time, we held hands and sobbed. It was one of the most amazing moments we have ever experienced in our lives.

Weeks passed and we were finally ready to tell everyone. I wanted to wait until the 12-week appointment, but we decided we were going wait until about 16 weeks to find out what we were having before we told anyone.

Chanyeol and I had already told our families the gender, but we wanted to do something special for the boys, so our families were sworn to secrecy until we could tell them.

We set up a big family dinner with the help of my friend Trinity, and when the boys got there they were really surprised. We ate happily and after dinner we sat around the living room.

Chanyeol cleared his throat and started to speak. He was incredibly nervous, so his voice cracked for a moment. Baekhyun started laughing which made a few other members laugh, including Chanyeol. This made him a lot less nervous and he was finally able to begin his announcement.

“I have something to say. (Y/N) and I have been keeping a secret from you. We wanted to wait until the right time, and we are so excited to tell you.”

The members started stirring, talking to each other and speculating about what the news could be. They kept looking at each other, then at us, trying to guess. Once it quieted down, Chanyeol asked me to stand up next to him.

“We wanted to make sure everything was in the clear before we told you. WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” He yelled, causing the members to yell in excitement in response to him.

“YA! I’m so excited” Baekhyun said, standing up and hugging me.

“I’m going to be an uncle? This is amazing!” Minseok exclaimed

“I’m going to buy him or her all kinds of fun outfits” Sehun said, smiling widely.

“About that….” Chanyeol said. “We actually know what we’re having. We have something special for you guys so you can find out in a fun way.”

I pulled the white box out of the fridge and placed it on the counter. I took the tall white frosted cake from the box. On the top it said, “He or she, what will it be?” With lots of question marks on it for decoration.

“Who wants to do the honors?” I asked, “because we’ve all seen Chanyeol’s cake cutting skills, so I think someone else should do it” I chuckled.

This caused a bit of an uproar between the members, arguing about who was going to cut the cake.

“Alright fine. Rock paper scissors. Winner gets to cut the cake.” Junmyeon said, “It’s only fair that way.”

All of the members (Minus Chanyeol) played rock paper scissors until one winner was decided.

“Kyungsoo! You win. You get to cut the cake.” Chanyeol said, handing him the knife.

Kyungsoo Cut the cake down the middle then again at an angle to get the perfect slice. The members crowded around the cake, watching with excitement as Kyungsoo lifted the piece of cake up, revealing the white cake with bright BLUE icing between the layers.

Cheers exploded through the room when they saw it.

“WAH! It’s a BOY! I’M SO EXCITED” Shouted Jongin, as he hugged Chanyeol and jumped in place.

“Ah a boy! How exciting!” Yixing said, hugging me tightly “Congratulations!”

“This is amazing!!! Jongdae exclaimed “Let’s talk about boy names after we eat cake! You know, Jongdae isn’t a bad name” he said jokingly as he got in line for cake.

Chanyeol shook his head as he walked over to me. He hugged me from behind and was finally able to place his hands on my stomach freely, without having to hide anything from anyone. I placed my hands over his and placed my head back onto his shoulder.

“I’m so happy we finally got to tell them about our little boy, Chanyeol.”

“Me too baby” He said. “Woah, what was that?” He asked, moving his hand around my belly.

“I….I think he just kicked your hand baby. I’ve felt little flutters before, but that was definitely a stronger kick than I’ve felt before.” I explained, rubbing my hand over the spot where the baby had kicked.

We spent the rest of the evening with the members. We ate cake, talked about boy names, how we should do the nursery, and many other things. The boys talked about how excited they were to be our son’s ‘Uncles’, and how they would spoil him.

It was a great evening filled with love for us and our soon to be little one, and it was a night we certainly wouldn’t be forgetting any time soon.