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Top 10 bls?

Okay so these are my personal favorites in no particular order:

  • Takumi // these are the movies that got me into BL; if you’re disappointed by movie 1 don’t worry, the main couple got recast in the second one and everything got 200% better
  • Hormones // the iconic phu & thee have been my blog icon for ages and the spot is well deserved, my heart literally broke for thee; it’s also my favorite thai series ever
  • No Regret // a classic korean queer movie: dark, hot, sometimes cute but also very much insane
  • SOTUS // one of the better thai BL series with good acting and an interesting story; someone buy me a pink milk!
  • Eternal Summer // I will always remember the bed scene in this movie has one of the hottest in asian BL movies; the ending is a little to vague for my taste but it’s still a beautiful movie about youth and friendship
  • Life Is Beautiful // I couldn’t believe I was watching a korean drama with a serious gay relationship which was portrayed as beautifully as it was
  • Lovesick // everyone has probably watched or at least heard about this series, it was the start of the BL based on a novel trend; it’s super cute and full of iconic moments like the scooter washing scene
  • Seven Days // favorite japanese BL movies after Takumi; I remember finding this very funny specially the first movie
  • The Lover // this drama had no business being as good as it was; the ending scene made up for the lack of a real kiss :’(
  • Yandaixiejie no.10 // probably my favorite chinese series, just wish it had a better ending

Dude this was so hard :o

Art and stuff

So about 2 years ago when I was at my art school(I’m still there but I’m not actually THERE there at the moment) I was taking my Drawing II class; on the first day I was kinda late so I just kinda tiptoed in and took a seat. For the most part of the first week I kinda just stayed in my spot and kept to myself like I usually do(until I make so friends). Then as the second week rolled in, I wasn’t late this time thankfully, but I noticed this cute asian guy come in and I suddenly felt my heart skip a few beats! Was this guy in the right class?! Am I in the right class?! Why haven’t I noticed him before?! He was so incredibly handsome! I’m sorry! *COVERS FACE* He was tall, and he had some long silky soft looking black hair, and he always wore hipster-ish laid-back kinda style of clothes. I just kept thinking “Wow he’s really cute!”

The weeks in class went on and I never really talked to him. I’m a pretty shy person so it’d be hard for me, especially if I’m trying to talk to a cute guy! Aaaahh but I really wanted to! I just couldn’t! Soon I started to realize that I would stare at him… A lot…! Sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. I’m just silently crushing on him while thinking, “I wonder where he’s from… Oh, he’s from Hong Kong? That’s cool!… He changed his name to a common american name but I wonder what his real name is… His hair is sooo soft and fluffy looking! I wish I could touch it without being weird… I like his clothes. So simple yet so stylish at the same time.. I wonder if he’d like me in any way…”! All of this is happening in my head until I realize that he happened to glance my way! We’re holding eye contact for a few seconds and wait… He smiled at me!! Just a cute little smile of acknowledgement, and I smile back! This happened a lot; sometimes I caught myself staring at him out of admiration and the fact that he’s handsome and other times I’m just thinking about something else like what I’m going to eat later and he just happens to be in my line of vision! But he always gives me a cute little smile and I smile back and quickly look away thinking, “Oh my god, this is the 8th damn time you’ve caught me staring at you today! I’m so sorry! Please don’t think I’m a weirdo trying to stalk you!” Sometimes if his hair would get in the way he’d get this hairpin stick and hold it in his mouth while he’d fix his hair up in a bun or a ponytail to put the hairpin in! I’d try not to stare! I honestly did but… *SIGH* 

Sometimes when I had to get up for something I’d have to walk past his drawing desk and I’d take a look at his work and his drawings were SO.FREAKING.GOOD! There was so much detail and shade and value and shit and I’m just thinking “Damn can you teach me?!” Even though I found myself still staring at him I noticed that he would sometimes already be looking at me too. I could feel my heart doing some crazy things when that would happen! One time the class had to gather around our professors computer to look at something and we both happened to stand next to each other! I wasn’t even trying to actually do it, but it just happened?! Girl, I don’t think I’ve ever seen myself blush before,(I’m light so it’d probably show up)but I probably was at that moment! My face was on fire! My heart was about to explode! Like I said before, he’s pretty tall! Well mostly everybody is gonna be taller than me, since I’m only 5'2 but still! Did he purposely stand next to me? Did the universe align for us to stand next to each other for these few minutes?! Am I just being stupid and this is all a coincidence?! I don’t know but I’m pretty happy either way! 

One day, I think it was around finals or something, he was talking to a friend about his drawing project and saying he didn’t think it was that good and that he could’ve done better(artist’s favorite set of words), and I suddenly said that I think it’s really good, that there’s a lot of detail and that I think he worked really hard on it… Wait.. Did I just say that out loud? To him? Without hesitation? Then he got adorably cute and shy and modest saying that he didn’t think it was that good enough for me to say that. That moment probably added a year or 2 to my life! Not much happened between us due to my shyness and him likely being the same way, but when the semester ended I’d still think about him and wonder what it’d be like if we were friends. 

