the listening and the letting go

namjoon literally broke his back to support bts when they first debuted. he did countless of solo performances and promotions even though he was fighting his own insecurites, depression, lonlieness, and anxiety at the time. he had to listen to people calling him ugly, fake, and untalented even though he was just masking all of his inner battles by forcing a rugged demeanor on himself. he worked so hard, both mentally and physically, to remain strong for bts, so that he could be a reliable leader for them. and despite this, he still let his most vulnerable sides come out to us. he released so many songs and tangents that detailed his struggles since before his debut but nobody listened. he had to watch his friends and fellow trainess come and go years before bts was even created- listening to those same people rebuke and mock him when they first debuted. but he still stayed up late wherever he went to review and create music for us.

he wanted to give up so many times, so so so many times. but he stuck it through because he clung on to this dreAM FOR JUST AS MANY YEARS AND🗣Y'ALL🗣🗣 STILL 🗣🗣🗣HAVE🗣🗣🗣THE AUDACITY🗣🗣🗣🗣TO 🗣🗣🗣SLEEP🗣🗣ON🗣🗣🗣HIM🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣IT'S🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣TIME🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣TO🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣WAKE🗣🗣🗣🗣UP🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣


How do you get into the character you are portraying?

I don’t have a set way of getting into a character. I find it is important to run scenes with another person before performing. I’m really lucky because my fiancé Layla Alizada is also an actress, so we get to coach each other on every part we play. Other than that, I make sure to read the script over and over and over. That’s the biggest part for me. I go into most scenes knowing the other lines almost as well as I know my own. Kind of helps me be able to let it all go and just trust. It’s like a cheat code. A trick that helps me be ok with just being there and listening. That might be the most important aspect of the whole process for me. Doing the work with the goal of allowing myself to let it go and just be present.

Embrace the Apocalypse with Me’s 400 Follower Negan Challenge

Hey there friends! I didn’t see you come in…Who me? I’m just sitting here…definitely not in my underwear listening to this

Wait…a 400 follower Negan challenge? Who said anything about that that?! Oh, It was me? Just a few days ago, you say? Well then, let’s get this party started!

I finally hit 400 followers and I’m gonna party it up with a Negan Challenge! Without further ado, here are the rules:

1. You can create anything you want using one of the prompts below. I don’t care what format it’s in (poem, short fic, multi-chapter, drawing, sculpture, music, interpretive dance, basket weaving). Go nuts!

2. The deadline is Friday, September 1, 2017 at midnight Eastern Time.

3. Send your prompt choices to me via an ASK! If you send it any other way, I will ask you to ASK me for the prompt. ;) It’s first come, first serve and there are only two slots for the prompts.

4. Write any version of Negan you want! Fancy some TV!Daddy!Negan? Rock on! Prefer goofy, crass Comic!Negan? Fuck yeah, pals, me too! Wanna go with something completely outside both of those boxes? I love you! Make it happen!

5. I will be giving out prizes (haven’t decided on physical or virtual prizes yet) for the following: Most Likes, Most Reblogs, Most Comments (this will include comments on reblogs and replies). Writer comments and my comments/likes/reblogs will not count. Only reader ones will be tallied and only until the deadline.

6. Oh shit! I almost forgot to say tag me in your fics as you post ‘em and also tag the fic with #embracetheapocalypse so I can find it!

On to the prompts! I’ve got 5 categories with 5 prompts, and each prompt has two available slots:

Category 1: Shuffle Playlist (Inspired by songs on my actual playlist)

Category 2: A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away (Opening Lines)

  • “I told you not to come back…” (2 slots open) 
  • “Why don’t you come over here and make me!” (2 slots open) 
  • “Oh, for fuck’s sake, Negan!” (1 slots open) 
  • “Put that thing the hell away, would you?!” (2 slots open) 
  • “How do you take your coffee?” (2 slots open) 

Category 3: Gimme Half Your Shit (Items to be used in the piece)

  • Cell Phone  (2 slots open)
  • Paper Clip (2 slots open)
  • Photograph (2 slots open)
  • Beach Ball (2 slots open)
  • Banana (2 slots open)

Category 4: The Twilight Zone (AU’s)

