the little boy had the biggest smile on his face

Meeting his child for the first time


Jin was there every step of the way. He had taken off two dates before your due date to be with you in case something happened. When your water broke he was in the car with 3 emergency bags and held your hand during the entire birth. He was full of nervous laughter as you squeezed his hand hard. “He’s so handsome, like me.” Were his first words about your son and you laughed.


He wasn’t able to make it to your daughters birth due to his schedule and you having her prematurely. However, once he found out you were in labor he was on the first plane home. “She’s so sweet.” Were his first words when he held her. His face was bright and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. 


J-Hope wasn’t able to make it there for your daughters birth and he was absolutely heartbroken over it. He couldn’t stop kissing your daughter. He was so in love with your little sunshine and he couldn’t stop saying it. You left the two alone for a little bit and when you came back, she had fallen asleep on him. He looked so happy. You were so happy.


He made it in for the tail end of delivery. Namjoon was shocked for the first few seconds, but quickly ran to your side to hold your hand with the biggest smile on his face. “It’s a boy!” he yelled, moving over next to the doctors holding your son. “We have a boy and he has your nose!” he was ecstatic. Within seconds, you were in each others arms. “We have a baby…” 


Even though you were the one having the baby, Jimin was more nervous than you. All he had done the entire due date was worry and when your water broke he screamed louder than he had in a haunted house a few weeks ago. He was by your side through it all and when you gave birth to your son, he walked him over to you. “We made this, angel. Our own baby…”


Taehyung hadn’t been able to make it there for the birth of your daughter, but the moment he heard you were in labor he was on a plane from wherever he was. He showed up out of breath, with a stuffed lion for your baby. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here-” Before you could interrupt him, he took your daughter into his arms. “I got you this, my sweet girl. I hope you’ll forgive me…” She simply giggled and then went back to crying. “I think she forgave me.”


He was there for the first half of the delivery and then Jungkook had fainted. You were in too much pain to laugh at the time, but when he came back into the room after he woke up, you laughed. “Oh, I’m so sorry-” He spotted the two of yours son in your arms. “That’s him? He’s so cute, he looks like us. Like you.” He reached his arms out and you passed him his son. “Hello there.” he coed, “I’m your daddy.”

Sweet story time #1: My first paci v/ daddy's kisses

In the beginning of my career as a little, I wanted a paci so badly. I would try sucking my thumb, but it felt a little weird to me. At night, I’d bite my cheek or tongue craving to be able to do something with my mouth. I begged daddy almost every day to buy me one, but it was a little odd for a teenage boy to ask to buy a pacifier. What would his parents think?
After about a month of begging and coaxing, daddy finally got me my first pacis. (The post of when I got them is still up) I was a very hoppy bunny. That weekend, daddy came over to my house, and brought the pacis. I ripped the packaging open, and took the pink one out to keep for the moment, and hid the purple one in my pillow case. I was so happy. Daddy said I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time he was there.
The first time I put it in my mouth felt like an instant stress relief. I felt my whole body relax. It was the strangest bliss. To daddy’s dismay, however, I did not want to take it out of my mouth. He kept asking for me to take it out so he could kiss me, to which I replied with “nuh-uh”.
Daddy and I started play fighting, and we ended up on the floor. I was sitting on top of him, and he had his arms lovingly wrapped around my waist. I was giggling, and daddy was giving me “the look”. Daddy pulled me down by the waist, bit the handle of the paci, and pulled it out of my mouth. Before I could really react to this, he was already kissing me. And it was one of the most wonderful kisses he’s ever given me.


Got7 reacting to seeing their girlfriend in the crowd

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Got7 reacting to seeing their girlfriend in the crowd at a concert!!


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He’d be in the middle of performing Never Ever as he spots you in the crowd, he tries to stay serious but just seeing you jump along with the fans, made him start smiling like an idiot. When they walked around on stage, he comes towards you as you just wave at him, seeing him shine on stage made you really happy.


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He’d be really confused for a second because you told him you were really busy and didn’t have time to see the show. He managed to stay serious, after the song ended he smiled and waved as you, staring the entire show at you, almost never taking his eyes off. He’d tell at the end of the show that his girlfriend is here, all happy.


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He’d see you and would immediately start jumping up and down. He’d literally shout your name in the mic as he waved at you like a little kid. He’d even pull you on stage and start dancing around you, making the entire crowd laugh.


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He’d be looking at you the entire show, inviting you backstage once the concert is over. He’d manage to stay serious, focusing on the show. What else did you expect from an actor? He’d tell all the members that you’re here mid-show, looking at you from time to him. You just saw the sparkles in his eyes.


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This ball of sunshine would suddenly tell the entire crowd your here, running around on the stage with the biggest smile on his face. Whenever he had to sing his eyes landed on you, only focusing on you and nobody else.

Bam Bam

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He’d be such a little kid seeing his girlfriend. Together with Jackson he’d start being extra, seeing you die out of shame, but you still loved him. He’d shout your name or ‘babe’ whenever his part came on.


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This boy would literally either start being really sexy or really cute, being all shy. He was so focused on dancing until he spotted you, cracking up in a smile as he lost focus for a second. He’d ask for you to come on stage, giving you the biggest hug as he sang.

Coming Home - Brad Simpson Imagine

Tonight was the night. After him being away for three months, you’d finally see your boyfriend, Brad, back. Tonight was the last show of their world tour, and their families, all of the other girlfriends and you would be attending. These three months seemed to have last forever, and the thought of him holding you in his arms again, made you feel warm inside. A little smile curled around your lips as you looked at a picture of you and him holding hands. The both of you had been dating for a solid three years now and never felt so in love. You still got butterflies every time you saw him, every kiss still felt like the first and every touch still gave you that warm feeling inside.

“Hey, Y/N, are you ready? It’s time to leave.” Kirstie’s head peaked around the corner of your bathroom. You had invited all the girlfriends over at yours and Brad’s place to have dinner before the show. As a final touch to your outfit, black skinny jeans, white converse and a baby blue blouse, you putted on the necklace that Brad gave you right before he left: a music note with his initials carved in it.

“You look absolutely stunning.” You smiled softly before following the blonde girl to the living room, where everybody was ready to leave. All of you were picked up by a van sent by management and were led into the venue before everyone else. Unlike other tours, there was a separate area foreseen for the relatives this time; right in front of the catwalk. There even was a small staircase, making it easy to climb up on stage. Even though it was quite peculiar, you decided not to worry about it and just enjoy yourself.

The lights went down and it only got better from that moment on. First Sabrina Carpenter had her own little set, then it was up to the boys of New Hope Club and finally, the moment you had been waiting for all night: The Vamps took the stage.

“What’s up, London?!” The excited voice of your boyfriend simply put world’s biggest smile on your face. He looked especially well. Although he was simply wearing his doc’s, a black skinny jeans, white T-shirt and his green bomber jacket, he looked especially well to you. This outfit was the one he wore on the day you two first kissed and it had been your favourite ever since.

