the lipstick rebellion

anonymous asked:

Why don't you like Kat von d?

Listen I’m on mobile so the links are gonna suck but here goes -

Previously had a lipstick with an ableist slur called Celebut*rd -

Currently has a lipstick that sexualized minors & promotes pedophilia called Underage Red -

The infamous incident where she wrote a very anti-Semitic message to another tattoo artist -

Now she claims this was forged but then again she did date a literal neo-Nazi so -

Had basically all white ppl on her makeup team then said “I don’t see color” when she was called out on it -

She called out Jeffree Star which was literally amazing lmao but she just doesn’t want to accept any blame for her own controversies which I especially hate like how are you gonna speak out against racism and then date a neo-Nazi……

If any one has more definitely add it!!!