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my fave parts in beauty and the beast:

  • gaston dragging agathe in front of the whole town and then just going like ‘no offense agathe’
  • when lefou asked gaston whether he seriously wanted to be part of belle’s family
  • “is that fair?” - “i don’t care”
  • when gaston told belle that she just had to find the right man and she was all like ‘it’s a small village i’ve met everyone’ like what kind of savage
  • “BE FREE!” iconic
  • lefou spelling gaston’s name
  • beast dragging belle for her taste in shakespeare
  • belle holding back tears when she’s in the library for the first time honestly same
  • lefou’s smile upon realizing that maurice was still alive
  • “there’s a beast running wild, there’s no question, but i fear the wrong monster’s released”
  • maestro cadenza going “ouch” when gaston ditches lefou
  • when chip apologized to maurice for moving and maurice was just like ‘it’s alright’ and then he fucking bolted
  • luke evans singing
  • “too much?” - “…yep”
  • belle teaching that little girl how to read
  • “i didn’t think she would say yes!”
  • when everyone was changed back

Higher quality calendar scans from


on twitter! The event featured in the calendar image is actually listed.  I’ve also listed the illustrator of each image. 

  • Cover: Barcelona Gala (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #1- World Team Trophy (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #2- Onsen on Ice Hasetsu Exhibition (Tadashi Hiramatsu) 
  • Image #4- Training Camp (Itou Noriko) 
  • Image #3- Start of the Grand Prix Series  (Tadashi Hiramatsu)
  • Image #5- Yuuri & Victor at the GPF in Nagoya  (Itou Noriko)
  • Image #6-  Worlds Gala Finale (Kubo Mitsurou) 

hey no offense but can we stop getting mad at people for not knowing every musical? i’ve seen a lot of posts lately targeting people who are only into the newer musicals or only know a couple and that should be allowed? like yeah there are a lot of amazing musicals that are a little more obscure and it would be great if more people discovered and loved them but at the same time musical theatre is really inaccessible and it takes a lot of energy to get to know a show, whether you have to figure out how to see it live or how to get a bootleg or download the cast album, and it’s a big time investment no matter what. not to mention the fact that people might like one musical for a specific reason that doesn’t apply to other musicals (like people might enjoy hamilton, but its style is really different from most of musical theatre). so let people enjoy the musicals they know and don’t attack them for not learning more.

Gifted press junket videos

Full "Gifted" Press Junket | Mckenna Grace and Chris Evans - March 24th
ET Canada Chris Evans, McKenna Grace Reveal Their Biggest Fears
Gifted B-Roll/Behind the scenes
Hollywood XYZ Chris Evans and McKenna Grace raw Interview Gifted
The Insider Chris Evans Recalls His ‘Opposite Sex’ Days With Milo Ventimiglia
The Movie Times Chris Evans & McKenna Grace
Screen Slam Gifted: Chris Evans & McKenna Grace “Frank & Mary" 
Screen Slam Gifted: Exclusive Movie Interview 
GIFTED Movie Clip - One Eyed Cat
GIFTED Movie Clip - Special Breakfast 
Gifted TV SPOT - Mary
Gifted TV SPOT - Ordinary Life
GIFTED Movie Clip - No More Math
Gifted TV SPOT - Social Skills 
Gifted - Featurette
MovieTickets Gifted Behind the Scenes Interviews
AP Is the end in sight for Captain America?
Gifted stars Chris Evans & Mckenna Grace says about their Characters
Chris and McKenna tease they will take a singing and dancing show
Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace - Q&A (Facebook Live)
Chris Evans Wants to Be a Dad! | E! Live from the Red Carpet
GIFTED - Chris Evans & Mckenna Grace Interview
Chris Evans and McKenna Grace on Gifted movie "Swear Jar”
HomeSchoolChannel Set interview

Dralentine’s Day 2017 Master List

Gift #1 - to @cant-we-just-dance | Untitled fic

Gift #2 - to @gloster | Untitled pic

Gift #3 - to @touune | Untitled fic

Gift #4 - to @levians | Untitled fic

Gift #5 - to @devinesis | A Fair Chance fic

Gift #6 - to @hpruinedmylife | Untitled pic

Gift #7 - to @nerdsarebetter | Untitled fic

Gift #8 - to @queenofthyme | The Repairman fic

Gift #9 - to @msbuttercup06 | Caught Red Handed fic

Gift #10 - to @castielsburger | Untitled pic

Gift #11 - to @inimitablebiscuit | Untitled pic

Gift #12 - to @pennigg101297 | Untitled pic

Gift #13 - to @musings-of-a-retired-unicorn | The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese fic

