the little book of mary

What Orsay really saw in Gone characters dreams...
  • Drake: Death, violence, darkness, murder etc.
  • Little Pete: Amazing vivid shapes and creations beyond human understanding
  • Caine: Taking over, killing Sam, Diana...
  • Diana: Surviving, food, evil plots but mostly Caine
  • Quinn: Fishing, food, family, probably Lana
  • Lana: Food, Patrick, The Darkness and maybe Sanjit
  • Edilio: ROGER, GAY, ROGER, GAY SEX and probably something to do with surviving
  • Astrid: Survival, family, Little Pete, Sam, food and other really considerate things
  • Orc: Killing Drake and beer - mostly beer
  • Brianna: Running, food and killing Drake
  • Computer Jack: Apple Macs and Brianna
  • Dekka: Literally just Brianna
  • Mary: Protecting the littles, food, death, weight, anxiety
  • Sam: Astrid tiddies.

order / chaos - showtunes about sticking to the rules and descending into discord

around here - 9 to 5 // the speed test - thoroughly modern millie // practically perfect - mary poppins // could you? - little women // the hammer - matilda // like other girls - daddy long legs // don’t break the rules - catch me if you can // learn your lessons well - godspell // spooky mormon hell dream - the book of mormon // pandemonium - the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee // dead girl walking (reprise) - heathers: the musical // why are all these heads off? - lizzie // the destruction - carrie // the world was wide enough - hamilton // totally fucked - spring awakening //



Wish that you were here; a playlist for the Winner’s trilogy. (listen)

And now I’m reaching out with every note I sing
And I hope it gets to you on some pacific wind
Wraps itself around you and whispers in your ear
Tells you that I miss you and I wish that you were here


Trailer: Arrietty & Marnie Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi Launches New Studio and New Feature Film: Mary And The Witch Flower (2017)

Studio Ponoc, the anime studio founded by former Studio Ghibli producer Yoshiaki Nishimura, announced its first feature length anime film Mary and the Witch’s Flower (Mary to Majo no Hana) on Thursday. The anime will debut in summer 2017. The film is based on Mary Stewart’s book The Little Broomstick.

Studio Ponoc posted both a Japanese and an English trailer. While the Japanese trailer reveals a summer 2017 debut, the English trailer just lists a 2017 debut.

Yonebayashi previously stated that he wanted his next film to be the “opposite” of When Marnie Was There.


Check out the 1949 edition of the Disney Giant Golden Book, Uncle Remus Stories. It not only has a beautiful cover by the amazing Mary Blair, damned near every illustration by Al Dempster (background artist on Fantasia, Dumbo, Song of the South and The Jungle Book) and Bill Justice (animator on Fantasia, The Three Caballeros, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan) are frame-worthy, as well!

First editions of Walt Disney’s Uncle Remus Stories can be purchased here.

Out of the 80 Penguin Little Black Classics, these are the ten that are written by women. 

32. Mary Kingsley: A Hippo Banquet
33. Jane Austen: The Beautifull Cassanda
39. Elizabeth Gaskell: The Old Nurse’s Story
42. Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Yellow Wall-Paper
48. Edith Wharton: The Reckoning
53. Christina Rossetti: Goblin Market
63. Emily Brontë: The Night Is Darkening Round Me
66. Kate Chopin: A Pair of Silk Stockings
72. Katherine Mansfield: Miss Brill
74. Sappho: Come Close

Mary Drake buried Ali... It wasn't Jessica: PLL Theory

I saw a post by Zamir Williams on Facebook suggesting that Mary could have been the one who buried Ali to protect Cece since Mary is Cece’s biological mother and it makes a ton more sense for her to protect her that way.

I have suspected that Mary could have been behind a few of the things we believe Jessica did, including this. As soon as we found out about Mary I started making sense of some of the things “Jessica did” that make no sense.. Like burying her daughter alive. I’ve made some notes that potentially put some pieces together.

This also explains why Jessica never SEEMED that bad towards Ali that she would do something like that.. Jessica could be the one who watched from the window and gasped as Ali was hit in the head, and Mary could be the one who buried Ali. Mary could’ve been in Radley and the phone call Jessica got could have been about Mary heading towards her house. That’s when Jessica told Ali not to leave the house. Ali genuinely believed that it was Jessica who buried her and didn’t intend to lie to the girls.

Mary’s existence could also explain Ezra’s suspicion that Jessica was A. She was his suspect when he was writing his book. Perhaps he saw some of Mary’s actions but believed it to be Jessica. Additionally, we know that Cece was helping Ezra with the book so she could have steered him more to the direction of suspecting Jessica so as to protect her own biological mother the way she protected her.

This has me wondering who Peter Hastings really made a deal with the night of Alis disappearance. We have been believing it was Jessica and it very well still could have been.. But as far as we know, Spencer didn’t hit or hurt anyone that night but Jessica’s threat that required this deal was that she would tell the cops that Spencer hit Ali. This makes no sense considering it wasn’t the truth and could be proven wrong.. But if MARY was the one working with Wilden then it might be a bit more understandable… Albeit still crazy.


It might be considered nosey to thumb through someone else’s little black address book, but that doesn’t bother Mary Savig, curator of manuscripts at the Smithsonian Archives of American Art. “It is very nosey and that’s why I really enjoy doing it,” she says.

The “Little Black Books” of some major and minor American artists are currently on view in a show at the Archives of American Art in Washington, D.C.

“We can read correspondence and read diaries, and we can find out so much more about their process as artists, their everyday lives,” Savig explains. The books show “the importance of their social networks, and how they would learn from each other and push each other to experiment in new ways.”

Peek Inside The ‘Little Black Books’ Of Some Famous American Artists

Photo credit: Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution
Caption: (top) Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner’s address book, circa 1950-1956 (bottom) Bernarda Bryson Shahn’s address book, 1972-2002


Image: Mary Ann Jackson, Alan “Farina” Hoskins, Joe Cobb, Harry Spear, Jean Darling and Bobby “Wheezer” Hutchins in a 1929 Our Gang comedy, later to be known as The Little Rascals. (CBS via Getty Images) y

The kids in the Our Gang comedies, also known as The Little Rascals, enjoyed as long a run on screen as anyone, starting in 1922. The child actors would age out of the comedies, and they’d be replaced. But there was this constant: While most of the gang were white, there was always at least one black child in the cast. Author Julia Lee dug deep into the lives of the African-American actors who performed in Our Gang, and she’s written a book about them called Our Gang: A Racial History Of The Little Rascals.

‘Our Gang’ Chronicles Lives Of African-American Actors In 'The Little Rascals’

Might sound crazy but...

What if Mary actually IS Jessica? What if Mary was the one killed, but they thought it was Jessica? And maybe Jessica killed her and is now coming back. It happened with Alison and Courtney in the books. In the books, Alison killed Courtney, but everyone thought it was Alison that had died. Then Ali came back and pretended to be Courtney. Maybe that’s what’s going on.