“Okay, for this next song, I need a little help. This is “Somebody To You”, give it up for Sabrina Carpenter and New Hope Club everybody!” Loud screams came from all over the crowd, including from you. This was your favourite song by the boys, one you would never get tired of hearing. Brad walked along the catwalk and winked when he caught your eye, quickly running back to the main stage afterwards.

“Woah, it’s getting hot in here, you’re on fire, London! I need to take this jacket off.” Brad shouted when the final notes of the song faded away. He disappeared behind the others in the direction of the drums, while everyone else came a bit more to the front, all standing in line, starting with NHC, followed by Sabrina and then the rest of the boys.

“Yeah, I agree. Brad, I must admit, I really like this shirt I found in your dressing room.” George opened his jacket, revealing a shirt with your face on it. You couldn’t help but laugh, just like the rest of the crowd.

“That’s a nice shirt. Damn, it really is hot, I think I’m going to take of my jacket as well.” Blake unzipped his jacket and took it off. He on the contrary was wearing a simple white shirt with a comma printed on it. Following the first two boys’ lead, each took his turn in taking his or her jacket off. All white shirts with something written on it, all together forming a simple sentence.

Y/N, will you marry Brad?” was the end result. It took you a while to realise what was happening. Did he just…? From behind the line of people forming the sentence, a smiling, but clearly nervous Brad popped up, walking all the way to the end of the catwalk. He stepped down the stairs and by your hand leaded you on the stage, before going down on one knee and revealing the most beautiful diamond ring you had ever seen.

“Y/N, from the moment I met you, I knew you were the kind of girl that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with” he started. “The past three years have been the most beautiful of my life and all thanks to you. Being away for three whole months made me realise that I never want to let you go, ever. You’re not only my lover, but also my best friend and therefore: will you marry me?” Tears from happiness were rolling down your cheeks. You were unable to speak out loud, so all you did was nod, nod a thousand times yes. With a big smile Brad put the ring on your finger. You throw your arms around his neck and hug him before quickly pecking his lips. He picks you up and spins you around, having you squeal with delight. The whole crowd was cheering and clapping, as well as everyone on the stage. The moment Brad put you back down, you kissed him one more time and went back to your seat, helped by a smiling Brad.

“I’m a happy man, London, I’m a happy man!” He ran back to the main stage, receiving hugs from his band- and tour mates, while you did the same in the family pit from everyone there. Sabrina and the boys from New Hope Club walked off stage, giving The Vamps the chance to continue.

“Alright, let’s wrap this up, baby! Here is one of my personal favourites, and the first single of our second album: this is ‘Wake Up’.” The boys put all the last bit of energy they had left in this song and ended this tour in the best way possible. Right before the end of the song, you and the family pit made your way backstage, waiting for your loved ones to come off that stage.

The moment you see Brad coming around that corner, you run at him and jump straight into his arms. He holds you firmly in his embrace, before kissing you passionately.

“Hello, future Mrs. Simpson.” He says with a smile when you break apart.

“I think I can get used to that.” You reply smiling, before kissing him just one more time. No matter whatever happens, there was nothing that could shatter your happiness. You were engaged to the love of your life and more than one hundred percent sure that this was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.


Author’s note: thank you for reading this and making it this far! I really hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to send in requests and I’ll be more than happy to write them for you! :)

P.S. From now on I will be adding cute GIFs from the main character to the imagines as well ;)

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Writing prompt: People assumed that Megan carried the sword to earn her keep, to defend herself from the monsters of the night and cut out the tongues that scorned her name. But no one knew that it was a blunt sword, one she had never killed with before.

(BTW, I do do prompts! I’ve gotten a lot of them so it may take me a couple of days :) Thanks for sending this one in anon!)

“I never wanted to become a legend,” Megan says gloomily, staring at the sheathed sword on her knees.

Across the campfire, the mountain troll snorts. “Don’t flatter yourself. You’re a horror story, not a legend.”

Megan isn’t sure she wants to be hearing that from a mountain troll, particularly not one who had been trying to sneak up and eat her only twenty minutes before. She doesn’t answer, staring at the way the firelight flickers over the metal scabbard, sending long, deep shadows into the engravings along it.

“If you’re going to kill me,” the mountain troll says, “hurry up and do it. Sun’s coming up and I’d rather go by that sword than a bit of sunlight.” The troll looks anxiously to the horizon, hands twisting in the ropes binding it to the pine tree behind it.

Megan, feeling dangerous, picks her sword up with both hands, one on the scabbard, one on the hilt. The troll’s beady eyes fix on it, the breath seeming to still in their lungs. Slowly, Megan drew her sword just one inch. Then two.

“The Sword of a Thousand Souls,” the mountain troll breathes. The troll stares for another beat and then laughs without humor. “They said you could feel the pressure of your kills from across a field.” It swallows. “They were right.”

So even this one can’t tell a blunt sword from a live one.

Megan sheathes her sword with force, the metal singing a protest, and stands. She doesn’t know what she expected. To be caught? To be freed of this reputation? To be understood?


She can’t look down at the troll, the troll being taller than her even while sitting, but she tries. “You’re a disappointment,” she says coldly. “Maybe the sun will think differently.” She turns sharply on her heel and clicks her fingers. With a hiss, the fire goes out.

“Wait,” the troll says with alarm. “Wait! You can’t leave me here! Behead me, stab me, take my heart, anything. I don’t want to burn!”

Megan scoops up her bag, purses her lips, and keeps walking.

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Infatuation (pt4)

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“Watching him walk smoothly from the porch and down the street, I waited until his tall figure disappeared into the darkness before I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. A pink blush prominent on my cheeks.

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 2572

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’ Credence. Chastity. ‘ 

The voice of their Matriarch rang loud and clear - the young children near fumbling over themselves to greet her at their door step. As menacing a presence as she always was. Face a hard set grimace and eyes with a Hawk-like acuteness to them. Saying nothing until Credence and his sister stood rigidly before her in anticipation. Then, and only then, did she press the small carrier into Chastity’s arms. 

In it was a small, blonde child. A little girl. 

‘ Your new sister, Modesty. I expect you to help care for her and teach her all I have taught you two. Save her from the wickedness of her lineage. ’ 

And so it came to be, the adoptive pair turned to a trio. Solemn and absolute in heeding their mother’s order. A bed was made, the girl swaddled, and left to them while Mary-Lou kept to her business of drumming up followers. Inspiring more hatred for those of unnatural powers. Wickedness. Just as their parents had been - as they could very well have been. Chastity was resolute in falling into her duties: instilling a strict regiment of care that could pass off as Mary-Lou’s own. 