When the next semester started we didn’t have any other classes together but sometimes I’d randomly see him. Of course my dumb self was to shy to try to speak or quietly get his attention! But one day my friend and I were walking and a guy from her class walked by and greeted her and stuff and I happened to look at the guy next to him and it was the cute asian guy I’m crushing on!!! My heart started beating so fast! And to my surprise he brightened up and smiled at me and waved! You could literally see his mood brighten up just be seeing me. Even though we don’t know each others names and have never really talked to each other, I never knew I could do that to someone! It was an amazing little feeling. After we went our own ways I told my friend about him being in my drawing class and how I had a crush on him. She agreed with me that he was definitely cute and that I should try to get to know him! I wanted to but… Arrrghh! 

So towards the end of a semester I get a call from my dad saying school was getting a little too expensive at the moment and I’d have to take a break for a while. NOOOOO!!! Ok I hate school and doing work but I didn’t want to leave my friends and this boy I’m so badly crushing on! Why is this happening?! Why?! On the last day, when everyones packing up to go home for the break, we happen to find each other again! He was standing with a small group of some friends, but kinda off to the side in his own little world, but still listening to them, and he looks up and visibly brightens up like the sun and smiles at me and gives me this cute little shy wave. The fact that he takes his mind off what his friends were saying just to look at me and wave really made me happy. Of course I do the same, but I was feeling sad since this would probably be the last time I see him again. But I was glad I somehow saw him again before I left!

I still wonder if he’s still there, but he’ll have graduated by the time I get back there. The Lord and the universe we’re probably throwing me all these signs, wishing they could just hit me, saying “Girl, I’ve been throwing y'all together randomly for a reason! Why aren’t you picking up my signs! This could’ve been your 1st boyfriend!”. But if I stick around in the art industry maybe we’ll see each other again? And maybe I’ll have some confidence this time!


So this post is discussing some things that have been bothering me as of late.

 So first things first I am a bisexual. I feel like the LGBTQA likes to alienate bisexual people based on a lot of experiences I have had personally and other bi people I have spoken to. I like girls/guys and that’s that.

Second I am a cisgender male who is married to a bigender man/women. I have an issue with the cisphobia that some trans people give cis people.I get a lot of cisphobia it is unwarranted when they do not know me personally. I am a supporter of ALL people including trans brothers and sisters and those in between.Yes, I agree that some cis people are absolute ass cakes and I can’t stand them but that is not how we all are and if you believe that then you are no better than the transphobes.

 Third I am Christian with some Wicca mixed in there and my wife/husband is fully Wiccan, I have trans friends, I have an atheist brother who I would die for, I have been in many fights defending lgbtqa persons such as trans or non conforming persons, I feed homeless people in Orlando every other day and I love all animals. This nonsense that all Christians are hateful and horrible is not true. I will quote Demi Lovato “ my Jesus loves everyone”. My god judges your heart, not your orientation or what parts you do and don’t have.

Forth I am a white male with Irish Syrian and Italian roots. I do not hate anyone for their skin color or their religion as long as you aren’t an asshole. I have black friends, white friends, Asian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, French, British, etc. One of my favorite pairings are Wrench and Marcus Halloway who are both males one black and one white. I love all people my best friend is a black guy named Alex which is a little bigger in the tum area but I don’t care about size because I read your actions and heart.

The last thing I want to discuss, I am a rape and sexual abuse survivor. I have been raped by men, women and family members. this stigma that rape can’t happen to ANY man trans, cis or bigender is not true. It can happen and has happened to men. Stop supporting female rape and abuse survivors and then belittling male ones. Enough is enough. 

I believe that love is the answer 

I believe that love will find a way 

   Blessed Union of Souls  “ I believe”                                               

  -The Mineral and Gem Assassin

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I saw Ghost in the Shell and honestly it was great! Not perfect but great and would buy. The whitewashing controversy is sad but Scarlet really did a good job and the production team did an amazing job. The rest of the cast deserves huge props for their amazing portrayals! If you see it I think you may be surprised by how good it is!

I don’t have doubts that it is good, but personally, that only saddens me more. I am almost sure that I would have enjoyed the movie had it been a standalone American film unrelated to the Ghost in the Shell franchise. Unfortunately, as it stands, I cannot bring myself to watch it.

For me, as a Korean-American, the whole problem I have with the movie has little to do about the polish and quality of the final product; it had to do partially with the integrity of the original story, and mostly to do with a missed opportunity for Asian-American women in Hollywood.

As such, I cannot in good conscience financially support this movie in any way, as the thought of what it could have been (a story about dual identity, feeling different inside and outside, featuring an Asian-American) still makes my heart ache. It could have been something so important, more than just a good action movie. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel to me that this is the case.

I am, however, happy to hear that you had an enjoyable experience and felt that you wanted to share with me. Thank you for your message, and I hope I was able to articulate my own feelings in an understandable way.

Blog #7 Asian American and Animation - Sailor Moon

As I was born and raised up in Japan, my childhood memories might be different from you especially in TV programs or movies that I used to watch. Some of you may heard about Sailor Moon, I was super huge fun of that anime when I was little. My future goal in kinder garden was be Sailor Moon, and I even tried to cut my bangs to be heart shaped like her… (Its a girl in the middle, good memories) 

Sailor Moon : originally from comic book which started to publish in 1992. After it published, Sailor Moon was animated, there were a musical, and also became as a TV show acted by Japanese actress.  

Before Sailor Moon got hit, Japanese animation was different. It was more about Japanese/ Asian ordinary people’s life and their appearance was more like Asian.  But these girls are different. They have..

