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Rules for Alfred’s kitchen

- Master Bruce you are not allowed to cook under any circumstance.

- If I have not cleared you to use the kitchen please go straight to the take out menus in the left hand drawer.

- Science experiments are not to be done here. The Batcave is there for a reason. Please use it instead.

- I don’t want to find any of your weapons in here. If I do you will be on dish duty for a week per weapon.

- Jason may have full reign of the kitchen as I trust him to not blow it up

- Banned members from the kitchen now include Roy

- If you would like to learn to cook please just ask me. I promise it will be better then me finding my kitchen in a mess.

- If I catch you drinking straight out of any container you are on dish duty.

- Chemicals, especially those known to have poisons are not to come across the kitchen.

- If there is a food fight, I will check the cameras and all parties involved will be in trouble.

- I do not care if you are not a member of this household, I can still put you on dish duty for breaking my rules.

- Master Tim is now banned from the kitchen along with Master Dick.

morning routine & tips

Since our morning can be that make-or-break time that sets you up for a good day or a bad day, I googled a lil bit to try and find some stuff that might be helpful for establishing few nice habits that  (with no special effort I hope) will put you on the path of stringing together good day after good day. So here they are; ♡

1. Drink a glass of water (if possible warm one so you get your body going because it was 8! hours without any water!! And you can add some lemon that will help get your digestive system ready for the coming meals, and make the water tastier or maybe a little bit of honey!

2. You probably heard this one like hundred of times but TRY TO WAKE UP EARLIER! There are so much benefits of waking up early and here are some of them that people who wake up early are proved to do;

  • Studies from 2008 showed that people who wake up earlier earn better grades!
  • Better planners - using that extra time in the morning for organization and setting goals is awesome?!
  • Get better sleep (the irony tho, but for real!) - your body is getting more restorative sleep and is in tune with earth’s circadian rhythms.
  • They are more optimistic and satisfied

3. Do a stretching routine 

 Your body will be thankful and you’ll feel awesome. Here’s a 5 minute stretch that you can do in the morning to wake up your body (or if you have any work out routine - that’s even better!)

4. Listen to your favourite music

Or anything that is uplifting and makes you feel good! Here’s one playlist that’s really calming if you don’t have any ideas on your mind. If you don’t feel that one, check out this one!!

5. Eat a real breakfast

Because you will have more stable blood-sugar levels, and you will be less hungry over the course of the day. And these are just the statistics for people who eat any breakfast. When you eat a healthy breakfast, the doors to a productive day swing wide open. A healthy breakfast gives you energy, improves your short-term memory, and helps you to concentrate more intensely and for longer periods!! So eat and NEVER EVER skip it please!

6. Smile at yourself for 30 secons in the mirror

This one might be awkward (well, it is) but you’ll be surprised at the positive thoughts it inspires plus it’s basically just a matter of designating some time as true “me time” and seeing a happy you reflected back in the mirror.


7. Set 3 most important things you need to get done for today. 

Once you establish the habit of getting the most important three things of the day done, you’ll be able to build up confidence and go for bigger and bigger things. A funny thing also happens, all of the smaller stuff that you thought needed to get done either does get done without being on your list of three, or fades away because it wasn’t that important to begin with.

And before finishing, I just want to leave this quote here; 

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”
Eric Roth, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Screenplay

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Masked Man:





Featuring other guardiennes:

  • Zahirah: 1 | 2
  • Antaille: Lost - Art Trade


This list is getting bigger and bigger :o

Playing HxH Sims this morning :
-Leopika get married in the kitchen with Hisoka as their witness
-Gon throws a house party to show off his new clothes
-Illumi cries and plots Gon’s death because he hates parties
-Killugon is getting serious

Playing this afternoon :
-the crew moves into a bigger house so Illumi will have his own room to hide in during Gon’s parties
-Kurapika cheats on Leorio with Hisoka
-Hisoka gets arrested and has to stay behind bars
-Gon and Killua get into a fight and are refusing to talk to each other (hopefully they won’t break up)

………. This all happened in freeplay. The ONLY thing from the list that I did was move them into a bigger house.

