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Shit I’ve Said To My Dog : Sentence Starters
  • Why do you get so upset when I blow into your ears?
  • Am I annoying you yet? Am I annoying you yet? Am I annoying you yet?
  • If you burp in my face we’re not friends anymore.
  • Why do you have such a floppy lip?
  • Oh, I didn’t realise you suddenly decided to have standards.
  • Stop looking at other people. Your world should revolve around me.
  • Remember that time, one year ago when you split open my lip by accident and it didn’t stop bleeding? No? Well I do.
  • Wanna roll around on the floor and make weird sounds later?
  • If you try to lick me when I’ve just gotten out of the shower again I sWEAR TO GOD.
  • Not everyone needs to hear your opinion on the existence of fire alarms.
  • I have never seen anyone so happy to pretend to be dead before.
  • Okay. You need a bath. I’m ready for battle, don’t even try to argue this.
  • How come you hate warm baths but love swamp water and muddy puddles?
  • I love that no matter what I say, if I hold up my hand you’ll high-five it without question. It’s like we’re always united, no matter who or what I’m roasting today.
  • I found one of your hairs in my breakfast. We need to talk.
  • I asked you to bring me my slippers. I did not ask you to check they were dead by shaking them like a crazed dingo before giving them to me.
  • You can’t just put your foot in my mouth then walk away. What kind of friendship do you think this is?
  • I love how efficient you are at using the tools around us to be as annoying as possible.
  • I never got to be the big spoon in bed before I had you. This is such a weird new perspective I have gained in life. 
  • I’m pretty sure this many snuggles is illegal in some countries.
  • No. Stop begging to try a piece of my food. It’s a vegetable. You hate vegetables. *Sigh* Fuck it. Fine. Here try some.
  • SEE? I told you you’d hate it!
  • Why do you insist on smooshing squishy foods before eating them?
  • I’m not sure how something so adorable and pure could have as many nightmares as you do, but I hope you’re okay.
  • I will never grow tired of booping your snoot.
  • Sometimes I look at you and I realise how lucky I am to have someone who is so tolerant of my weirdness.
  • Why do you get excited whenever I go to the bathroom?
  • You always look sad when you’re tired. It’s so fucking cute.
  • I love how if I get really excited over a stick, you trust me enough to see insane amounts of value in it too.
  • I got you another teddy to add to your already grossly large collection of teddies. Yes I’m an enabler. No I’m not going to stop enabling you.
  • Some kid asked me if you were a bear today. It made me wonder what your spirit animal would be.
  • Why do you always sleep by my door? Are you guarding it from demons?
  • Let’s go to the woods. You run through the trees and I’ll hum the Game of Thrones theme.
  • I’ve always wanted to braid your hair, but I’m also worried you won’t like it
  • How can you be both so polite and such a piece of shit at the same time?
  • Holy crap our souls were literally meant for one another.
Unorthodox [m]

genre : smut

summary : you broke up with your boyfriend, and yet you still find yourself underneath him.

Your hands leafed through the rack as your eyes looked for the perfect little combo. You didn’t have an exact style in mind, maybe something nice and perhaps powder blue. You didn’t want something too gaudy and try hard, you’d never forgive yourself if you wore something like that. 

Baekhee was on the other side of the rack also working through the pieces. “I thought you guys weren’t together anymore.” She said, breaking your stealthy concentration.

You looked up at her, “Oh no, we aren’t together. You know that.”

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Imagine when the Winchesters hug they pull you in without a thought, giving you the chance to make an important announcement. Just like Dean does.

You looked with a smile on your face as the three Winchesters hugged, the younger one being the tallest; able to wrap his arms around both his mother and older brother. You bit your lip as after one last glance you turned and walked away carefully; not to disturb them. You didn’t want to ruin the moment and considering they’d have quiet a few things to talk about it was better to leave them alone.

“And where the hell do you think you’re going?” it was Dean’s voice that caught your attention. You turned around to look at them, your eyebrows shot up as you blinked several times.

“I uh- I was gonna- I thought-” you stutter, shifting several times in your place; lips parted as you didn’t know what to tell them.

“Get your ass right here before you make me do it.” Dean said seriously but still had a playful smile on his face.

“I thought that you three wanted-” you mumbled, taking tentative steps towards them.

“What? A family moment?” Sam asked with a small smirk.

“(Y/n) you are part of this family, even I get to say it.” Mary added with a fond smile as you bit the inside of you cheek.

“I’m-” you fidgeted with your hands “I only thought that you wanted this to be amongst the three of you. You know, a Winchester thing?” you shrugged softly as Dean opened and arm for you to walk towards him.

“And since when are you not a Winchester?” Sam asked with a chuckled and you bit your lip to keep your smile from get wider.


“What? Not officially?” Mary asked with a smile “Well, that can be arranged. Right Dean?” she looked at her older son who shifted uncomfortably in his place. He cleared his throat as he gave not only his mother but also brother a dirty look.

You giggled, leaning up to peck Dean’s cheek who did exactly the same, burying his face at the crook of your neck for a moment “Sweetheart” he spoke up before finally looking you “You are a Winchester, I don’t care what our fucking DNA might say or what the papers say. You are one of us, end of discussion.”

“Agreed, besides you are more like both me and Dean than we are similar to each other.” Sam added with a chuckle as he looked down at you.

You bit the inside of your cheek as you looked at three of them, Dean’s arm around your shoulders made your heart beat all the more fast. Should you really say it? You had been wanting to for quiet a long while but was this really the right moment?

“Exactly” Mary said with a smile “Besides, to be honest I feel like I owe you. You had been taking care of my boys ever since you met them.”

“I love them, there is no questioning that. They’re both very important to me.” you wrapped one arm around Sam and the other around Dean, rubbing his back softly.

“Well, one might be just a little more than the other.” Sam said with a sly smirk and you hit the back of his head.

“Jealous Sammy? Can’t help if I have a thing for men in leather and terrible jokes.” you shrugged just as Dean exclaimed.

“Hey!” he looked offended for a moment and you giggled at his expression.

“Don’t worry (Y/n), that’s what they use to get all the girls. Trust me, been through that.” Mary said giving you a look and a sly smirk and you giggled as the Winchesters made a face at her words.

You chuckled as no other words were exchanged and Dean and Sam tightened their holds on you, squeezing you tightly. You couldn’t help but grin as Dean kissed the top of your head, resting his forehead against yours as he smiled down at you softly. It wasnt as big as you’d like but it true and that was all that you needed for the moment.

“Whoa easy there, you’re gonna squeeze the life out of us.” you giggled as Sam and Dean pulled slightly away.

“I mean don’t get me wrong, we’re Winchesters: death is out bitch-” you chuckled “But we need to be born first, don’t we?” you placed a hand over your stomach and all smiles faded as their eyes widened.

“What?” Dean breathed out and you bit your lip, looking at your boyfriend.

“Thought I should wait a little more to tell you but seeing as this is all a family thing I thought I should tell you that… the family’s getting bigger than you think.” you said with a shy smile and Mary was the first one to react.

“Oh my gosh, (Y/n)! Congratulations!” she grinned, tears welling up in her eyes as she hugged you tightly and you giggled.

“Thanks Mary, must be all weird to think you’re going to be a grandmother now when your own son is older than you.” you chuckled and she shook her head.

“We’ve already established, we are like no other family out there.” she said before turning to look at Dean who had an awestruck face on “So, are you not going to say something or what?”

“I- I- what should- I- I’m going to be a father?” he breathed out after a lot of stuttering and you smiled, nodding your head softly.

“Well, it’s obviously not only the pie I have in here.” you chuckled and he shook his head with a laugh. In an instant he wrapped his arms around and picked you up, spinning as the both of you laughed. A squeak left your lips as he set you down but you didn’t have time to say anything as he grabbed your face and pressed his lips hard against yours.

“A baby- it’s- I’m-” he breathed out a laugh, not being able to form the right words “Hear that Sammy?” his grin was hard to contain “You’re going to be an uncle. It’s- Another Winchester’s coming.” he bit his lower lip, looking back at you as he rested his forehead against yours “Baby Winchester.” he breathed out, closing his yes for a moment and taking your breath away as you saw the single tear run down his cheek.

“And while we’re at it-” Mary spoke up with what could only be described as a knowing smirk “Dean, how about you make that (Y/n) Winchester more official huh? Would be about damn time.” she said as you looked with a frown between her and Sam that had an arm wrapped around her shoulders.

“Wh-what?” you blinked, looking back at Dean who had a nervous smile on. His one hand was already in his pocket as he was fidgeting with something in there.

“Dean?” you whispered, frowning.

“Well, I gotta admit I would real like to hear that (Y/n) Winchester once or twice to be honest.” he breathed out with an awkward chuckle.

“What… do you mean?” you mumbled but your eyes widened and all air got caught in your lungs as you saw him move down… on one knee and pulled that one small thing from his pocket.

Meeting the Gallagher’s (Carl Imagine)

“My family is fucked up.” Carl reminded you for what feels like the thousandth time.
You rolled your eyes and laughed kissing him quickly as you walked down the street towards his house “Remind me… who doesn’t have a fucked up family?” you asked and raised an eyebrow.
Carl nodded “But you haven’t met Frank yet.” he reminded and you took a moment to think of who Frank was exactly. Carl had a huge family; it was hard to keep up with the stories he would tell about them. You two had only been dating for about two or three weeks so you were kind of trying to figure each other out. It was one of those relationships that clicked. Your friends introduced you and within a hour you were hooking up and within the week you were dating. It was new and exiting and just felt good.
“Oh! You’re Dad, are you two alike?” you asked, curiously trying to remember stories Carl had told about him.
Carl let out a breathy laugh and shook his head “If I am ever like Frank Gallagher, beat the shit out of me.” he said. “Anyways, I wouldn’t get your hopes up on meeting him. He is either everywhere you turn or nowhere to be found.”
“Got it. At least I already know Debs.” You said and it was true. You two had met in passing and you got along well enough. As you were planning what to say when you saw Deb, Carl stopped in front of a house and nodded. “This is it.” he said and you nodded.
“Sweet.” You said before walking into the gate without getting permission from Carl. Carl scoffed and followed after you.
You opened the front door and immediately saw the man passed out on the floor. “That is Frank.” Carl said and led you farther inside as you looked around.
“Aw you look alike.” You cooed and Carl groaned “Shut up.” he said.
You didn’t have long to process what was happening before two boys had a choke hold on Carl.
“Well look who it is.” the ginger one said.
The other one smirked and gave Carl a noogie before turning to you and sticking out a hand “Lip.” he said and you shook his head and the ginger nodded towards you “Ian.” he said.
“Oh hey I’m…” you started before getting cut off by and girl in her late 20s.
“We know. Carl sprang it on us last night that he has a girl and was bringing her around. I swear one day he’s going to just show up married with a couple kids.” she joked. “I’m Fiona.” she said and hugged you.
You heard footsteps coming down the stairs and you looked over and saw Deb walking down with who you assumed was Liam, the only sibling you were able to identify by name. “Hey good to see you again!” Deb said.

About a hour later you were in the kitchen with all them, eating dinner with the neighbors Kevin and Veronica who Carl told you were pretty much family too.
“Please tell us you don’t have a criminal record.” Kevin said. “We can’t have another young criminals on our hands.”
You laughed and shook your head “Surprisingly no. My mom is screwing a cop so they don’t really mess with me.” you admitted.
Ian raised an eyebrow “Shut up! When Fiona screwed a cop Lip and I were arrested!” he exclaimed and him and Lip immediately began rambling about their adventures in jail.
The laughs quickly quieted however when Frank stumbled into the kitchen and sat in a chair, taking a sip from a beer that was sitting on the table. It was silent for a moment before he looked at you and took a second before saying “Who the hell are you.”
“My girl.” Carl told his dad and Frank raised his eyebrows and nodded.
“Nice catch. Wouldn’t mind fucking her myself.” he said.
Fiona groaned “Oh come on Frank!” she yelled while Lip added “You’re such a fucking pervert.” and Ian contributed an annoyed “You just have to make things weird don’t you.” but Carl looked at you and shrugged.
“I guess my dad and I have the same taste in girls.” he said and smirked, winking at you. “But only one of us can screw you.”
You laughed and squeezed his thigh “Well one of you already has and I would like to keep it that way.” you said.

Soft Derek, Warm Stiles, No One is a Little Ball of Fur

Hey guys! I was planning on posting this on my birthday (yesterday) but ran out of time to finish it. So here it is today! I really hope you guys like it. Please leave positive/constructive feedback. Happy birthday/Memorial Day to everyone! <3

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When Stiles got his job at Espress Hangar, the new space-themed café, the pack was immediately on board.

“Oh thank God!” Erica pulls him into a suffocating hug. “I had their Strawberry Starship drink the other day and I think I’m addicted, but they’re like five dollars a cup. Thanks, Stiles.”

“Um, what? Why are you thanking me?” Stiles asks warily.

Scott comes out from behind him with one of his tooth-rottingly sweet smiles and replies, “For all the free drinks you’ll give us,” like it’s obvious. Stiles frowns.

The thing is, it is kind of obvious. Stiles was planning on sneaking a few drinks for them here and there when they came to visit him. But now that they expect him to, he’s starting to reconsider.

“Guys, come on, this is Stiles’ job. You can’t take advantage of him like that,” interrupts Derek. Stiles grins at him and, you know what, maybe he will save a drink for him.

“But where’s the fun in that?” Jackson smirks.

If Stiles has any say in it, Jackson is going on the Do Not Serve list at the first opportunity.


After Stiles’ third morning rush that day, he can finally breathe during the lull that follows. He’s survived his first week at Espress Hangar, a feat much larger than he originally thought. Turns out waking up for work every morning at four o’clock is not as easy as staying up until four o’clock on Wikipedia.

Stiles is wiping down the counters and humming California Gurls to himself when the bell above the door chimes and Derek walks in. The next notes of the song get stuck in his throat and he freezes. Stiles shouldn’t be surprised, really. The rest of the pack have already been by to visit him, even Jackson. Of course, Scott was the only person Stiles ended up giving a free drink to, much to their disappointment.

Derek swaggers up to the counter Stiles is stationed behind, because that’s the only way Derek apparently knows how to walk. He’s wearing a maroon knitted sweater today that looks unfairly cozy. Stiles slaps his own hand down from reaching out and touching the fabric because that would be weird. Although slapping yourself might be weirder. Oh well.

“Hey,” says Derek wryly. A small smirk is tugging at his lips from witnessing Stiles’ hand malfunction. Stiles sighs at Derek’s voice. It’s soft and small, a low rumble of a voice Stiles has been hearing more and more when he talks with Derek.

“Hey,” Stiles says back, his own grin a little dopey. Yeah, Stiles has tried getting rid of his crush on Derek, multiple times, but after three years of cringing and stuttering, he’s come to terms that whatever he feels for Derek is here to stay.

Danny coughs behind Stiles and, oh yeah, he doesn’t work here alone. Oops. Derek ducks his head to hide his smile and Stiles feels a blush work its into his cheeks.

“What can we do for you today?” asks Danny. Stiles glares at him because that’s his job. Granted, he wasn’t doing it but…semantics.