  • Small face
  • Big eyes 
  • Colored eyes
  • Colored hair 
  • Long legs
  • White skin

These girls have different appearance which Asian girls deserve to have, and every girls wish to be like them. (Not even kidding, I used to have a hair wigs of Sailor Moon.)  This anime put image of Western girl’s appearance on Asian girls, and many of them started to long to be Sailor Moon. 

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(Look at her hair, its unreal for us, Asian) 

Sailor Moon influences not only on girl’s appearance but also on women’s power especially in Japan/ Asia. In my country, we still often hear the idea of “Woman should stay home and do housework. Man should go out and work.” Especially in the era of late 1980s to 1990s in Japan, there were still inequality between men and women, and women could not be as active as women should be today.  

Then how Sailor Moon influenced on Asian Women? 

The story of Sailor Moon is about young female warrior fight with dark evil/ enemy. Surprisingly, Sailor Moon is the first female power rangers in the history of Japanese comic/ animation. Indeed there were many male warrior like Superman, but there were no female hero at that time. 

(How she battles against her enemy is so powerful and energetic!)  

Moreover, right before Sailor Moon was published, Equal Employment Operation Law was approved in Japan in 1986. Since then, many Japanese women wish to be active in their society, and Sailor Moon was a young woman who gave hope to Japanese /Asian women. She encourages Japanese women to be active in society, and I believe her power raised Japanese women’s power. 

As I said, I was super huge fan of Sailor Moon when I was a little. But I have never thought or even analyzed about Sailor Moon. What she brought in Japanese society especially in the image of appearance has big influence on myself too. Because I was the one who wished to have blond hair and colored eyes. Also, I did not have any idea in the relationship between  women in power and Sailor Moon. But now, it all makes sense, because Sailor Moon is still popular in our society and it is becoming popular in other countries. 

I hope you enjoyed my analysis of Sailor Moon, and makes you interested in our anime culture!  - Natsumi Ueno (Sumi)

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i wonder if you have thoughts about white ppl doing deep genealogy to discover their (non-white) ancestry to identity with? i have emotional turmoil rn over so that ids as everything from mestiza to asian to amazigh to native cause genealogy, calls themselves brown, poc, dis-ids with whiteness, while being like raised and born white us american, from skin color to facial features to white hair, with no cultural ties whatsoever and idk if i'm allowed to feel upset or need a better heart or... idk

I’ve gotten a lot of messages about similar situations so I hope that this is helpful!

I talked about this a little bit in my post about white-passing-ness but basically, I think that it’s important for people of colour–especially those of us who have proximity to whiteness in some way–to interrogate and to be honest about how we relate to race in our daily lives / how proximity to whiteness affects us. as far as the question of being raised white and discovering nonwhite ancestry later in life goes, I do think that there’s a difference (materially and/or emotionally, depending on the individual case) between a white-passing person of colour who has cultural ties to their non-white racial group(s), who was raised with the knowledge that they weren’t white, who potentially was + is racialised as non-white by people in the know, who has internalised or intergenerational trauma from / connection to their race, etc., and a person who was ‘raised white’ and has never had any cultural connection to their non-white racial group(s). I don’t think that it’s automatically bad or invalidating to acknowledge that.

however, I similarly don’t think that it’s automatically bad to acknowledge newly discovered non-white ancestry, or to seek more information about your familial history, or to potentially try to reconnect with that culture / those cultures, as long as you do it respectfully and while acknowledging all of the above. I don’t think that it’s invalid to have whatever feelings you’re gonna have about that discovery and how it changes how you see yourself / your family.

of course the specific racial politics of where you live will probably bear heavily on this (again, whether you live in a system of racial hyperdescent or hypodescent is a big one that comes to mind), as well as the politics surrounding the specific race(s)/ethnicit(ies) in question. for example, many indigenous communities tend to place less emphasis on “how much” indigenous ancestry you have and more on whether you actively claim, connect with, preserve, etc. the culture. a lot of indigenous communities differ with how open or closed they consider themselves and how necessary cultural connection from childhood is to community membership, or with how open they are about sharing information about their culture, and that has to be considered if you’re trying to reconnect respectfully. just having ancestry won’t always be enough. so there are a lot of things to keep in mind here.

all of that being said, I do believe that it’s definitely possible for people who are effectively white to claim ancestries that don’t have any kind of bearing on their daily lives just so that they can deflect accusations of racism, or engage in traditions / appropriate symbols of cultures that they’ve never put any effort into really understanding or connecting with, just for laughs or the thrill of the ~exotic~ or w/e. if someone isn’t being honest about how their non-white ancestries don’t really materially affect them, and if they’re not putting in the emotional effort to reconnect with their non-white ancestral cultures or to bear that burden (because, while belonging to a non-white culture can be beautiful and meaningful and healing, it can also be a heavy and traumatic thing to carry), then I don’t think it’s wrong to criticise that.