Stuff Kumajirou has eaten/bitten that he isn't supposed to.

- Moldova’s hat. @moldovasgooglehistory
- Prussia’s flute. @itsprussiasgooglehistory
- Bits of Austria’s piano. @austriasgooglehistory
- The entirety of Iceland’s licorice stash. @icelandsgooglehistory
- Latvia’s arm. @latviasgooglehistory
- Finland (after mistaking him for an actual cinnamon roll). @finlandsgooglesearchhistory
- France’s leg. @francesgooglehistory

You can’t kick me out, This is my bed!

A Pietro x Reader for @umwhatandrea​ . I’m super into Pietro right now too. Thats why most of the stuff Iv’e written so far has been for him. Most of my requests are for him too, so his list just gets bigger and bigger. I hope you like it love! 343 words of Pietro cuteness. Requests are open so send them in! Enjoy!


Prompt list

Summary: The air conditioner is broken in the middle of the summer in all rooms except yours. Pietro wants to sleep in your room to avoid being hot.

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

You can’t kick me out! This is my bed!” I yelled up to Pietro. “The air conditioner is broken everywhere else in the tower (Y/n). Its hot.” He whined. Tony had been creating another Iron Man suit, and somehow managed to blow up his lab, destroying the central air unit for the entire tower, in the middle of summer. But being the amazing  intelligent person I was, I went to target and bought a mini air conditioner so my room was cool.

“Pietro you can’t sleep in here.” I said sitting on my bed and crossing my arms. “Why not?” He asked. “I only have one bed and I’m sleeping in it.” “Can’t we share the bed?” He asked sitting next to me. I sighed and looked at my bed. It could fit two people but it would be pretty snug. It was super hot in the tower… “Sure Pietro, you can sleep here.” I said moving over to the far side of the bed. “Thank you (Y/n).” he said sliding down next to me.

“Aww they’re so cute.” I heard Tony’s voice drift through my sleepy mind. I opened my eyes slowly and saw the entire team gathered in my bedroom. I tried to reach up to rub my eyes, but my arm couldn’t move. I turned behind me to see one of Pietro’s arms over my shoulders and the other wrapped around my waist. His legs were tangled with mine, and his head was resting in the crook of my neck. “What the?” I murmured as flashes of light overwhelmed my eyes. The team had their phone’s out and were taking pictures from every angle. “Guy stop it.” I said burying my face into my pillow, and accidentally waking Pietro. “Whats going on?” he said lifting his head and staring at the team. “Is theres something you want to tell us Pietro?” Tony asked walking forward and showing him a picture of us. Pietro blushed horribly, but didn’t move. “It was hot.” He groaned before pushed his face into the pillow right beside mine.


My master list of wrestling imagines. Obviously will get bigger but for it to get bigger I need your request, so send me some!

AJ Styles:
#94: “I had a bad dream again”

Baron Corbin:
#2: Hey, Hey calm down, they can’t hurt you anymore

Big Cass:
“This is not my boyfriend” 

Bobby Roode: 
God Damn Beautiful 

Dean Ambrose:
″I’ll be here” 
#24: “If I trip over one more of your shoes, I’m throwing them all away.”  
Rules are meant to be broken - Chapter 1
Rules are meant to be broken - Chapter 2 

Dolph Ziggler:
#37: “Welcome to fatherhood”

Enzo Amore:
“I’ll always be here” 
“It’s you and me against the world”

Finn Balor:
#77: “It’s a texas thing”
#45: You’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final.” 
#87: “Stay awake”
#2: “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” 
“I can give him things you can’t”  
#64: “Here, take my blanket.” 
“I’d do it for you” 
#40 & 58: “Am I your husband or your taxi service?” and “You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?” 
A Life Time 
“I’ll keep you safe”  

Jeff Hardy:
#8 & 22: “You’re seriously like a man-child.” and “Did you just hiss at me?”
“You broke me”
“If he makes you happy” (Part 2 of You Broke Me)  
#53: “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?” 
“Don’t ever do that to me again”  
#94 “I had a bad dream again” 