As for Credence – he was besotted

When left to care for the small girl when all others were busy, Credence indulged in a weakness he dare not show. Could not show… Eyes impossibly soft and hands incredibly gentle as he rocked her in his arms. Modesty quietly watching him as he watched her. He only ever smiled for the little girl - in awe of the young life he could now call his sister. It was as if she were magic herself with the way he often watched her. Tiny hands reaching up to curl around his fingers - a toothless smile directed to him that melted all tension from him. A simple laugh could leave him in wide-eyed awe, whispering to no one ‘ I made her laugh. ’ Incoherent gurgles met with equal, soft enthusiasm. 

She was his responsibility. She needed him.

Even though he was no more than eleven at that time - he felt he finally gained a purpose. One that wasn’t bumbling through sermons, handing out fliers. The moment he held the small child in his arms he felt he could finally be helpful. He could be important to someone, and they to him. He’d be her true brother - even if they weren’t related by blood. He’d be as close to family to her as he possibly could. And he would protect her. 

Prince Dean’s Castle

Title: Prince Dean’s Castle

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,797

Warnings: Umm….too much cuteness???

A/N: Decided to write some fluff because Dean is adorable with kids :) If you have any ideas of things to write let me know! Also let me know if you ever want to be tagged in things!  Hope you like it! Love you all! <3

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Constellations (1/8).

Prompt: There are only 88 officially recognized constellations, a small number considering you and your soulmate would have the exact same constellation on your skin. How can be sure if it was really them with so few of them? You could mistake your soulmate. 

Word Count: 1 230

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Mentions of implicit sexual activity. 

A/N: There you go, the Bucky Soulmate Fic I told you about. It is going to be a miniseries at the end, don’t know if 2 or 3 parts yet.
Italics are past events.
Sorry for any possible grammar/vocabulary mistakes (English is not my first language) and if any of you would like to read a Spanish version, just let me know!!!

Series Masterlist - Next Part.

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The first time you started to realize the strange combination of freckles on your ribs you were 12. There they were 4 freckles on your ribs and you could’ve swear that they were there a few months ago.

You thought that it was due to the long summer days you spent on the beach as you usually would end up with your shoulders cover up in freckles by the end of it.  But that thought died when you were 16 and more freckles appeared right next to the previous ones and this time they seemed to draw something. Almost as it they were starts, but this was impossible!

From that exact moment you became quite paranoid about that portion of skin, everyday checking to see if there were more freckles. With the paranoia came the fear, the fear of something happening to you, the fear of have some serious problem of health.

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Trading a Warm Embrace for a Chaste Kiss

Summary: After rescuing him from the throngs of cruelty in a neko farm, Phil adopts Dan as his own and it doesn’t take long for him to develop feelings for the brown haired neko.

AO3 Link

Genre: Fluff (teeny bit of angst), Neko

Warnings: Mentions of abuse and neglect

POV: Third Person

Words: 2033

Sequel to Trading Harsh Bars for a Warm Embrace

A/n: Oo look! It’s a second part to my neko fic. I figured I should write it since I got over twenty asks asking for it. I’m really enjoying this so if anyone has any ideas for more parts then feel free to send me a prompt.

A/n 2: Also I’m super sorry but my laptop has had to be sent away for repairs (cries) so I won’t be able to write much for a little while. It should be back in about ten days and I’ll try my hardest to get get another chapter of Babyface out ASAP but I can’t make any promises. Sorry!

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Do you all know how salty I am over the fact that we never got a scene with Naruto and Tsunade after the war?

Tsunade had lost two different people who meant the world to her, both telling her they wanted to be Hokage someday before they died too young and it made her hella bitter. Then there’s this little boy who drives this cynical ass woman to believe, to get her to entrust him with all she had left of these two people in hopes that one day, someone close to her will live to be hokage and make a difference.

I just wanted a scene where Tsunade gives an adult Naruto a hug, maybe makes him lean down so she can kiss his forehead for old times sake, and then thanks him with misty eyes for keeping his promise to her. And Naruto is standing there saying how if she cries, he’s going to cry but he’s got the biggest smile on his face. 

God that would have been so much better than what we got and I don’t think I’m ever going to be over it.

my meet and greet story with fall out boy, the sequel!!
so im standing in this incredibly long line for about three hours. i didn’t really understand because they only sold 125 and there was clearly more than 125 people there, but whatever. so im there in the line, making friends and all this fun stuff. i brought my ukulele for them to sign and i brought them little gifts and letters. so I’m going into the room where we meet them and i walk in and i see joe, who had the biggest, dorkiest smile on his face. i ask if they could sign my ukulele and they’re all like “sure!!” so i say “ok I want to get this out before I forget, so I’m an aspiring musician and I’m so inspired by your music, and you make me so happy and you’re the reason that I make music” and Pete says “aw that’s awesome!” and patrick says “oh cool what do you play?” and i start listing off the instruments i play and andy starts clapping and saying “YAAAS QUEEN YAAAAS” and i laugh and blush and it was the cutest thing ever. so i explain i want to do a prom photo and im like “ok so patrick will you go to prom with me” and he’s like “yeah of course!” and i explain to pete and andy and joe what i want them to do and they just go being their adorable selves and patrick just hugs me so insanely tight. it meant so much because it felt like he truly meant it, like he’s happy that im there and wants me to know how thankful he is for everybody, and everyone is right, he does give the most amazing hugs. so the photographer takes the photo and the security guard starts ushering me out and im like “wait i made gifts for you guys thank you so much im sorry thank you i love you” and all the guys are waving goodbye to me and andy stops me on my way out and he says “wait hold on what did you make?” and i explain the gifts to him and i apologize and thank him a hundred times and then i get escorted out. it was honestly better than last time and my photo turned out so unbelievably cute. so thank you, @falloutboy, for giving me the time of my life and making me so incredibly happy. i love you guys so much.

please don’t erase my caption and if you repost this photo, please do not edit me out of the photo. i don’t wish my photo to be circulated without me in it, i paid for it, it’s my photo, please don’t cut me out. thank you!

An Arrow Through My Bleeding Heart (Pt. 3/?)

Title: An Arrow Through My Bleeding Heart Pt. 3

Other Parts: AATMBH Pt. 1, AATMBH Pt. 2.

Characters: All of Arrow/SPN

Summary: You have been having dinner with your father for a few months now, and your brothers have begun to notice your absence…

Based On: Lost Boy by Grace Kelly (Really this is just a place for the song I’m obsessed with this week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Listen: Here

Warnings: None I think, (Message me if you find any!)

Tagging: @liqhthouse (Message me if you would like to be tagged!)

A/N: Sorry this took so long to get out Angels! let me know what my Little Angels think!