Derek glances at Stiles again before murmuring, “Strawberry smoothie, please.”

“What?” Danny leans closer to Derek to hear him better but Stiles is already putting the order into his register.

“He said strawberry smoothie. You wanted that large, right big guy?” Derek nods minutely. “Did you want to add anything to that? Espresso shot? Any extra flavors? Bubbles? Fruit?”

Derek considers the list of syrup flavors on the board behind Stiles and Danny. Stiles takes the opportunity to take in his alpha. There are bruises under his eyes, but they seem lighter than the last time Stiles saw Derek. The last few weeks has had him more tired than usual. Though, Stiles supposes, having a coven of vampires trying to take over his territory probably isn’t the most relaxing environment.

“Um. Could I have bananas and lavender bubbles added to it?” At first he looks a bit sheepish when he asks, the tips of his ears turning slightly red. He quickly covers it up by sending a glare Stiles’ way, like he’s expecting to be laughed at. As much as Stiles loves to irritate Derek, it’s no fun if Derek can actually be hurt by it.

“Yeah buddy, of course.” Derek pays and Stiles gets started making the drink, glancing at Derek between each motion like he might disappear as soon as Stiles stops looking. 

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My Heart - Alex Standall x Reader

Request- “she’s clays sister and she has an alternate fashion and music taste and Hannah basically gets them together”

“GET UP Y/N JENSEN!!” Clay was banging on your door and shouting at you. “WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE- AGAIN!” You were surprised the door was still intact.
You groaned.

“…gimme five more minutes…please…” you mumbled into your pillow, dreary and pleading. Getting up really wasn’t on the agenda.

“If you’re not ready in 20 minutes, Y/N, I’m leaving without you.” It was an empty threat, you knew he wouldn’t, but it still pushed you to finally get out of bed.

You and your brother walked to school together, and met his almost-girlfriend-but-not-really Hannah along the way. You and Hannah had been acquaintances before, but ever since her and Clay got closer, so did she and you. Currently, she was attempting to set you up with her friend Alex Standall, a guy you’d had a crush on for a while.
Alex and you were similar. You both had quite quirky looks, and had similar tastes in music. You didn’t mind walking to school with Hannah and Clay because they always included you rather than letting you third wheel.


At lunch, Hannah came to sit next to you.

“Hey, Hannah. What’s up?”

“Nothing much, except the fact I asked Alex to sit with me at lunch.” She smirked.

“Oh- it’s okay if you wanna go sit with him, I don’t mind!” You smiled, trying not to look too hurt.

“No, silly! He’s sitting with me. On this table. With you.” She explained. The lightbulb turned on in your head.

“Oh god! Do I look okay? Have I got food in my teeth?” You frantically smoothed your hair down and pushed up your glasses. She chuckled.

“You look gorgeous.” She reassured you, right as Alex Standall approached the table, and sat down. He eyed you up and down dubiously.

“Hey Hannah, Y/N.”

“Hey.” You smiled sheepishly. Alex knew your name???

You ate lunch with Hannah and Alex, and got more comfortable and the time passed. You joked and laughed and couldn’t stop yourself from looking at Alex at least every ten seconds. What was weird was, most of the time he was looking back.

As you left the lunch hall, someone shouted for you.

“Y/N! Hold up.” It was Alex. It was Alex???

“Oh, hey Alex.” You smiled.

“You got a free period?” He asked.

“Yeah, actually. I was planning on heading to the library.”

“Well, if you don’t mind changing your plans, how about heading out with me?” You’d stopped by the lockers so as not to cause disruption in the hallway.

“‘Out’ where?” You were doubtful.

“Out of school.” He grinned mischeviously. You bit your lip.

Clay will kill me, you thought.

“Yeah, why not.”


You two were sat on the top of a hill somewhere, you weren’t entirely sure how you’d ended up there, but there you were. Alex’s speaker was playing music, and the sun was lowering in the sky.

“So, Hannah’s told me a lot about you.” He began, “but you’re a lot better than she described.”
You blushed. Alex was so sweet.

“What kind of things has she said?”

“All good things.”

“I’d hope so.” You joked.

“So she hasn’t said anything about me?” He asked.

“She didn’t really need to…” you looked away, feeling awkward. He was perplexed.

“Well, I mean, because, well, I already kinda knew a lot.” You avoided eye contact. He decided not to press you, sensing how uncomfortable you were. He moved closer and faced you.

Just then, your phone chimed.

Message from Clay: Where the hell are you???

Message to Clay: I’ll tell you later.

Message from Clay: As long as you’re safe x

Message to Clay: Of course Mr Protective.

You locked your phone and turned back to Alex.

“Sorry, it was just Clay.”

“Your brother? I love that guy.”

“Me too. Sometimes.” You made eye contact again, unable to break once you’d got a taste of their liquid blue.

“Y/N, you’re really awesome. I wish we’d hung out sooner.”

“Really?” You stared into his eyes.

My Heart - Paramore began to play. It was one of your favourites.

“Yeah, you’re different like, quirky, and really cool. But I said that already.” He laughed at himself. His laugh sent tingles down your spine. You weren’t quite sure how to respond.

“Can I ask you something?” He looked nervous.

“Go ahead.” You were apprehensive, it could be anything.

“Can I… Kiss you?” This was not what you’d been expecting. You were completely taken aback.

“Really??” Was your initial response, before you saw the sincerity in his eyes. “I mean, yes! Yes!” You laughed as you both leaned in ignited the kiss. It was a simple peck. You smiled. He cupped your face in his hands and went back for more. It was passionate and desperate, as though both of you were taking all you could. The song made everything all the better. You lay down on the grass, bringing him with you. After a while, he broke off.

“I know I only just met you properly, but it’s feels like I’ve known you forever.” He stroked your cheek.

“I think we can thank Hannah for that.” You made a mental note to thank her every day for the next year, before returning to kissing the hell out of Alex freaking Standall.

//Shy Shy Shy//

Word Count: 1581

Group: NCT 127/Dream

Member: Mark

Warnings: none

I haven’t slept because off this so i really hope you guys like it. Requests are open and i’ll post an masterlist soon ( ^▽^)

Originally posted by oh-prankster

“Yah Yah! Hyung!” Haechan kept pestering Mark during class.  
“What is it?” Mark said looking up from his work. Haechan had a sly smirk on his face.  
Just before Haechan wanted to speak, Y/N came walking in. The class turned their attention to the unexpected company.
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but can I speak to you sir for a second?” The teacher nodded his head yes and gestured Y/N to wait outside.
“Class I’ll be back In a moment, continue your work” the taecher walked away.
“As I was saying” Haechan spoke again, but mark didn’t listen.  
“How can she be so beautiful?” Mark mumbled, resting his chin on the palm of his hand. 

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Genre: smut, kinda fluffy maybe? Warnings: blackmail, daddy kink, uh I think that’s it REBOUND

“c'mon, dan, you haven’t gotten laid in months, you need to get over Jason, and moving on begins with having sex with strangers. Safe sex of course” I stare blankly at pj from my place in the crevice of my couch. “Are you done now?” He sighs, “yes,” “good” I turn back to my computer only to have it snatched away from me. Looking up, I see pj running down the hallway into my bathroom, shutting and locking the door. I run after him, stopping to knock at the door, “I’m already over him! What are you gonna do with my computer anyway?” “Yeah ok and that’s why you haven’t even gotten out of this damned apartment after the hour of 7? Sure. And my dear dear Danny, remember that video you accidentally sent me that you meant to send to Jason? You know, the one of you fingering yourself? No?” My hands clam up and my jaw tightens, he wouldn’t. “Well I do, and it just so happens that I kept it cause I knew I’d need to black mail you sooner or later, and you see, the only thing I don’t have is your mom’s email, which is conveniently on this computer. So what do you say Danny? Mom watches a video of you with your fingers up your ass moaning ‘daddy’ or you go out and have someone put their fingers up your ass while you moan ‘daddy’?” My fists clenched, throat tight with anxiety, I knew what the clear choice was, “ok, asshole, come pick out what I’m wearing, I’m not putting in any extra work” I hear a grunt of joy and then the door flings open to reveal a smiling pj.


I nervously walk into the vibrantly colored gay club, my jeans are too tight and my dick feels like it’s suffocating in its confines. I turn towards pj only to find that he is no longer next to me, or even around me for that matter. Whatever, I’ll just sit at the bar and wait until he’s had his fun. Walking up to bar, I take a seat and my eyes catch with the most vibrant blue I’ve ever seen. Wow, ok this guy is so hot, Jesus, he comes up to me and I don’t know what I was expecting but “what can I get you to drink, sir?” was not it, until I realized, to my embarrassment, that he was behind the bar because he’s a bartender. Obviously. And now I’d been staring at him for a solid 10 seconds and he was giving me a weird look, “uh sorry, I’ll just have a sprite please” he nodded and then handed my drink over to me, “anything else?” ‘Your number??? A good fuck??’ He laughs and it’s only then that I realize I had spoken out loud, “oh god that’s so embarrassing I’m sorry that wasn’t supposed to come out of my mouth” “hm. Well my break is in five minutes and I figure I can find something else to put in your mouth. How’s that sound, baby boy?” A whimper makes it way past my lips and I nod, watching him smirk and quickly turn away. I tap at the counter and bounce my foot nervously for what feels like an hour before I feel a possessive dominant hand on my lower back, pushing me off the bar stool and sending a shiver down my spine. “C'mon, darling” I let him lead me out a door and into a hallway, past several other doors until we finally stopped at one and he pushed it open to reveal a bedroom, and I turn to him curiously, “it’s a strip club baby, they’re called private rooms” I nod and he comes closer to me, and I’m lost in his eyes again, before he pushes me up against the wall and kisses at my neck. “Oh god” I moan, “so easy to get worked up, look at you, already hard in your pants” I nod feverishly into his shoulder, hands gripping his shirt in tight fists. “I’m d-dan” I gasp out through moans as he continues to mark my neck, “phil, you’ll have that name memorized by the time we’re done here, angel” I tug at his shirt and before I know it we’re on the bed, naked bodies slick with sweat, pressed together and I’m begging him, “please , please phil please touch me” he reaches over to grab a bottle of lube and a condom from the bed side table and I hear the cap popping open before I feel a cool, smooth finger probing my entrance, “yes god, yes daddy please put it in” it takes a moment for me to register what I’d said before I’m blushing and phil is letting out a loud moan, “god call me that again that’s so hot baby, daddy loves when you beg for his fingers in your hot, tight hole” the first finger burns but I’m quickly asking for another and another and we’re both moaning and then he hits my prostate, and I’m screaming “DADDY! Daddy daddy please im ready please please fill me up with your nice cock daddy I need it please” burying his face in my neck, I whimper when his fingers leave me to prep himself and then I feel his tip at my entrance, “you ready?” His whispers in my ear and it’s so soft and caring I almost forget that I don’t know anything about him, almost forget that all he wants is my body “yes, phil please” he enters me slowly, carefully, gently and it’s uncomfortable but once he’s bottomed out, he stops and the burn subsides, leaving a flaming pleasure. “Move move please I can take it” his first thrust is soft and slow but I’m begging and eventually the pace is quick and unrelenting, his hand grips tight enough for his knuckles to turn white around the headboard and I’m clinging to him and pushing back on his every thrust “god baby doing so well for me, taking my cock so well, you’re so tight baby doll” the praise sends shocks through me, bringing me to the edge, “I’m close so close daddy phil please can I cum please let me cum I’ll be so good” he moans, raw and untamed, “god you’re perfect. cum, cum for me without even touching yourself, such a perfectly good little boy cumming from just my cock, I’m close” I cum all over our stomachs, my muscles tensing and hole clenching around his cock, sending him over the edge with me, until his shallowly moving inside me, our breaths still out of control, and then he’s rolling off me “god you were perfect” I blush at his statement, “you were too” with a sigh, he pulls me back into his chest, effectively squishing my face into his neck. And I think, maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t such a bad idea. I’ll have to thank pj later.

*Tease* (Final Chapter!!)

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This chapter is hella long. Almost 5000 words. And so NSFW holy cow. And HILARIOUS. I totally laughed writing these first few parts! And then so NSFW and then super feely because these boys are just dummies in love. And then funny again.

So I hope you enjoy it :) Shout out to my 1000+ followers, everything I write is for you guys! Love my readers!!



“So tell me about it.” Natasha insisted, sprawling across Tony’s bed and watching him hang clothes in his closet.

“Nat, you don’t want to hear about our night.”

“Oh no I totally do.” She grinned wickedly. “Especially since you’re still walking funny. The garter belt and nylon thing worked out?”

“You could say that.” Tony sent a pointed glance towards his bedside trash can, where an empty bottle of lube sat on a pile of sheer stockings and a torn garter belt.

“Damn.” Natasha dragged the word out, whistling appreciatively. “They tore it?”

Of course they tore it!” Tony snapped, crossing his arms irritably. “Every damn thing I’ve worn they have either torn in half or ruined completely!”

“Well.” Tasha shrugged and took a bite out of her carton of Chinese food. “You said you didn’t want them to be gentle, right? I would think working them up to the point of tearing your lingerie would be a good thing?”

“Lingerie is expensive!”

“Yeah, I know, Tony. I was there when you bought it.”

“No, you watched as I bought my own and your lingerie. I spent almost a thousand dollars that day.”

“And…” she raised an eyebrow and Tony blushed bright red.

“And consequently have had some of the best sex of my life these last two weeks.”

“So you actually don’t have any complaints.”

“Damn it.” Tony groaned. “No, I really don’t have any complaints.”

“So are you wearing something else tonight? By the way you’re walking I’d assume you’d take a night off.”

“Oh.” Tony shook his head with a secret little smile. “I’m not walking funny because of that. I mean, yeah the garter belt incident was good but that’s not why I’m–” he just shook his head again.

“Then why?” Tasha asked suspiciously, then her eyes widened and her jaw dropped open. “Tony are you planning something wicked?”

“Sort of.” He hedged and she started laughing, scrambling over the bed to get closer to him.

“How big?” She demanded and Tony bit his lip before making a fist.

“Sort of… this?”

“Oh my god!” Natasha nearly screamed. “You are a whore! I was definitely not there when you bought that!”

“Yeah well.” Tony finished hanging his clothes and grinned. “It’s amazing what you can order online.”

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Imagine #17 Peter Maximoff (Request)

Requested by @fragcc: Could you do a Peter x human reader? Like, they’d meet at library and become good friends bc they like the same stuff and then after some time they’d start dating and he’d confess to her that he’s a mutant but she doesn’t care bc it’s her love… =]

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Not my gif

Words: 2263

Warnings: typos, fem!reader (though not necessarily, I think, I’m just not sure), SWEARS

A/N: So, I was in a really no-cheesy mood when I wrote this, I hope, y’all like it anyway! xoxo

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”, you muttered under your breath as your eyes fell on the empty space in the shelf, where your favourite book was supposed to be. Some idiot had been hogging it for the past two months and you had been counting the days until you would finally be able to read it again – for about the 56th time. And now here you were, on the day it was supposed to be back, in front of the shelf where it was supposed to be, and yet… Right at that moment, your glare could have killed a man.