  • Horror (From Frankenstein to Freddy Kruger, everyone likes a good monster. Now let’s do a Negan remix with one!) (1 slots open) 
  • Sci-Fi (On a spaceship? Alien invasion? Robots? Go nuts! Please, please go nuts with this one!) (2 slots open)
  • Fantasy (Like Game of Thrones but with more swearing! Or Dungeons and Dragons…with more swearing! Or Lord of the Rings…but with-You get the picture!) (2 slots open)
  • Chick Flick (What if Negan existed in a world of “Meet Cutes” and talking about your feelings?) (2 slots open)
  • Wild West (Who cares if westerns aren’t in vogue right now? I want a cowboy Negan!) (2 slots open)

Category 5: The Before Times (Pre-Saviours fics! I am laying down the gauntlet and asking you to envision Negan before he had his back up dancers-eer..I mean army!)

  • Here’s Negan (any fic that takes place during the events of Here’s Negan) (2 slots open)
  • School Days (any fic that takes place while he was working as a teacher) (2 slots open)
  • Lucille (any fic involving an alive Lucille) (2 slots open)
  • College (before he was anything, he was a student. But was he a frat boy or a nerd? Or the class clown? You decide!) (Full! @blog-stephaniewolff-stuff and @losercowboy)
  • Used Car Salesman (Ok, so this was never really substantiated, but maybe he sold cars to put himself through school? Or to pay for Lucille’s cancer treatments? Let’s see what his life selling quality used vehicles was like!) (2 slots open)

If you have questions fire away! Also, please share this to get the word out! :)

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Been listening to Spotify playlist’s Sunset Vibes for weeks now. Just thought I’d share my favorite songs from the playlist. They are in no particular order. Love listening to this playlist. It’s so chill and just brings me good vibes. Hopefully, they’d bring you some good vibes too when you listen to it :-)

  1. I Don’t Know Why – Gavin James (Danny Avila Remix)
  2. Wild Thoughts – DJ Khaled, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller
  3. I’m the One – DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne
  4. Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur (Luca Schreiner Remix)
  5. Sunset  Lover – Petit Biscuit
  6. One Step At A Time – Bearson
  7. Coming Over – Dillon Francis ft. James Hersey
  8. Ayokay – The Shine
  9. Touch Me – Starley
  10. I’m in love with the Coco - Hitimpulse

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okay so hear me out rm letting jin go back to his old life after learning about him being undercover-- so like "Evermore" from the new Beauty and the Beast

i listen to that song at least once a day when i need my dose of sadness and now you Bring That Here. in My abode

listen idk what she’s saying about me & I don’t have time bc I’m in the process of packing for my move tomorrow (which is symbolic of me moving on with my life, unlike some people apparently) but let the record show that white trans women can & do leverage white innocence

Love at first meeting (Sam x Reader)

You were working on a case right now. A group of vampires, you found out after investigating and questioning the witnesses. There have been 6 murders already, and you certainly weren’t going to let a seventh one happen.
After you found out the location where the vampires were hiding, you made your way there, prepared to take them down and finally stop the killings.

When you reached the abandoned warehouse just outside of the town, you noticed a ‘67 Chevy Impala standing a little on the side like it shouldn’t be seen right away.

Not thinking further about it, you climbed out of your car, grabbed some weapons from the trunk of your car, and quietly made your way to the entrance. First you listened to any sounds, not hearing anything but your own breathing.

You got inside and walked around in the dark, your machete tightly in your hands. It certainly wasn’t your first hunt but facing a group of monsters, especially vampires, made you nervous. Sometimes you really wished you weren’t hunting all by yourself but whenever another hunter came around, he sooner or later left you again, after disappointing you.

Your thoughts were put to a halt when you heard muffled screams coming from the basement. Of course, you thought, it’s always an old warehouse’s basement where the monsters hide and keep their victims.

Slowly you went downstairs and came straight to the room with 5 vampires and two men tied to a chair, cuts on their, you had to admit handsome, faces.

The vampires were all occupied with arguing about who gets to bite them first. Disgusted of hearing that you sneaked up behind them. You took down one by one, taking them by surprise before they could even realize what’s happening.

The two men looked at you with wide eyes after you were finshed with the vampires. You strode over to them and untied them.

“That was awesome”, the one with sparkling green eyes and short, dark blonde hair, exclaimed.
Next to him you saw a man with hazel eyes and shoulder long brown hair. He definitely had some delicate features.

