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prompt from @sanverspotsticker – “Clark meets Maggie kinda in the way he met Mon El tonight”

She’s not that excited to meet him.

He’s only Alex’s cousin.

He’s only Superman.

And Maggie Sawyer is not – will not be – Winn Schott.

Winn, who practically tumbled down a flight of stairs when Superman flew back in (Vasquez lost ten bucks to Maggie in the process).

She’s certainly not excited to meet him.

It’s not like she idolized him growing up.

No, she’s not excited to meet him at all. 

Because he’s only Alex’s cousin.

So she’s not excited.

She’s absolutely terrified.

It had gone well with Alex’s mom, and Kara was warming up to her.

It had gone well with J’onn, and with Alex’s brothers.

But Clark was the extended family; Clark was the part of the family that Maggie was shuttled out to at fourteen. The part of the family who hated her, perhaps, even more than the parents who didn’t have to deal with her anymore.

So, ordinarily, she’d be nearly tumbling down those stairs right alongside Winn.

But this isn’t just Superman.

This is Alex’s cousin.

Alex watches her with curious eyes and a soft grin. She knows what a big fan of Leslie Willis, Cat Grant, James Olsen, Batwoman – the list goes on – that Maggie is.

Superman’s sure to be on the list.

So Alex nudges her slightly right before Clark catches her eye, before he tilts his head, before he strides over to them with a midwestern gait and a small smile in the middle of a war, because his cousin’s never giggled about anyone before, but god, she giggles about Maggie.

So, war or no war – dire circumstances or not – Clark is eager to meet his cousin’s girlfriend.

He holds out a warm hand, slight wariness mixed with genuine welcome in his eyes.

“You must be the woman my cousin is absolutely crazy about,” he offers, and Alex tries not to preen.

“Maggie Sawyer,” Maggie nods and shakes firmly, her voice somewhat smaller than it usually is, her eyes somewhat shier. 

“You’re treating her right?” he asks, even though he knows the answer. 

“I try to every second of every day,” Maggie tells him, restraining herself from adding a “sir” to the end of her sentence. She reminds herself that Kara used to change this guy’s diapers.

Superman grins, and his smile is almost as bright as his cousins’. “And is she treating you right?” he asks while Alex pffts and shoves him.

But Maggie’s voice is solemn, serious, when she answers.

“No one’s ever treated me better.”

Alex’s giggle cuts off mid-breath, and Clark holds Maggie’s eyes with such intensity that they almost start up his heat vision.

She holds his gaze, her chin up, her eyes earnest, her palms somewhat clenched at her sides.

And then she’s being pulled into a long, warm, surprisingly gentle hug.

From Superman.

She tries not to squeal.

“You two should spend a weekend with Lois and I in Metropolis when this is all over. She’d love to meet the newest member of the Danvers family, Maggie.”

Before Maggie can stammer out a response, the radio buzzes with information about a fresh attack west of the DEO.

Superman points upwards, and Alex nods.

“Up, up, and away,” he winks at Maggie, taps his index finger underneath Alex’s chin, and soars toward danger.

“Superman hugged me!” Maggie’s voice is slightly strained.

“Thought it was no big deal, he’s only my cousin?” Alex grins and nudges her with her shoulder as they both head back to tactical command.

“But he hugged me,” Maggie repeats, and she sounds an awful lot like Winn.

This time, Vasquez owes Alex ten bucks.

Day 1: Say “Hi” to everyone! 

Omelette du fromage… We’re still working on our French. Introducing Lilianna (Lian) Mae Omaru, and we’ll be attempting this haha

30 Days in Eldarya Challenge

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listen all dumbass asks will be deleted from now on I’m sorry I can’t entertain yall but just because I say white people are terrible don’t mean I’m ignoring the atrocities people from other cultures have committed. I know about the Israel-Palestine conflict. I know the Japanese murdered my great grandfather while colonizing the Philippines. 