And yes, you could have just bought a copy of your own, but that wasn’t, what this was about, you insisted. This was about order, structure. You wanted this copy and you wanted it now.

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Cosplay Roleplay (Finn Balor X Reader)

AN: This was inspired by an encounter (or two) I had with a person who cosplayed as Finn Balor at Mechacon (fun fact: that’s where I was in my profile pic 😊). Hope y'all enjoy!

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“I feel like a jackass.” I muttered to myself while aimlessly walking around the first floor of the fancy hotel I was in. I had on an itchy magenta wig, a “top” that was too damn small for me, and some sorry excuse for shorts on. I was currently dressed up as some female wrestler named…..Sandy? I don’t know. It started with a S. Sasha! That’s her name.

My best friend should’ve been in this ridiculous get up, but she was currently at her house trying not to puke her guts out. She was super bummed because some mega hot wrestler guy was coming to Comic Con this year. Being the good friend I am, I told her I would go there to get her an autograph. I thought that would be the only thing I had to do, but nope. My friend forced me to put on the costume she was supposed to cosplay in. “Someone has to wear it!” She whined. I agreed to wear the thing, so that she could shut up. I made sure to grab a jacket while she wasn’t looking, though. The “top” had too little material for my liking.

I had been walking around this big ass building for what felt like hours and I still had no idea where this wrestler was supposed to be.

“Omg, I love your Sasha costume! Can I have a picture?!” This little girl asked, rushing over to me excitedly. 

“Sure.” I told the girl, standing there with her while her mom took the picture. “Thanks!” the kid squealed excitedly.

“No problem.” I said, giving the girl a warm smile. I noticed the Finn Balor poster she was holding in her hands. 

“Do you know where he’s supposed to be?” I asked the child and her mother.

“I think he left already, sweetheart.” The mother answered.

“Really?!” I asked, dejectedly.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. Maybe he’s still around the building?” The mother added, trying to cheer me up.

“Yeah, maybe. Thanks.” I tell them before walking off. Fuck, I thought to myself. I felt like shit. I promised my friend I’d get her an autograph, and I fucked up. 

I walked around the hotel, searching up and down for the famous wrestler. I should’ve asked the mom what he had on. I stopped a couple of people who had the paint and gear on only to find out they weren’t him. He had to be long gone by now.

I made my way out of the hotel, feeling like the worst best friend on the planet. She had been looking forward to this so much, and I ruined this for her. It was bad enough she couldn’t go. This was just the icing on top of the shit cake.

“Dammit!” I muttered to myself, tears of frustration starting to burn the back of my throat.

Not paying attention to where I was going, I ran straight into someone. Before I could fall on my ass, the person grabbed me, pulling me toward their hard chest.

“Oh, my gosh! I’m so sorry!” I said, feeling completely embarrassed.

“You’re fine, love.” I heard a man respond with a weird accent. I looked up to see the most beautiful set of blue eyes I had ever seen in my whole entire life. The rest of his face was beautiful as well. Especially those lips.

He gave me a knowing smile, noticing the way my eyes were trailing his face and toned physic in his tight Balor Club tee and matching black skinny jeans.

“Holy shit.” I started breathlessly, “Aren’t you Finn Balor?” I asked, still amazed at how incredibly gorgeous this man was.

The man offered a dazzling smile, face slightly flushing at the recognition.

“Yes, That would be me.” He responded in his thick accent. He sounded Irish.

We just stayed there for a while, looking at each other. One of his arms was wrapped around my waist, pining me against him, while the other was grabbing my forearm. My hands were resting slightly on his warm, hard chest. Our faces were so close together all I had to do was raise up a little bit on my toes and lean forward in order to-

Whoa, down girl, I though to myself, shaking myself out of a daze and moving an appropriate distance away from him. I was already missing the feel of him and his body heat. I really needed to get laid.

We were still silent, eyes taking in each other’s features. He began speaking first.

“So, I don’t remember seeing you at the signing. You would’ve definitely stuck out.” Finn stated, eyes racking over my scantily clad form. I had taken off my sweater now, due to the blazing Summer heat.

“I arrived there too late.” I answered, moving from foot to foot nervously. 

“Well, I’m here now.” He said, throwing me another gorgeous smile, “Would you like me to sign something?”

“Oh, um, yes, please. Thank you so much!” I said, reaching in my tote for my friends fan drawing of Finn and her beloved Bullet Club tee.

“Wow, this is incredible!” Finn exclaimed, taking in my friends work of art. “How long did it take?” He asked, reaching for my sharpie, and proceeding to sign the poster up against the wall of a building we were close by.

“I think it took my friend almost a whole day to create it.” I answered. “She wanted to come here and meet you, but she came down with something and couldn’t make it.”

“I’m sorry to here that,” Finn responded, turning back around to hand me my friends drawing. “You’re a good friend for doing this.” He told me with a smile.

“All thanks to you. If I wouldn’t have ran into you, I’d be the worlds worst friend.” 

“Don’t say that. You still thought enough of her to show up. You want me to sign the shirt?” He asked, referring to the garment in between my hands.

“Yes, please.” I said, handing it over to him. He opened the shirt up and smiled, taking time to look at the other signatures littered across it.

“Your friend must be a pretty big Bullet Club fan.” He stated, handing the tee back over to me once he finished signing it.

“She totally is.” I said, giving him a smile, “It’s her favorite wrestling group.”

“Do you like the Bullet Club.” He asked, curiously.

I was taken aback by the question. “Me? I couldn’t really answer. I don’t watch wrestling.” I responded, slightly embarrassed because of my ignorance.

“Oh, that’s fine.” He said, slightly laughing. “I just assumed you did, with the whole Sasha Banks get up and all.” He finished, eyes once again trailing my body. I felt my body temperature heating, and the sun had nothing to do with it.

“My friend was supposed to wear it. Since she couldn’t, she insisted I did.” I responded with a small smile.

“Ah, OK. You look incredible by the way.” He said, desperately trying not to flat out stare at my chest. If it was anybody else looking at me the way Finn was, I would’ve been cursed them out. I enjoyed his ogling, though. He was making my hormones feel all funny, and the heat definitely wasn’t helping.

“Thanks,” I said, giving him another nervous smile. 

“Did you want to get a signed poster for your friend? I have some more in my car. I’ll go run and get one.” He said, already walking of to get it.

“Wait up!” I started, “I’ll come with you. I wouldn’t want to make you walk all the way there and back.”

“That’s fine.” Finn said, another smile planted on his beautiful, pink lips. “I was gonna invite you to walk with me, but I didn’t want to come off as a weirdo or anything.” He finished, raising a muscular arm to scratch the back  of his head. I watched the muscles in his arm move as he did that, mouth going dry. I thought I was going to start salivating when I saw a sliver of his tone stomach peak out when his shirt raised with his arm.

“You don’t give off any weird vibes.” I told him as we walked toward the parking garage. 

“That’s good to know.”

We walked in silence for a little. It was fine. I just wanted to spend more time with him honestly. More time looking at him, to be exact.

“So, why did you want to become a wrestler?” I asked, peaking over at him

“So, you want to interview me now?” He asked.

“Oh, I didn-”

“It’s okay, love, I’m just messing with ya.” He said with a little laugh and a smile, lightly giving my shoulder a squeeze.

My heart started beating faster at the contact. I looked over at him and let out a nervous chuckle in response. He was answering my question, but I heard nothing. I was intently watching his face while he talked. His lovely blue eyes held a child like enthusiasm to them, and he possessed boyish good looks. His neatly groomed beard gave his look some masculinity, but he still looked adorable.

“Are you even listening to me?” He asked, giving me a big smile.

I felt my face flush from embarrassment. 

“Sorry.” I muttered.

“You’re really cute.” He said, throwing me a wink. I literally felt my heart skip a beat at that.

My face felt like it was on fire at this point.

“I’m sorry, did I make you feel uncomfortable?” He asked, eyes holding a mischievousness to them. He sure as hell didn’t look very sorry.

“Uh, no. You’re good.” I told him, worrying my bottom lip between my teeth.

We were now in the elevator of the parking garage. I was absentmindedly playing with the magneta hair on my head, sneaking glances at Finn. He was staring at me dead on. Can this thing move any slower?, I thought to myself.

“So, what’s your name? I feel bad for not asking earlier,” He said in his thick accent.

“It’s (y/n)” I answered, glancing over at him.

“(Y/n). I like it.” He said smiling to himself. My name rolled off his tongue like butter. I wondered how he would sound saying it in other more intimate scenarios.

The elevator finally stopped, and I quickly made my way out. I waited for him to take the lead.

“This is me.” He stated, waiting for me to catch up. It was a fancy, sleek sports car. Shocker, I thought to myself.

He opened the passenger seat, and retrieved a stack of posters. He picked up one of the silver sharpies he had in the car and proceeded to sign it.

“Here you go.” He said, coming back toward the back of the car where I was standing.

“Thank you so much.” I told him, “My friend is going to be so happy.”

“It’s never a problem to help a beautiful woman such as yourself.” He answered, giving me another one of his breath taking smiles.

“Thanks.” I said, face heating up again. We stood there for about a minute, just staring and smiling dumbly at each other.

“Um, I should really get going. Thanks again, Finn.” I said, waving at him before turning away.

“Wait!” I heard him say, rushing over to grab my arm before I could turn completely around.

I stopped at the contact, eyes snapping up to meet his. I felt my nether regions start to throb at the skin to skin contact, and the look in his eyes wasn’t making things any better.

“I don’t usually do things like this, but I’m finding my self control slipping around you.” He pulled me into his firm chest, now faces only a breath away.

“What are you doing?” I asked, nervously, quietly.

Instead of answering, he leaned down to connect his lips with mine. It started out slow. He was cautious, giving me the option of pushing him away or keep going.

I was still at first, shocked by the feeling of his soft lips on my own. Once the initial shock wore off, I responded to the kiss hungrily, deepening the kiss

He groaned lowly at the response, and started nibbling my bottom lip in between his teeth. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, while one hand grabbed at my ass as the kiss got hotter.

I gasped at the contact, the place between my legs throbbing. He slipped his tongue in my mouth, easily claiming what he found there.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, running my hands up and down the skin of his neck. He moaned into the kiss, making my pussy drip even more at the sexy sound. When he grabbed at my breast, I made a sound in the back of my throat and pulled away. We were still in public after all.

“What’s wrong?” Finn asked.

“We were making out in the middle of a parking lot.“ I answered, looking at him as he were crazy.

“That can be changed.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was currently pinned up against the wall of Finn’s hotel room. We were making out again, grinding into each other shamelessly.

I had my legs wrapped around his slim waist. His hard bulge created delicious friction along my throbbing vagina.

I needed to feel more of his skin. I frantically reaches for the hem of his shirt, working it up to raise over his head. He pulled away from me in order to get the useless piece of clothing off his body.

I was transfixed by his torso. I’ve never seen abs that looked that damn good. I reached down to trace them, drawing moans from Finn’s lips as I continued to trail my hands along the defined muscles of his stomach.

“How can someone look this fucking good?” I wondered a loud.

He smiled at my admiration of his body. “A lot of self discipline.”

“You should teach me.” I said, looking in his heated gaze, biting my lip lightly.

“I’m a hands on kind of teacher.” He responded by grabbing at my breast.

“Good to know.” I said, bringing my mouth back to his.

Finn picked me up by my ass, bringing me over to the bed in the middle of the room. He gently placed me down, before climbing on top of me. He started trailing kisses from my neck to the tops of my breast, licking an sucking at the skin as he went. He reached behind my back and undid the clasp to the top easily, throwing the thing to the floor.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said, kissing the skin of my left breast. He was purposely avoiding my stiff peak. I grabbed the back of his head, desperately wanting him to put the bud in his mouth.

His eyes bore into mine while he sucked on my nipple. I moaned loudly, completely arouses at the sight of his beautiful lips wrapped around my nipple.

I ran my hand through his short hair as he continued to work on my chest. I leaned my head back, closing my eyes and began to lose myself in the pleasure.

His mouth began to make its way down my body. I felt my breath hitch once he made it to the band of my tight shorts.

He licked at the skin there, while his hands grabbed at the flimsy material before pulling them down my legs with my soaked underwear. He got them over my shoes, and then proceeded to take those off of me as well.

Finn made his way back up to my legs, pushing them open in order to get a clear look at my slick heat.

I watched him lick his lips. “You want me to eat out this pretty pussy?” He asked, accent thick and husky, drenched with lust.

“Please!” I begged. He gave me a wicked grin before going in.

He leaned into my pussy, kissing the skin sides of both of my thighs. He brought both of his hands up to them, pulling them even farther apart. My pussy was completely open to him now, leaking heavily.

Finn lapped at the moisture coming from the hole, dipping the tongue in there every now and then. He then kissed his way to my clit before wrapping his lips around it, sucking on it hard.

“Ah!” I moaned out, watching throwing my head back, thrusting my hips up into his face. His hands pushed back against my thighs, keeping me in place as he made out passionately with the lips in between my legs.

I felt him move his right hand toward the place between my thighs, dipping one of his fingers in my pussy while he sucked and licked at my clit. My eyes were screwed shut now. I was completely focused on the sensations he was currently making me feel.

He added another finger in me, thrusting in and out of my soaked heat. The louder I moaned the harder he shoved his fingers in me, curling them upward as he did so. I moaned out lewdly when he touched a certain spot inside my pussy.

“Right there, love?” Finn asked, the vibrations from his voice causing my pussy to grab at his fingers even tighter.

“Yes! Right there!” I moaned out, bringing my left hand to the back of his head, while my right hand played with my sensitive nipples.

He started pounding into my pussy roughly with his fingers now, rubbing that special spot urgency. He was licking up and down my slit now, alternating between doing that and sucking my swollen clit. When he bit down on the little bundle of nerves, I came with my name on his lips.

“Finn!” I cried out, grabbing at the head between my legs. My legs were raising up to buck against his face as I rode out my intense oragasm. He let me, continuing to suck and lick at my pussy as I came down.

“You good?” He asked me making his way back up my body.

“Mhmm.” I responded, raising up to kiss his lips, tasting myself on them as I did so. He instantly responded, pushingbme back against the bed.

He then quickly pulled away and stood up. He was making quick work of his jeans, pushing the article off his body and kicking off his shoes in the process. The bulge in his briefs looked intimidating. There was a wet patch in the front where his pre cum was leaking out. I wanted to taste it.

He slowly pushed his underwear down his gorgeous body, eyes connected to mine the whole time. When he was finally completely naked, I felt my pussy come fully back to life, throbbing and clenching rhythmically.

His cock was just as beautiful as the rest of him. It was standing proudly against his shredded stomach. The shaft was an angry pink color, more than ready to be shoved inside of me.

He made his way back to me, settling himself in the space between my thighs. We both moaned when our privates clashed against each other. His cock was laying across the top of my pussy. It looked menacing there, covering my pussy completely. The heat coming off of him was making my pussy throb harder, even more desperate for his thick shaft to enter me.

“You want my cock?” Finn asked, whispering the question in my ear.

“Yes, please, I need it!” I answered, wrapping my legs around his waist snugly.