Karl Anderson:
Can’t help falling in love 

Pete Dunne:
“I don’t need you to get ahead”  
“Oh god, Don’t you knock” 
“Keep your hands off what is mine”

Roman Reigns: 
Draft Night

Sami Zayn:
#15: “I’d kill for a coffee…literally”

Seth Rollins: 
Be a man

Told you
 (Part 2 of Be a man)
#80: “Does he know about the baby”
#80: Part 2 
#80: Part 3 
#16: “You’re getting crumbs all over my bed.”  
“Took You Long Enough” 
Soulmates Part 2 

Shane McMahon:
Time Off 
Love & War 

TJ Perkins:
“She’s my sister!”

Trent Seven:
“Why is there a pregnancy test in the trash?”

Tye Dillinger: 
#42: “Stop being so cute”

Tyler Bate:
Meeting the family 

Tyler Breeze:

His friend that your friends with 
When he gets jealous  

Pete Dunne - I hate you, I love you
Finn Balor - Tee Shirt 
Enzo Amore - Stand by you 

Big Booty Better Thighs (Seventeen Headcanon)

(AN: I would like to start off by saying that this really isn’t a “most likely” situation. I feel that all of Seventeen are not anywhere near shallow enough to turn a girl down just because of her body type, even though they are teenage boys. They are teenage boys. Who are usually a lot more insecure than they come off, so they wouldn’t target any girls’ insecurities no matter what. That being said, I feel like you expected me to produce an answer here, so I decided to do this in the headcanon style and I hope you like it! <3 Also, very, very slight smut warning - I talk about sex but no explicit descriptors.)

(Part Two)  

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3 Tips To Procrastinate Less.
With Studyblrheaven

My good friend @dutchgogh asked for advice on how to procrastinate less, and get more done! I’m not a pro on this subject either, but these are 3 tips that I’ve found out over the past couple years!

Divide the bigger task into small tasks. It’s always really intimidating to see “write essay” on your todo list and let’s be real, you don’t just “write an essay”. The main problem many of us procrastinators face is a lack of motivation and quickly being intimidated by bigger tasks like an essay. Something I can really recommend is dividing bigger tasks up in smaller ones! This way it’ll be more easy to get started because it might not intimidate you as much. So instead of “write essay”, you should write, “Write part x for essay”.

Study space. I’ve only figured this one out recently, funny enough, but I have had the most productive days because of it! Take only the things you need to for a certain task and go sit somewhere else! Whether it’s a café, a local library or just a different spot in your own house, sitting somewhere that’s not your own space with all the things you’d rather do lying around, will help you concentrate on that certain task because it’s basically all you have with you at that moment.

Plan ahead and don’t overestimate yourself. Another key aspect of studying in general is planning. While you’re dividing up your tasks, make sure to plan ahead! A thing I tend to do myself, and something you should definitely avoid, is overestimating myself. I think, oh I’ll easily do this in one afternoon, but that’s usually not the case. Not finishing your todo list won’t only cause you practical problems, but it will also decrease your motivation to start a task again and that will only lead to more procrastination.

I hope these were useful to you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message me! 

Serious talk.
There are a total of three suicide notes going around the internet on multiple forms of social media.
It’s been bumped up from one to three in just the past week.
And these aren’t even the only trans people we’ve lost in the past few months.
If the amount of suicides can go from one to three in that short amount of time, think of how long it’ll take for the suicide notes to go from three to five, and from five to six, and from six to nine, and the list will only get bigger and bigger.
Not only is that extremely disturbing but absolutely terrifying.
Protect trans women.
Protect trans men.
Protect trans girls.
Protect trans boys.
Protect older trans people, protect trans youth, PROTECT TRANS PEOPLE.

Transgender Suicide Hotline: +18775658860 (USA)
+18773306366 (Canada)

Spread this like wildfire. Don’t let more suicide notes be written.

