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What are your thoughts on breed faults you see on a dog's standard? Do you find them reasonable or too picky (i.e. coat color).

unless it is on the grounds of health (ie double merle, albino) i find color disqualifications to be entirely ridiculous, particularly if they are a color that is known to occur in the dogs but has been disqualified because some dweeb had nothing better to do 100 years ago (like every color in labs that is not yellow/black/brown!!!). dont even get me started on white spot faults or having a pattern be “too heavy”.

honestly while i understand why breed standards are a thing, i think it is too abstract a concept for me to totally get behind LOL. like, dogs are dogs and breeds are made up, you know? they only exist because we say it does and make it so. its like, i will never understand why outcrossing is not allowed in kennel clubs. the movement where they are attempting to outcross boxers to get natural bobtails and then people say “they are not true boxers” and its like, why? they look like boxers, act like boxers, do all the things boxers are supposed to do, but because six generations ago they were mixed with corgi, they are no longer a boxer? it is such a bizarre thing to me. like if you want to classify what breed a dog is based on appearance and temperament and ability, there is no reason outcrossing shouldn’t be allowed because you can get all those things back, just how we got them in the first place. its not like one day a purebred boxer crawled out of an alien spaceship and befriended our nomadic ancestors and here they are to this day, the boxer, unchanged since the dawn of their extraterrestrial arrival.

so when you give me something like a conformation fault that is this dog has a 3 millimeter white fleck on their chest, invisible to the naked eye but seen through the microscope computer eyes of the judge or whatever i just think it is kind of hilarious. harmless, but hilarious.

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for your consideration: clones + pet names.

i’m very fond of imagining that, even if the majority of clones aren’t fluent in mandalorian, they do pick up on some, grabbed from trainers then passed among each other. and with that comes mandalorian pet names. in particular, you’ve got ‘ika appended to names, which is an affectionate “little [name]”

so you’d end up with things like rex’ika, cod’ika, etc.

ANOTHER ONE OF MY OCS HEY. I love him so much,, his name is Wren and he’s a trans boy and also hella gay. Happy Pride Month!!

if you read the tags i’ll love you forever

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ever since I was a little kid ive eaten tomatoes like apples is this an asian thing?



Since work’s off on pre-Easter celebration, I went outside of town with my parents (yeah). We went to Bogor, a small town near Jakarta, the city I live in. While this three days vacation isn’t really went as we planned, it was refreshing for me! I went shopping and swimming, and relaxing in open space. The whole week, I feel bored all the time and my best friend say I need something to freshen up my mind. On the upside, being bored surprisingly got me had things done quicker than usual!

I don’t really like the photos. It was taken in the balcony of hotel we stay in on 1 PM. The photos was grainy, which rarely happened before, and after I edited it, it turns out like those instagram picture. Well… But better than not post anything, I suppose….

top : Psalm23

skirt : handmade 

bag : Every Little Things She Needs

shoes : Vincci

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a while ago you said you hadn’t seen a lot of chinese headcanons, and i hadn’t thought about it before, but you’re right! and so, i wanted to give you some, so have some american chinese striders?

i hope this helps a little bit!


~Just Little Asian Things~

-People asking if I eat dog <333
-“Where are you really from?”
-“Can you translate this for me?”
-“Do asian women really have a sideways vagina?”
-“I bet you like white boys”
-“You guys eat a lot of rice”

MagCon Boys: Carter Reynolds Imagine pt.2

(PART 1)

“Stop! (y/n), Stop!” Carter laughed as he tried to get you off of him and once he thought he succeeded, you felt yourself falling off of the bed so you held on to Carter for dear life, making him fall onto you, him thankfully having quick reflexes so he put his 2 hands under your head before him so he was propped above you and didn’t crush you and you didn’t get a concussion. Your eyes were wide as you looked up into Carter’s eyes, now calm as you stared into the pretty brown color. 

“You have really pretty lashes.” he commented softly as he scanned your face. Both of your eyes widened once you realized what was happening and jumped away from each other. 

The boys who were still piled up in the entrance were now closer and their eyes were wide at the cause of what just happened between you and Carter. 

“Well,” Nash breathed. 

“We’re gonna go.” Shawn pursed his lips to try and stop his giggles, pulling the rest of the shocked boys with him.