It ain’t gonna stop me from screaming about white people though, they’ve affected me the most (enslaving and murdering and raping my ancestors, setting up discrimination laws to prevent people of color from opportunity, perpetuating systematic racism that still exists to this day…the list goes on)


I was tagged by @acekeith! Thank you! <3 and now i have to post my most recent selfie (which is actually one month old) and post ten facts about myself:

1) i can’t take selfies
2) one of my favourite books is The lost language of cranes by David Leavitt
3) although my favourite writer is Terry Pratchett
4) i never got drunk in my life
5) but i love red wine
6) i also love Bruce Springsteen
7) and i went to three of his concert
8) i forget everything (to phone people, to take cakes out of the oven and the list goes on)
9) i’m allergic to dust
10) and i played volleyball for a year because of haikyuu!! (I did enjoy it a lot, but sadly my team split up)

Aaaand I tag @ehsocietypretendstoomuch @aftgonice @siriussvaart @gwen-chan (free to not do this since it involves posting pictures of your face and i don’t know if you’re comfortable with that)

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Name: EJ

Nicknames: None

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: 5'3"

Ethnicity: White

Orientation: Pan ace

Favorite Fruits: Stawberries and bananas

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Books: The Kite Runner, Ordinary People, and for less academic titles anything by Rick Riordan or Eoin Colfer. And the Falling Kingdom series.

Favorite Flowers: Foxglove, pink roses

Favorite Animals: Cats, bats, and owls

Favorite Beverage: Raspberry lemonade

Average hours of sleep: 7

Favorite Fictional Characters: Izaya Orihara, Lars Van Allen, Kanda Yu, Sho Minamimoto, Josh Kiryu, Flowey, and the list goes on and on.

Number of blankets you sleep with: Right now none. It’s too hot.

Dream Trip: See all the sights in Japan. I’m also super interested in seeing Italy and Greece.

Blog Created: I have no idea

Number of Followers: 493

What do I post about: Pretty much anything that doesn’t belong on my sideblogs. A lot of anime and other fandoms.

Aesthetic: Flowers, old books

Favorite band/artist: Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Adele, Imagine Dragons, Halsey, Lana del Ray…

Fictional Character I’d date: I mean I’ve claimed Sho Minamimoto as my husband out of my group of people who like TWEWY…

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

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Heya! I love bujos, but mine never turn out as beautiful as some of the ones I see on tumblr. I know that I can make pretty ones/ones I like, but could I get your advice? I tend to have a hard time estimating how much space to leave between each day on my weekly spreads, as my list piles up as the week goes on. Any tips? Thanks in advance :) xx

oops i may not be the best person to ask ?? i abandoned my bujo bc i felt like i put way too much effort into making it look pretty that it wasn’t really functional. i’d recommend going day by day rather than setting up the week in advance! hope this helps :) here’s my bujo tag + bujo inspiration 

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May I ask what TG is? O: I saw it mentioned in a zelink drawing you reblogged, I'm on the desperate search for good zelink fics and would love to know about this one! (Also if there are any others you'd recommend I'd love to hear!)

Hiya!! TG is short for Tokyo Ghoul:re.  It’s a senin manga and recently(chapter 125) there was a very  special moment between the main guy and his love interest :P I don’t actually follow the manga that much, but I read the chapter… And OMG. It was very romantic in my humble opinion. Very well done. 

Now, about fanfics. I highly recommend anything written by:

@botwriter, @zeldasdiaries @notsosilentprincess @liv-andletdie @kotori and the list goes on and on (the zelink fandom has been blessed with talented people) ;A; and I’m scared of letting someone behind. 

If anyone else wants to recommend fanfics to @finch-wing and silly ‘ol me, please by all means, do it. 


Okay so like, announcement??
Um, so I got this Crystal Bible a while ago, maybe like over a year or so?? And I want to draw some Gemsonas using these rocks. My goal is to draw and design all of these gems! (Be warned that Im not very good at coloring do I probably won’t unless you request color- and know that it might get ruined- and it isn’t digital art so sorry for the sucky photo quality) There’s atleast 200 of them so Im not going to do one more than once. I’ll try to make a list so um… here that goes.
Agate: Blue Lace Agate.
Agate: Dendritic Agate.
Agate: Fire Agate.
Agate: Moss Agate.
Beryl: Chrysoberyl.
Boji Stone.
Chrysanthemum Stone.
Herkimer Diamond.
Iron Pyrite.
Lapis Lazuli.
Nebula Stone.
Obsidian: Apache Tear.
Obsidian: Snowflake Obsidian.
Quartz: Aqua Aura And Laboratory-Made Specialist Quartzes.
Quartz: Phantom Quartz.(used) Quartz: Rutilated Quartz.
Quartz: Smokey Quartz.
Quartz: Snow Quartz.
Quartz: Tourmalinated Quartz.
Tiger’s Eye.

