the lips!


I see Caitlyn isn’t the only one on a smear campaign. I’m speaking to my lawyers to see if this is grounds for defamation, but in the mean time, I would like to say these accusations are false. It’s sad that mommy is dragging my name through the mud to sell lip gloss.

Imagine Loki being gone for a long time, forced to be away from you. When the two of you finally reunite, Loki is stuck in his Jotun form and uses his cold fingers to trace your skin, rememorizing the details of the slopes and slants he’d been terrified he would forget after so long kept apart. Your lips burn, yearning for a kiss from his cool mouth but for now, you can stand to tolerate the delicate feel of his fingers tentatively stroking your face, gliding along your lips and just relishing your presence.

17 “I want to make you mine, but it’s so hard to say.”
61 “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”
77 “I love you.”


Your relationship with Lip became difficult since he’s on college. The stress on his shoulders, the drinking, his family…
All this and more are the reasons that you barely see each other and the relationship is more off than on.

“Ugh..” Lip groans as he wakes up, tearing you from your thoughts. “(Y/N)?”
“Yeah, I’m here.”
You should be pissed off that he spent half of the night with drinking and smoking instead of having at least sex with you.
But you can’t as big blue eyes stare at you like a lost puppy.
“Got you some painkillers.” You say while grabbing the pills and a glass of water from the night table.
“Thanks.” He mumbles and sits up next to you. “Dunno what I did to deserve you.”
“Me neither. Guess it’s the curls which makes me weak in the knees.” You chuckle quietly.
But it quickly dies as he doesn’t even smile or look at you.
“‘m serious, (Y/N). I love you.”
It’s ridiculous, after all this time your heartbeat increases like crazy and a smile spreads over your face.
“I love you too.”
Softly he puts his lips on yours, his hand finds its way to your cheek, stroking it.
“I want to make you mine, but it’s so hard to say.” He whispers.
“I’m already yours.” You respond and peck on his mouth again.
“I mean forever.”
Your eyes widen and you gasp in surprise as he takes a ring out of the jeans he’s still wearing.
“Oh..oh god, Lip. Yes, yes.” You say while he puts the ring on your finger and he flips you on the back.
“So Mrs Gallagher, how do you want to celebrate?” He smiles, nibbling on your sensitive spot on the neck.
“Mh, I’d know there one or two things.”