“When we get back you both better be making out.” Cameron held out a finger at you as if it made him seem more stern.


“I-I uhh, I’m-” Carter stuttered, his usually calm and cool demeanor now completely gone as he raked his brain for something to say. He was now against the hotel room wall, one arm on the table to prop himself up as if he was going to fall over from the amount of infatuation he just had for you.

You looked up at him from the floor, still next to the bed, legs sprawled out on the floor. “Your face gets incredibly red when you’re blushing, did you know that?” you laughed a little.

“It’s an Asian thing.” he dismissed, his eyes still a little wide as he tried to process in how cool you’re being.

“Oh.” you murmured. The previous exchange slowly turned into an awkward silence that felt like it was suffocating the both of you, closing up your throat, cutting off all words.  

“So,” Carter started, a smirk on his lips. You raised an eyebrow, your lips in a bored straight line, waiting for whatever cheeky thing was about to come out of those pretty lips-wait what. “Lace thongs, huh?” Carter stopped your thoughts from going any further. There is the annoying Carter we all know and hate.

Really?” you gave him an are-you-serious-look, your eyebrow raising up further. 

“What? I’m just curious, I mean I thought you were single?” Carter’s lips were pursed in amusement as he left his spot from against the wall and walked closer to you, towards his camera so he could turn it off. 

You rolled your eyes as you got up from against the bed, now sitting on it. “Can’t I wear nice underwear for myself?" 

"Well, yeah,” Carter nodded. “But you could wear nice underwear for me too.” he gave you a cheeky wink and your mouth dropped open. You balled your hands into two fists and to be honest, you were prepared to jump on him like a predator would jump on their prey but right before a growl could escape your lips, the doors burst open yet again.

“Hello, lovebirds!” you heard Nash’s annoyingly chirpy voice interrupted the both of you as he opened your hotel room door. He frowned once he looked at the two of you. “Damn it!” he screeched, making you take a step back in surprise.

“They aren’t making out, are they? Ha! I called it! (y/n)’s too good for Carter!” Cameron raised his Starbucks cup in victory.

“Hey! No she’s not!” Carter argued from beside you. A devilish smirk played upon your lips as you eyed the Starbucks cup. 

“Pay up, buddy.” you heard Cameron but you weren’t paying attention as you made a bee line for his Starbucks cup, snatching it from his hand. “Wha- Hey! Get your own coffee!” you heard him whine but you ignored him as you ran straight at Carter, pouring the coffee all over him. 

Carter’s hair instantly stuck to his forehead as his mouth opened wide in surprise. You heard a few gasps from the other boys behind you which quickly turned into high pitched laughs that sounded like animals being wounded as they gasped for breath, the tears pooling on the brim of their eyes from laughing too hard. 

“Yeah, I kinda am too good for you.” you shrugged, giving him an innocent smile as you took his hand, spreading his palm so you could put the now empty Starbucks cup in it. “Don’t litter, put the trash with the rest of it.” you winked. 

“Ooooh!” you could hear the other boys screaming multiple “burn!"s as you walked out of the hotel room, preparing to go to the lobby to ask for room service so they could clean up the the big mess in your room. Maybe they’ll clean up the coffee too while they’re at it.


It was quite astonished with the amount of pink I wear nowadays. I’m a tomboy as teenager and tend to dismiss anything “girly”. Guess I’m the victim of the notion that everything associated with girls are stupid and silly. I have worn the skirt before.

The top are gift from one of my aunt. It’s pretty, yet comfortable to wear. Really suits the tropical climate I live in.

And the shoes… Well… I think it’s the curse of buying vintage stuff. When at mall, I realize the heels are about to dislodged. No worries though, I know a handyman that can fix it. I still wonder if I can really buy authentic vintage dress. Folks here tend to unable to keep up stuff from the past.

top: Clock House

skirt: custom made

bag: Every Little Things She Needs

shoes : vintage

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I saw your post about changing your grindr pic to black and white and how white guys started messaging you, well I looked at your blog and you are very sexy. I'm a white guy and I have a thing for South Asian guys so I may be a little biased

thank you! but tbh “having a thing for south asian guys” is literally fetishisation, which is also quite a big problem regarding racism in the gay community…