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A guy I kind-of know from college found out I like Thrawn, and he texted me on Facebook about it, and now we’re in a weird game where I’m trying to figure out exactly how much of his soul he’s given to Thrawn and he’s trying to decide if I’m a Real Fan™ or not.

I briefly considered linking him the dance fic just to see if he’d start screaming in terror, but decided to let him keep his life for now.

He made a sloppy “so artistically done” reference (twice) that I didn’t react to outside of an emoji so he asked me if I recognized the quote.


if I watch any Disney movies with you then don’t expect that we’re just gonna “watch it”. no. we’re gonna sing the songs, know the choreography, memorize the lines, and I expect you to understand the references. Because once you agree to watch with me, there is no turning back.


Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, step-fathers, adopted fathers, grandfathers, and father figures, who teach us to be strong, to be ourselves, and to love. This is for the hugs and kisses, for the support and encouragement, and for the love our fathers give us.


Check out the 1949 edition of the Disney Giant Golden Book, Uncle Remus Stories. It not only has a beautiful cover by the amazing Mary Blair, damned near every illustration by Al Dempster (background artist on Fantasia, Dumbo, Song of the South and The Jungle Book) and Bill Justice (animator on Fantasia, The Three Caballeros, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan) are frame-worthy, as well!

First editions of Walt Disney’s Uncle Remus Stories can be purchased here.

What Orsay really saw in Gone characters dreams...
  • Drake: Death, violence, darkness, murder etc.
  • Little Pete: Amazing vivid shapes and creations beyond human understanding
  • Caine: Taking over, killing Sam, Diana...
  • Diana: Surviving, food, evil plots but mostly Caine
  • Quinn: Fishing, food, family, probably Lana
  • Lana: Food, Patrick, The Darkness and maybe Sanjit
  • Edilio: ROGER, GAY, ROGER, GAY SEX and probably something to do with surviving
  • Astrid: Survival, family, Little Pete, Sam, food and other really considerate things
  • Orc: Killing Drake and beer - mostly beer
  • Brianna: Running, food and killing Drake
  • Computer Jack: Apple Macs and Brianna
  • Dekka: Literally just Brianna
  • Mary: Protecting the littles, food, death, weight, anxiety
  • Sam: Astrid tiddies.

We know from the Season 7 summer finale that Mary Drake is in fact Spencer Hastings mother, which has left us with many, many questions. One thing we believe is that Spencer is still Veronica’s child.

Marlene King confirmed the story originated from Sara Shepard’s books in which Spencer is “adopted”. For anyone not familiar, Veronica was not actually Spencer’s birth mother; Olivia Caldwell is. Olivia was a surrogate to the Hastings, as Veronica had health issues and was warned that another pregnancy would be dangerous to her health.

Veronica Hastings was Spencer’s true mother, however, as Olivia was carrying Veronica’s egg. Now we think this storyline from the books will play out fully in the show, with Mary Drake being the Olivia Caldwell of the books. This still makes Veronica Hastings the mother of Spencer.

order / chaos - showtunes about sticking to the rules and descending into discord

around here - 9 to 5 // the speed test - thoroughly modern millie // practically perfect - mary poppins // could you? - little women // the hammer - matilda // like other girls - daddy long legs // don’t break the rules - catch me if you can // learn your lessons well - godspell // spooky mormon hell dream - the book of mormon // pandemonium - the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee // dead girl walking (reprise) - heathers: the musical // why are all these heads off? - lizzie // the destruction - carrie // the world was wide enough - hamilton // totally fucked - spring awakening //


Bedtime Stories

Pairings- Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader

Warnings- Fwuff :3

Requested by anon-

  Bruce stumbled out of the living room, with hardly any control on his faculties. He was exhausted, he was grumpy, he could feel several bruises throbbing into bloom all over his body. 

 Three days, he hadn’t had any sleep. First there was a nasty bit of business in Metropolis, which Clark obviously couldn’t handle on his own. Then, the Scarecrow dosed Nightwing with his fear gas, which lead to a whole new set of problems. Then Poison Ivy broke Harley out of prison, who tried and failed to let the Joker out. And then……

  Bruce was brought out of his reverie by a small voice.


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Trailer: Arrietty & Marnie Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi Launches New Studio and New Feature Film: Mary And The Witch Flower (2017)

Studio Ponoc, the anime studio founded by former Studio Ghibli producer Yoshiaki Nishimura, announced its first feature length anime film Mary and the Witch’s Flower (Mary to Majo no Hana) on Thursday. The anime will debut in summer 2017. The film is based on Mary Stewart’s book The Little Broomstick.

Studio Ponoc posted both a Japanese and an English trailer. While the Japanese trailer reveals a summer 2017 debut, the English trailer just lists a 2017 debut.

Yonebayashi previously stated that he wanted his next film to be the “opposite” of When Marnie Was There.

Out of the 80 Penguin Little Black Classics, these are the ten that are written by women. 

32. Mary Kingsley: A Hippo Banquet
33. Jane Austen: The Beautifull Cassanda
39. Elizabeth Gaskell: The Old Nurse’s Story
42. Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Yellow Wall-Paper
48. Edith Wharton: The Reckoning
53. Christina Rossetti: Goblin Market
63. Emily Brontë: The Night Is Darkening Round Me
66. Kate Chopin: A Pair of Silk Stockings
72. Katherine Mansfield: Miss Brill
74. Sappho: Come Close

As he often did, Mercier thought of Annemarie as he drifted off. He was lonely for her, three years gone from influenza - thought at first, and for too long,  to be a winter grippe. Despite all the time he’d spent away  from her, they’d been a close couple, given to the small, continual affections of married life. They’d had two daughters, both now in their early twenties, one married to an archaeologist and living in Cairo, the other working at a museum in Copenhagen : adventurers like their father and, alas, like him, terribly independent. It was what he’d wished for, and what he got - so life went. Every now and then, a newsy letter, but it had been a long time since he’d seen either one of them. They were attractive, not beautiful, and moderately celestial, floating just above the daily world, not unlike Annemarie. Annemarie. Now and then, with a late supper for two planned, after the girls left home, they would make love at this time - that seductive hour between afternoon and night, l'heure bleue, in the French tradition, named after its deepening shadow.
—  Spies of Warsaw

The eldest surviving sister was Archduchess Maria Anna, or “La Marianne” as Empress Maria Theresa referred to her in her letters to Antoinette. Maria Anna had numerous physical handicaps, including a crooked back and weak lungs. It was early on decided that she was unmarriageable and so she was encouraged to become a nun. She eventually became the Abbess at Klagenfurt monastery in the Austrian Alps; it may be through her influence that Antoinette acquired some of her liturgical books, such as The Little Office of The Blessed Virgin Mary: According to the Usage of the Cistercian Order. The Abbess, who eschewed society as much as it eschewed her, was a patroness of the arts and sciences like her father the Emperor, and was perhaps one of the most intellectual of the sisters. She died at the age of 51.

Marie-Antoinette, Daughter of the Caesars: Her Life, Her Times, Her Legacy - Elena Maria Vidal