the little bird and the hound

 Another work in progress I will finish one day…I really love drawing these two. I have lots of skeches. The original file is pretty huge..almost 20000x20000. I had to make it almost 10 times smaller so I could upload it here. I will probably add his helmet as well. He’ll have three dog heads like the Clegane sigil has 3 dogs. I also secretly link the armor to the Cerberus.

So we know Sansa is an unreliable narrator. And is’t not only about the unkiss.

‘I wish the Hound were here. The night of the battle, Sandor Clegane had come to her chambers to take her from the city, but Sansa had refused. Sometimes she lay awake at night, wondering if she’d been wise.’ 

But if we look at the actual scene we can see that she didn’t refuse him. He made his offer but never actually gave her a chance to reply. He mistook her closing her eyes and expecting a kiss to her being disgusted to look at him. (Oh, Sandor, you big fool! You know lots about swinging a sword…but you know nothing about womanly affairs.)

“I could keep you safe,” he rasped. “They’re all afraid of me. No one would hurt you again, or I’d kill them.” He yanked her closer, and for a moment she thought he meant to kiss her. He was too strong to fight. She closed her eyes, wanting it to be over, but nothing happened. “Still can’t bear to look, can you?” she heard him say. He gave her arm a hard wrench, pulling her around and shoving her down onto the bed. “I’ll have that song. Florian and Jonquil, you said.” His dagger was out, poised at her throat. “Sing, little bird. Sing for your little life.”

We also get this passage later:

‘She could still remember how it felt, when his cruel mouth pressed down on her own. He had come to Sansa in the darkness as green fire filled the sky. He took a song and a kiss, and left me nothing but a bloody cloak

She sounds a bit bitter because he left her. It’s almost clear she was expecting something more. So what does Sansa want? Him to not leave (’I wish the Hound were here’), a kiss (I think the kiss originated during those nights she spent off page thinking about what happened during the Blackwater scene) or did she expect him to steal her away like in some song?

He asked her to sing. Later he asks again and she offers to sing an unheard  Florian and Jonquil song to Sandor, he refuses and mocks the song, but asked for it at knifepoint during the Blackwater scene.

What was that unheard song about?

ACOK chapter 18:

‘’sing me a song, why don’t you? Go on. Sing to me. Some song about knights and fair maids. You like knights, don’t you?” 

‘’I never got my song.”
“I … I know a song about Florian and Jonquill.”
“Florian and Jonquill? A fool and his cunt. Spare me. But one day I’ll have a song from you, whether you will it or no.”
I will sing it for you gladly.
Sandor Clegane snorted. “Pretty thing, and such a bad liar’’

(So he wants a song, but not the one of Florian and Jonquill. What kind a song does he really want?)

ACOK chapter 62:

‘“I’ll have that song. Florian and Jonquill, you said.” His dagger was out, poised at her throat. “Sing, little bird. Sing for your little life.” 

(Of course she sung,,,but not what he asked for and she does not do it gladly, Instead she sings the Mother hymn.)


During his time with Arya, Sandor  boasts to her about how Sansa gave him a song.

But as he is on his deathbed he admits Sansa din not give him a song…he took it.

‘I took the bloody song, she never gave it.’

He wanted her to give him a song willingly. 


Sansa’s dream:

‘Only then he was bigger than Tyrion had any right to be, and when he climbed into the bed his face was scarred only on one side. “I’ll have a song from you,” he rasped.’

While Lysa was screaming while having teh sexy times with Petyr, Marillion tells Alayne he could make her sing louder than Lysa. So here it is. A double meaning to ‘song’ /‘to sing’.

Sansa and Sandor are both linked to songs. Maybe Sansa will sing him a song gladly one day.What kind of song? We’ll have to wait and see ;). 

We also get this little gem from Cersei:

‘Before I am done with her, I promise you, she will be singing to the Stranger, begging for his kiss.’