Finn smiles at my admission. He placed his hands on either side of my head, in order to keep his body from crushing mine. I watched as he reached his right hand down to the space between our bodies and grab at his cock. He ran his hot, pulsing shaft up and down my pussy, toying with me.

“Finn, please!” I begged.

“Please what?” He asked, watching my every movement.

“Fuck me! Please, fuck me!” I begged loudly.

“With pleasure.” He said with his sexy accent.

His thick cock pushed its way inside my tight heat. We both let out sounds of pleasure once we were joined together. His cock stretched out my pussy deliciously.

“You feel so fucking good.” I heard Finn groan out as he began pumping his dick in and out of me.

The feeling of his cock moving in and out of my body, cock rubbing erotically up against my quivering walls, it was amazing. My pussy grabbed at his invading length, wanting it to drive me to a place filled with nothing but unimaginable pleasure.

He started fucking my pussy faster, hips pistoning his dick in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around him tighter, rising my hips up to meet his.

“Your pussy feeling good, (y/n)? You like feeling my cock stretch this little pussy out?” He asked, voice sounding breathless and accent even thicker due to the speed he was pounding into me.

“Ye…Ah, Yeah!” I struggled to find words, too caught up on what he was doing to my body.

He began fucking my pussy faster, harder. His face screwed into a look of complete concentration.

I felt him drag his left hand down my chest, grabbing at my right breast. He started pumping into my heat at a breathtaking speed.

“Fuck!” I cried out, screwing my eyes shut. His cock was hitting my sweet spot relentlessly now. I felt my pussy clamp down tightly on his member.

“Shit!” I heard him swear quietly. “You want cum all over my cock, love? Want me to fuck this pussy till your screaming you can’t take it anymore?” He whispered filthily in my ear.

“Please! I want It, Finn! Please make me cum!” I was so close now, I could feel it.

Finn removed his hand from my breast, leaning forward on his forearms. He buried his face in the side of my neck.

He was shoving his cock as far it could go. I was screaming now, trying to keep up with his pace, but failing. It didn’t matter, I kept raising my hips up in search of my oragasm as his cock filled up my tight pussy.

He was grinding his hips down into mine, putting pressure down on my aching clit. The sound of his cock pushing into my soaked cunt was loud, and the scent of our fucking filled the air. My pussy was clutching his thick cock greedily now.

“Fuck! Keep squeezing my cock, baby. Cum all over it!” His lustful demand was my undoing.

I came with a loud scream, Finn’s name falling from my lips repeatedly. His cock kept moving inside of me as I orgasmed over his cock. My walls were extremely sensitive, grabbing onto his cock like a vice, desperately wanting to draw his seed into my tight pussy.

He bit down on my neck once he came. His cock was pulsing wildly in my vagina, walls spasming around the twitching length. He pumped his seed in me, making sure to fill my pussy up with every single drop. I took it happily, wanting nothing more than for him to give my pussy his cum.

He kissed my neck and shoulders before rolling off me.

My body felt incredible. I shivered at the feeling off his sperm spilling out of my thoroughly fucked pussy.

“That was amazing, love.” I heard Finn say between gulps of air.

“It was. I haven’t had sex that good in too long.” I said just as breathless as him, looking over at his beautiful body.

He rolled onto his side and brought my body over to his. His lips met mine in a lazy kiss. We enjoyed the slow pace of it, letting our hands explore each others bodies.

Finn rolled us over to where I was on top of him, straddling his hips. I felt his cock start to swell underneath me.

“You ready for round two?” He asked, smiling up at me.

“Hell yeah.” I answered, pussy coming to life once again.


I finally finished this 😂. Its almost 3:30 am and I’m just now finishing this bad boy. It was all worth it though. Hope y'all enjoyed! Thanks for reading ❤ P.s. if I forgot you on the tag list and you requested to be on it, please let me know.
If You Asked...

This is a G!P fic. It’s not a smutty one though. In fact, it’s barely in there. I know some of you may not be into that, so I thought I’d give ya’ll the heads up.

If you asked Clarke, she would tell you that she doesn’t remember the very first time she met Lexa. Not because the girl wasn’t memorable or anything like that, she most definitely was. It just seemed like Lexa was always there. Her first really clear memory of the brunette was in second grade. She was on the playground for recess and Lexa was on the swing, keeping to herself as she would for the years to come.

September 1997

Clarke was playing four square with Harper, Zoe and Monty as usual during recess. The four were locked in a heated battle, Harper refusing to let Clarke win for the billionth time in a row. Seriously, how was one kid so good at four square? They all whipped their heads around toward the swing set when they heard a sudden shout of pain. All the kids ran over to find Lexa Woods clutching her arm, but only Clarke noticed the more rambunctious boys from their class, Bellamy, John and Finn, snickering to each other.

The yard attendant ran over and helped Lexa to the office, as they passed Clarke noticed the unshed tears that threatened to run down the small brunette’s cheek. Clarke was immediately impressed that she wasn’t actually crying. Her glasses were askew and she held her injured arm tight to her chest.

“Harper.” Clarke whispered. “I think Bellamy and Finn pushed Lexa down.”

Harper looked between Clarke and the boys, who were still laughing. “Why would they do that? Lexa doesn’t bother anyone. She’s quiet and smart and when she does talk, she’s nice.”

Clarke shrugged. “I think they’re bullies. We should asked her to play with us, so they leave her alone.” Harper nodded, so did Zoe and Monty. “She lives down the street from me, I’ll try to talk to her later.”

When they got back to class, Mrs. Kane sent Clarke to the office with Lexa’s backpack. When she rounded the corner to the nurse’s office, she was saddened by the sight of Lexa sitting in the hall with her head down and tears still in her eyes, not falling. She still had her arm clutched to her chest.

“Kiddo, what are you doing in here?” Jake Griffin, school principal and proud father, quietly asked as he approached his daughter from behind.

“I brought Lexa her backpack. Can I sit with her until her parents come? She’s hurt and she looks so sad. Please Dad?”

Jake looked from his daughter to the injured girl. “Okay kiddo, back to class when her parents get here.”

“Yes, sir.” Clarke made her way over to the seat next to Lexa and sat down slowly. She didn’t speak for a while, just sat next to the girl. After about three minutes, she looked over to find Lexa wiping a tear from her cheek. She slid her and over the brunette’s uninjured one. “Is your arm okay?”

“Hurts.” Lexa was known for being a girl of few words. She was the kind that always knew the answers in class, but didn’t offer them freely. She had to be called on from the teacher even though her hand wasn’t raised. Some of the kids were not so nice to her because they thought she was weird for that, but Clarke didn’t think she was weird. She knew the smaller brunette was just shy and the other kids were mean.

“Did Bellamy or Finn push you? I saw them laughing after you got hurt.” Lexa didn’t respond at first, but after a minute or so of Clarke looking at her, she nodded. “Tomorrow, you should hang out with me and my friends, so the mean boys leave you alone.”

Lexa chewed on her bottom lip as she tried to find the words to answer the blonde. “Thanks, but I like the swing.”

Clarke’s shoulders slumped a little. “Oh. Okay. Well, if you change your mind, you can hang out with us anytime.” Again, all she got was a nod. Then the front door of the office swung open and a concerned Dr. Emily Woods, one of Clarke’s mother’s coworkers, stepped in side.

“That’s my mom, gotta go. Bye, Clarke.” Lexa whispered as she picked up her backpack with her uninjured hand and quickly shuffled away.

The brunette’s arm was fractured, she came to school the next day with a bright green cast. The fact that it was broken and Lexa hadn’t really cried about it impressed Clarke. She told her dad that Bellamy and Finn pushed Lexa, and he called and told both of their parents. That only made them tease her worse, but they kept their hands to themselves from then on. They called her really clever names like “four-eyes” or “tattletale” or “nerd.” If you asked Lexa, it really didn’t bother her that much back then.

Clarke continued to try to get Lexa to hang out with her and her small group of friends during recess, but the brunette always politely declined. She did, however, manage to get her to sit with them at lunch time. She usually sat quietly across from Clarke, only sometimes interacting with Harper and Monty. Lexa did not like Wells, and Zoe moved away.

In the third grade, Clarke really started to get the hang of this whole school thing. She started paying attention more and daydreaming less. She made it her goal in life to score higher than Lexa on anything they had to turn in. She never did, though. It became a sort of playful rivalry between the two. Lexa always scoring one more point than her and then saying something like, “Oh, so close. Next time.” Clarke began to wonder if that next time would actually come. It truly was just an unspoken game between the two, and it lasted for years. Clarke was really the only person Lexa would speak to by choice outside of the lunch table at school, which got her teased even more. Through the years, she still sat with Clarke and her friends at lunch, but she was usually just reading quietly. However, she did mention that she was happy Wells moved in the middle of fourth grade. Harper laughed and Monty nodded with a smile.

In the sixth grade, Clarke had a birthday party and insisted Lexa come.

August 2001

“Clarke, kids, come on, it’s time for cake.” Abby called from the kitchen out to the pool area of their home. The Griffin’s lived in Santa Barbara, California and August was a perfect time for pool parties. It was only in the mid seventies, but the water was perfect. The kids who were in attendance all climbed out of the pool and toweled off before running inside the house. As Clarke stepped inside she was met by two additional guests, Lexa and her mother.

She smiled brightly at the latecomer. “Lexa! You came!”

“Hi, Clarke.”

“You’re just in time for cake, then we are going back in the pool. Did you bring a suit?”

“I, um.” Lexa looked to her mother who smiled softly and shook her head. “I can’t stay, but I wanted to bring you this.” She handed the birthday girl a small wrapped box. “I wrapped it myself. Hopefully it helps you actually beat my grade some day.” Lexa smiled softly and pushed her glasses up on her nose.

“Is it a miracle? How’d you get it to fit in a box?” Clarke joked. “Thank you, Lexa.”

“You’re welcome, Clarke.”

Lexa and her mother left after they ate some cake. Clarke saved her birthday present from Lexa until she was alone. It was a fancy calculator with a note from Lexa, thanking her for being her friend. If you asked Clarke, that’s the moment she knew Lexa was special to her. The girls in attendance at the party asked Clarke why Lexa was so shy, to which the blonde shrugged and said it didn’t matter. It really didn’t, Lexa being shy wasn’t hurting anyone. Lexa didn’t seem unhappy about it either, and she never seemed to let the comments of the bullies bother her. They still ate lunch together through the rest of elementary and middle school and sometimes, Clarke would convince Lexa to watch a movie at her house on the weekend. In these times when they were completely alone, Lexa would say or do the sweetest things. Clarke wasn’t sure if they were things reserved for just her, or if it was just Lexa’s natural way. If you asked Clarke, she would deny that she had a crush. She totally did though, a big one.

Many boys tried to get her attention, but Clarke had no time for them, not if she was going to somehow score higher than Lexa on something. At the end of eighth grade, Harper had her first big birthday party.

May 2004

“Okay, everyone sit down in a circle. We’re going to play a game.” Bellamy announced and all the kids groaned. Harper hadn’t invited him or Finn, but their parents were friends so alas, they were there. It was only the second time anyone had ever seen Lexa at a party. Having the kids who bullied her there made her very uncomfortable, and Clarke could tell.

“I think Lexa and I are going to pass on your games, Blake.” She shouted, with an annoyed tone.

He looked between them and furrowed his brow. “Come on Princess. Hang out with the cool kids for once. Stop babysitting the nerd.”

“Yeah, she’s just a loser. A freak. Don’t lower yourself down to that level.” Finn added.

Lexa stood calmly and walked out of the room. She didn’t stop until she reached the front porch, but then she had no idea where to go, so she sat on the steps.

“Lexa! Wait!” Clarke ran out the door after her, then sat down next to her. “Hey. Don’t listen to them, okay?”

“You should go back inside and have fun Clarke. My mom will be here soon to pick me up anyway. I don’t get to stay over like the rest of the girls.”

“Oh. Well I’m not going to have fun knowing you’re sad.” Clarke put her hand on Lexa’s knee. “Why can’t you stay?”

Lexa looked at her slowly, chewing her lip like she did when she was thinking over something very complicated. “My mom said no, because she doesn’t know Harper’s parents.”

“Oh.” The blonde thought for a second. “You’re mom knows my parents, could you maybe stay over at my house?”

The brunette shrugged. “Probably. Why?”

“We could have our own sleepover. Harper said the boys are staying tonight too, but in the living room. I told her my dad wouldn’t like that.”

If you asked Clarke, that first sleepover was the best ever. If you asked Lexa, well she was terrified of the first half, but slowly got more comfortable.

In ninth grade, their little group of friends took sex ed. Lexa and Clarke both confessed they thought girls were better than boys, though Clarke thought some boys were nice too. Neither of them thought it really made a difference.

It wasn’t until tenth grade that Clarke found out the main reason behind Lexa’s shyness.

April 2006

“Bellamy Blake, you stop showing off and pass that ball.” Coach Titus yelled as Bellamy moved the ball down the field. It was only PE class, but he was hell bent on impressing Clarke, who he had been hitting on since the beginning of freshman year. It was pathetic really, she had told him to shove off so many times that he should have been embarrassed. She even told him that the way he treated her friend made him the ugliest person she had ever met. His younger sister, Octavia, was in Clarke and Lexa’s circle of friends now too, and she even told him he was embarrassing himself. She also found out how he still tormented Lexa and told him if he didn’t knock it off, she would tell their mother and Aurora Blake was not a woman to be trifled with.

The two girls had made a pact to make sure that one of them was with Lexa at all times to prevent Bellamy, Finn or John from messing with her. They were really the only three who still picked on Lexa after middle school. Both Finn and Bellamy had made it their life mission to score a date with Clarke, and the more times they saw Clarke laugh at something Lexa said or touch Lexa’s arm softly, the more they wouldn’t let up on the poor girl. Although Lexa never complained, and when asked about the guys messing with her, she would just shrug nonchalantly. Sometimes though, they would say just the right thing to chink Lexa’s armor, and only Clarke would notice the deep frown that would appear.

So it was during this exhilarating period of PE in which he was attempting his newest tactic, showing Clarke what a great athlete he was. He sprinted down the field with the ball, and squared up to the net. Lexa was at goalie, where she had actually earned her spot on the school’s co-ed team, so it was time for him to kill two birds with one stone. Embarrass Lexa, by scoring a goal on her and proving he was the superior athlete, and impress Clarke. He looked over his shoulder to make sure the blonde was watching before he made his move.

He crossed over in front of the net and then turned back toward the goal and he ran full speed then kicked the ball as straight as he could. Lexa, however, was able to stop it with the palms of her hands as she dove, but she was not able to pull it back in. It dropped back to the pitch about three yards from where she was scrambling back to her feet, Bellamy ran over as fast as he could and kicked the ball as hard as possible. Lexa stood to full height at that precise moment and the ball ricocheted off her midsection. She dropped to the ground with a yelp of pain. Bellamy kicked the ball into the net finally as Lexa rolled to her knees attempting to catch her breath. Clarke and Octavia ran over after watching the whole event. Bellamy was still celebrating and Lexa was still on the ground, which concerned Clarke immensely. She quickly made her way over to the brunette.

“Lexa? Hey, you okay? That looked like it hurt.”