/Hello to everyone old and new ♥/

Just wanted to say a few important things, since been a real while I uploaded anything. There’s been lotsa’going on, I’ve been working on Echotale stuff, though. Unfortunately, none of the pages I made (and those were over 50 pages of sketch and lineart) are something I can upload (for now…and some even ever, possibly?). Part of them them needs revision, others have bad timing or reveal information that I can’t make public yet, rest has been torturing my braincells for a while… I’ve been quite stuck with the story - not because of losing track of it (I had already planned it out till the end), but other, more personal things that I can hardly talk about openly. I enjoy writing the story really much and I have NEVER (I repeat..NEVER) had this kind of attention from so SO many people in my life. Even outside country! Reaching hearts of people as far as Asian continent has been something I dreamed about for a long time…now it happened…and I am a bit clumsy at how to handle it @///@;; I’m an introvert that likes to please people, I have lots of surpressed feelings and I’d be at my happiest if I could just make people happy with the little that I can give to the world. For this reason, I have gotten a bit tangled up with how I want to approach and end the story. DON’T GET ME WRONG, IT’S FAR FROM ENDING - it’s the opposite!! I still have so so many things I Want to tell/show. You all have seen just how close Frisk gets to G, but the most fun part of them growing from awkward friends/strangers to closely bonded people still hasn’t been shown, I’m very eager to work on it! ♥ But these upcomming pages are so crucial to how the ending plays out and I’ve had very little confidence whatsover about it all, that I couldn’t move on. I talked to only few people about it who were objective enough to judge it, including a friend who isn’t in the UNDERTALE fandom at all, she’s been a great help and support. The ending is written with best intentions and heart, I know I won’t ever be able to satisfy everyone but thankfully there were souls who reminded me that it’s important to stay true to your self as writer.

I also want to send a huge huge THANKS to the whole Korean/Filipino/Japanese/Asian community of artists and fansYou all have touched my hearts deeply with all the beautiful fanarts that I had the pleasure seeing either here or on twitter! Thank you for the art and kind support in word ^___^//  ♥ It really made me happy so many times! I still can’t process just how big Echotale got, I am very slow at understanding some things… I want to apologize to all the people I’ve hurt in the process, as well (you know who you are, if you’re reading this at all). And there’s also special thanks for individual people on tumblr who supported me when I felt real down, thank you so much, sending you all my grannylove <3! I may not be able to speak to you a lot, but I appreciate you all and think about you with best wishes in my grannyheart! I want to apologize for things like closing up the inbox, not replying to messages or being generally very very slow and unresponsive.

And lastly but not least important, thank you to two very special people I encountered in the past half year>> @nyublackneko for simply being awesome and the little island of peace in my stormy days <333. And @junkpilestuff  - I can hardly word anything regarding you (whyisthatsointenseomghelp), but you really helped me out with all your gutt-kicks swung with care about me and the story and G in general. I will do my best to make the ending good, thanks to your advice and insight.

I had a ton of different plans for the next update but after quite the bunch of long and short talks with @junkpilestuff I might change them a bit. Sorry for continuing my confusion streak!! I might have to postpone the SHIFT chapters for a bit more, same with the Prequel - because I need to change a few things about the writing. So next will probably be Travelers/Wanderlust chapters. These will be very random stories about traveling in various lengths (from just one page to several), working as stand alone chapters.

NOTE: TRAVELERS chapters all happened very short after G and Frisk met, so they might have a different tone to them, please, don’t let it surprise/confuse you! These are placed possibly before chapter  DESPITE EVERYTHING.

WANDERLUST chapters will have the same tone, just happening after the DESPITE chapter, shortly before Flowerfield. Having G and Frisk share the closer bond.

I’m still no good with tight schedules, since I have to draw for money as well and do other things beside this, it can get a bit overwhelming for an introvert snail who needs to rest many times and spend time on their own to regain energy.

Thank you all for everything, I hope this continues to be a fun experinece for all of us ♥ Thank you for your support and take care! Till next update!


word count: 1448

warnings: none

Through the rifle scope, you had the head of an unknown man in the cross-hairs. He was accompanied by another man, completely unaware of your presence. You were perched atop a building you had been residing in, and you were going to protect the damn thing with all you had. You were short sighted, and without the aid of the rifle scope, there was no way you could clearly see further than a meter ahead of you. Your only pair of glasses rested safely on your kitchen table, only being used when you felt was absolutely necessary.

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I went to a Starbucks this morning and met this sweet old Asian woman working there.

She asked me what my major was, since she could tell I was probably a college student. I didn’t have the heart to disappoint her with my poor academic history so I told her Physics, to which she seemed delighted/impressed, a little later telling me that her daughter was majoring in Physics and just started taking Astronomy classes. I offhandedly asked if her daughter wanted to work for NASA, to which she said her daughter was interested in both Physics and Anthropology, and that she herself, the barista, actually worked for NASA during the late 90s!

I asked if this had anything to do with funding cuts, not really knowing much about job security or much really about the real NASA job market. She actually said that she left because she needed time to raise her three kids. Zoinks

korra is so important. not just in a “this is my favourite character she is queen of my heart” way but in a “this is a (darker skinned!) asian woman who is the protag of a show filled with other people of colour”.

not to mention she’s a well-developed character and possessing of qualities girls are often discouraged from having/are not always seen in female characters: muscular, brash, determined as hell, confident, physical, etc.

i’m just so so happy characters like korra EXIST. there is a little girl out there who can look at korra and say “hey! she looks like me!!” when so many of us weren’t able to say that as kids. representation in mainstream media, especially for children, is essential.

“At Least It Happened While He Was Asleep” Thominewt oneshot

an AU I’ve created - the Death Day AU

Warnings: I wouldn’t exactly call this angst. It’s just sad fluff okay I’m sorry

A/N: There’s this saying “every year we go through our day of birth celebrating it. The weird thing is that we also go through our day of death having no idea that it’s it.” This prompted me to an AU idea where people do know their death day and month, but not year, so they spend one same day of every year freaking out.