Tiny Cuckold Blog - 15

I asked my girlfriend what she likes about cuckolding and this is most of what I can remember from the list she reeled of the top of her head!

The freedom to have a loyal BF but have much better sex.
The ‘start of relationship’ passion as well as long term relationship stability.
Power to be dominant
Turn on to see me desperate to be near her.
Turn on to sleep next to a man who craves you constantly.
Bigger cock. Better lover. More orgasms. Bigger orgasms. Longer orgasms. Multiple orgasms. Lady cum orgasms. Better positions.
Being dominated by a Bull with strong, powerful arms.
Feeling naughty. Better excuses to wear lingerie and tease with lingerie.
Feel sexier.
Keeping secrets. Sharing secrets.
Power to demand what she wants by using chastity extensions to get it.
Happy loser cuckold boyfriend.
Seeing me turned on by her fucking other people.

I loved how when she described her reasons my happiness came last on her list. Lol.

Courage and Kindness: Part 9

PAIRING: au reader x Bucky Barnes 



THE DRESS IS HERE!! Honestly that moment when the dress changes gets me every time I don’t know what it is I just turn into a weeping mess. So hopefully I did it justice! 

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Part 8

GIF NOT MINE (even the gif is making me tear up)

Originally posted by disneyinmyveins

“Mice?” you questioned, what on earth was Wanda going to do with your little friends. You ran after Wanda the red mist swirling around her still, as she searched low.

“Ah there they are. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!” The strange words left her mouth as she flourished her wand; the familiar red mist went flying around the small little balls of fur. You watched as ears became twice their size and the long familiar skinny tails became softy and silky and their size which were now getting bigger. And bigger and before your very eye four beautiful pure white horses now stood on the grass. They all looked at each other shaking their heads and stamping their new hooves.

“Four white chargers” Wanda smiled almost slightly proud of herself. You approached the horses in shock, reaching out to stroke the soft fur.

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i have a lot of positive and good thoughts about the episode, and where it seems dabb is gonna take us as showrunner

things i am excited for:

the codependency is broken. sam and dean now seem able to care for each other as brothers without parentification, disrespecting each other’s choices, and the general toxicity

the return of mary and what it may mean for fixing all the damage john did to dean, resulting in dean often repressing his true emotions and personality. also, another female character tacked on to the resurrection list! woo!!!! 

FINALLY BEING DONE WITH BIGGER, BADDER VILLAINS. it was getting a bit old and ridiculous. how do you go bigger than god and the darkness? it seems spn will now make a return to the more traditional monsters and long travels, except now….a bit of it will take place across the pond. and, i don’t mind a return to “traditional spn” in this aspect AT ALL, it actually feels refreshing at this point -so long as the characters themselves and their relationships continue to progress

major dean and cas development. cas is free, his body is his again. in fact, when he talks about lucifer being gone, he says, “expelled from my body,” “rather than, “my vessel,” once again reminding us cas is, in fact, his own person, and has been for a long time. the conversation between dean and cas also really helps paves the way -it has now been said, definitively, in canon, by dean, how much he cares for cas and that cas is his greatest friend, and that he is appreciated. also, cas initiating such a big hug was wonderful and a first. the ending of the show even seems to open up the possibility for cas, dean, and mary to rescue sam together. 

a major way has been paved for deancas this season -between talk of settling down, introduction of other gay hunter characters, the conversation between dean and cas in the finale, the potential for mary coming back signaling dean may now get REAL parental support WITHOUT the toxic abuse, that could lend him to being more open about his emotions and personality, the constant reiteration that cas is his own person, and more

and let’s not even BEGIN to get into mary meeting cas. moms know things. THEY KNOW.

enemies to lovers trope for sam???? maybe??? i could just be stuck in captive prince mode, but still :P 

DEAN ADMITTING HE LIKES CHICK FLICKS THANK U JESUS. imo this signals an emotional turning point in dean. and hopefully now ~certain~ ppl can stop using this throwaway line he said in season 1 to badly mischaracterize him when the want to prove dean is ~nothing more than ur traditional macho manly hetero manly man man~