“I’m - I’ll be okay, just need a second.” Lexa breathed out hard and waved her off, but it didn’t stop the concern Clarke felt. She went over to Coach Titus and voiced that concern, then ran back over to Lexa’s side.

“Come on Woods, it couldn’t have hurt that bad, you big baby.” Bellamy taunted as he stood back and watched as Lexa slowly made her way to her feet.

“Shut it, Bell.” Octavia yelled and pushed his shoulder. “I told you to leave her alone. Jesus.”

Clarke sidled up next to the goalie and put a soft hand on her shoulder. “Come on Lexa. Coach told me to take you back to the locker room to change then to the nurse if you need it.”

Bellamy glared as Clarke put her arm around Lexa and they slowly made their way off the field and toward the girls locker room. As they reached the bench in front of Lexa’s locker, she sat down slowly and winced, still in pain. She gave Clarke the combination to her locker and sat back as the girl grabbed her things out of it.

“Uh, Lexa, why is this in here?” The blonde held up a brand new athletic cup, still in the packaging.

“Clarke, please put that away.” Lexa pleaded as she looked around for anybody else who might be in the room, Clarke looked over her shoulder and the girl’s eyes matched her tone.

“Okay.” Clarke whispered as she put the cup back where she found it. “Are you, like, transgender or something? I mean, I don’t care either way. You’re still Lexa and I’ll still get a better grade than you at some point. Someday.” She smiled softly at the brunette who only looked to her feet. A move Clarke had come to know as ‘Lexa is embarrassed.’

It was a long few seconds, but “intersex” was mumbled. Clarke’s eyes went wide, because she may or may not have heard ‘into sex’ because of said mumbling. But there is no way that was what Lexa had said.


“Intersex. Not Trans. I was born with both male and female anatomy. Please don’t tell anyone. No one outside of my family knows. Please, Clarke.” The pleading was back.

“I would never.” Clarke tried to reassure the poor girl but she still couldn’t get direct eye contact. “Hey, look at me.” Slowly the brunette did. “Can I hug you?” Slowly she got a nod. Clarke knelt in front of her and wrapped her arms around the taller girl, she tucked her head into Lexa’s neck. “You’re okay. I’ve known you forever, Lex. I would never betray you like that, okay?”

It took a long while but eventually Lexa was slowly nodding. “Okay.”

Clarke kissed her cheek quickly. “Are you still in pain?”

Lexa froze for a second then shook her head. “I think I’m alright now. Thank you.”

Clarke went home that night and waited by the door for her mom to come home. As soon as Abby stepped through the door, she started firing off questions about people who are born intersex. “What does it mean? How does that happen? What percentage of the population does it affect? Google is only so helpful, Mom.” All questions were answered to the best of Abby’s knowledge. When she asked why Clarke was so curious, she was told, “Not my secret, so I’m not sharing.” Which Abby respected her daughter for. If you asked Abby, she knew it was about Lexa.

May 2006

“Lexa, can I asked you a really personal question?” It was about three weeks since had Clarke found out about Lexa being intersex and she had done an immense amount of research into the topic, but she hadn’t brought it up with the brunette again. They were currently in Clarke’s room, watching TV on Clarke’s bed.


“So, don’t freak out or anything, but I’ve been doing some research on people who are born intersex.”

“You have?” Lexa raised an eyebrow in questioning, honestly surprised.

“Well yeah. If I was born with something different about me, wouldn’t you research it? It’s our nature as nerds, Lex.”

“Yeah, okay. You’re right. What’s your question?”

“Do you hate it?” Clarke looked to her nervously, not wanting to make Lexa uncomfortable.

“Being intersex?”

“Well sorta, but I meant, specifically your penis?”

“Oh. Uh, no. I actually don’t. I know a lot of people do, when they are born like this. I just don’t want to be viewed as a freak. I already have a hard enough time because of my immensely selective personality in regards to socializing. But, if everyone were as accepting as you, I wouldn’t hide it.”

“Cool. Want to watch Lion King?”

Lexa chuckled softly at the segue, as she shook her head. “Sure, Clarke.”

If you asked Clarke, Lexa’s laugh in any form was the best. After that conversation, Lexa would actually interact with the other people who were present, outside of Clarke their friends. She felt safer knowing Clarke knew her secret and wouldn’t tell. Two of the new kids joined their group too, Raven and Lincoln. Octavia was immediately all over Lincoln, and her brother hated it, which made Clarke’s day.

By the end of sophomore year, Clarke started making Lexa hang out with her more. “Lexa, summer reading is so boring. You’re the only one who is as big of a nerd as I am. Keep me entertained.” Or “Lexa, please? College applications are like, almost here. I have to get into Harvard.” Or, Lexa’s favorite, not that she would ever tell someone. “I just kinda need you around, Lex.” This led to many days lounging around the Griffin house. If you asked Lexa, these were her favorite days of high school.

November 2006

“Clarke, I need your help.” Lexa whisper yelled as she got to their lunch spot.

“Sure, anything.”

“You know that new girl, Costia? I think she has a thing for me, and she was just flirting and asked me to go see a movie. But I didn’t realize it was like, a date thing until I said sure and I was walking over here. It was like an epiphany as I walked. What do I do?”

Clarke shook her head and laughed under her breath. “Oh Lexa. Do you want to go on a date with her?”

“I, uh. I don’t know. I don’t know anything about her.” Lexa sighed.

“Funny thing about dates, Lex. You talk and get to know someone on them.”

“So I should go?”

“It’s up to you. Don’t do anything you don’t want to.”

Lexa went on that date and showed up three hours later at Clarke’s house. She could tell the girl was upset, but she just sat on the end of Clarke’s bed silently for a while.

“She wanted me to touch her during the movie.” Lexa clenched her jaw and looked straight ahead at a painting Clarke had done that hung on the wall. “I told her I wasn’t that kind of person, that we didn’t really know each other, and she got upset with me.”

Clarke stared at the side of Lexa’s head from where she was leaning on her dresser. “What the actual fuck?”

“Yeah.” She exhaled hard. “Can I sleep over?”

“Of course, Lex. We can cuddle and watch Lord of the Rings.”

The rest of junior year went on like nothing happened. Lexa was able to block out that one shitty night and pretend it never happened. Clarke told their friends to be wary of Costia, but wouldn’t say why. She said they were more than welcome to ask Lexa, but she wouldn’t give up any details. Everyone just let it go.

July 2007

“Lexa, it’s so damn hot.” Clarke whined from the spot she was currently occupying sprawled out on the hardwood floor in the living room. It was hot outside, like really hot. A sweltering 92 degrees which was the highest on record for the area in nearly thirty years.

“I don’t control the weather Clarke.” Lexa replied matter-of-factly from her mirrored position on the opposite side of the coffee table.

“Let’s go in the pool.”

“I uh. I don’t know Clarke. I haven’t been-”

Clarke cut her off before she could finish. “Lex, if you’re not comfortable, that’s okay. But, it’s just you and me here. You’re safe.” Clarke has known about ‘little Lexa’ as she referred to it for a little over a year. It had brought up exactly three times. The time she asked if Lexa was okay with it, the time they were learning about male reproductive health, and last month when Lexa said she had a doctor’s appointment for a fertility screening. Needless to say, Lexa felt comfortable with herself around Clarke.

“Okay. I just need to run home and get my stuff.”

“Really?” Clarke rolled over, proper herself up on her elbow and looked at her friend. “I mean it you know. I would never pressure you into anything.”

“I know Clarke, I promise I’m okay. I trust you.”

Fifteen minutes later, Lexa walked back into the Griffin house, appropriate swim attire in hand and was met with Clarke’s voice telling her to head into the pool. Abby had called and she needed to finish changing. Lexa, tied her hair back, dressed quickly in trunks and a bikini top, then grabbed towels for the two of them and hopped into the pool. She was standing about waist deep when Clarke finally emerged from the house. She was wearing a navy blue bikini that left little to the imagination. The blonde had yet to look at the pool, but was talking anyway.

“Lexa, is your anatomy the reason you didn’t stay that time you came for my birthday?”

“Uh. Yeah. It is hard to try to explain why I wear swim trunks, without telling everyone my secret.” Clarke looked to her friend, who was staring down at the water. She raised an eyebrow, knowing something was troubling the brunette, and slowly eased into the water. Making her way over to her friend, she came to a stop just in front of the other girl, who immediately backed away.

Clarke didn’t take another step toward her because she wanted to make sure Lexa was comfortable, and right now, she was sure Lexa was not. “What’s going on in that beautiful mind of yours?”

“Nothing.” She still didn’t look up.

“Then why won’t you look at me? You only do that when you’re uncomfortable or embarrassed.” She watched as Lexa flushed a shade of dark pink she had seen once or twice on the brunette. “Lex?”

“I, uh. I didn’t think this through enough.”

“What? Swimming?” Clarke questioned softly.

Lexa’s shoulders dropped a bit. “Well, yeah kinda. Mostly, you in a bathing suit. You’re just…” She finally lifted her eyes from the water, finding piercing blue eyes instead. “You’re really, really beautiful. And I am really attracted to you but I don’t want to be, um, disrespectful or objectify you.” She pointed down to the water, and the point was made.

Nope. Not expecting that. It took a few seconds for Clarke’s brain to process what Lexa had said. When it finally did, she was already unconsciously moving forward, toward the other nervous teen. This time Lexa didn’t move back. She placed on hand on Lexa’s cheek and brushed her thumb over the bottom lip that was currently being chewed to hell and back. “So are you, Lexa. So beautiful. And god, I’ve been attracted to you for years.” She whispered, then leaned in and placed her lips on brunette’s. It was slow and timid at first, both girls not exactly sure what to do with themselves. Lexa was the first to figure it out and gently put her hands on Clarke’s hips. She pulled the shorter girl closer to her as their lips continued to slide over each other. Clarke wrapped her arms around the brunette’s neck and pulled her in even tighter. If you asked Clarke who made the first move to deepen the kiss she’d blush and tell you she didn’t know. It was her, it was totally her.

Life didn’t change much after that, aside from Lexa and Clarke now being a couple. They spent the rest of summer completing their AP course summer work. They applied for colleges, they playfully competed for Valedictorian, even though Clarke was sure she would never beat Lexa’s score on anything.

One month into the school year, Clarke had enough of Bellamy and Finn with their tirade against Lexa for no apparent reason. She went to her dad, who called Marcus Kane, the high school principal. The boys were suspended and told they would be expelled if it didn’t stop. They did.

Three months into the school year, Clarke actually convinced Lexa to go to a party.

November 2007

“This music is awful.” Lexa groaned as she and Lincoln pushed their way through the crowd at Raven’s house. The only thing Lexa liked about the party so far, is that it was almost over. She had stayed with Clarke and their friends through most of the night, as they drank and laughed. They only separated when a buzzed Octavia announced she had to pee and drug Clarke along with her. She instructed Lincoln, who was also sober, to make sure her brother didn’t bother Lexa. “How late do these things usually go?” She nearly yelled, to make sure her question was heard over the thumping of the bass line.

“Until people start puking or the cops show up.” Lincoln shrugged, like it was all normal. She was working on her second bottle of water when arms slipped around her waist from behind.

“You’re really sexy, you know that?” Clarke husked into her ear, then kissed just below it. Public displays of affection still weren’t either Lexa or Clarke’s thing, they chose to keep their relationship private. At school, they held hands but nothing really more than that. In private, they were not quite as reserved. “We should get out of here. I want to make out.”

Lexa chuckled softly and smiled. “Okay, we can go. Do you want to get food first?”

The slightly intoxicated blonde’s eyes lit up. “Oh. My. God. Yes. Babe, you’re a genius. Octavia! Lexa’s a genius. Go get Harper, we’re going to Denny’s.”

That’s how Clarke, Lexa, Octavia, Lincoln, Harper and Monty all ended up at IHOP at two thirty in the morning. Harper had argued that the Denny’s they had set out for was crawling with drunk college guys at that time. Clarke had her own food in front of her, but insisted on eating Lexa’s fries, humming happily after each one she stole. They all sat there laughing and talking until Clarke and Harper were pretty much sober, Octavia was a whole different story. Everyone bid each other farewell, as they all went to their separate vehicles. As Lexa navigated the streets back home, Clarke’s hand inched it’s way over the center console. It finally reached the soccer players lean thigh about five minutes into the trip. It stayed there the rest of the way, and Lexa chanced a couple of glances at stoplights, seeing that Clarke was just looking forward, smiling. She looked content, like she didn’t have a single care in the world. If you asked Lexa, that’s one of her favorite looks from Clarke. Once they pulled into the driveway at Lexa’s, Clarke finally made her move. She leaned over the console to press a kiss to the brunette’s lips, at the same time, her hand went to the nape of the driver’s neck. She kissed her girlfriend passionately, until she needed to breathe.

When Lexa managed to get air into her lungs, she decided to pose a tricky question. They hadn’t done anything more that some heavy make outs and a little bit of grinding on each other. “Do you want to stay over tonight?”

Clarke looked at her somewhat shyly, considering how aggressively she had just been kissing her girlfriend. “Are your parents still out of town?”

“Yes, but I didn’t mean that in that way, babe. I just want your cuddles. And if we do go there I want you to feel just as comfortable as you always make me feel.”

Clarke smiled softly. “I know. And I appreciate that. I love you, Lex.”

“I love you too, Clarke.” It was Lexa’s turn to lean over the console and kiss her girlfriend, but it was a short, sweet kiss. “Now, am I walking you home or are you coming up?”

“I’m coming up.”

They grabbed a glass of water each and a movie from downstairs then settled into Lexa’s bed, with the brunette as the big spoon. The movie played as the sun rose but neither girl paid any attention. Instead they laid there, trading slow lazy kisses. At some point, shirts were removed so they could gently caress each other’s skin. At another point, Lexa’s lips left Clarke’s and she pressed them to every inch of the girls exposed torso. When she reached the waistband of Clarke’s shorts, she was asked to keep going, so she did. She pulled them down slowly keeping her eyes on the perfect face of her girlfriend, looking for any sign of discomfort, she never found it.

She continued to worship the body beneath her until her name was being moaned out, over and over again. She continued to worship the goddess that made her feel so entirely comfortable with herself, that sometimes she forgot she was made differently.

Clarke looked at her with so much adoration and love after she tumbled over the edge for the second time, that Lexa almost forgot what they were doing. Long fingers gripped her chin and pulled her back up to meet the blonde’s lips. “Lex, please. I want to feel you too, and I need you to feel me.” If you asked Lexa, that was the moment that she knew as long as she lived, no one would ever compare to Clarke.

The rest of senior year went perfectly.

Three weeks before graduation, Clarke found out she got into Harvard. Two weeks before graduation, Lexa found out she got into MIT. One week before graduation, Lexa and Clarke were told they were Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively.

One day before graduation, Clarke did not show up for the practice run through.

June 2008

“Lexa Woods, please report to the office.” The office secretary’s voice came through the PA system. Lexa made her way to the office quickly, unsure of what she could have possibly done to get summoned on the last day of school. She opened the office door to find her father standing at the counter with a sad smile.