Over the next three months you continued to have dinner with your father at the same little Chinese diner. Your brothers had noticed you disappearing more than once without reason, but then Cas would swoop in with a half baked answer that he had cooked up in his head on the fly and save your ass from being found out. Each time you came back fro visiting your father, you had the biggest smile on your face, and you seemed… Happy. That was something the boys and Cas hadn’t seen for a while. That was the main reason Cas kept covering for you, because seeing that look on your face made it all worth it, but it was getting hard to keep them in the dark, and they were starting to wonder themselves just why you were always so happy when you came back. Dean thought you had a one night stand. Sam thought you had a boyfriend. Each time Cas heard their theories of what was making you glow like that, he simply sighed and rolled his eyes. Oh, if only they knew.

Which brings you to where you were now. Leaning against the hood of your truck enjoying the smell of the Kansas wildflowers, as the wind carries their scent to threw the air. Cas has asked you to talk while your brothers were out of the bunker, and you had a pretty good idea on what he wanted to talk about.

The tell-tale flutter of wings signals his arrival. A sigh leaves your lips as you cross your arms over your chest.

“I know why you’re here Cas. And I have to say; I’ve thought about it, but I’m not sure.” He stares at you, forming an answer in his head.

“I know this is difficult for you, but it’s getting hard to cover for you. The Winchester’s are starting to notice, they are asking questions…” he pauses, thinking over what he’s about to say next, “… And I think they have a right to know.” You heave a heavy sigh, letting your arms fall to your side. Deep down you knew he was right, you knew that you would one day have to let them in on your little secret, you were just hoping it would be later rather than sooner. You honestly have no idea how they would react, you just hope they they are happy for you. You rub a hand over your eyes, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“Fine, I’ll tell them tomorrow. I’m gonna head to bed, I’m gonna need a good night’s sleep if I’m possibly go through hell again in the morning.”

Dawn’s light comes all to soon for your liking, grumbling as you trudge out of bed and into the kitchen to make yourself a bowl of cereal. Soon following after your lead of getting out of bed, is Sam. His hair fluffed up from sleep, he comes stumbling in from the hallway, his eyes still fogged up with sleep, his slippers scuffing on the floor. He opens the fridge, grabs the fresh carton of eggs, and starts heating up the frying pan to make scrambled eggs for him and Dean.

You finish off your bowl of cereal, deciding it might be best to do this on a nearly empty stomach, and grab the bag of coffee beans from the top left cupboard to start the pot of coffee that would be mostly drunk by Dean, the amount of caffeine that man needed to properly function was astounding.

The last to come mopping in is Dean, still in his bathrobe, with his eyes half closed, as he staggers over to the cupboard where you keep all the mugs, and grabs a large coffee cup. To then blindly reach for the pot of scalding hot coffee, this always made you cringe in fear for his safety, how he hadn’t burned his hand of yet, you’ll never know.

Sam puts down to plates of eggs on the table, he goes to make a third for you, but your shake your head at him, telling him you’re not that hungry. Mornings like this is what make being a Hunter all worth it. Your heart clenches at the thought of all this being destroyed because of their reaction to you meeting your father. You stare at them for a few minutes, considering your options, and trying to work up the courage to actually tell them. You’ve been silent for quite sometime, and your brothers sure as Hell have noticed. They give each other a sidewards glance, as you play with your hands, while opening and closing your mouth like someone was taking the words away from your lips. A weighted sigh leaves your lips, your shoulders sagging in defeat. You don’t know how to tell them. Dean seems to have had enough of your dilly-daddling.

“Alright, come on, spit it out already,” You glance up at him in surprise. He gives you an exasperated look, rolling his eyes at you. “Oh, come on, something is obviously eating you up, so tell us already.”

“Well, as you have probably realized, I’ve been leaving the bunker more often as of late,” A knowing look passes between Sam and Dean. Your eyebrows knit up in confusion, but you continue anyway.

“I have been doing this because-”

“You got a boyfriend!”

“You got a booty call!” Is shouted at the same time. Causing you to choke on the breath you had taken. Sputtering, and coughing, you shake your hand in front of your face, signaling that, no. They are not even close. Recovering for your little fit, you continue from where you left off.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend, or booty call. I actually, now this might come as quite a shock, but please keep in mind that I wouldn’t have done this if it didn’t mean anything to me, I-I met my father.”

They clearing are expecting this, the furrowed brows, and the signature Winchester smirk is no where in sight. You expected you heart to be pounding in your ears, but for once, it is strangely quite, it might have even stopped completely. They seem to be processing this new, and uncalled for information. They seem more surprised than anything, after all, you always said you didn’t care who your father was. But then they thought back to the girl who had died in your arms a few months ago. How your eyes seemed different after that hunt, they had so many unanswered questions in them, how you were sort of distance for a few days after that. Then how you weren’t on that trip to Starling City, and when you came back, how your eyes had been put back together from the pieces of broken glass that they were, how they shined with a new found hope for the world. And how the smile on your face seemed like it would never go away. He made you happy. That’s all they needed to know about your father. As long as he made you happy.

Sam is the first to speak after that. You let out the breath you had been holding for so long you thought your lungs were going to burst.

“So, what’s he like?” They seem to be accepting this news with caution, but their curious eyes tell you they have a lot of questions for you. And your ready to answer them.

“He’s great. He’s a detective at the S.C.P.D. He’s got two other daughters, Laurel and Sara, I’m actually his oldest now,” Dean’s eyebrows perk up at the mention of your sisters, “And, no, Dean. You can’t hit on my sisters, that’s just plain weird.” He gives you a betrayed look, as Sam glares at him accusingly, which makes you burst out laughing. This wasn’t so bad after all. “And, I would like for you to meet him the next time I go to Starling City.”

It’s about two weeks later the next time you head to Starling, this time in the Impala. Quentin had suggested you have dinner at his apartment, instead of the little China Town diner. When you told him about you wanting to meet your brothers, he was ecstatic, if not a little nervous. But, still he wanted to meet the boys you spoke so highly of. Told hi stories of how you had grown up, living on the road and seeing sights you could only dream of. The late nights, when Bobby would let you stay up past your bed tie to watch the stars and catch fireflies in old mason jars. The hot afternoons of playing tag in the open fields outside of his house. And how you taught the boys to skip stones on the little stream that ran through the little strip of woods in his backyard that seemed like a rain forest to your little child mind.

Your mind is racing through a checklist that you needed to make sure the boys followed. Your back story, what you did for a living, absolutely, under no circumstances, do you bring up the hunting life, or your shins will have Hell to pay if you messed this dinner up!

Before knocking on his door you turn around looking the boys over, and make needless changes and fix ups to their clothes and hair. You were more nervous than they were! Sam seems to notice just how bad your nerves are, while your fixing his hair and they start shaking. He slowly removes your hands from his hair, holding the in his own to make you calm down.

“Don’t worry (Y/N), this dinner will be wonderful. We’ll all get along great, he’ll love us, and we’ll love him, because it’s important to our little sister. Isn’t that right Dean?” He gives Dean a hard glare, telling him to agree with him, and no funny business!

Dean lays a hand on your shoulder.

