the listen

imagine the losers club at one of their high school parties at richie’s house when his parents are out of town and richie turns on aerosmith’s crazy just to jokingly serenade eddie but eddie finds it oddly endearing more than funny or embarassing and by the second chorus they’re already softly making out and slow dancing while the other losers either roll their eyes are are dancing together too

the views have slowed a lot on the dna mv. we can totally get the mv to 100 mil in a month if we did what we did the first two days. so keep streaming! also we need a lot more streams to make it into the hot 100 so please armys in the u.s keep streaming

noah fence but if keith is actually real insecure and ashamed of his temper (as the vlog shows), imagine how he actually must’ve felt getting booted out of the garrison for “disciplinary issues..” undoubtedly it was more complicated than just any other outburst cause it was right after shiro was declared missing/basically dead but . still wouldn’t he be really fucking upset with himself that he exploded that hugely, got literally expelled and now he’s known amongst the garrison as that wild angry kid that wasted an opportunity just bc he has anger issues like. that’s gotta make him hella insecure and why he doesn’t rlly talk about the garrison cause??? he’s so upset with himself for blowing up that much and the fact that that’s probably his rep with the school now, the kid who flunked out cause of “disciplinary issues,” really bothers him

listen i’m sad

(btw shaladins don’t int thanks)