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YOI Character Sexuality: According to my Straight Boyfriend! (Who may secretly be a Fudanshi...)

This happen very late at night! But my Boyfriend is actually a lover of Yuri on Ice and has gotten into it with me. This is almost word for word how he responded. I just started typing it out. Please share!

Yuuri: College drunken Slut. He’s probably slept with a girl once or twice and was scared afterwards. He was just really confused about life in general and had Phichit as a roommate… he didn’t stand a chance.

Victor: He likes all forms of beauty. Be that man or woman…

Yurio: Yuri is 15! He’s just figured out that he’s a guy. But once he figures things out and actually starts growing hair in happy places. He’s Bi? I don’t know! He’s 15! Don’t ask me about him!

Otabek: Oh, fuck come on. Otabek is bi as hell. He’s too hot not to be. If he’s into just one thing, I’m personally insulted and I’m straight!

Chris: Loves everything he can put his thing in… He’s Swiss and probably could turn me gay for at least 20 minutes.

Mila: Is straight but is that girl that gets drunk at a party and makes out with her friends… but totally isn’t into girls?

JJ: Bi. Simple as that. But madly in love with Isabella

Isabella: Like Mila. Drunk= bi

Phichit: Straight with a few people he’s “go there” for. *Whispers* Yuuri or Chris or Leo or Gaung-Hong or… oh wait.

Gaung-Hong: Oh! My little China Doll! He’s so gay it’s not even funny anymore. Madly in love with Leo and poor Leo is clueless.

Leo: Gay(ish) He’s fooled around with girls but just really likes pretty boys. He thinks Gaung-Hong has a temper that makes him look like a pissed off puppy.

Emil: Has a partner in each Grand Prix city. Emil is just that guy that’s like “You’re hot, I’m hot… let’s go somewhere and be reallly hot”

Michele: Catholic Gay. He’s gay but hiding it like hell.

Sara: Straight and has a huge crush on Seung Gil… and hasn’t caught on yet.

Seung Gil: HE WEARS A PRIDE FLAG FOR A COSTUME! But that cute little Asian man makes even me question things! He’s gay!

Georgi: So painfully straight that it sucks. He’s that guy friend that even your bro’s are going “Dude… gay men would love you… and I think you might have a better chance in that pool”

Minami: Kinda sounds like a girl and confused me. But there is some stuff out that says he’s really good with the ladies. But if he got the chance with Yuuri, he’d be on that like a fat kid on candy.

Minako: Straight as a board at bible camp (I think that means there were a few cases when she was younger but now all men all the time)

Celestino: A woman loving hoe.

Lilia: I think she’s one of those people who her career was everything so probably men. Yakov and her probably ended cause they were both so focused on their careers. They so got back together after Yurio moved in.

Yakov/ Nikolai: So, fucking into girls! These are the old Soviet men! Even if there was a possible “Hey he’s cute!” that went away a long time ago!

Nishigori: He kissed my Man crush! Seung Gil! He might not be bi but he’s not counting it out either.

Yuuko: Oh! She is into men, but a HUGE BL lover. So, she had zero problems with her husband kissing the hot Korean

Bonus! Thoughts on Welcome to the Madness and Otayuri:

“That poor 15-year-old is trying so hard to be sexy! Then you have a poor Otabek who is probably screaming “HE’S FUCKING 15! HE’S 15…. Victor is going to kill me… I’m going to be killed by a skating god. Well I had a good run, national hero and all.”

"I will say. Otabek has some of the best game ever… he actually saved the guy on the back of a motorcycle. He’s an actual knight in shinning leather… he makes it really hard for the rest of us.”

“Honestly Yuri didn’t stand a chance… he (Otabek) kinda made every 15-year-old girl’s dream come true… and I’m still not convinced Yuri is a boy…”\

*I would like to state I do not share my boyfriends views on Yuri’s gender.


I live for bare faced idols like Jackson and Hobi with no makeup, now that’s my aesthetic. Like I just wanna say that I love basically any idol that’s okay/does show themselves bare faced because I know that some of them are really sensitive to the idea that they aren’t good looking unless they have makeup on but like no makeup is still good. However, I’d prefer that they’d feel comfortable rather than be like “BE BARE FACED ON (whatever)” because like I love them for personality and not their looks so if they’re barefaced or have makeup on I still love them. Tbh one/main reason I like barefaced idols is that you can see their stubble (*cough* Jackson *cough*) and it’s so cute!! Like idk but whatever I just wanted to talk about bare faced idols and how they deserve to be appreciated because throughout training and everyday life they are wearing makeup and get use to that so them when they take the makeup off their not too sure about how they feel about themselves because they’re like “but with makeup I’m ________” and idk like it’s just good to feel confident about yourself so whether they have makeup on or not they’re beautiful. Also please don’t be like “It’s the stylist choice!1!1” because yes I know and I just want to share this little thing


Since work’s off on pre-Easter celebration, I went outside of town with my parents (yeah). We went to Bogor, a small town near Jakarta, the city I live in. While this three days vacation isn’t really went as we planned, it was refreshing for me! I went shopping and swimming, and relaxing in open space. The whole week, I feel bored all the time and my best friend say I need something to freshen up my mind. On the upside, being bored surprisingly got me had things done quicker than usual!