“Hogan, the peace is nearly won across the Nine Realms. You should stay here. Be with your people, where your heart is. Asgard can wait,” a smooth bass speaks as a flash of blond hair fills the entire width of computer screen.

“You have my thanks, Thor,” the shot cuts to an Asian-looking man in slinky black armor.

“As you have mine,” comes the reply, a sentry noble smile adorning the demigod’s face as he nods slowly in acknowledgement of respect for his interlocutor.

It’s Newt who breaks first. He suddenly sighs, chest a little shaky with the weight of his dooming thoughts, and leans forward to press the space bar on their laptop keyboard. The movie pauses on Chris Hemsworth’s close up that would have been extremely attractive under any other conditions. But not now.  

“Are we gonna talk about it?” the boy prompts, nervously readjusting his legs on the couch.

Thomas places a hand on his thigh, as if trying to ask wordlessly to postpone this talk for a little longer. Newt meets his pleading gaze determinedly, shoulders tense with anticipation.

Thomas sighs. He knew this conversation was coming but he’d hoped it could at least wait until the movie is over.

Newt props up, supported by palms, his whole body language showing that he’s waiting for the younger boy’s response. It’s Minho who breaks the silence though.

“About what exactly?” he says, wiggling his back to slide a little lower on the sofa and get comfortable with his legs on Newt’s folded knees.

“Oh, I don’t know. We could discuss the weather, or this movie we just didn’t watch, or Kim K’s nudes, and maybe just maybe the fact that my birth certificate states I might be a bloody goner by tomorrow night.“ There’s subtle hint of irritation mixed with something that sounds a lot like panic in the voice, the kind that Newt trusts not to appear noticeable for his boyfriends.

Minho shifts. "There’s a vague chance of that,” he reminds, teeth digging into his bottom lip – a habit he only seems to recall having when he’s feeling anxious. None of them would admit it, but all three know that Newt’s asthma makes those words hard to believe.

“God, I hate these days,” Thomas sighs, closing his eyes for a moment to gather all the patience he has.

Celebrating the day of one’s birth is pretty much a global thing. It’s always cheery and endearing with endless display of affection towards the hero of occasion, heaps of shabby wishes repeating themselves over years as a worn out habit, some presents if that’s how it works for particular customs, and a blissful positive vibe.

Going through the second date mentioned in birth certificate, however, is not as promising to say the least. The broadly loathed day has four very important digits missing which makes it even more unbearable to cope with. The death day with its standard “unknown year” addition to the precise month and day. Are you going to die today? Is it going to happen on this day twenty years from now? That’s above one’s cognition.

“I’m thinking you should stay home to start off with. I’ll manage a day off and hopefully so will Thomas. We’ll look after you and spend the day together,” Minho suggests, keeping himself distant from any form of sarcasm.

The Asian’s speech usually turns slightly too formal when he’s showing no signs of wittiness on rare, rare occasions. His boyfriends even had a conversation once about whether it actually takes effort from Minho to keep his sharp tongue at bay. They’d concluded it probably does.

Thomas nods approvingly. "I second that. We’ll watch some more Marvel movies and cuddle.”

An uncomfortable moment of silence hangs in the air before Newt shakes his head slowly. “You’re kidding, right?”

Their romantic relationship is about 7 months old now. They haven’t gone through this kind of situation together before; Newt’s death day is the first they’ll have to deal with. Thomas was pretty sure they’ll come up with a routine for these days over time – staying home and being lazy sounded like a great plan to him. Until Newt crashed his vision with those three simple words.

“How else would we spend the day?” he tries to be careful with the question, unsure of what Newt has in his mind.

“I’m not locking my arse inside, and you two are not taking a day off to babysit me. It’s my bloody fate, if it’s happening tomorrow than nothing can change that,” the blonde states harshly, breath hitching at the intensity of his own words, panic drifting along his mind for a brief second of fear that he may have an asthma attack right here and now.

“It’s not about that, Newt,” Minho argues softly, sitting up straight and entwining his fingers with the blonde’s on his lap.

“It’s not like we wanna try to prevent what may happen to you tomorrow,” the youngest boy supports, crossing legs under his weight. “We just want to spend the day with you. Be next to you when it happens or better say doesn’t happen.”

“I see your point,” Newt gives an unintended light squeeze to Minho’s hands in his. “How come you two are in sync about this?”

“We’ve been discussing it for weeks. Had to come up with some sort of plan before the actual day comes,” Thomas confesses, leaning his head onto Newt’s shoulder since the blonde is positioned in between him and Minho.

“I don’t have the bloody nerve to see your faces if you get to watch me die. That’s too much to ask for. I’m gonna go to work tomorrow,” Newt shakes his head, shooing away the images of his teary-eyed boyfriends from his mind.

He’s ready for the argument, ready to fight back the boys confronting him, but to his surprise there’s a warm pair of lips gently leaning on his knuckles and a silent “okay” seeping from Minho’s mouth.

“You’re good with that?” Newt asks, taken aback.

“As long as that’s what you want,” the Asian reassures rubbing a thumb across the back of the other boy’s palm, voice never having sounded so gentle.

Newt looks over at Thomas, and seeing him nod, noticeably relaxes, letting a long-tamed sigh vibrate his chest.

“That’s sorted, then,” he breathes again, unable to hide the tremble of his respiration.