Gift #14 - to @oh-my-fancan | Perfect (Muggle-Style) Date edit/fic

Gift #15 - to @limericklove | Matilda’s Match fic

Gift #16 - to @klarogasms | Untitled pic

Gift #17 - to @dracomysunshinechild | Untitled fic 

Gift #18 - to @alwaysalovestory | I Just Came to Say Goodbye edit/fic

Gift #19 - to @rainbowspirk | Joining the Dots fic

Gift #20 - to @shelielaff | For The Slytherin Within fic

Gift #21 - to @yesbocchan | The Man From H.O.G.W.A.R.T.S. edit/fic

Gift #22 - to @moonshoespotterr | Blind Wait fic

Gift #23 - to @pottergerms | A Dragon in Snake Clothing fic

Gift #24 - to @bangyababy | Library Dates fic

Gift #25 - to @creole-toile | Untitled pic/ficlet

Gift #26 - to @thedrarryaddiction | Home County fic

Gift #27 - to @drarryheartandsoul | Untitled edit/ficlet

Gift #28 - to @scventhhorcrux | May Contain Kumquats fic

Gift #29 - to @27snowflakes | The Third Wheel pic

Gift #30 - to @halfbloodprincess23 | Hot Tea fic

Gift #31 - to @well-done-draco | Untitled edit/fic

Gift #32 - to @seefin | Did I Say That Out Loud? fic

Gift #33 - to @julietsemophase | Untitled edit/ficlet

Gift #34 - to @vicki-potter-malfoy | Click pic/ficlet

Gift #35 - to @drvcopotter | Untitled pic/fic

Gift #36 - to @vickyvic92 | Untitled fic

Gift #37 - to @weird-sc0ut | Sunny Skies and Problematic Potters fic

Gift #38 - to @scorpiusnape | When You’re Young the World is a Ferris Wheel fic


Favourite Hakyeon hairstyles by @hakyeon-trash 

Best Friends (Part 7)

Summary: Meeting in college, you and Bucky strike up a friendship. And that is all there is, until Bucky realizes he’s in love with you. But it might just be a little too late for that.

Word Count: 1,030

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

A/N: Thank you to @xandyissenpai  for the sugar daddy idea lol

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

Just as he promised, Bucky gave you his answer by the end of the week. You squealed and hugged him tight, inviting him for lunch. He couldn’t help but to laugh as you pulled him along, crossing the street and towards your favorite restaurant.

The more time he spent with you, and knowing you were engaged to someone else, the more certain he was that you belonged next to him. He didn’t know what Tony Stark was up to, but he pledged himself that he’d steal you away from that man. He didn’t deserve you, and Bucky had a feeling Stark had something up his sleeve.

You nudged Bucky as he stood next to you, waiting for the seating hostess to lead you to a table for two. He had a blank, far-off look on his face and you wondered what he’s thinking about. He blinked and looked at you, giving you a tiny smile.

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The 10 Best Beer Gifts for Father’s Day

Beer isn’t just a beverage. When you’re into it, it’s really a way of life. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of products and gifts that exist to enhance this perfect way of life. No, you definitely don’t need some of the things here, but damn does it sure make beer more fun. From t-shirts to beer soap, theres a gift here for everyone who shares the same love of beer that you do. Check them out below. 

Beer Soap (6-pack…of course) 

If you’ve ever had a shower beer, you’ll know just how glorious it is to have a great beer while enjoying the warm water. Just imagine all of that in your soap…aside from the taste. “You smell like beer” will soon be the highest compliment you can achieve.

Get It Here

Wooden Bottle Opener

Second on the list is a sweet bottle opener that looks good in any man cave, dorm room or kitchen. The wood definitely gives this gift a rustic feel, and is the perfect price for a small gift. We’re definitely getting one for our shop!

Get It Here

Stoneware Growler

So at first the actual weight of the growler turned me off, but that thought was swiftly replaced by wanting one just based on how cool it looks. I found out that these clay-based growlers also keep your beer insulated, and therefore colder for a longer period of time. An awesome gift for someone who homebrews and spends lots of time outdoors.

Get It Here

Silicone Beer Caps

You want to savor your beer. So when you get that 22oz. 13% ABV Russian Imperial Stout, you want to drink it fresh, and drink it slow. With these silicone beer caps, you can pour yourself a small glass now, and keep the rest fresh for later. Any craft beer lover will truly appreciate (and continually use) this gift.

Get It Here

Beer Shampoo & Conditioner

Oh this is too good. Beer conditioner? You don’t drink it, which is literally the ONLY downside I see. For the person that thought beer soap was end of the road, this will blow their pretty little mind just one more time. Plus, it’s reasonably priced enough to be a truly unique stocking stuffer.