“Hey kiddo.” Alexander was a somewhat intimidating man to those who didn’t know him. He was a construction manager who had worked his way up from the very bottom. He was physically a large guy, built like a bull as he would say.

“Dad. What’s wrong?”

He sighed and nodded his head out the door. “I’m taking you home early.”

“What happened to mama?”

“No! Nothing. Munchkin, mama is fine. It’s Jake Griffin, he had a heart attack on the way to work this morning.”

Lexa’s eyes immediately welled with concern. Jake and Abby had always been like a second set of parents to her. “Oh my god. Is… is he going to make it?”

“I don’t know, munchkin. But mama called me to come get you so that you can be with Clarke.” She nodded and they got into the car and drove wordlessly to the hospital. When they arrived, Alexander guided her to where he was told the Griffin women were waiting. Clarke looked up when she entered the room and both of them broke out into sobs as Lexa through her arms around her. They stayed there, wrapped up together, neither girl ever moving to let go, until the doctor came in hours later and told them Jake was going to be okay.

Lexa read Clarke’s speech at the graduation ceremony the next day. It was the only way Clarke could convince her to go. As soon as it was over, she was right back at the hospital along with their friends.

The first years of college passed quickly for the couple. Clarke and Lexa were both in the Boston area making life so much better during college. They were the ideal couple to their friends, and yes, Lexa made more friends. College was good to her. They only had one big fight during the their undergrad.

September 2010

“Lexa, please. I need you to help around here.” They moved into a small apartment after their first year of college so they could be together. Lexa had taken up app developing with a friend in her spare time, and she tended to zone out when she was really into it. “Lexa? Are you even listening to me?”

“Yeah, babe. I’m listening.” She replied from her spot on the couch, eyes not leaving the screen.

“What did I say then?” Clarke’s hands went to her hips and she cocked her head to the side.

Lexa finally looked away from the computer. “Okay, to be completely honest I missed the first part of what you said. But I am listening now.”

Clarke closed her eyes and shook her head. “Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding me. Lexa this place is a disaster. It’s so gross. I get that college is easy for you and you’re like a natural genius who never needs to study, but maybe in your free time you could pull yourself away from the computer for five minutes and wash the damn dishes.”

Lexa sat up straight and looked around the room, then looked back at Clarke with a furrowed brow. “Okay, babe. I’ll wash them right now.” She got up and went into the kitchen to find two coffee cups and a plate. She was confused even more now, so after rinsing them and placing them in the dishwasher, she returned to the living room and picked up the three pieces of paper on the coffee table. She placed them in her back pack, then sat back down at her laptop. She began the sign off procedure for the developer tool she was using, making sure all her work was saved.

Clarke came back into the room at that precise moment. “Really, Lexa? Really. You couldn’t stop and do what I asked for five minutes?”

“I did what you asked Clarke, and I am turning my computer off to help you with whatever you need for the rest of the night.” Lexa stood and faced her girlfriend. “What is going on with you?”

“What’s going on with me? Really?” She folded her arms over her chest. “I have to do everything, all of the time, and I asked you to help me this once, and something is going on with me?” She dropped her arms to the side. “You know what? I’m leaving.”

Lexa’s jaw dropped and her heart sank. She didn’t say anything or move to stop the furious woman, she just stood there, in shock. Clarke left the apartment with a slam of the door.

She returned four hours later to a spotless apartment, freshly laundered sheets and clothing which was put away appropriately, and a crying girlfriend sitting on her side of their bed.

“Lex, baby.” She slowly approached their bed. “I’m sorry for how I acted earlier. It was wrong, I was unfair to you. I know you do stuff around here. Hell, I know there were only three dishes in the sink earlier. I’m so sorry.”

Lexa sniffed before looking up at Clarke. The brunette was not a crier, Clarke had maybe seen it three times in the years they have known each other. She immediately started crying as well, knowing how much she had to have hurt Lexa for there to be tears. “Why?” Was all she managed to croak out at first. “I love you more than anything in this world Clarke. You just left. You left me.”

“I know baby, I know. I shouldn’t have left. I love you too. I promise I’ll never do that again.” Clarke slowly leaned in and pressed their foreheads together, tears still rolling down both of their cheeks. “I’m so sorry.” Lexa was the one to lean forward and press their lips together in a salty, tear filled kiss. “I think I figured out why I flew off the handle like that. It’s not an excuse for how I acted.” She lifted the plastic Walgreen’s bag and pulled out a pregnancy test. “I haven’t had my period for the last two months. I chalked it up to stress because we always use protection.”

“You… You think you might be pregnant?” Lexa’s jaw dropped as she looked at the box.

“It’s either that or I have a huge hormone imbalance for some other reason.”

Clarke wasn’t pregnant. She went the the doctor who basically just shrugged and said it happens, then put her on birth control to help regulate her. There were no more outbursts, but there was a lot more sex. Now that they were sure there would be no babies in their near future coupled with the fact that they both loved the feeling of not have a condom barrier between them. If you asked Clarke, that fight never happened, because she is still mad at herself to this day about how much she hurt Lexa.

Oh and that app Lexa was working on? Well, it sold to Facebook two years later for an undisclosed amount of money. Lexa was now an undisclosed amount of loaded. (She had $140 million.) Neither of them would ever have to work again if they chose not to, just on the interest alone.

It wasn’t until after graduation from grad school, Lexa garnering a double masters in engineering and architecture, Clarke finishing law school, that they broached the subject of marriage.

November 2014

“Clarke, baby. Wake up.” Lexa gently shook her sleeping girlfriend into consciousness early on a Saturday morning.

“Five more minutes, Lex.” The blonde mumbled and pushed her head deeper into the pillow.

“Clarke, come on. It’s important.” Lexa whined from next to her. Clarke slowly rolled onto her side and came eye to eye with her girlfriend. “Hi.”

“Hey. Do you know what today is?”

“No? Should I? Our anniversary is in July. Your birthday is in April. Mine was August -”

“Okay, okay. Technically it’s none of those, but it’s also all of those. Today is special for its own reason.” Lexa explained. “Today’s date is 10/22/14. Your birthday is August 10th, mine is April 22nd, and our anniversary is July 14th. And I would also, very much like it if, it could be described as the day you agreed to marry me?”

Clarke’s eyes went wide. “What?”

Lexa pulled a small ring box out from under her pillow. “Clarke Abigail Griffin, would you please continue to make me the happiest woman in the world by marrying me?”

Clarke’s eyes filled with tears and she nodded vigorously. “Yes. Yes. Yes yesyesyes.” She punctuated each yes with a kiss.

If you asked Lexa, there was no happier moment in her life, up to this point, than when Clarke said I do the next year on the same day. If you asked Clarke, Lexa is the world’s biggest sap. It’s totally true and Clarke totally loves it.

The wedding was a small, intimate affair. Their wedding party consisted of Harper, Octavia, and Raven on Clarke’s side, and Lincoln, Monty and Anya (Lexa’s college friend) on the other.

They did a traditional dollar dance at the wedding and they donated the money to a school in Thailand. Drunk Monty paid three times, danced with each girl once and then initiated a group hug style sway on the third. Lexa cut him off.

When they got back from the honeymoon, Lexa and Anya architecture firm exploded in popularity. They hired Raven, Monty and Lincoln to work with them, paying for them and their spouses to move to Boston. Clarke went to work at the district attorney’s office and life continued pushing forward. Harper became a highschool teacher and Octavia a social worker.

Octavia and Lincoln got married next, it was also a small wedding. Lexa and Clarke made a large, anonymous, donation to wedding their fund. Everyone still knew who it was, no one questioned it. At the wedding, the women did their best to keep away from Bellamy, who still seemed to harbor some sort of grudge.

March 2016

“You can chill the fuck out or you can leave. Those are your two options Bell.” Octavia poked him in the chest to further make her point.

“I’m not leaving your wedding, O. You’re my sister. Make her leave.” He squared his shoulders and clenched his jaw.

Octavia had enough. “Why would I do that? You have tormented Lexa for her entire life, Bellamy. Her whole life. If someone did that to me, there is no way I would be friends with his sister. She has never once, never ever, said a cross word about you to me. God knows she could, but she doesn’t. So what the fuck is your problem?”

“How was she so weird all through school and she still got Clarke to fall for her?” Bellamy glared over her shoulder to where the happy couple was chatting with Raven and Anya. He clenched his jaw again as Lexa leaned over and pressed a kiss to Clarke’s temple.

“That’s what this is all about? You’re upset you could never land Clarke. Un-fucking-believable. Okay, number one she wasn’t ‘weird’, she was quiet. There is a difference. Number two, you know what, no, I’m done talking to you. If you so much as think about going near either one of them, I will have your ass thrown out of here so fast, Bellamy Blake.” She turned and stomped away, an elegant feat in a wedding dress. She turned and stomped back quickly. “Just so you know, they have treated me more like family in the past ten plus years than you ever have. Look around you, they’ll never admit it, but they are the ones that paid for everything. Pull your head out of your ass.” She stomped away, for good this time.

The dance floor was opened up after the newly married couple swayed to Etta James’ At Last. Next, Clarke and Lexa slowly swayed to Elvis’ I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, which was their first dance song just a few short months ago. When the song concluded, some pop medley came on and Lexa excused herself to the restroom and to grab two more drinks. At 25 years old, Lexa liked to think her level of self control was pretty damn high. That being said, she was completely unsurprised by the events of the forty five seconds between her re entering the ballroom and Bellamy holding his bleeding nose in the middle of the dance floor.

“Clarke, can I talk to you for a second?” Bellamy nearly pleaded as he approached the blonde in the middle of the dance floor.

“That depends, do you have an itemized list of all the things you’re going to apologise to my wife for?” She really enunciated wife, just for him.

He rubbed the back of his neck nervously before stammering out his response. “No, I was just hoping to talk to you. Maybe you could give me another chance to prove that I’m a good -”

“Oh no. We’re not doing this. You aren’t going to stand here and disrespect my marriage.” Clarke turned to walk off the dance floor when a strong hand griped her bicep.

“Clarke wait.”

She shot him a glare. “Let me go, Bellamy.”

“Just let me finish-” His pleading was cut off by a fist to the face. He stumbled backward and hit the ground with a thud, clearly not prepared for the hit.

“You do not get to put your hands on my wife.” A very livid Lexa was standing over him, one hand bunched in his collar. “You bullying me in school was one thing. I didn’t fight back because I would have hurt you, severely, and I couldn’t have that on my record. But I swear on all that you hold dear, if you ever touch Clarke again, they will never find your body.” With that, she released him and gently took her wife’s hand, leading her from the dance floor.

Lincoln came up to Bellamy after the women walked away. “O said to tell you that you deserved so much more than what you just got, and you should feel lucky that Lexa is such a good person. And also that she warned you, now it’s time for you to leave. I’ve gotta say, man, I definitely don’t disagree.” He waved over two of his friends who were ushers for the ceremony. “Make sure he leaves.” Lincoln shook his head in disappointment and walked back to where his wife was standing with their friends.

“Damn Lexa, where’d you learn to throw a punch like that?” Raven questioned, handing over a bag of ice for her knuckles.

“I’ve been taking muay thai classes since I was six.” Everyone’s jaw dropped as they gaped at her. Everyone except Clarke. “What?”

“So you could have handled his ass a long time ago?” Lincoln asked, brow furrowed.

“Well, after the arm incident, they physically left me alone, so there was nothing I could do. If I hit him first, it would have been on my record forever.” Lexa shrugged. Clarke had known for many years about Lexa’s martial art prowess. She even went to a few matches in high school. It was just one of those things Lexa chose not to talk about with anyone besides her, so Clarke left it that way. “I tried to never let him get to me, guys, but tonight was the last straw. Sorry this happened at your wedding O.”

“Oh, no. That’s okay. He deserved it. I even warned him to stay away from you both.”

Harper and Monty got married next, but it was a quick, courthouse ceremony. Harper was pregnant and they needed to add her to Monty’s insurance. He still worked for Lexa and Anya, and they tried to pull some strings but the insurance company wasn’t having it.

December 2016

“Look at her Lex. She’s perfect.” The Griffin-Woods stood in front of the viewing window of the nursery at Mass General. “Emma Amelia Green. I can’t believe she is finally here.”

“Me either, babe. You know, I did the math. She was definitely conceived around the time of Linc and O’s wedding.” They shared a laugh, then continued watching the tiny infant sleep. “I want one.” Clarke was surprised to find that she was hearing those words instead of being the one to say them. She looked at her wife, surprise evident on her face.

“You do?”

“Well, yeah.” Lexa shrugged. “I want everything with you.” Clarke hummed and nodded. “Can you imagine? A little girl with your nose and my eyes.” Lexa chuckled and wrapped her arms firmly around her wife.

“I was thinking a little boy with your hair and my eyes.”

Lexa pressed a kiss to Clarke’s temple before mumbling. “That would be nice too.”

If you asked Clarke, she was ready to have Lexa’s baby all those years ago, when they thought she might be pregnant. If you asked Lexa, everything that has happened between her and Clarke happened at the precisely perfect moment.

They had managed to keep Lexa’s secret about being intersex from their friends until the time that they conceived. None of them batted an eye.

Alexander Jacob Griffin-Woods or AJ for short, was born April 29th, 2018 at 6:43pm. He was 6 lbs 13 oz of physical perfection. He had Clarke’s hair and Lexa’s eyes. After she saw him for the first time, Clarke looked at her wife with a wide grin. “If you asked me way back in third grade, I would have never guessed this would be when I finally beat you at something.”

Lexa just shrugged, smiled, then kissed her and then kissed her son as she stroked his blonde hair. “Yeah, you earned this one.”

Peter Fucking Maximoff

Title: Peter Fucking Maximoff

Warnings: Cussing, mention of sex, and mention of death

Originally posted by despairingfever

Running was always your escape. You never had a bike or a car or a real method of transportation. You just ran. You’d run to the mall and run back home a few hours later. You’d run to school and you’d run to the grocery store. You weren’t good at sports, but you were the fastest in the whole school. You could run a mile in 3 minutes.

That was until he came around.




There wasn’t anything wrong with him, at first anyways. He moved and came to your school in the middle of the year.

His silver hair, matching silver clothes, his sense of humor, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t think he was cute. Attractive even.

Word goes around fast. Almost fast as you do. And the word was Peter Maximoff was fast. Faster than you. 

That didn’t bother you. You knew you weren’t the fastest person alive.

But he toyed with you.

Recommending music to you, going to the arcade together. Hell, you shared twinkies together! You almost gained feelings for him.

Then one day he wasn’t at school. Apparently, he was out of town. Nobody really knew anything else, and his mom wouldn’t tell you.

The next day at school you saw him. He was talking to some kids who didn’t really like you guys. You didn’t care.

All during class, he hung out with them. Heck, he was even acting all touchy-feely sort of with that one girl who hated you.

Then people started saying they were sorry or giving you a look downed in pity.

Five lockers away were two kids making out.

You only had to look at the hair colors to know who they were.

He didn’t tell you anything! You didn’t know where he was 24 hours before all this shit happened, he ignored you all day, and to top it off he was making out with a girl who hated you.

Hate you

Did he hate you?

You wiped your eyes with your sleeve, and you ran.