It’s scary. Newt is an adult and Newt is a strong man. But it’s still scary.

Facing death is not what he thought he’d be afraid of, since he once tried to draw it himself. He later realized it was stupid of him to attempt suicide on the day that’s not supposed to be the one for his death. He’s got a crack on the bone of his ankle as a painfully tangible consequence of this accident.

The truth is that knowing the exact day of your end and at the same time not knowing it at all is very, very stressful. Newt’s past the death wish, he has two boys sitting on his both sides that are worth living for. Yet there he is, a step before losing them forever if tomorrow’s the day.

It’s not the oblivion that Newt fears.

“Hey,” a familiar voice pulls him out of the thoughts and the blonde pays his attention to the source of his salvation. “It’s okay, Newt. It’s gonna be okay.” Thomas is smiling at him fondly with a hand sunk in the sandy desert of his blond hair, ruffling the strands in slow patterns.

Newt notices the younger boy’s other hand merged with Minho’s over his knees with the fingers of the bigger boy rubbing soothing circles over Thomas’s moles. His peripheral vision shows him the image of Minho’s eyes fixed on Thomas, encouraging the boy to stay strong.

It hits him like a truck on a free laboring highway. It’s not all about him. He may be the one doomed to die tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean he’s the only one fearing that day. Hell knows, he’s not as bothered as his boyfriends probably are. Suddenly, there’s an image in his mind, a blurred scene playing before his eyes. Thomas’s and Minho’s silhouettes sit on opposite sides of the lunch table, patiently waiting for Newt to come from work, silence only interrupted with Minho’s occasional grumbles about the food cooling.

“It’s soon,” Thomas probably said out of the blue, startling Minho.

“I know,” the Asian probably replied, watching Thomas’s eyes moisten.

He probably crossed the table and squeezed Thomas in a hug, pressing kisses to his forehead and reassuring that Newt is too young to die this year. Thomas probably leaned into the touch, letting himself weep because yes he is fucking allowed to cry over this.

“I’ve never felt this before on the eve of my death day,” Newt admits, shoving the vivid fantasy as far away as he can manage. His eyes don’t fix on any of the two boys around him. The ground is okay to stare at for now.

“Felt what?”

“Apprehension,” Newt looks up into Minho’s eyes, not quite daring to glance at Thomas just yet. Over these months he learnt that Thomas is not the type to hold his emotions back and right now he can’t bear with the worry that he caused in the young boy’s eyes. Minho, in contrast, stays rock calm, but from the way his grip unwillingly tightens on Newt’s hand and his lips get yet another nip from his teeth, Newt knows Minho’s far from being calm.

“That’s just the fear speaking in you. We’re gonna be okay,” the Asian assures, tilting his head to the right to cast a quick glance on Thomas behind Newt’s back and make sure the boy isn’t freaking out.

For a moment Newt considers replying with a no, explaining that over all the past years of his life he’s never once sensed this squirming in his chest that makes him feel sick in the stomach and shudder with his whole external body.

But he lets go of the thought as quickly as he grasps it, with just one look over his shoulder at Thomas, who looks like he is about to burst out in tears.

“You’re right, Min,” Newt says quietly, doing his best to prevent his voice from cracking. “It’s probably not a big deal. And besides, I’m not planning on leaving you two alone just yet, so there’s no way in bloody hell I’m gonna die.” He smiles sympathetically at Thomas and nods to confirm the genuineness of his own words.

He watches as Thomas takes a deep breath and his reddened eyes swallow the gathered tears back. The young boy wraps his arms around Newt’s waist from behind and presses his face against Newt’s back, pressing a lingering touch of lips on the soft fabric of Newt’s hoodie.

“I’ve had a crush on you two for two fucking years. Now when I finally got you, I’m not letting go. Death can fuck off,” he mumbles, making Newt chuckle and loosening up the tension in the air.

The familiar weight of Minho’s head descends onto his lap and Newt can’t help but sigh, running hands through the smooth coaly hair of the boy and ruining its perfectly styled look. Minho closes his eyes, hums at the feeling of his hair being played with, and lifts his eyelids to look up at Newt and Thomas from beneath.

“I love you,” he whispers in an exhale, pupils darting from one boy to the other. The words slip into air and seem to hover like a dome above the three of them.

The meaningful words have never been pronounced by any of the boys during all seven months of their relationship. Minho thought he’d have chosen the moment to say them carefully, one day when he’d treat his boys out to someplace pretty. During a picnic under the night sky of New York, next to the lake where they first met. Or perhaps in the coffee shop where they had their first date. But he’d postponed the do for too long and now he felt like he needs to say it in case Newt doesn’t get to hear that ever again.

His body is tense; he wonders whether he fucked up when nothing comes as a reply. The oxygen in air seems to have turned into a heavy metal, pressing on his shoulders, hard.

It’s then, when his eye catches a movement of something dark over him leaning down, and suddenly there’s a pair of warm lips tenderly leaving their taste on his mouth, not quite in a right angle, but it still sends a wave of shudder through Minho. Thomas pulls away after a while, straightening his back since he had to bend his body down and reach for Minho on Newt’s lap.

Newt never stops his hands from caressing the Asian’s hair. There’s a smile on his face that Minho can’t interpret as anything else but sadness and it breaks his heart to see the blond boy’s beautiful eyes twinking in this sorrowful smile.