Get It Here

Diagram of Beer Poster

Over 100 styles of beer and over 600 specific beers dot this striking poster, giving any craft beer aficionado an exact style to many of their favorite beers. We have one up in our shop, and consult it on a weekly basis to give us inspiration on what to brew!

Get It Here

Mini Oak Barrels

This takes homebrewing and craft beer enjoyment to a new level. For any beer lover that partakes in barrel aged beers, or any homebrewer that has wanted to try this advanced technique, this is the gift for them! These barrels come in sizes from as small as 1L to as big as 100L, and everywhere in between.

Get it Here

Traditional German Beer Stein

Sure, this stein might be expensive, but it’s unbelievably cool. These steins are crafted using the traditional German methods passed down over hundreds of years. Everything is made out of pewter and is FDA food grade safe.

Get It Here

United States of Beer Tasting Map

If your beer lover also likes to travel, this beer cap map is the perfect gift. Every time they have a beer from a different state, or IN a different state, they can place that cap in that state’s slot, and write in what they had. Beer doesn’t erase memories, it creates them!

Get It Here

Brew Candles

All around, this is a really cool gift. The candle is made out of soy wax, the candle holder is a recycled 22oz. beer bottle, and the smell is based off of pleasant-smelling beer styles. What more could any beer lover want?

Get It Here

Hope you get inspired with some of the beer things and get your father a nice gift! If you have another ideas just let us know in comments. Reblog if you find this useful!

🌟 🌠Self Care Tip: Keep a positivity journal. 🌠🌟

Unlike a regular diary where you log the details of your day to day life, both the good and the bad, a positivity journal is meant to be filled with nothing but the good in order to create a space where you can focus only on the positive things in life that you can then look through when you’re feeling negative in order to cheer yourself up.

Some ideas for things you can keep in a positivity journal are:

💛Compliments people have given you

💛A list of good gifts you have received

💛Descriptions of cute animals you’ve seen while out and about

💛Quotes that inspire you or make you feel happy

💛Newspaper clippings of good news stories

💛Puns or other jokes that have made you laugh

💛A list of music that makes you happy

💛Pictures or art that you like

💛Your best memories from childhood

💛Stickers or stamps

💛A list of self-care activities/tips that have worked for you

💛Coloring pages you’ve completed

💛A list of things you like about yourself

And pretty much just ANYTHING that makes you happy, makes you feel better about yourself, or reminds you that there is good in the world and in your life!


Damon x Reader

Your smile fell when you spotted Damon in the crowd. You knew exactly which masked figure he was, a looming shadow in a sea of happy faces. His jaw clenched as you glided through the room, accepting Stefan’s arm as he led you to the centre of the room.

“Why is he here?” You hissed at Stefan who shrugged.

“I told him not to come, even played the you broke her heart and it’s her birthday card.” Stefan sighed, smiling when you let him twirl you.

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On one memorable Valentines day Ryan gives the whole crew hearts. Not chocolate hearts or candy hearts or even heart-shaped balloons, oh no. Fresh, hand-picked, unequivocally human hearts. More thoughtful than any store-bought gift if he does say so himself.

They’re carefully thought out, each presented differently; If Ryan’s going to do something then he’s going to do it right, wasn’t about to just throw slabs of bleeding meat down on the table and call it a day - he’s not an animal.

While it took the longest to obtain, Geoff’s is the  most simple. Sitting in a basic cooler, nothing fancy, easy to identify and not meant to last. For Geoff the gift is not the organ itself but the inevitable demise of the man it came from, the involuntary donor who’s crew will no longer be trying to push their way into Los Santos.

For Jack there is a necklace, long and elegantly simple, the tapered rose-gold vial engraved with a small heart that makes her smile. Its unassuming, decorative and fashionable, perfectly belying the way the lid is sealed shut to preserve the ash within.

Ryan has never stuffed a heart with explosives before, hadn’t quite anticipated the difficulty of it, but his efforts are instantly rewarded by the involuntary way Michael snorts into laughter at the sight of the fuse snaking out of an artery. Its impossible not to join in when it goes off, humour infectious as Michael’s eyes light up, bellowing his amusement as gore rains down around them.

Ray receives what another might consider a serial killer’s love letter. A dismembered hand left in his favourite spot points him in the direction of a warehouse containing carefully arranged entrails which in turn lead to a breadcrumb trail of teeth. Thoroughly entertained Ray follows blood and gore all around the city before finding himself on the roof of an open-air parking garage, a giant blood red heart painted across the floor with the real deal placed carefully at its centre.