When you got back outside, they finally introduced themselves to you.
“I’m Dean Winchester.”, the shorter one told you, giving you a lopsided smile.
Then the extremely tall man told you his name was Sam Winchester and that they were brothers.
“I’m (Y/N) (L/N).”, you introduced yourself.

That is how you met the Winchesters. From that moment on you never had to go on a hunt alone again, and you even had finally found the love of your life.

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Hi can i get a match up please. I like to cook, read and listen to music. My mom normally calls me lazy. My friends say i can be hyper. When i get bored i normally go and listen to music and read however if i want to try something new i will cook something different.

Your Matchup is…


•You’ll spend endless hours in the kitchen to satisfy Ayato’s hunger needs. You said you’re open to try different things so I see you cooking a lot of takoyaki variations or with different seasonings.

• Ayato wouldn’t let you read/listen to music in peace. Most of the time he’ll be at your side, sucking your blood, teasing you or just spending time with you because he couldn’t find anything better to do. Eventually, he’d grow fondly of the time you two spend together.

• I think he’d probably have no problems with your hyperactivity. Sometimes he’ll find it funny and entertaining, but sometimes he might find it annoying and will try to make you shut up/stop moving, one way or another (hum…).

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I don't own overwatch but when I play medic I listen to OK GO Won't Let You Down but alas,, people still let me down

I’ve made a note of this but oh my god I’m laughing

get to know me tag

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I really need to stop getting camping sites when I drive 12+ hours for one day trials because I just end up sleeping in my car and I can do that in rest stops. Anyways, the drive was good. I remembered my podcasts which made it a lot more enjoyable (Though my MP3 player glitched and all the text disappeared so it was a crapshoot as to what I was listening to). Special thanks to @timholtorf for recommending Metis in Space and the people who suggested RadioLab. 

It was not a good weekend for Prowl. He fixated on this one yellow disc and would not let it go. We lost 55seconds of our freestyle routine because he would not give up the disc, and then we lost 15 seconds in 4way play (on a hot quad of all things which he loves because it is 2 rapid-fire discs). And then I lovingly threatened to end him on field. Though we had a feel-good moment in throw'n'go where I got a whoa because people weren’t expecting me to toss it 40+ yards. He also got his silver UP in TimeWarp. 

Streak did better than I thought. He got the 4th place overall for the weekend despite only playing 40% of the games. Holy Poot! It helps that he was top 15 in everything he played. He got his platinum UP in 4Way play and got his gold UP in throw'n'go. 

Bernoulli played throw'n'go and caught 3 discs! though 1 was horribly out of bounds. I think the key is letting her say hi to the judges first (and lots of bum scratches when she catches teh disc). 

Ratchet ended up staying over at my parents. Halfway through Saturday I got a text from my mom asking about his barn hunt alerts. Apparently he found another mouse in their house, but wasn’t able to actually catch it. 

Current plan after trial:


 - better note taking to track progress. Especially videos and 

 - find better sports psychology resources for neurodivergent athletes

 - learn how to take a compliment properly


 - spits & disc management especially when he gets overly aroused

 - spaced out. We’re quite awful at that game and need to get better


 - short in-air throws

 - 18 months so we can start freestyle stuff

“The floor is lava…”, he whispered. Nobody heard him. And if they did they always chose to ignore him. “Hey! The floor…it’s…it’s lava”, he said a little louder. Amber gave him a quick glance then pretended he wasn’t there. It was like that one time he finally managed to confess to her in 9th grade. She had stared at him with a puzzled look on her face and then walked away without saying a single word. The next day he was as good as dead to her and her friends. He could still be in the same room as them but his presence got unacknowledged. “I am telling you! The floor is lava!” “Oh, fuck off, Jake”, said Amber. It was the first time Amber, let alone anyone, spoke to him since the death of his parents. A tear rolled over his cheek and was followed by a smile. “But but…”. “Listen to me Jake. The floor is lava, the sky is lava, the floor is my pussy…” (He could see Max picturing the latter in his mind’s eye), all of it.. just stop it, okay? This has been going on for days and nobody gives a damn. You are only making a fool of yourself Jake!“, she exclaimed. "Bet he wished the floor was your pussy”, howled Max. “Fucking loser." A smile appeared on Jake’s face. "See! Told you! He really wants the floor to be…” “Oh, shut up, Max!” Sweat started to drip from Jake’s forehead. He grinned. “The. Floor. Is. Lava.” 5…..4…..3….2….he jumped on his desk….1….and then watched Amber, Max and their friends being swallowed by the lava. Their screams music to his ears and the smell of their burning corpses something he would cherish forever. The same way he cherished that of his parents. “The floor is lava, bitch.”