“Of course, Sammy.” The door swings open without warning, your father standing there with a large smile on his face, and oven mitts on his hands.

“I thought I heard voices!” A smile breaks out on your face, as you move to hug your father.

“Dad,” You wrap your arms around him, before letting go to introduce him to your brothers, but still keeping an arm around his waist, and does he. “dad, this is Sam,” You say pointing to your taller brother, “and this is Dean.” Gesturing to your oldest brother. Quentin takes off one of his oven mitts and moves to shake their hands.

“It really is nice to meet you, (Y/N) Has told me so much about you, I feel as though I already know you!” Your brother’s smile at him, Sam seems fine with him, although Dean seems a bit skeptic of him. There are a few awkward moments of standing out in the hallway assessing each other.

“Well, uh, what are we doing just standing out here, dinner’s hot out of the oven, and the cherry pie is cooling!” Your father tries to diffuse the tension in the atmosphere. Dean’s eyes light up at the mention of his favorite thing in the world other than the Impala.

“Pie, you say?” You knew Dean had been won over by your father.

“Yep, grandma Lance’s recipe.”

“Well, let’s hope (Y/N/N) didn’t inherit her cooking skills from you, or else I’ll be scared the building will burn down.”

“That was one time, Dean!”

“one moment i was tearing off your blouse, now you’re living in my house” the 1975

i was listening to girls by the 1975 and i thought of this mess. 

It was just a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of thing. Except they were not friends, they were merely acquaintances. Anytime one of them were in 'the mood’ they would call up the other and voila, problem solved. Soon enough though, she was staying the night. Staying the night led to leaving her toothbrush there. Leaving her toothbrush there lead to leaving spare clothes. Leaving spare clothes lead to spending days on end. Spending days on end lead to having a spare key. Having a spare key lead to practically moving in.

What happened to just messing around?” Sirius asked and James shrugged thinking the same thing himself. He had met Lily in a party months before and they had somehow ended up in bed, tangled in the sheets. They came to an agreement to just have a casual relationship and he did not think casual sex was going to lead to this, they might as well be in a committed relationship with each other. However, they weren’t and neither of them had ever brought it up and it was all fine the way it was.

Everything drastically changed one day when Lily jumped out of bed early in the morning and rushed to the toilet with James trailing behind hesitantly. She was threw up into the toilet, her fiery red hair stuck to her face. James pulled it off her neck and rubbed her back as she heaved until eventually there was nothing left and James sat on the bathroom floor confused as Lily brushed her teeth. When she was done she walked out of the bathroom without a word and James stayed on the floor until he heard the front door slam behind her. He hoped it wasn’t what he thought it was.

But it was and he nearly passed out when she showed him the test in her shaky hands. Sirius laughed so hard he fell out of his chair. Remus stared ahead in shock. Peter spat the water out he was drinking all over Sirius but he was too busy hysterically laughing to care. “Only you, Prongs.” Sirius managed to get out. James hadn’t said a word since Lily had exited the bathroom and now she was staring up at him with big green eyes and she looked so lost that he could only mutter an “It’s going to be fine” before pulling her into a hug as she cried into his chest and he had to try his best not to do the same.

After that Lily officially moved into the house of four boys and God only knows how she coped. Life was full of hospital appointments and sorting money and buying kiwis by the ton because Lily had a really weird crave for them that made Sirius uncomfortable and driving Lily around when she couldn’t sleep and silently crying because maybe we are too young for this. Sirius and Peter painted the baby room, Remus bought them a brand new crib which made Lily cry, Sirius sang to the bump every single day without fail and James swore the first thing the baby was going to say is ’please no more Kelly Clarkson’. James found Lily crying into her pillow because she hated how fast her life was moving. James decided there and then that he never wanted to be the one who was responsible for making Lily cry like this. Lily was forced to drop out of university and James soon followed getting a job at the local coffee shop because who on earth has time to get a law degree at a time like this?

Before anyone knew it Lily was practically bursting and everyone was so excited but nervous and James had a permanent swarm in his stomach anytime the red head was close and James this is not the time for those feelings. Peter accidentally ate Lily’s last kiwi causing a huge uproar at three o'clock in the morning ending in Remus running to the nearest store that was open all night in nothing but his pajamas and star wars slippers. Lily did not speak to Peter for two days. James was forced to call a family meeting and Peter apologised profusely for eating the last 'sacred fruit’ and Lily forgave him after staring him down with a look that made Sirius squirm.

One day Sirius asked the question that was on everybody’s mind when they were watching re-runs of an old sitcom and the soon-to-be parents were cuddling together on the arm chair. “So are you two like a thing or-” He had stopped speaking after James shot him a look and then everyone fell silent. James and Lily looked at each other for about five seconds, having a silent conversation, and then just nodded simultaneously at each other with a satisfied look on both of their faces before going back to watching the television. “Yes, Black. We are a 'thing’.” Lily spoke without moving her eyes away from the characters on the screen. Peter high-fived James discreetly and Remus shared a relieved grin with Sirius over his mug.

It happened at seven o'clock in the morning. Lily woke up thinking she had wet the bed and when she quickly realised what had happened she screamed so loud James fell into his bedside table. Sirius and Remus ran into the bedroom. Peter was a very heavy sleeper and didn’t wake up until they were all halfway out of the house. James and Sirius were frantically running around worried in case they forgot something whilst Lily stood rather calm by the door. “We are going to be parents James fuck can you believe this?” “Sirius this is not your child.” Sirius full on stared at Lily for at least five minutes with an ’are you kidding me?’ look on his face until Remus reminded everyone that Lily was in labour and WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW FOR GOODNESS SAKE I MAY BE RESPONSIBLE BUT I CANNOT DELIVER A BABY.

Two hours later the three boys waited anxiously outside listening to not only Lily’s screams but James’ until the brand new father exited the room with tears streaming down his face. The boys all expected the worst. “It’s a boy.” Was all he said before they all burst into tears. They didn’t stop crying until they heard Lily’s voice, “Are any of you idiots going to actually meet the baby?” And then Sirius, Remus and Peter just charged for the door arguing furiously on who was going to hold the baby first.

Meanwhile James sat on one of the plastic chairs in the waiting room with the biggest smile on his face because even though him and Lily were so young and neither of them had a stable job, they were going to be the best goddamn parents in the world and that little boy was going to be so, so loved.