He watches as Thomas leans his head on Newt’s shoulder once more, turning the elder boy into the one thing that holds both him and Minho. The blonde throws one hand over Thomas’s back, squeezing the boy onto him and placing a kiss on top of his head, other hand still in Minho’s hair on his lap.

They sit there in silence for a while, an unspoken feeling soaring in the atmosphere around them.

“I love you. Too.” Newt finally speaks, not a hint of hesitation in his voice, first locking his eyes with Thomas and then looking down on Minho. “I don’t care I sound like a sissy. You two are the best thing that happened to me since my bloody birth.”

“You don’t-“ Thomas trails off, giving Newt a chance to finish in case he meant to say something else, but when the blonde doesn’t continue, he speaks up again. “You don’t sound like a sissy. And I love you. And you,” he looks over to Minho.

There it goes, he muses after, they all said it and they all meant it, as imperfect and flawed as it could have sounded.

“That’s it. Let’s go,” Minho pushes himself up from Newt’s lap and sits straight for a moment to clear his vision after the abrupt movement. He then stands up, dragging the boys after him to the bedroom door.

They snuggle into their favourite posture with Minho in the middle of the king-sized bed and the two boys on his chest and stomach, under the cover of his strong arms.

It’s dark and silent for a long moment, Newt’s uneven heavy breaths the only noise emitted into air. There’s brief dry kisses pressed onto skin every now and then and tiny shudders of bare chests from the familiar warm sensations of lips, but no one dares to break the unbearably severe silence.

“Minho?” the blonde calls at some point, looking up at the Asian’s closed eyes.

“Hmm?” Minho humms, sending a wave of pleasant little vibration over the other boy’s cheek pressed to his shoulder. His grip tightens slightly around both of his boyfriends, squeezing their heat into him.

“Kiss me,” Newt murmurs against the hug and Minho obeys, planting a sweet kiss on the boy’s lips, lingering it for as long as he can afford.

“Tommy?” The boy’s name is enough to have him doing the same then; his kiss is surprisingly more forceful and brief. Newt feels how the young one is trying to show with all his passion that this is not the last time he’s kissing his boyfriend. There’s going to be plenty more of kisses after tomorrow is over.

That helps Newt to relax and let out a muffled exhale. He’s lucky to have these two. That’s the last thought he has before falling into the darkness of sleep.

That’s the last thought he has before he doesn’t hear the sirens of ambulance outside their apartment. The last thought he has before he doesn’t see Thomas burying his soaked face into Minho’s shoulder. Doesn’t hear Minho yelling at no one and at everyone at the same time. Doesn’t catch the fatal words pronounced next to his slumbering body.

“At least it happened while he was asleep.”

  • This is so cheesy. It’s a little too cheesy I believe. I’m sorry if I overdid this. I hope it was enjoyable to read
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pureblixz  asked:

There's this guy in my class who I find attractive, but I'm too shy to talk to him. We've made a few small talk, but nothing major. He's white, which honestly terrifies me because the university I go to barely have any interracial couples. The only couples you see are Asian women and white men, and white women and black men. What can I do to not get anxious every time I try to say something to him? Also, what are some things I can do to seem approachable so he isn't shy to talk to me?

This question breaks my heart! You don’t ever have to try to make yourself “seem approachable.” If you are the girl in your little picture you are super adorable and any guy would be LUCKY to be with you! You’re obviously a sweet girl so just BE YOURSELF. Please I beg of you. Be fully and authentically you, and don’t worry about if he likes you back or not. Because the moment you stop worrying about it, is the moment your true self can shine through. And don’t worry about “other people” or other people’s interracial relationships. At the end of the day if you like him and he likes you, that’s all that matters! You got this girl don’t even worry. And if he ends up not liking you, there a hundreds of guys where he came from. 

Yixing 'racist' issue

Like yeah I’m currently getting spammed because Yixing made a comment on XOXO Exo about Tao’s skin being ‘dark’. And everyone is going crazy like: oh no! Now Yixing is racist just like Luhan! 

Okay listen here you little shits: Yixing is NOT racist. If you know anything about Yixing at all, you would know that he is one of the most loving and kind people that this planet earth and our human race has ever produced. He’s a pure hearted wonderful angel. On top of that, this man is respectful and well mannered to no end. 

Yixing would have NEVER said that in order to hurt anybody or any race. I mean how is it where you live? Where I live, Western Europe, we usually joke about each others’ tan or light skin. It is totally normal. And no one ever considers that to be 'racist’. Not even my Tamil or Asian friends. So just get off Yixing’s dick pls. 

And another thing: if you have even a little bit of an idea of Asian cultures, as for China, Korea, Japan (OH DID YOU KNOW, THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME?! 8D) you might know, that having light and milky skin is the beauty ideal over there, while in Western countries, tanned skin is considered as beautiful. 