2.15.17 // Sick and reminiscing about sunnier, happy days (aka ski trip a couple weekends ago). February is turning out to be wonderful ❄️✨


Let Go of Laura Palmer

Let It Go by Idina Menzel vs. Laura Palmer by Bastille.

170619 Naver Today’s Music - Summer Songs Recommended By BTS

Jungkook’s recommendation: Steve Aoki, Louis Tomlinson - Just Hold On

“Exciting songs are a must when it comes to summer right? The more you listen to this song, the better your mood will be, it’s great for summer.”

Jungkook’s recommendation: One Ok Rock - We Are

“When you sweat and are tired because of the hot weather, you can find your inner peace by listening to this song. If you turn it on so loud as if your earphones are going to burst, it’ll give you strength no matter how hot and frustrated you feel.”

Jimin’s recommendation: YUI - Good-Bye Days

“It’s a song I have been listening to a lot since I was young. I don’t know since when but I have come to listen to this song whenever I feel good, tired or sad, regardless of the season. I think it’s a good song to enjoy when summer comes too.

Jimin’s recommendation: Sara Bareilles - Love Song

“This song makes your mood better just from listening to it. I want to listen to this song in the summer too.”

V’s recommendation: Chet Baker - Blue Room

“This is a song by my favorite trumpeter Chet Baker. It suits summer nights too. I want to make a song with this kind of mood.”

V’s recommendation: Sigur Ros - All Alright

“I like songs that can be listened to at dawn the most. It’s a good song to listen to when walking on the bridge at dawn in the summer. This is also one of the songs with styles that I want to try composing among my favorite songs.”

J-hope’s recommendation: Jazzyfact - Waste Of Time

“A song that expresses well the feeling of wasting time staying at home in the beautiful summer. Whenever I listen to this song, I want to go out and play.”

J-hope’s recommendation: Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat

“The first song that comes to my mind when talking about summer. Every piece of melody makes me think of the sea. It gives the summer vibe even when listening in other seasons.”

Rap Monster’s recommendation: Frank Ocean - Super Rich Kids

“The first song that comes to my mind when talking about summer. It has just the right amount of excitement and relaxation. I want to listening to this song and lie down on the tube, floating on the water. It makes me feel like a ‘super rich kids’ like the title.”

Rap Monster’s recommendation: Peppertones - Ready, Get Set, Go!

“If Frank Ocean’s song is the sea or swimming pool, this song makes me think of the mountain or park. When it’s hot, speeding down on a bike while turning on bluetooth speaker loudly and let the wind embrace my face is just perfect. Such a simple thing like that makes me more excited and enjoy the summer more.”

Suga’s recommendation: DJ DOC - Summer Story

“When I was young, I used to go to the manga store to escape the heat and this song was always turned on there. I think the store owner really liked this song. I always think of this song whenever summer comes.”

Suga’s recommendation: Clon - Kung Dari Shabara

“I once went to Cheongsong Valley with my cousin in the hot summer when I was young. We sang ‘Kung Dari Shabara’ together there. I still remember that time clearly whenever talking about summer now.”

Jin’s recommendation: Julia Michaels - Issues

“I listened to this song for the first time when I went to Billboard Music Awards not long ago. Seeing her welled up with emotions and cried after the performance ended made me feel ‘So that’s emotions’. Her voice’s really beautiful, I hope many people will listen to this when summer comes.”

Jin’s recommendation: Luis Fonsi, Justin Bieber, Daddy Yankee - Despacito

“This song makes you feel like you’re at a festival in South America. A perfect song to dance to alone when you wake up in the morning and take a shower. I get excited for no reason from listening to this song.”

10 Steps to Self Care

1. Be aware of, and respect, your emotional limits.

2. Don’t be a people pleaser.

3. Take control of your thoughts.

4. Listen to your heart.

5. Be kind to yourself; don’t tear yourself down.

6. Learn to take control of, and to manage, your time.

7. Let go of those things you can’t control.

8. Stay away from drama and negativity.

9. Say “yes” to those things that are important to you.

10. Get plenty of sleep, and make time for solitude.