OKAY! WHEW! That was a lot but hopefully it’ll make things easier for you guys and me. So when you message me with the name of the stone you want I’ll send you all of the information the book has about that rock. Then you can decide if you really want that one, also advice for how you want it to look is always accepted and appreciated.
The ones checked (used) off are no longer available and have already been done.
I’ll continue to post the drawings here. Thank you so much! I hope we have a lot of fun with this!

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What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

Does revolutionshipping count? Honestly, Atem is the least heterosexual character I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I just don’t think he’s attracted to women. All his strong dynamics have been with male-gendered characters, and he seems downright oblivious with Anzu, Mai, Vivian– the list goes on.

Meanwhile, he’s flirting in duels with Jou, and Kaiba, and Yuugi…

Like. Really. Really Atem.

Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

I mentioned it before, but Yami no Malik no Jinkaku. Times are changing, and tides are turning, but I remember when nobody in an entire writing challenge wanted to write anything to do with him. It’s hard not to see why given his actions in series.

But there’s a lot to read into what and who Yamima is.

I suppose put very bluntly, we only see him during emotional emergencies, and his behaviour makes sense as an alter that is trying to protect against threats through viciousness and violence. I find it hard not to wonder who Yamima is outside of these situations.

I can understand why the fandom uses him as a swiss army knife for plot villains, and drama, after-all, that’s what he is in the show, but I personally find him intriguing. What is he like really? Who is he outside of this? A little empathy about the situation from Yami Malik’s perspective changed my entire view of him, and he’s one of my favourite characters for it.

Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

I think there’s a tendency in the fandom to either agree unilaterally with Bakura, and despise Atem, OR to support Atem entirely, and revile Bakura. It eclipses the interesting parts of the dynamic, and conflict though.

I think it would be inaccurate to assume Atem feels no guilt over his uncle’s actions. Atem is a guilt-machine. He thrives on it, and culturally it IS his responsibility, and it HAS fallen to him to rectify.

I think it would be short-sighted to agree with Bakura, when his reaction to things is essentially burning the entire world down around him, because nothing is just, or fair, and fuck everything.

I think it would be unfair to dismiss the real responsibility Atem has for Bakura, both as HIS KING, and Akhnakanem’s son. Atem is - for better or worse - responsible for Bakura’s fate, for Bakura’s anger, and for Bakura’s loss.

I think it would be cruel to ignore the fact Atem has inherited evil born from good intentions, and that he did, in fact, die for it.

But I think the fandom gets locked behind one or the other, and projects that onto how they portray them. Either Atem is a self-justified martyr and none of this had anything to do with him therefore he did nothing wrong ever and knows it, or Bakura’s coping mechanism of regicide and ragnarok are ~valid just because it’s an understandable reaction to the situation.

Bluntly speaking, Atem - like his father before him - used items of unknown origin, that turned out to be some seriously BAD blood and shadow magic. Canonically, his family began conquering surrounding nomes after winning the war. Corruption thrived under his rule, and it was turned against his people.

He has also personally shown himself to be prideful to the point of harming others, and struggles to grasp grey morality.

Atem has shit he’s responsible for, and as a character, he is prone to assuming it.

And Bakura TRIED TO END THE WORLD. Cool motive, still the apocalypse. Understandable journey of desperation, grief, and growing anarchist extremism. STILL THE APOCALYPSE.

I’m getting way too long with this, but I just think the fandom can and should balance the grey areas involved, without getting overly weighted to one side of this or another.


Higher quality calendar scans from


on twitter! The event featured in the calendar image is actually listed.  I’ve also listed the illustrator of each image. 

  • Cover: Barcelona Gala (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #1- World Team Trophy (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #2- Onsen on Ice Hasetsu Exhibition (Tadashi Hiramatsu) 
  • Image #4- Training Camp (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #3- Start of the Grand Prix Series  (Tadashi Hiramatsu)
  • Image #5- Yuuri & Victor at the GPF in Nagoya  (Itou Noriko)
  • Image #6-  Worlds Gala Finale (Kubo Mitsurou) 

This will never get old lmao 😂😂😂