So it all has to do with our culture and our cultural upbringing and the society we were born and raised in. 
And btw, why are you spamming me, I’m not Yixing’s mum or something who has to stand up for his so called 'errors’ and 'misbehaviours' 

and btw, as a translation studies major, let me just tell you this: every translation is different. Every translator translates differently. Don’t believe everything you read if you don’t understand the language it came from. 


sophiawang328: Happy birthday to my dearest and youngest son Jackson: Whenever I receive the 💌📦🛍💵you sent home, my heart will always get an aching feeling…… I think that you have already rapidly grown up within a short period of time, in a way that has already surpassed your real age, you used every possible way to express your love for parents and home, but you are still so young! While other children are still living under the shelter, care and love of their parents, taking money and resources for granted, you are already doing things that people would not have thought of doing even at the age of 30 or 40…… I still remember when you came back from competitions at different European and Asian countries when you were young, you always bring all sorts of 🎁🍭🍬🐥for me with your pocket money, and I always keep them all in my cupboard as souvenirs, hardly touching or using it, as if that would have finished or broken the heart of little Jackson. Although you told me more than once, “Mum can’t you just eat it and leave the empty boxes as memory?” But I still silly to keep them until now… I am extremely pleased, proud, satisfy and thankful! Thanks for every person that ever existed in your life! Thanks for the great love from every member of I Got7! Thanks for everyone who has helped you on your path. You must always remember: you must repay with all you have for even a small act of kindness. You said, “Sorry mammy ! I did not give you the chance to witness my growth everyday with your own eyes, just like how I could not watch you grow old everyday, I’m sorry…” But I would like to tell you now, that I will always be by your side and witness your growth, with every I Got7 and every single person that loves you around the world……

P/S. This is the English translation of her previous post that is in Chinese.

IN SOME COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD ITS STILL VALENTINES DAY, so technically Im not too late to join the party xD hi missromancedy

Ayasha is a huge nerd when it comes to learning about cultures and their different spiritual ways of life, since she wants to gain as much wisdom as she can from all parts of the world. Since she never comes to wear any clothes in the wild except for spiritual ceremonies of her Tribe, I like to imagine that Ayasha has a soft spot for wearing elegant, cultural clothes. Dresses like the south asian sari here for example are something extremely special for her and she wears them with all her love and pride.

And YES Im still alive :D HI PEOPLE
Dress inspired by THIS AMAZING SARI

“I wish that instead of putting in a white character in Big Hero 6, they’d have put in a Vietnamese one instead. In all of Disney there isn’t one character, not even a background one, with the same heritage as me and my family. When my little sister, who’s seven, said she wished she was ‘an important kind of Asian like Japanese or Chinese’, my heart just sank. I want her to see we ARE important, but I don’t have examples to point to”

Please stop telling South Asians you know more about bindi or mehndi than them and you deserve to wear it.

It doesn’t matter if they are asking you to stop wearing bindi or henna as a white but don’t know the exact significance of them. You want to know why? Well here it is.

When I hear the word bindi I don’t suddenly start thinking about its significance. I think about the memories. When I was so little and my mummy used to come to me before going to a wedding to ask if the bindi she was wearing was too big(for some reason she thinks big ones do not suit her) or whether she should put a black dot along with it.

When I hear the word mehndi I remember when I was so little I didn’t even know what it exactly was but I just loved it so much than when after every month or two my parents took me to the budela market ( it was a market somewhere near my house) I used to make them wait so that I could get it on both of my hands. The line was always long so they waited for at least 30 mins but they never complained. I knew I could get a punishment in school next day but watching those aunties and didis get it, I couldn’t stop myself and somehow my parents understood it.

But you know what normally other people regard these two things which are so close and dear to me as? A fashion statement or trend.
Now you may not be a south asian and say you have some memories with these two beautiful words too but I can assure you my memories will always be different than yours. Why? Because even when I didn’t know their exact meaning, mehndi and bindis were a part of me, my life and best of all my culture. I may not wear them everyday but when I do it somehow always feels right, as if I was born to adorn , love and respect these beautiful things.

When my Indian friend living in U.S told me she was made fun of because she wore a bindi it broke my heart. I didn’t understand how people can make fun of someone for wearing their own culture? Of course I was little so I didn’t put much thought into it. And then suddenly I started noticing how white people used to wear bindis and henna for fun and to make a statement. It broke my heart further. I was more confused.
But now I understand what it exactly is : CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.

So please don’t wear what’s ours. And please don’t tell a south asian they don’t get to stop you since they don’t know the significance exactly because trust me their experiences with bindis and mehndis etc mean a lot more than just fashion statement. Its a part of them and they have the right to defend what’s clearly theirs.

My culture isn’t something for you to play with.


anonymous asked:

sometimes i feel inferior. i am asian and i know i should be proud of that but i am vietnamese and chinese and i can't help but sometimes wish i was japanese or korean. i know it's something i need to get over and i need to learn to accept myself but whenever asian girls are brought up or talked about it's always japanese and koreans and i just feel very "second rate" to them. sorry for the vent i'm having a bad night

please don’t ever feel like this, this is a result of something akin to eurocentric beauty standards being pushed upon everyone on a lesser scale - it’s just the outcome of media with things like kpop, jpop, anime, dramas. it has everything to do with the ignorance of fans of asian pop culture and nothing to do with inferiority or superiority, i promise. you have every reason to be proud.

honestly i know i’m a japanese girl but ‘asian girl’ needs to stop meaning just light-skinned east asian. 'asian girl’ needs to start meaning chinese, thai, indonesian, filipino, vietnamese, malaysian, all of them. there needs to be more representation, otherwise this mentality occurs.

please don’t ever see yourself as less valuable, this breaks my heart. no matter what your background or skin tone is, you have your own set of values, your own culture, your own history, your own looks to own and yourself to be proud of. do not wish to be something you’re not just because of what people who have little no idea what they’re talking about say. please love yourself for YOU, you’re beautiful.