Scrambling for Scraps- Real or Not pt 4 (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 5

You didn’t return to the movie room. Dejected and tired you just fell into your bed, scrolling through your phone, until you fell asleep. You slept blissfully that night. You felt safe and warm and secure and some deeper feeling of indescribable contentment.
When you woke up, you saw why. You were curled up against Alex’s body, nuzzling into his chest. His arms were wrapped around you, his face nuzzling your forehead. For a brief moment, you felt blissfully happy and content, and in love. Then, memories from last night came crashing down on you, once again hitting you like a shock of cold water.
You were tucked under the covers, which you hadn’t been before. Alex was on top of the covers…but the situation was still much too intimate for your liking. Alex was using you! You jerked away, anger and sadness and humiliation replacing the love and contentment you had been feeling before.
The sudden movement awoke him. Of course, Alex, who barely slept when he wasn’t on break, would be a light sleeper.
He saw you and his face split into the biggest smile you had ever seen. He looked blissfully happy, and groggy. He looked like he was feeling everything that you had felt at first.
“G’morning Y/N. Y’know, you are the only sun I need to wake up to to start my day.” He said, hazily, opening his arms to you. Your heart melted a little bit. It’s all fake, you reminded yourself.
“What are you doing Alex?” you asked him.
Suddenly, he seemed to jolt awake.
“Ahh, shoot, well, ummm. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight. Um, the boys brought a bit of alcohol, and um I was kind of drunk and I don’t know, maybe I forgot we were pretending. And, well, I thought it’d be more convincing if we slept in the same room. That way no one gets suspicious.” He finished.
For the second time in two days you had witnessed the eloquent Alexander Hamilton stuttering. You brushed it off, climbed out of bed and tried to act normal.
“Well, there’s no one in here right now. You don’t have to pretend.” You said. Despite your best efforts, a trace of bitterness leaked through into your words. You couldn’t tell whether or not Alex had noticed.
Your new resolution to act normal seemed to work. Kind of. The chunk of the day was spent with the Washington family. You’d known them for quite a while, so it was easy to get along with them. Unless Martha mentioned something coupley about you and Alex. You ignored the stab of guilt in your stomach.
Then there was Lafayette. You’d been friends with him since high school as well. You were hurt that he would throw your heart under the bus, and he knew it. Alex had noticed you being more distant, and he noticed the tension between you and Lafayette. It didn’t take him long to figure out that Lafayette had said something, so there was tension between all three of you for a large majority of the day. Luckily, George didn’t catch anything, but Martha picked up on something.
“It’s 6:30.” Martha announced.
“All of the young folks out of the house. You have that party at 8. Here’s some money. Go get some ice cream together before the party?” Martha said, shooing you Alex, and Lafayette out of the house.
“What party?” you asked.
“High school reunion after party.” Lafayette responded.
You all piled into Alex’s car and rode up to the local ice cream shop. Everyone was completely silent the whole way there. When you arrived, everyone silently hopped out and entered the shop.
The minute you walked in, Alex made a face and hissed.
“What?” you asked him.
“Nothing, he said, encouraging you to look in the other direction. You complied, confused, rushing up to get your ice cream, suddenly eager to be away from Alex. Just as planned, two other people got in line between you.
You ordered your favorite flavor, paid, and sat down at the bar with your ice cream.
“Y/N? Is that you?” someone asked.
You turned and saw your ex-boyfriend, Thomas Conway, sliding onto the barstool beside you.
“Tommy!” you cried, hugging him casually, happy to see an old friend from high school.
“It is you! Wow, you just seem to get riper with age. I don’t know how it’s possible, but you are more beautiful now than you were back in high school.” He said, tucking a strand of hair behind you ear. You felt both uncomfortable and conflicted. Even though you weren’t really dating Alex, it felt kind of wrong to let another guy flirt with you.
“She’s also a lot more taken than she was in high school.” A voice said form behind.
You turned to see Alex.
“What do you mean? She was dating me in high school.” Thomas said.
“Yeah? Well she’s dating me now. So step the hell away from my girlfriend, back up out of her personal space, keep your hands off of her, and don’t flirt with her.” Alex said.
Thomas backed away.
“I apologize Y/N. I meant no disrespect. Um, I would love to catch up some time,” he said, nervously, getting up and returning to his table.
“What the hell was that?” you hissed angrily at Alexander.
He turned red.
“I-I, can’t have guys flirting with my girlfriend, can I? I’m trying to make this look convincing.” He said, staring deeply into his ice cream. You didn’t know whether to feel happy or frustrated.
Although you guys had arrived pretty early, when the party was mild, it was now in full swing. Luckily everyone at the party was of legal drinking age, because the majority of them seemed to be drunk. And drunk people often came up with less than intelligent ideas. Like whoever had come up with the idea to play truth or dare.
You all were adults for goodness sakes! Yet, here you were, a circle of adults, sitting on the floor, spinning a bottle. Alex was drunk, like most of the other people. He joined the circle eagerly. You, sat on the side, basking in your sobriety, as you were the designated driver.
It was amusing to watch the ridiculous things that people admitted and did. A drunk mind produces a sober mouth, you thought wryly, watching people confess embarrassing truths. Then the bottle landed on Alex.
“I dare you, to play 7 Minutes in Heaven with Maria.”
You felt a cold sense of dread wash over you, as Alex disappeared into a closet with his ex. Why didn’t he just say no? How dare he? He got mad at you for talking to your ex, but he did this with his ex?! And not just any ex, but the ex that he had cheated on Eliza with.
You felt sick and angry and sad. History was just repeating itself. You stood, abruptly and left the room. Damn. Angelica had been so so right. You stopped in the kitchen and collapsed into a chair, with your head in your hands. You were far enough away from what was going on, and not far away. You couldn’t escape from the knowledge.
“Y/N?” a voice asked.
You looked up and saw hazel eyes, shining with concern. John. He handed you a frosted glass full of creamy frothy liquid.
“What’s this?” you asked John.
“It’s a chocolate milkshake. Chocolate always seems to be a good remedy when people are feeling down. I saw what happened and I saw you, looking sad, and someone left out a blender for margaritas s, I used it to make you a milkshake, hoping it would make you feel better. You’re too sweet to be this sad and too pretty to frown like this.” John said.
You took the milkshake and took a sip. MMmmmmm.
It was creamy and sweet and a little bit comforting. A bit of a remedy for a heartache.
“Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m slightly drunk and you’re dating my best friend.” John said.
“Actually, Alex and I aren’t really dating.” You told him. Obviously, Alex didn’t care too much about your fake relationship. Why should you? Besides, you needed someone to talk to about all of this. Someone who wasn’t as biased as Angelica. And John had been one of your closest friends since high school, just like Alexander. Actually, even more so, because while you and Alex had clashed for a while, you and John had hit it right off.
“You want to tell me the story behind that, beautiful?” John asked, sloppily, trying to add flirting at the end of his genuine question.
You launched into the story, telling him everything. Yet, you conveniently left out the part about possibly having feelings for Alex. The entire night, after that, you kept considering what Angelica had said.
“Alex will only ever be able to give you scraps of a relationship. You deserve so much more.”
Maybe that something more had been in front of you the whole time. Maybe, it was time for you to stop scrambling for scraps and set your sights on someone who could give you the love you deserved.

Proud Mummy

Sent my little one off today to workies, before he left though a box of diapees came for both of us..