You ran faster than before.

You were running not to get somewhere, but to get away.

You kept running, and running, and running.

Until it happened.

You felt a jolt and suddenly you ran faster. Faster than ever before.

You ran so fast, that you tripped over a rock in the ground.

“Ow!” You sat up and looked to see if your knees were scraped.

They were fine, but you decided to just jog for a while, not wanting to trip again.

You jogged by a little shop, seeing your reflection in the window.




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Lovely, Lovely, Lovely - Archie x Fat!Reader

Here, I gave it my best shot!
All bodies are good bodies, and how you look doesn’t define you! :)

Originally posted by jonesjughead

You glance at yourself in the bathroom mirror, pursing your lips in displeasure at your reflection. Did your chin really look that chubby? When did your arms get so large? Is that how you look in that outfit? Sighing, you turn away, quickly exiting the bathroom before the terrible thoughts become too overwhelming. As you walk down the corridor to your next class, your eyes can’t help but drift over to some of the other girls who pass you. You tug at your top self-consciously, squirming uncomfortably as you dart into your last class for the day, and avoid Archie’s searching gaze when you opt to sit with someone else. He’s about to open his mouth, clearly confused by your behaviour, but the teacher comes in and he remains quiet for the rest of the lesson.

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anonymous asked:

I really like hc with mc's little sister so can you do that with V and Saeran? :) love your writing btw

I feel so weird writing children, so I was surprised somebody would want to see more for that post :p

Anyway, hope you like it! ^^

Saeran and V react to MC’s little sister 


  • You thought he didn’t really like kids, so did he
  • But the thing is he actually doesn’t like them in general, and your sister is the exception
  • He looks genuinely entertained by her  “singing performance”, he’s… smiling, and… clapping. Ugh… who is this guy and what did he do to your grumpy Saeran?
  • Okay, maybe you are a little jealous, it’s hard to make him relax and have fun with trivial things, and to your sister, this is, literally, child’s play.
  • And since it’s hard to see rim so comfortable, you do your best to stay away and let them have fun, you know, allow him to experiment the childhood he never had.
  • So you go to meet the other adults, but Saeran soon finds you. “We have a problem, I need to talk to you.”
  • Shit! Did he notice you were jealous and now he’ll scold you for being so pathetic? Well, it’s not like if you didn’t deserve.
  • “Your sister asked for a beat.” “What?” “Don’t know, she keeps telling me to bring the beat and I don’t know what to do.” Oh… that’s it? You chuckle and answer: “Just do some weird noises with your lips and tell her it’s beat box.” You shrug and start walking away, but he grabs your arm.
  • “Watch us. I… want you to see me perform.” He looks away and blushes. Oh my god… how could you feel bitter about the sweetest thing ever?


  • If you’re his sun, this kid is his little star.
  • He acts like she is your child, somehow, treating her like a princess.
  • Or… is he the princess? You’re confused seeing him being a guest on her tea party along with some stuffed animals, and he’s wearing a tiara, does he… know he’s wearing a tiara?
  • Is it cute to watch? Yes, of course, but… kids have no filter, what if she says something indiscreet about his blindness?
  • So you’re watching every move of hers, but trying not to interfere, because… well, she’s good kid, and they both look like having so much fun.
  • “Something wrong, my love?” shit, you forget this man can be a little psychic sometimes.
  • “Nothing, I… hope. Is she… is she behaving?” “Hum? Oh, she’s being a marvelous company, she was telling me how I should get a service dog, you should see her explaining to me how they aren’t like the other dogs.” He chuckles, you don’t.
  •  “Oh, V, I’m so sorry for that, I’ll… I’ll talk to her.” “Sorry? Why is that? She was just telling me what her big sis explained to her about , do you know her big sis is a very smart lady who knows a lot of things? She told me herself.”
  • Oh god… you feel like a brat for thinking so lowly of your own sister! You can only hope you and V will be able to raise your own child to be as sweet and smart like your little sis. And you don’t need to be psychic:  V is probably thinking the same.
Bring the Heat

You wanted to celebrate your three-month anniversary with Kang Daniel, but instead of a loving date with your boyfriend, your world collapses around you. As you’re left to pick up the pieces of your heart, you uncover a scheme that runs a lot deeper than just your own heartbreak, and you’re not going to take it sitting down.

  • aka, daniel and his friends are fking scumbags and girls supporting girls
  • heavily inp. by this scene in riverdale
  • literally this is what happened:
  • anon: can i pls get daniel angst
  • me: but girl power
  • warning: daniel is a bad guy in this. so are his friends. 

You smiled at your reflection in the bathroom mirror, reaching up to quickly fluff up your hair. It was the day of your three-month anniversary with Kang Daniel, and you wanted everything to be perfect.

You two had decided to meet up at a cute café downtown, and you’d even bought matching couple phone cases for you two to share.

The story of how you two began dating was definitely interesting, to say the least. Daniel was one of the more popular guys at your high school, and never really looked your way. You’d always thought he was handsome, and had a crush on him, but during a party, suddenly, he started talking to you. You figured it was because your best friend and his had started dating then, but even after they’d broken up, Daniel would meet you after class and greet you in the hallways.

Finally, on white day, he’d asked you out, and you’d been thrilled. Now you were here, three months later, almost before school ended before summer, and still going strong.

You decided to leave the bathroom, heading out. You spotted Daniel, sitting casually at one of the tables—with his friends?

“Oh, Daniel, you’re here,” you greeted him with a smile, taking a tentative seat across from him, “and all your friends.”

Daniel shrugged, “they wanted to tag along.”

You nodded, trying to contain the frown that wanted to appear on your lips. Daniel knew how much you cared about anniversaries, and it was weird for him to be acting so flippant.

“Oh,” you nodded, “well, I bought these cute couple cases for us!” You reached into your purse excitedly, setting them down on the table, “We can start using them now.”

One of Daniel’s friends picked one of them up, examining it, “this is kind of ugly, don’t you think?” You flinched at his harsh words, looking down at the table. Suddenly, you were reminded of back in your first year of high school, when Daniel’s friend group would tease anyone and everyone mercilessly. Daniel had always reassured you that they’d changed, but apparently, they hadn’t.

“Give that back,” you said weakly, not even wanting to look back up. This date was supposed to be one of the best days of your life, not totally embarrassing. “Daniel, do you want to start using them?”

Daniel looked at you slowly from across the table, a smirk creeping across his lips, “You know, Seongwoo, I think you owe me $100 (usd).” You faltered, looking up at him, totally lost. “(Y/N) and I have been dating for three months. Pay up.” You watched, stunned, as Seongwoo slapped a crisp bill into Daniel’s outstretched hand, the realization slowly sinking in.

“So this whole thing…” you trailed off, not wanting to even say it out loud.

“It was a bet, sweetie,” Seongwoo snickered at your expression, sliding the couple phone case back to you, “you really thought that the Kang Daniel would date someone like you?”

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Old Friends (2/?)


  y/n and Sam Wilson have been neighbors since she moved to NewYork . When Sam started being an avenger they drifted, just random texts or calls . That was until the events between Steve, Bucky and Tony.  Things are all cleared now, everyone is back at the tower and/or avengers facility, including Bucky. But what happens when the reader shows up at the facility looking for Sam?  


swearing, a little sexual tension.

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader, Avengers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader


    It takes an hour for you to finally get your brain to shut off so you can sleep. Two hours later, you’re rolling around your bed fully awake again. This thing with Sam has been running through your mind non-stop. You have plenty of time to go see him before he leaves for wherever; two days is a lot of time right?  

Dammit y/n, get up and go. “Ughhhhh…“ You roll yourself onto the floor and lay there for a minute.  Am I just suppose to listen to him? Or am I supposed to talk, too? Oh God, what do I say? What if Bucky is there again? I wonder what he looks like with his hair pulled back…mmmm… Your phone going off pulls you out of your thoughts. You grab your phone hoping maybe it’s a text from Sam, but it isn’t; it’s just a Facebook notification. You put your phone down and walk towards your closet. Grabbing your towel and robe, you decide to go take a quick shower and then make your way to the tower. You want to see Sam and get this cleared with him.

 45 minutes later, you’ve showered, blow dried your hair, and finished your makeup.  Mmmm what should I wear?  You look through your closet, flicking through your t-shirts, and land on your one of your favorites. It’s a long sleeved black, semi-crop top. It wasn’t too short or long, but right in the middle. You weren’t the smallest girl, you have a lot of curves and a little thickness to you. Nothing you should be embarrassed about, as Sam used to tell you all the time. You used to hate yourself, thinking you weren’t skinny enough or pretty enough. Sam would always be there to shut those insecurities up though. God I miss him. I’ve gotta go. You decide against the crop top, and throw on a cute, long sleeved pink romper with some knee high boots. The weather is in that awkward stage where it’s warm but borderline cold, so you grab your leather jacket just in case. After grabbing your purse, phone and keys, you make your way out to your car. "Here I come Sammy.”


You arrive at the tower again and walk in, except this time you walk with a little more confidence in your step. Your eyes land on Melissa and you smirk and wave as you walk up to her.

    “Well hey there, Melissa. Can you please call up to Sammy and tell him I’m here?” She glares at you while she picks up the phone and lets Sam know you’re here. Five minutes later, the elevator door open while your back is turned to it.

“Well doll, looks like you couldn’t stay away, could you?” Barnes?

You turned around slowly and see Bucky standing in front of you with a shit-eating grin on his face and his hands tucked into his pockets. He’s wearing a grey Henley and jeans that hug him just right. Oh crap. He totally just saw me checking him out.  You look up, sure that he caught you eye fucking him, but when you look up you catch him checking you out. Note to self: Bucky seems to like rompers. Or maybe it’s the boots.

  “What can I say Bucky? I just coul-” You’re cut off when a door to your right is flung open and Sam appears out of breath and very angry.

  “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, TIN CAN.”  Sam lunges for Bucky but you step in between them.

“Boys, behave. What the hell is going on?” You cross your arms and look back and forth between the two men that are suppose to be part of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

  “He locked the elevator down so I couldn’t get in to come down for you,” Sam heaves. “Do you know how many flights of stairs I just ran down!?” If looks could kill, Bucky would be dead 12 times over.

  “I don’t know what he’s talking about, sweetheart.” Bucky shrugs. “I was just minding my own business when birdboy came running towards the elevator like a madman. I locked it in self defense.“ He couldn’t even say this with a straight face; he had a lopsided smile and was trying to cover up his giggling. You just glared at him. Bucky and Sam seem to have a weird relationship, but all you’ve seen so far is Bucky being mean to Sam. Well honestly, they are both just ridiculously childish, but whatever.

You turn to Bucky and take a step closer, put your hand on his chest, and look up and him, "Aww poor Bucky.” You watch Bucky give Sam a sly grin. You tap your hand on his chest and he looks down at you. How are his eyes so blue…? And his lips… Oh God, they look so soft. Stop STOP SAY SOMETHING SASSY…  You look up at him and get a little closer as he leans down, “If you’re looking for a girl, Buck, I think I have just the one.”

 He looks down on you and smiles. “Oh yeah, doll? And who’s that?”

You take a step closer and whisper in his ear, “Well, my grandma is about your age, and she’s single.” You take a step back and wink. His smile drops and you can hear Sam laughing like a hyena.

   “Sorry, Buck, but I’m the only one that’s allowed to bully Sammy.”  You walk to Sam and wrap your arm around his. “You ready to talk, birdbrain? ” He just smiles and pulls you towards the elevator. You hear Bucky walking behind you. He enters the elevator and steps behind you and Sam. You can see him in the reflection of the elevator doors; he’s leaning against the rail smiling. I was just so mean to him and he’s smiling, what the hell? Sam hit the button for the 48th floor, which I assume is his.  When we get to the floor, Sam steps out in front of me, leading the way. Before I walk out, Bucky steps closer behind me so his chest is pressed to my back .

   “I think this is the start to a beautiful friendship doll. I’ll see you later.” He did a little pat on your butt and you gasp. You turn around and that sly smirk is back on his face.  You feel the heat in your cheeks and just laugh,

   "Keep on dreaming, Barnes.“ You hear Sam clear his throat and you walk out of the elevator.

   “Is he always like that?” you ask Sam, and he just laughs.

   “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him be that forward with a woman. Steve is always telling stories of how he used to be such a ladies man back in the 40s but I haven’t seen any proof until you walked through those doors.“  He laughed but then stopped, "But he is a pain in my ass. Like the BIGGEST pain ever.” He huffs out. You just start laughing and flop on the couch Sam’s brought you to.

  “So is this your level of the tower? Ya know, your own little bird nest?” You kept a dead serious expression on your face and Sam just glared at you.

  "Ha ha, you’re so funny y/n.” You break, and let a smile out

  “Alright Sammy, you wanted me to listen, so go on. I’m all ears.

He clears his throat and fidgets with his hands in his lap, "Y/n, I don’t have a good reason for not calling. I just got so caught up… But you’re right, I should have called or texted or even sent you a damn letter. I didn’t forget about you. Just between the Accords, Tony and Steve, and being a fugitive, things are just starting to calm down. We just got back to almost being a team again. I didn’t want to drag you into this when it was so chaotic.” He moves next to you and pulls you into his side for a cuddle-type hug. You nestle into him and sigh.

“Sam, I just missed you. And worried a lot. Can we just try to be like how it was before? I can’t deal with other people like I deal with you. You’re the only one I can tolerate."   Sam laughs and kisses the top of your head.

  “Kid, you have no idea how much I missed you.” You went to say something but you heard the elevator doors opened and a group of voices.

  “Wanda, I’m telling you, Steve’s face was priceless when the bucket of water fell on him,” a smooth, female voice said. You heard a cute little laugh follow.

   "This prank war is going to get out of hand,“ said the second female voice. You could tell by the accent who it was.

  "Can we just call a truce, Nat? The whoopee cushion wasn’t meant for you. Buck put it for Sam.” You recognize the last voice as Steve’s. The three of them walk into the room. You see Steve, and know the other two as Wanda Maximoff and Natasha Romanov. They all stop when they see you and Sam snuggling on the couch.  Oh this probably looks weird. You start to pull away from Sam but he stops you and pulls you back in.

  “Nat, Wanda, this is my friend y/n. We were neighbors before I decided to join the Avengers.” They both smile and sit at the couch opposite of you.

Wanda was the first to speak, “Hi, it’s nice to meet you!”

 Natasha cut in, “So are you Sam’s girlfriend?”  Wanda slapped Natasha’s arm, and Steve let out a loud laugh.

   "Nice to see you again y/n.“ You look to Steve and just smile.

   "It’s really nice to meet you, and hi Steve. And no, I am not Sam’s girlfriend. I have higher standards than the bird flu over here.” I start laughing and Sam rolls his eyes.

   "Real nice y/n. I’ll remember that.“

   "Oh I like her, she’s got sass.” Natasha smirks. I smile at her and giggle.  Sam mutters something I couldn’t quite catch and gets up.

    "What are all you guys doing up here anyway?“ Sam asks as he makes his way to the kitchen.

   "Buck said you wanted us all to meet on your level?” Steve says but he seemed confused. The elevator doors open and Bucky walks out and straight towards you. Oh boy what is he doing now?

