the listening sessions tour

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I wanna thank all the fans who get to go to Harry's performances like the album listening session, and the upcoming tour, for updating us (without being disrespectful to Harry). Many of us cannot attend, for money or whatever other reasons, so we live the experience vicariously through you. It's so important for us! I hope this gets reblogged a million times so all fans see my gratitude. #harriesarethebest

Honestly today is the best day on here in a long time, I adoreeeeee Harry stories. He’s the most adorable person ever, and as much as I would have loved to attend, I just am so happy he’s happy, and he’s literally glowing?? So excited to be sharing his songs with us, and joking with us. He’s in such a good mood he’s even joking on twitter again?? As an always proud mother duck harrie it is such a beautiful thing to know my bab is in such a good place right now. He deserves it all 💗

Harry Expressing himself through everyday words.

What his tweet said: Ten days until the new album is out. Really looking forward to sharing it with you. Hope you like it. H

What he actually means: You literally had 10 days. 10 fucking day. I mean shit…you’ve already heard it…in the most lowest quality possible. This shit better get to number 1. Fuck you

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i'm sorry but the listening sessions was the best name for any tour ever

the honeymoon tour was good too tbh

like naming the tour after the album is fine, it makes good money sense because people will know and recognise it

but the listening sessions and honeymoon tour are such great alternatives