“Mummy?..” He looked down
“What baby?”

“Can I wear a nappy to work?”

I had the biggest smile on my face, my brave little boy went off to work in his suit, tie and jacket.. With his nappy under it all.

Mummys proud of my little brave boy 💖


anonymous asked:

please do one where Luke and you went to high school together and now you're in college and he has become a police officer. He is called to shut down a frat party and you are there totally smashed and underage drinking and he has to go through the whole procedure of handcuffing you and so on but when you panic he whispers how it's just so he doesn't get in trouble and instead of taking you to the station he takes you back to his and looks after you and you both confess feelings the next day






Parties were never your thing, the idea of solo cups and cheap beer didn’t appeal to you but here you are swaying in Alpha Chi Alpha’s kitchen as you attempt to pour vodka into your red cup, too busy concentrating to notice people fled from the scene or the officers bombarding through the frat house.

“Y/N?” looked to your left, still trying to pour a drink to find Luke Hemmings, the boy you’ve had a crush on since high school, he was wearing a police uniform looking less than impressed to see you “hey Luke!” you slurred moving to face him with your bottle still in hand. He quickly came to your side removing the almost empty bottle from your hand as the vodka coated the counter top, you looked down to find alcohol spilling from the surface and onto the floor, a giggle escaped your lips at your own stupidity. “Y/N you shouldn’t be drinking, you’re underage!” Luke scolded, you frowned at him treating you like a child “don’t be such a party pooper” you lightly pocked his chest almost losing your balance in the process. 

He sighed before putting you in handcuffs as he read your rights, reality kicked in when he did, you began mumbling curse words before almost begging him not to arrest you “Luke don’t do this, I’m gonna lose my scholarship” his face softened knowing how hard you worked senior year, leaning down to your ear he murmured “I’m not going to arrest you, I’m just doing this so I don’t get in trouble” before guiding you out of the frat house and to his car, you watched as other kids in your classes were being handcuffed by other officers, silently thankful it was Luke that found you and not someone else. 


When the car pulled up to a small house you’ve never seen before you were more than confused “Luke, where are we?” you asked gawking as he unbuckled his seat belt “my place” he mumbled climbing out of the vehicle before opening your door and helping you out. Luke took the handcuffs off as you began to sway, the world around you spinning, he gently placed his hands on your waist to insure you don’t fall “are you okay?” he asked with a face full of concern “yeah, let’s go!” you almost cheered having a sudden burst of excitement, he followed behind chuckling to himself as you practically skipped up the walkway and to his front door. 

Luke guided you to his room laying you down on the bed, taking off your shoes and pulling the covers over as you watched in aw. “Goodnight” he smiled ready to leave the room, before he could you took his hand “stay with me” it was more of a statement than a question, he looked at you for a moment before admitting defeat. Looking through his draws on the other side of the room he pulled out sweatpants and a foo fighters shirt he used to wear in school, taking off his uniform, replacing them with the sweats he crawled into bed next to you. You decided he wasn’t close enough, pulling yourself into his side and resting your head on his chest, he wrapped his arm around you enjoying the warmth you brought “I had the biggest crush on you in school, yano” you murmur as your eyes close, letting a yawn escape your lips straight after. Luke couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face or the blush that crept up his cheeks. Thankful you couldn’t see him. 


It wasn’t the sun seeping through the curtains that woke you or the sound of birds squawking, it was the relentless sound of your phone beeping and boozing on the night stand, a headache already creeping up on you. You scrunched up your face as you patted the table trying to locate your phone to stop it, Luke’s grip around your waist tightened the more you moved, he grumbled as you managed to silence the phone. The events of last night came flooding back. Drinking your weight in vodka, almost getting arrested and confessing the crush you had on Luke, turning to face him you watched as his face softened before his eyes fluttered open. A small smile graced your lips watching this angelic boy “it’s true” you mumbled as he pulls you closer to him “what’s true?” he asked, his voice hoarse “I’ve always had a crush on you” you yawned studying his face like it was a piece of art “oh yeah?” he asked in a mocking tone “yeah” you mocked back “that’s funny because when I was in school I had the biggest crush on this beautiful girl, she was captivating. Her smile alone could brighten up my entire week, she used to walk around the halls without a care in the world, too busy stuck in her own little world and I always told myself I was going to ask her on a date but she slipped away before I could” he confessed, eyes scanning your face, your stomach erupted in butterflies at his words, before you could say anything he cupped your face kissing you with as much passion he could find at that moment, you kissed back equally as passionate. Hoping this moment would last forever. 

I’m sorry it took so long, it came out longer than intended but I hope you like it! and thank you for the request my love x 

Tentacles (Keep scrolling)

I strongly suggest you don’t read this.

Okay, I warned you.


Summary: Louis has a lot of pets and Harry doesn’t like it when they suck on him.
(Harry gets…sucked? by tentacles..?)

Warning: dub-con, um…kind of worm kink but not really cause they’re not worms, sub/bottom!harry, ball gag, restraints, tentacles…

Seriously, don’t read. And don’t hate, I know people hate the worm kink fic and a lot of people don’t want to read it because bottom!louis but this is for all those bottom!harry kinky bastards.

“Babies,” Louis cooed gently as he sat down in his silk-threaded couch. He smiled as he felt the slimy scales wriggle across his skin. “You’re all so very prefect.” He whispered, smirking as he lifted his arm to reveal Claudia. Her skin was a shimmery teal with scales that rose and massaged his sore muscles.

“I’ve been working hard for you guys,” He spoke softly, not wanting to alarm his little critters. Peter slid around on his leg, his black scales smooth and milking with excitement. He kind of looked like he was covered in milk. Louis chuckle at the thought. He then picked Khloe up from beside him on the couch, her purple and white spotted scales bringing a large smile to his face. He would never tell them, but Khloe was his favorite. She was the biggest and he had special intent for her.

Louis looked up at the boy in the center of the room, his head bobbing slightly and drool slipping from those pink lips onto his wooden floor. Louis tisked and crossed his legs, moving Peter to his other thigh so he didn’t crush him.

“Harry.” Louis whispered, even Claudia lifted her small little head to look at the boy as his head slowly rose, muscles tightening under the skin of his arms.

“Harry.” He said more firmly, standing up with his critters all roaming around his body, gripping tight to his clothes so they wouldn’t fall. He walked to the naked boy, his arms held high in the air by brittle handcuffs and restraints, Harry’s hand clenched into fist as he grunted and tried to lower his arms.

“Sorry, babe, but you’re not going anywhere,” Louia chuckled and lightly lifted Peter off of his leg and held him up to Harry’s body where he sniffed and wiggled his head around to look at Harry’s body.

Harry made a muffled sound around the ball in his mouth and shook his head, eyes wide and fearful as he tried to back away. Louis grabbed the base of Harry’s limp cock, squeezing it and pulling his arched body forward. That elicited a high-pitched yelp from Harry.