Gavin’s heart is in a ornamental jar, carefully preserved, bloodless and somewhat alien in appearance. It’s an almost shocking display of thoughtfulness, concession to the fact that Gavin, of all of them, would be the most disgusted, yet also somehow the one most likely to want to keep his gift. When he doesn’t have to smell it, feel the muscle gone cold in his hands, deal with the red stain of someone else’s life, Gavin is really quite delighted with the whole deal. Absolutely horrified, sure, but in that squirmy gleeful kind of way he gets, amused by his own revulsion, calling Ryan disturbing and lovely in the same breath.

Jeremy, who knows he definitely hasn’t been with them long enough to warrant a heart of his own (thank god?) watches it all play out with a bizarre mixture of amusement, horror and the tiniest pang of longing that comes along with feeling left out. At least until Ryan appears before him, as silent and terrifying as always, and thrusts a black plastic bag into his hands before ghosting away. The moment of shocked dread (whereupon Jeremy instantly realises that yeah nope warm-fuzzies of being included aside he did not need a human heart in his life actually thanks) is instantly washed away by helpless laughter when he opens the bag and catches sight of the anatomically-correct toy heart smiling cheerfully back at him. 


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for a valentine: plant lovers | 2.7.17

dino planters by twotreesbotanicals

i love me some classic jurassic park, and stegosaurs are my fave … but all of these painted dinosaur planters are on my gift list!! their cute faces look so happy! i want all four.

anonymous asked:

I read a list of 25 things that Billie said about himself in usmagazine & i love how he's like "I rehabbed a baby squirrel and named him Peewee", "I used to tap dance" and then "I was arrested for getting naked on stage in Milwaukee in 1995", "I stole a limousine right after playing David Letterman’s show in 1996"

THE DUALITY OF MAN, my personal favourite is “i wear the same pants every day” because i have never related to anything more ✨



February 12, 2017

방탄소년단 ‘YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ Preview Show
[부제: BTS YNWA 동아리 신입생 오리엔테이션] Behind the scene


요오우… 방탄꼬맹쓰들 빙고판 열쒸미쓴다 매애앤~ 빼애앰~!~!! 글고 모냐…벌칙쓰 왜 뽑뽀아님 팡팡쓰냐 매애애앤~!? 뽑보가 벌칙이냐 차암나~ 빼애앰!*
#직접쓰는벌칙 #선물리스트공개 #다그런선물만있던건아님ㅠ #누구보다진지하게빙고판에스킷리스트적는다 #방탄모두생각하는게같다매애애앤



[subtitle: BTS YNWA Club Freshman Orientation]

Yooo… Bangtan kids diligently filling out the Bingo boards maan~ bbaamm~!~!! And what is this… Why is the punishment a peck or a hit (T/N it’s actually the sound of a hit: pangpang) maaan~!? Is a peck even a punishment~ bbaam!*
#SelfWrittenPunishments #PresentListReveal #NotAllWerePresentsㅠ #WritingSkitListMoreSeriouslyThanAnyoneElseOnBTSBingoBoard #AllOfBangtanThinkAlikeMaan

T/N: the person wrote in a very relaxed tone.

trans: jhope-shi

It’s the holidays and during the holidays you express your thanks and love for things that are important so

here’s a list of bug fics that make me physically stressed with their greatness, and to which I would like to say thank you.

It’s Miraculous Ladybug, just to clear any confusion.

This fandom is the first to drive me to actually read fanfic and B O I let me tell you, I have had a fantastic time. Anyway have a list of fics that I love very, very much, so much that I scream at my friends when they update and sometimes stop reading in the middle of chapters because I don’t want them to end.