I don’t really like the photos. It was taken in the balcony of hotel we stay in on 1 PM. The photos was grainy, which rarely happened before, and after I edited it, it turns out like those instagram picture. Well… But better than not post anything, I suppose….

top : Psalm23

skirt : handmade 

bag : Every Little Things She Needs

shoes : Vincci

MagCon Boys: Carter Reynolds Imagine pt.2

(PART 1)

“Stop! (y/n), Stop!” Carter laughed as he tried to get you off of him and once he thought he succeeded, you felt yourself falling off of the bed so you held on to Carter for dear life, making him fall onto you, him thankfully having quick reflexes so he put his 2 hands under your head before him so he was propped above you and didn’t crush you and you didn’t get a concussion. Your eyes were wide as you looked up into Carter’s eyes, now calm as you stared into the pretty brown color. 

“You have really pretty lashes.” he commented softly as he scanned your face. Both of your eyes widened once you realized what was happening and jumped away from each other. 

The boys who were still piled up in the entrance were now closer and their eyes were wide at the cause of what just happened between you and Carter. 

“Well,” Nash breathed. 

“We’re gonna go.” Shawn pursed his lips to try and stop his giggles, pulling the rest of the shocked boys with him.

“When we get back you both better be making out.” Cameron held out a finger at you as if it made him seem more stern.


“I-I uhh, I’m-” Carter stuttered, his usually calm and cool demeanor now completely gone as he raked his brain for something to say. He was now against the hotel room wall, one arm on the table to prop himself up as if he was going to fall over from the amount of infatuation he just had for you.

You looked up at him from the floor, still next to the bed, legs sprawled out on the floor. “Your face gets incredibly red when you’re blushing, did you know that?” you laughed a little.

“It’s an Asian thing.” he dismissed, his eyes still a little wide as he tried to process in how cool you’re being.

“Oh.” you murmured. The previous exchange slowly turned into an awkward silence that felt like it was suffocating the both of you, closing up your throat, cutting off all words.  

“So,” Carter started, a smirk on his lips. You raised an eyebrow, your lips in a bored straight line, waiting for whatever cheeky thing was about to come out of those pretty lips-wait what. “Lace thongs, huh?” Carter stopped your thoughts from going any further. There is the annoying Carter we all know and hate.

Really?” you gave him an are-you-serious-look, your eyebrow raising up further. 

“What? I’m just curious, I mean I thought you were single?” Carter’s lips were pursed in amusement as he left his spot from against the wall and walked closer to you, towards his camera so he could turn it off. 

You rolled your eyes as you got up from against the bed, now sitting on it. “Can’t I wear nice underwear for myself?" 

"Well, yeah,” Carter nodded. “But you could wear nice underwear for me too.” he gave you a cheeky wink and your mouth dropped open. You balled your hands into two fists and to be honest, you were prepared to jump on him like a predator would jump on their prey but right before a growl could escape your lips, the doors burst open yet again.

“Hello, lovebirds!” you heard Nash’s annoyingly chirpy voice interrupted the both of you as he opened your hotel room door. He frowned once he looked at the two of you. “Damn it!” he screeched, making you take a step back in surprise.

“They aren’t making out, are they? Ha! I called it! (y/n)’s too good for Carter!” Cameron raised his Starbucks cup in victory.

“Hey! No she’s not!” Carter argued from beside you. A devilish smirk played upon your lips as you eyed the Starbucks cup. 

“Pay up, buddy.” you heard Cameron but you weren’t paying attention as you made a bee line for his Starbucks cup, snatching it from his hand. “Wha- Hey! Get your own coffee!” you heard him whine but you ignored him as you ran straight at Carter, pouring the coffee all over him. 

Carter’s hair instantly stuck to his forehead as his mouth opened wide in surprise. You heard a few gasps from the other boys behind you which quickly turned into high pitched laughs that sounded like animals being wounded as they gasped for breath, the tears pooling on the brim of their eyes from laughing too hard. 

“Yeah, I kinda am too good for you.” you shrugged, giving him an innocent smile as you took his hand, spreading his palm so you could put the now empty Starbucks cup in it. “Don’t litter, put the trash with the rest of it.” you winked. 

“Ooooh!” you could hear the other boys screaming multiple “burn!"s as you walked out of the hotel room, preparing to go to the lobby to ask for room service so they could clean up the the big mess in your room. Maybe they’ll clean up the coffee too while they’re at it.

littleplantman submitted:

a while ago you said you hadn’t seen a lot of chinese headcanons, and i hadn’t thought about it before, but you’re right! and so, i wanted to give you some, so have some american chinese striders?

i hope this helps a little bit!