   “I see you’ve met my new girlfriend.” He sits next to you and throws his arm around you and pulls you in close. Natasha  and Wanda start laughing and Steve just rolls his eyes and walks towards Sam in the kitchen. Sam’s glaring at Bucky and Bucky is just staring down at you and smiling. You look up at him and smile. You push yourself up so you’re right next to his ear and whisper, “I don’t think so, doll,” and nip his ear. You get up and go behind Sam, throwing your arms around his torso and resting your face against his back. Steve, Natasha, Wanda and Sam are all cracking up. Poor Bucky was looking a little flustered and like a sad puppy. Why is this so fun? He’s even cuter when he pouts.

   "I was told there would be hot chocolate at some point, Sammy.“  Sam just smiles and shakes his head. He starts making you hot chocolate and you couldn’t help but smile while looking around the room. I could get used to this.

 "So y/n, how did you and Sam first meet?” Wanda asked. You move and go sit next to her.

  “Well I was walking down the hallway to my new apartment and found Sam sleeping in front of his door.”  You proceed to tell them how Sam had locked himself out. The day continued on with you talking about things with Natasha and Wanda; your life, their lives, embarrassing things about Sam. It was great. Things weren’t how they were before with Sam, but it was even better now.


A couple days later

  It’s been a couple days since Sam has been back in your life and since the Avengers have entered your life. You had only met Steve, Bucky, Wanda and Natasha so far, but that was about to change this morning.  You had ended up spending the night on the couch on the communal level of the tower. You, Sam, Buck and Steve stayed up late watching The Office on Netflix. You ended up falling asleep about four episodes into the first season, and one of the boys must of thrown a blanket on you before they all went to bed. You sat up on the couch and rubbed your eyes to try and wipe the sleep away . You hear footsteps and turn towards the doorway to see Sam, still half asleep also.

  “So the early bird really does catch the worm, huh Sammy?” You smirk at him, but he does not look entertained.

  “How many more bird jokes could you possibly have?” He rolls his eyes. “I just wanted to see if you were still asleep. I’m going to jump in the shower, feel free to eat or make coffee… actually that’s not a choice. Make me some damn coffee to make up for the fact the first thing you said to me this morning was a lame bird joke, y/n.” He turns and starts walking away. I forgot how crabby Sam can get, yikes.

  “Fine, fine. But I’m showering when you’re out, Sam!” You yell after him. Well I guess it’s time for coffee.  

 You were sitting on the counter in the communal level of the tower waiting for Sam to finish his shower and for the coffee to brew. You had your phone your hands looking at things on Pinterest to show Wanda. You didn’t even hear anyone come in. While looking down at your phone, you saw two feet step in front of you. You look up and come eye-to-eye with Tony Stark. Behind him are Bruce, Clint, Thor and Vision all staring at you.

 "Stark, it seems that one of your lady friends has taken your counter as her seat.“ Does Thor have an inside voice?

  "Sorry blondie, but I’m not Stark’s girl.” You turn and wink at Tony and hop off the counter.

  “Not that I mind a beautiful girl on my counter, but who the hell are you?” Tony laughed, but then dropped to a more serious tone.

  “I’m y/n, a friend of Sam’s. It’s great to meet you Mr. Stark.” You stick out your hand towards Tony, and he grabbed it and pulled you closer to him. Oh, what the hell?  
  He pulls your hand to his lips and kisses it. “You can call me Tony, gorgeous.” He keeps your hand in his and wiggles his eyebrows at you. You couldn’t help but laugh. He pulls you over in front of the other men in the room to introduce you. “Y/n, this is Bruce, Thor, Vision and Clint.” You shook all of their hands and smile.

  “It’s really nice to meet all of you, thank you for all you’ve done for the world.” They all smile at you, well besides vision. He smiles but looks a bit confused. Thor begins laughing and steps towards you.

  “Lady y/n, you are such a tiny midgardian!”  You looked up to him and smile.

  “Well Thor, I can’t help my hei-” You’re cut off when the God picks you up bridal style and tosses you in the air while he laughs. His booming laugh was contagious. You couldn’t help the giggles that escaped you as Thor pretty much plays catch with himself, using you. The others seem pretty entertained, too. You didn’t even hear Sam and Bucky enter the kitchen until Bucky clears his throat.

  “Uh Thor, mind putting my girl down?”  Does he sound annoyed? OR JEALOUS? Fuck yes. Y/n - 1, Bucky - 0.

 Thor looked at Bucky and set you down gently. “My deepest apologies brother Barnes, I thought lady y/n was simply a friend of our dear Sam."  

  You couldn’t help roll your eyes. "How many times to I have to tell you? I’m not YOUR girl, Barnes.”  You move past him and go to hug Sam. You can hear Tony and Clint laughing as Bucky mumbles to himself.

  “Well Barnes, looks like Birdboy Jr beat us both to the girl.” Tony pats  Bucky’s shoulder sympathetically.

  “Yeah, for now.” Buck grabs a water bottle out of the fridge and makes his way out of kitchen. “See ya later, Doll.” He turns and blows a kiss. What a dork. You laugh and wave him off. You continue making small talk with everyone in the kitchen about random little things until Tony gets an idea.

  “You know what we haven’t done in a while?” he asks. No one replies so Tony just sighs and shakes his head. “We haven’t had a party! And now that we have a new, very very interesting friend here.” He turns to you and looks you up and down. Man can he make a girl blush. Why is he even checking me out? I’m in sweatpants and a giant sweater.

 You were taken out of your thought when Sam nudged you. “So what do you think y/n, you up for it?” I really need to stop spacing out.

  “A party? Of course!” You smile and jump in place . You love parties and dancing. There had better be dancing.

  “Not just any party, sweetheart, ” Tony paused and took a sip of his coffee,“ How about we make this a very formal, black tie event?” He raises his eyebrows at you. You feel a smile make its way to your face. You’ve never been to anything like that, besides prom, and even that wasn’t that great.

  “I’M IN!” You probably sound too excited, but you jump and throw your arms around Tony in a tight hug. He was a little shocked at first but hugged you back and chuckled. Sam shared a glance with his teammates that were in the room. This would be the first big get together since the team’s been back. Sam sighed and shook his head, “Well…This should be interesting.”

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I Just Want to Tell You How I’m Feeling

AO3 Link

“Oh, Marinette!” Sabine smiled. “Don’t forget the croissants!”

Marinette paused on her way out the door and nodded. “Thanks, Mama.” She accepted them with a weak smile. “I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to them.”

Her mother frowned. “Is everything alright?”

“Hm?” Marinette packed the croissants into the basket she’d managed to track down. “Oh, of course!”

“Are you sure? You seem upset.”

“No, everything’s fine.” Marinette waved a hand. “Just tired.”

“Well, okay, then.” Sabine still looked worried, but she didn’t press Marinette for details. “Have fun!”

Marinette waved and darted out of the bakery. Everything really wasn’t okay, but how was she supposed to explain that to her mother? She couldn’t exactly walk up to Sabine and start crying that she’d finally, finally revealed her identity to her partner only to find out he was her crush and things had been painfully awkward between them since. As much as she tried to hide how much it hurt to live with that rift, Marinette had never been skilled at hiding her emotions. Of course her mother would notice.

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Adventures in Raising a Space Twig: Part 3

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Post-Guardians of the Galaxy 2

The reader tries to do something nice for Quill but he is a little jealous monster, Groot doesn’t care as long as he can join in the fight.
Peter Quill x Reader
Words: 1,808

Xandar was always beautiful, and you especially liked that it was the planet where you’d all been arrested and forced together. Rocket and Quill liked it because of the black market - somethings never change.

You were shifting through the market on your own, nodding in acknowledgement to traders who you recognised, this was the kind of place that your father would take you for day trips when your mother would let him see you.
He taught you how to shoot, how to fight, how to barter and was always buying you tiny knives to hide on your person, just in case you needed them.

This little market made you miss your father even though you’d had chance to speak to him after Yondu’s Ravager service. It was nice to have some time for yourself, Gamora had taken Groot to make sure that Quill and Rocket didn’t cause any trouble and Drax and Mantis had wandered off, no doubt so that Drax could tell her just how unappealing he found her.

You and Quill hadn’t really spoken since you’d woken up a few mornings ago to find half of the ship covered in photos of you and Quill curled around one another sleeping.  You’d not spoken about it but the side glances towards each other and the silence was enough to tell you that something about your relationship had shifted.
The thing that you’d both been ignoring for so long had been slapped in front of your eyes and shot at you as jokes from Rocket and Drax. You’d laughed it off of course but you knew, as Quill knew; now you’d have to face the feelings that you’d been avoiding and decide to push it aside or explore it.

Which one would be scarier, you had no clue.

You were snapped from your thoughts when you noticed a twinkling little trinket on one of the stalls. With a smile, you approached the attractive Xandarian vendor, “Good day.”
His eyes trailed you obviously, slowly, up and down, “Greetings and what can I do for you?”
His voice was sultry as you flirted back and forth for a few moments, it was innocent enough from you, you just wanted a discount.

It was only when the vendor leaned across his table to touch your cheek did you notice Quill’s appearance as he snatched the man’s wrist midair before he could touch you.

“I didn’t hear the lady give you permission to touch her.” Quills words were light but his tone dead and from where you stood you could see the Xandarians pained face and how Quill’s fingertips turned white from the pressure he was exerting in the grip.

“Quill, it’s okay, we were just talking.” You tried to calm him down; you’d only ever seen his expression so grave during battle.

Quill finally let the man go when you gently put a hand on his arm and coaxed him to release him.
The vendor clung his wrist to his chest, “You disgrace.“ 

“Woah, sir, calm down.” You tried to keep the atmosphere light, you could feel Quill go ridged beside you and you didn’t need to look at him to know that he was glaring a hole into the man’s face.

The vendor went on the defense, he spat, “There’s no need to get jealous you stupid Terran, you think I don’t know who she is? What she is? You think that I’d be interested in this Ravager scum?”

He spat at your feet and you flinched at childhood memories of the slur.

Quill gently placed his hand on your shoulder and guided you back behind him, over his shoulder you could see Gamora, Drax and Groot approaching and you gestured for them to rush.

Drax was busy trying to comprehend your gesture but Gamora was already picking up her pace, but she wasn’t fast enough to stop Quill as he caught the vendor by his hair and yanked him over his table, slammed him onto the floor using that hand as leverage and started to beat him with his other hand.

You took the opportunity to snatch the trinket from the table and tucked it into your pocket.

 "Peter get off of him! What is wrong with you?!“ Gamora snapped as you both tried to pull him off the vendor whose face was already swollen and bleeding. Drax’s booming laughter and Groot ‘attacking’ the man’s feet did nothing to help either of you.
“Drax go do something useful! Find Rocket or Mantis, whoever you get to first!” You snapped over your shoulder and he did as he was asked, mostly because of your friendship. He was fairly sure that Quill’s reaction would be justified to whatever had happened.

It was Mantis who came back with Drax first, which was probably for the best as it only took one hand on Quill’s shoulder to send him into a calm daze. Gamora and Mantis led Quill out, you picked Groot up and followed them. Drax hadn’t finished bartering so you told him not to worry and to continue his shopping as long as he remembered to bring Rocket home with him.

You met the others outside and Gamora came up to you, “Mantis and I were going to dine, will you be okay with him?”

She glanced over at where Quill was sat on the edge of a decorative fountain; he looked intolerably grumpy even though Mantis had a hand on his shoulder. You were happy at how close Mantis and Gamora seemed to be becoming, you were starting to think that something was going on between them but as Queen of ignoring your feelings you knew that it wasn’t your place to pry.

“We’ll be fine thank you; I think we need to talk.” You told her and held your hand out so that Groot could jump into it from your shoulder.

“Thank you for helping us with that asshole.” You grinned at him and gave him a high five with the tip of your finger. He jumped from your hand into Gamora’s, he gave you a wave and then they were gone, leaving you with one grumpy Star Lord.

You wandered over slowly before standing in front of him, “Wanna tell me what that was about?”
“Er, he spat at you, you’re welcome.” He grumbled playing with a zip on his jacket.

“You started well before then.” You argued.

 He sighed like a caught out teenager, “Maybe I’m just annoyed that I have to go clearing up after your rubbish taste in men.”

You resisted the urge to whack him, “Maybe you should spend less time being a jealous prick and more time talking to me about the other morning?”

“You were flirting with him.” He said as he finally looked up at you, scowl in place, “Guess I just figured that you were like that with everyone, me included.”

It was childish, you could admit that, but when your friend of many years and object of your affections spoke with such venom you couldn’t stop yourself. You shoved him straight into the fountain. Hard.

He landed with a splat and an oomph before he settled, soaking wet and gaping up at you in shock.

Taking the trinket from your pocket you threw it at him and he caught it midair, he opened his hand to inspect the small clothing pin in the shape of a silver arrow.

“I was trying to distract him while I stole that for you so that you could have something simple to remind you of Yondu, you asshole.” You snapped and left him there in the water.

It was a few hours before Quill came to find you, he leaned in the doorway like a sullen child in fresh clothes and a towel around his neck.
You didn’t look up from the weapon you were trying to put back together.

He cleared his throat.
You rolled your eyes before mumbling, “I’m not apologising.”

“I was just wondering if you’d help me with this?” He asked and you finally looked up to see him fiddling with the arrow pin that you’d stolen for him.

You clicked your tongue, “You can pull a Xandarian over a table by his hair but you can’t wrestle a pin into a t-shirt?”
“Maybe I just want to give you an excuse to feel me up.” He smirked. You couldn’t help but smile in response. He wandered into the room and you rose from the bed to meet him in the middle. You held out your hand but instead of putting the pin in your palm he gently took your hand in his.

“Thanks, you know, for stealing for me.” He told you, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. His over hand found your hips and brought you into a weird, awkward waltz. You danced together all of the time but this was strange.
It was difficult.
It was intimate.

“Anytime.” You smiled, “I’m not thanking you for beating up that vendor.”
He shook his head softly, “Just let me enjoy the moment.”
You’d gravitated closer until when you looked up your nose brushed his, “Oh, are we having a moment?”

“Well I’ve been trying to get you to see me like this for long enough.” He breathed, his words ghosted over your lips until his own lips followed and you were kissing.

Chapped lipped pushed against yours, Quill’s hand left yours to cup your cheek while his other pulled your hips closer. Pulling the towel around his neck you held him close, revealing in the embrace until a quiet cheer disrupted you.

You jumped back away from Quill, your face burning. Quill’s eyes stayed closed as he pouted and waited for you lips to find his again. You hit his chest, laughing at his antics, and when he opened his eyes you pointed at the doorway where Groot was jumping up and down cheering and clapping his hands.

“I am Groot!” He grinned running over to you both, he climbed up Quill’s trousers and shimmied up until he was cuddled in between your chests.
“Language Groot!” You scolded him lightly but he just grinned.
“What did he say?” Quill asked and poked Groot playfully in his stomach, he held you close with his other arm around your waist.
“About fucking time.” You translated and Groot nodded happily.
“I gotta agree with him there.” Quill smiled and leaned over Groot to give you a chaste kiss.

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