  • (The) Adventures of Adrienbug and Chat Mari by @wintermoth
    • kwami swap kwami swap kwAMI SWAP NEED I SAY MORE
    • sick ass kwami swap and rewrites of eps as well as summer bonding origin goodness
    • the cutest design of a chat noire suit and super great powers and characterization
    • several parts completed, most recent is ongoing
  • Broken Hearts Club by @frostedpuffs
    • another fantastic fic from the beautiful bean who brought us Truthful Scars
    • basically the receiving ends of love confessions turn the other down and sadness ensues
    • there’s only two chapters right now but oh dang get ready for the heartbreak and then the MariChat bonding I am very excited
  • Cohabitation (And Other Disastrous Ideas) by @bullysquadess
    • I cannot believe that this is the first fic I’ve read by Bully bc she is a fantastic writer you bet I’mma binge all of TLATB this break I’m super pumped BUT ANYWAY
    • roommate aged up best buds to lovers is there anything more you could possibly want I mean come on
    • four chapters so far and they’re short but super sweet and great
  • Hacking the Ladyblog by @quicksilversquared
    • a one shot but let m e t e l l y o u
    • I am all about the kids on the social medias okay
    • which is not exactly what this is but it’s still fantastic Adrien is spot on and everyone is clueless as usual
    • if someone knows if that au where they run twitters and such is an actual fic please tell me what it is
    • the one where ladybug makes all the official accounts and they’re inactive for a year and then they post for the first time and the public loses their shit that one I can’t find the post
  • Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too) by @loosescrewslefty and @miracufic
    • basically what sold me on MariChat as a Love Square Favorite and good golly it is so good
    • Love Square shenanigans and baking fluff that has somehow become heart wrenching angst hoW DARE
    • top notch characterization and the two different writing styles mesh together really well
    • fifteen chapters, ongoing
  • Keep It In Your Plants by @reyxa
    • OKAY. O K A Y S O
    • fluff galore, flower shop au, coffee shop au, now a freaking fake married au, it’s just domestic garbage up and down it’s so good
    • aged up friends to lovers awkward adorableness with cats and flower language and pu r i t y
    • like seriously if there is any fic on this list that you MUST read it’s this one because I swear to whatever that you will not regret it
    • also that title like come on
    • seven chapters (cries), ongoing
  • Lucky Us by @geek-fashionista
    • okay so I might have lied a little bit bc this is also a must read
    • again I do not have the w o r d s to expressssssss
    • more aged up domestic fluff I think I’m noticing a pattern but anyway this is a bakery au
    • which is kind of redundant bc wow yes it’s Marinette’s bakery BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE
    • IT’S EMA I L
    • AND TRY TO SET THEIR BFFS UP AND IN THE PROCESS GO ON D A T E S (fake dating au, hell yes)
    • also sold me on Adrien Chloe best friend stuff because that’s some good shit
    • eleven chapters, ongoing
    • the recent one killed me but that’s every chapter let’s be real here the dialogue is to die for
  • Satisfaction Brought It Back by @siderealsandman (NSFW)
    • one of the first fics I read, went in cautious and now am extremely emotionally invested
    • aged up, very humorous, excellent characterization, dialogue level through the roof, and every plot point and surprise s l a y s
    • hanging out bonding to hanging up bondage ya know what I mean
    • but seriously you could just read for the plot and still be sent rampaging about these kids I swear I just need Marinette to have financial and residential security frickin
    • twenty one chapters, ongoing
  • to you, i thee wed by @miraculousturtle / @megamegaturtle
    • see, this one, this is a real tricky one
    • bc it’s like a fake marriage au
    • but it’s r e a l
    • more aged up domestic fluff wow definite trend
    • the premise is a bit hard to understand at first but then it’s explained and you’re whisked away to a wonderful fluffy awkward married acquaintances to friends to feelings to lovers and I just
    • I love it
    • seven chapters, ongoing

Wow this post is much, much longer than I expected it to be but that’s okay I really needed to say thank you to these amazing writers for these fics. They’re all so fantastic.

May everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Please bear in mind that I have literally 40+ tabs open on my phone of unread fics, as well as a bunch of bookmarks, many of which include The Big Ones so if there’re some missing that you think should be on here, that’s the dealio.

Birthday Gifts. (Gladiolus ft. the other Bros)

Anon requested something for Gladio’s birthday but I couldn’t come up with anything special, so I decided to just list down what the boys would get for him.

He’s really bad at these things so he just puts them to the back of his mind till it’s too late. At which point he panics, and tries to get something acceptable arranged. Since he’s focused on just getting this done, he ends up picking something weird and random. Being in a hurry, he doesn’t really pay attention to what he’s gifting him. That is until he’s handing it to Gladio. Who’s wheezing with laughter as soon as Noctis realises he just bought him flavoured condoms.

He doesn’t know Gladio all too well, which is why he created a tradition of buying him really cute plushies. Because who on Earth wouldn’t like one of those? It saves him a lot of trouble and worrying. Though the first time he gave it a shot he was worried Gladio may not be as much of a fan. It ended up becoming a tradition when Gladio told him he loves it. And since then Gladio’s racked up a lot of plushies. Not that he minds.

If someone outright tells him they have something specific in mind, he’ll deliver 100%. But Gladio tends not to be very chatty about anything too personal. So Ignis usually improvises and gets a lot of practical yet supremely underwhelming gifts. Whether he’s intentionally trying to mess with Gladio or not, one can’t say. But you certainly can’t discount the importance of a nail cutter, shoe polish and a can of soup.