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merry christmas :)

Clusters of crystals danced through the air, catching glimpses of the hazy sunlight on their gradual descent to the ground. It looked awfully cold out, even with the deceivingly warm rays of sunlight peeking through the half drawn blinds. Even from where you were, wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket like a human burrito with a mug of piping hot coffee sitting idly in your hands, all nice and curled up by the fireplace in your warmest pajamas, for some reason, it felt awfully cold inside too.

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CXXI - If You Die, I’m Going To Kill You

Sportarobbie Fanfiction - The 121st Shortie

Based On A Prompt

Warnings: None, I think :)

Summary: It’s a very snowy day in Lazy Town - too snowy. It’s a horrible blizzard, so everyone goes to the town hall, for safety and to meet up with everybody. But Sportacus gets stuck in the blizzard, and him being the hero, no one’s sure who’s going to save him now.

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anonymous asked:

Any progress on the de aged story?👀👀👀

::ahem:: Part one here.

“Oh man,” Hunk was muttering behind him as they both stood frozen. “Oh geez…”

Shiro swallowed nervously as he looked beyond the blaster pointed in his face to-


At least he was sure it was Coran. For a moment he was thrown off by the very visible lack of mustache, which was so absurd a thought that it would have been funny had this been any other situation except the very dire one they were currently in. And then he noticed the white-haired baby cradled in the scowling redhead’s other arm, and his brain cursed so vividly that his legs nearly buckled.

“I’m still waiting for an explanation.”

“Okay… okay. This is going to sound really stupid-”

The scowl deepened.

“The whole town’s been turned into kids and so were you and the princess!” Hunk blurted out.

Thankfully, that seemed to confuse Coran enough that he actually lowered the blaster with a rather incredulous blink. “Excuse me?”

“Uh, well, not everyone’s a kid,” Shiro said awkwardly. “Just… everybody’s had a bunch of years taken off. Some people are teenagers. Some people are babies. Some people are gone. This weird cloud thing puffed up from the mines outside of town and when it disappeared… yeah.”

Coran tilted his head, expression still extremely skeptical. “And I should believe this load of-” tiny fingers tugged on his collar, and he fumbled with whatever he was about to say when he realized Allura was still awake. “Why should I believe you?” he asked again, more indignantly, after he’d resettled the tiny princess into a cradled position.

“Aww,” Hunk gushed at the adorable picture. Shiro elbowed him, though he was having to bite his lip to keep from grinning at how cute the big bad bodyguard and the little princess were, too. 

“Um.” He shuffled through his comm link, looking through the castle surveillance until he found a picture of all of them at the dining table. It wasn’t the best shot, but it at least had a decent angle of all their faces, especially Allura and Coran. “Here. This is what you two are supposed to be looking like right now,” he said, opening it up in front of the Altean.

Coran scowled at it, scrutinizing every pixel. Shiro could almost hear his thought process by the changes in expression. Of course images could be faked, especially with the advanced technology they’d been dealing with out here in space.

But it seemed that the picture had… twigged something. He’d seen it. A faint change in the man’s eyes, a shift in the bioluminescence.

When Coran raised his head from his study, his expression was no longer hostile. “Alright, then. What do we do?”