GET OUT OF LIFE. I am NOT ‘Yours’ nor will I ever be 'Yours’ I am not something you can have! “Wanted an asian girl”-Do you have a fucking list of women from various cultures you would like to 'have’ ?! Do you think that is a compliment?! You blushing?! You should be! You should rolling up in a ball because you just said something incredibly stupid! Or because I’d be kicking you! How DARE you diminish the fact that I am a HUMAN BEING not something you can have. Or diminish the fact that women everywhere have been deemed to be objects of men’s ownership which is wrong on so many levels…It’s 2014 dude, WAKE UP!-Not that you’d be waking up to a world full of peace and equality…but you’d at least SEE the movement of feminism rising and how it NEEDS to be part of everyone’s mindset as it is HEALTHY and not destructive like your current way of thinking about women. I bet your idea of an “Asian girl” is a mixture of ALL countries of Asia and all the various cultures within that huge continent…which I find upsetting! All you BELIEVE TO KNOW about Asia comes from shitty movie 'representation’ (I wouldn’t even call it representation). There are different countries in Asia which means there are different values/beliefs/religions/cultures/PEOPLE. …Please read a book about the history of Korea, the history of it’s people, of it’s women, the history of women in this very country and maybe you will learn WHY you are wrong for saying that. Because you ARE WRONG and it is matter of time and learning until you realize why. Asian women are not 'things you can have’ you sick fuck, that is a fetishized fantasy you have of an entire group of people that are all incredibly different and unique to one another. 

I encounter this an ungodly amount of times. Where I introduce myself to new people (specifically men) and they ask what my ethnicity/race is, (because I maybe I obtain some physical features that may make it slightly apparent that I may not be totally Caucasian?) and once I say “I am half Korean…” either the response is “I’ve always wanted to be with an Asian chick/I can see it in your eyes/I always had a thing for Asian girls/You’re a cute little Asian girl” -Uhhh first of all, I am not small by any means, I could kill you with my thighs of steel yo, and secondly…WHAT THE FUCK?! I used to not get so worked up about this before, it made me uncomfortable, but not angry. But now I am angry because this is a real issue that emiliaclarkesfuturewife has made me aware of (even though she totally didn’t realize). Women from Asia, and Asian-American women have to deal with scumbag people who merely see them as a fantasy of obedience/submissiveness and 'exotic’-ness rather than a race/ethnicity/culture/group of beings with YEARS of history both good and bad and all worth learning about (which may help you realize that certain individuals/groups do not like having a generic label of “Asian” because of reasons within history and do not like being grouped with other individuals/groups within that large continent…which I am still trying to figure out where I stand on that thought)

LEAVE FOOL. You have a Frankenstein sized forehead that is clearly empty! And Frankenstein had a dead person’s brain and heart and EVERYTHING and was still a better person than you and HE WASN’T REAL. BUT YOU ARE!-REAL STUPID THAT IS.  

If I offended anyone by what I said from my own being offended (expect that dude cause I don’t care about his life) I apologize and this is a REAL ISSUE that bothers me and in the heat of the moment + the fact that I personally am still very new to learning about this particular issue I may have said something not totally OKAY. If somebody made you feel less of a human because of your race/ethnicity/cultural background/the values & beliefs you practice/your gender/your sexuality identity/your appearance/your feelings & emotions/and more- then that’s plenty of reason to call someone an ass. 


It was quite astonished with the amount of pink I wear nowadays. I’m a tomboy as teenager and tend to dismiss anything “girly”. Guess I’m the victim of the notion that everything associated with girls are stupid and silly. I have worn the skirt before.

The top are gift from one of my aunt. It’s pretty, yet comfortable to wear. Really suits the tropical climate I live in.

And the shoes… Well… I think it’s the curse of buying vintage stuff. When at mall, I realize the heels are about to dislodged. No worries though, I know a handyman that can fix it. I still wonder if I can really buy authentic vintage dress. Folks here tend to unable to keep up stuff from the past.

top: Clock House

skirt: custom made

bag: Every Little Things She Needs

shoes : vintage

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I saw your post about changing your grindr pic to black and white and how white guys started messaging you, well I looked at your blog and you are very sexy. I'm a white guy and I have a thing for South Asian guys so I may be a little biased

thank you! but tbh “having a thing for south asian guys” is literally fetishisation, which is also quite a big problem regarding racism in the gay community…

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      That was weird. Hiro was back earlier than he expected. He’d heard the
      knock on their door, and he’d been.. pretty confused. Hiro didn’t usually
      come home for at least another hour and a half, maybe longer.
      Confused, Ted moved to the door and opened it up wide, but before he
      could find a greeting to offer, his eyes moved down to the little girl in Hiro’s
      bloodied arms. She seemed to be dozing – a little thing, Asian, he guessed,
      though he wasn’t sure from where.. cropped dark hair, pretty small.. maybe
      only five or six.. 

      Slowly, he looked at Hiro, and there was undisguised worry in his gaze.

  “Hiro, what’d you do?”