He took Peter again and put him on Harry’s shoulder, his full one-foot long body draping down against his collarbone and Louis smiled cruelly at the groans and gagging noise leaving Harry’s lips. Louis ignored him though and walked around to his back, smiling as he cupped Harry’s arse. It wasn’t anything impressive but Claudia seemed to be interested because on her own she lifted her head and instantly attached it to Harry’s right cheek, suckling as she curled off of Louis’ arm and around the spot of Harry’s arse.

Louis chuckled and walked around to Harry’s front, watching with sick humor as a look of realization dawned on the boys face. That wasn’t Louis sucking on his arse. Harry’s eyes began to water, curls bouncing wildly as he shook his head.

Louis only smirked and picked up Khloe. “Isn’t she just beautiful?” Louis purred, raising Khloe to his lips and kissing her mouth like it was completely normal and Harry felt sick. He felt like he would throw up right there if he was able to.

Louis watched as Peter slid up Harry’s chest, his black, slimy face against Harry’s cheek. Harry’s eyes were wild with fear, trying to watch the…whatever they were.

“You want that ball gag out of Harry’s mouth?” Louis asked, and put Klhoe on his shoulder before walking around to undo the buckle around Harry’s curls. The ball gag dropped to the floor and Harry let out a cry.

“P-Please, sir, don’t…I hate bugs-”

“These aren’t bugs!” Louis snapped, landing a sharp clap to Harry’s left cheek. Harry yelped in pain and squeezed his eyes shut as tears trickled down his cheek, the others being sucked up by Peter, who’s body became even slicker with his milk. Peter was aroused and that made Louis chuckle.

Louis walked back around and smiled as he watched Peter’s head slid towards Harry’s now clamped shut lips. “Open up and let him inside that pretty little mouth.” Louis demanded and Harry’s eyes fluttered open to look at Louis who gave him a stern look and Harry whimpered but slowly parted his lips. Peter slid right in.

Harry gagged violently and a sob echoed throughout the room as Peter slid further and further down Harry’s throat. Harry hated the sensation of the slimy skin filling up his throat. He tried thrashing, hot tears running down his cheeks as he struggled against the restraints.

Louis simply ignored it and knelt down between Harry’s legs, spread with a metal bar between them, locks around his ankles. He picked Khloe off of his arm, looking up at Harry. “She’s my favorite, Harry. She gets so much bigger and so much prettier. She’s a real keeper if I do say so myself.” He chuckled and rested her on Harry’s thigh. Her body was a little longer than two feet and she slowly circled around Harry’s thigh before traveling up the inside of his leg.

Harry was shaking, thighs trembling and nose flaring as his cheeks and chest flushed. He could barely breathe and he felt like his chest was being ripped open. Louis rested his hands on Harry’s thigh, smiling sickeningly wide as Jr scratched his nails down the pale skin.

“This is your new boyfriend, Khloe. You and Harry will have lots of fun together, I’m sure.” He smirked, watching as Khloe experimentally pushed her face between Harry’s crack. A shuddering sob left Harry, shaking his head as he felt the slimy skin slide over his hole and then, Oh my fuck, he thought.

Peter slid out of Harry’s mouth and down to his chest again, sucking and sucking on different parts of the skin until he settled around his nipple, sharp but tiny teeth attached to the nub as he curled up around it. Harry spit and gagged and choked as he tried to get the awful slimy taste out of his mouth-

“Fuck!” Harry suddenly yelled as he felt Kloe sucking on the rim of his hole. His ass muscles tensed and Louis had been growingly hard since he first got Harry in here, but he wanted to see Harry come from just these little-or should he say big-critters. “N-No, please, nononono.” Harry whined, back arching and tears streaming faster as he shook his head.

“I can’t wait to see you take all of Khloe, she’s just gonna fill you up so nice.”

Harry practically screamed as he felt the sucking stop, slimy skin and head poking past his rim. He let out spluttering cries as Khloe suddenly slid in, moving faster than Louis had ever seen her.

“So eager, Khloe, who knew you were such a whore.” He chuckled, watching more and more of her long and wide body disappear into the boys ass. Harry was screaming, struggling as he felt full and violated. He hated the feeling of that slimy skin against his own moist walls.

“No! Please, take it out!” Harry croaked, but his cock twitched ever so slightly and Louis simply smirked.

“Khloe!” Harry cried, his body jerking and he felt like his arse was on fire. He felt like he was being ripped in half, especially as she crawled in further and curled around at the base, pressing against his soft bundle of nerves that had his cock swelling and leaking with pre-cum.

“Oh, such a pretty couple. I bet you love Khloe nestled into your arse like this, don’t you?” Louis asked, looking up at Harry. When he got no reply he smacked Harry’s thigh roughly.

“Y-Yes, sir!” Harry whimpered, snot and tears mixing together and traveling down his chin. He could physically see Harry’s hole, wide open and gaping as Khloe disappeared, curled up inside Harry. It was too much, Harry could barely see straight.

Louis turned onto his bum and looked up between his ass cheeks, Harry’s hole wide open and gaped. His pink, fleshy walls quivering as they tried to clench. Louis smiled wide as he caught a glance of the purple and white scales rising and falling, massaging Harry’s prostate. He ran a finger around Harry’s loose hole, before sliding it in and petting Khloe. Harry shook his head.

“Please…I’m so full, I can’t take it.” Harry begged, toes curled and knuckles white from keeping them clenched so tightly.

“Come, Harry. Tighten around my little girl and make her feel safe.” Harry tried but his muscles were to weak and his ass felt like it was stretched for miles. He felt Khloe shift and it sent waves of pleasure through him as she attached her head to his bundle of nerves and began sucking.

“Oh! Oh, my God! My…Khloe!” He screamed, his cock jerking up against his stomach, pre-cum smearing against his skin. Louis grabbed Harry’s balls, forgetting his own rules. He wanted to see Harry come like this, with Khloe in his ass and Peter and Claudia suckling on his skin, and he wanted to see it now.

And he did. Harry shuddered hard and let out a ear-piercing scream as he came, white hot pleasure flashing across his eyes as white sticky liquid squirted out onto Louis’ hand. Louis watched as Harry’s hole clenched and he heard a purr leave Khloe. Louis moved out from under Harry as he licked his fingers. He stood up and turned to look at Harry, smiling as he picked up Peter.

“Now let’s see if we can’t fit in Peter, too.” He chuckled lowly.

(I’m sorry if you read this before I edited it a bit, it was shit so I’m sorry)

[ text : my machine gun 💕 ] so I had a little boy come up to me today with one of your shirts on. Told me you were his favorite. I said: “Is that so little buddy?” I’m not even mad about it. Then I told him it was a great choice and gave him a too sweet. 🤘

[ text : my machine gun 💕 ] as he walked away he had the biggest of smiles across his face. Think I made his day.