Here Sansa is linked again to ‘singing’. Stranger is also the name of Sandor’s horse, which is on the QI, but is still pretty wild and refuses to submit to the monks. The Gravedigger is also showing sings of not being tamed as he throws dirt towards Brienne. And also would you consider a man with his face hidden a stranger?‘Begging for his kiss’-if we look at how many times Sansa brings up the unkiss it is pretty clear that she wished that it happened…that’s why she creates this false memory.


Parallels between Sandor/Gravedigger and the Stranger.

- The Stranger represents death and the unknown-> Sandor brought death upon others, even calls himself a butcher.  The Hound ‘died’.Arya is the only one who would know and expect him dead as she left him in the middle of nowhere while he was close to death. Sandor’s fate was unknown to many. His Helmet is worn by other people afterwards. To Sansa Sandor’s faith is still unknown.

-The Stranger leads the dead to the other world-> The Gravedigger is digging graves.

-The Stranger’s face has been described as half-human-> Sandor has a half-human face if you think about how half his face is a scar.  

-The Stranger is also described as being almost animal-like-> Sandor is called ‘the Hound’,’Dog’…he even calls himself ‘dog’. Also his helmet is made in the shape of a snarling dog. And he is a beast-like character. 

-The Stranger’s face is concealed beneath a hooded mantle-> The clothing customs of QI includes monks concealing their faces with scarves, hoods. Guess what the Gravedigger wears.

-Bonus:- Sandor finds an interesting name for his horse: Stranger.

            -People avoid praying to the Stranger ->people usually don’t want Sandor around. Think of the time when he was asked to leave that village, although he was helpful while he stayed there.

           -Outcasts identify themselves with the Stranger-> Sandor mocks religion, but he is an outcast. He did his best during his stay in the village, yet he was asked to leave. After papa Clegane died and Gregor inherited the keep, Sandor left. 

As the boy’s lips touched her own she found herself thinking of another kiss.  She could still remember how it felt, when his cruel mouth pressed down on her own.  He had come to Sansa in the darkness as green fire filled the sky.  He took a song and a kiss, and left me nothing but a bloody cloak.
—  A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin

Bad News at the Crossroads Inn by linhsiang

This illustration is meant to depict Sandor’s encounter with Gregor’s men where he learns of and reacts to Sansa’s marriage to the Imp, as described in ASOS:

The Hound poured a cup of wine for Arya and another for himself, and drank it down while staring at the hearthfire. “The little bird flew away, did she? Well, bloody good for her. She shit on the Imp’s head and flew off.”

A Song from You by MathiaArkoniel

“… But one day I’ll have a song from you, whether you will it or no.”

A piece undertaken by “The Stranger’s Kiss” blog from artist Mathia Arkoniel, that looks at Sandor and Sansa’s conversation in A Clash of Kings that begins with an accidental encounter on the Serpentine steps, and ends outside of her chamber doors, with the Hound making a daring promise to the little bird…

This had a certain issue with the lighting that at first was deemed unfixable as the light source can’t be changed in this type of illustration, but after some exchanging of ideas with us, our wonderful artist was finally able to offer a solution that was exactly right and achieved the desired effect. All thanks and credit go to Mathia for her expertise in digital painting and perseverance.

We are happy this painting has had such success and appreciation in the fandom, and we hope you like the new update!

meanwhile on the quiet isle
  • brienne: i am looking for a highborn maid of three and ten with auburn ha-
  • elder brother: (heavy sigh)
  • elder brother: sansa stark
  • brienne: oh
  • brienne: how did u kno
  • elder brother: OH PLEASE
  • elder brother: do you know how many fucking times a day i have to hear about sansa fucking stark
  • elder brother: its always sansa this and little bird that
  • elder brother: i cant take it anymore
  • brienne:
  • elder brother: the hound is dead by the way
  • elder brother: i killed him cuz he wouldn't shut the fuck up about sansa fucking stark now get off my island b4 i do the same 2 u