the lip bite though

Ice-cream date

„Ice-cream?” Diana tilted her head, confused.

“You´ve never-? Oh, we have to fix that.” Kara grabbed her hand and charged forward. Dina laughed, following the girl.

“Where are we going?” The woman chuckled.

Kara looked back at her, a slight smirk playing on her lips. “You´ll see.”

Diana quirked an eyebrow. “Oh, really?”

Kara hummed making them both giggle. The girl looked around, biting her lip. Something she did when she was deep in though. A habit Diana grew particularly fond of. Kara´s eyes were sparkling when she looked back. Diana chuckled. “What?” The girl asked.

Dina shook her head. “Nothing.” She gave her a warm smile. “Happy looks good on you.”

Kara blushed, looking away and fixing her glasses. “Thanks.” She breathed and Diana chuckled again.

“May I now know where I´m being taken to?” Diana tilted her head, biting back a grin.

Kara nudged her side, shaking her head with laughter. “Very funny.”

“I know.” The woman puffed her chest, biting her lip harder. Kara breathed in to say something back, but couldn’t help the flicker of her gaze down to the women’s lips. She quickly looked up only to be met with a quirked eyebrow and a knowing smile from Diana. “Yes?”

“Nothing.” Kara petted herself internally for managing to keep an even tone.

“Mhmm.” Diana hummed, watching Kara blush, with amusement. She laughed again when Kara tugged on her arm. “I feel like this will end badly.”

Kara frowned as they crossed the street. “What? Why?”

Diana lifted an eyebrow. “Oh, simply having flashbacks from when you took me out drinking.” Again, the woman found herself biting back a smirk, watching the girl grow flustered.

“Okay, to my defence I was certain a human could not outdrink an alien.” Kara fixed her glasses again, pouting slightly.

Diana laughed. “Dear, you are forgetting I am an Amazon, not a mere human.” It was one of Diana´s favourite stories. They had known each other only for a few weeks and Kara had always been so composed and professional around her. Watching the girl unwind, especially since Kara had been so certain Diana would be the first one to get drunk, had been beyond amusing. Even if the woman had ended up having to carry Kara all the way to her apartment. That had also been the point at which Kara started to act more like herself around Diana.

“How could I forget?” Kara mumbled, still refusing to meet the woman´s eyes.

Diana reach out, turning Kara´s chin towards her. “Want me to remind you?” She whispered. The woman leaned closer. Closer. As Kara closed her eyes, she turned her head, instead brushing her lips against the girl´s ear. “Or not.” Diana pulled away, giggling. Even more so when Kara´s blush changed into a pout and then into a frown.

“Again, very funny.” The girl muttered.

“Oh, I´m sorry.” Diana tried unsuccessfully to stop her laughter. When they walked inside the park, she tugged on Kara´s arm, feeling the growing grin on her lips. “Did you expect something else?” Diana cocked her head to the side, watching the girl.

Kara narrowed her eyes. “You know, keep this up and no sweet heaven for you.”

Diana considered for a moment. “I think,” her hand snuck around Kara´s waist and pulled her closer “I´m good as long as I have you.” She whispered, their noses touching.

Kara gasped at the sudden nearness, but managed to regain her composure – or what was left of it. “What makes you so sure you do?” This time it was the girl who had to bite down a grin. Although internally, she was jumping up and down, proud of her self.

Diana shrugged, then leaned seemingly impossibly closer. Kara´s heart fluttered and it was like Diana could tell because she simply smiled. “Do I?”

Kara shook her head, her smile spreading. She prompted herself up on her tip toes, brushing her lips against Diana´s and letting them linger for a heartbeat. The girl than pulled away, but only slightly. “You do.” She breathed, not having to look to know that the other woman was smiling as well. “Okay, let´s go or they´ll close on us.” Kara stepped away, taking a hold of Diana´s hand and all but flew them to the middle of the park.

Diana laughed, but squeezed Kara´s hand tighter.

“Alright,” Kara beamed. “prepare to have your mind blown.”

Diana gave the girl a thoughtful look. “I don´t think many things can do that by this point.” She winked, enjoying the deepening blush on the girl´s face.

“G-good evening, sir.” Kara shifted her attention elsewhere, hearing Diana chuckle behind her.

“Hello, Miss.” The old man smiled.

“Could you please give us, what you would say is the best flavoured ice-cream?” Kara grinned when the man nodded. “Ready?” Kara turned to Diana smiling from ear to ear.

“Yes.” Kara watched how the woman´s eyes widened. It was almost as if they were sparkling. “This is wonderful.” She breathed. Diana quickly turned to the man. “Sir, you should be proud!”

The man gave her a slightly confused smile while Kara laughed next to her. Some things never change, Kara thought looking at overjoyed expression on Diana´s face. “Happy looks good on you too.”

And I Drove You Crazy (Bucky Barnes x Reader) One Shot ❤

A/N: hey y'all! This is most likely the most sinful thing I’ve ever written. I had to take some breaks while writing 😂 but this is dedicated to the lovely, super awesome @diving-down-to-wonderland for her birthday! (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HUN!) I hope you like it! ❤❤❤
- Delilah ❤

And I Drove You Crazy: Reader’s bike needs to be repaired asap, leading her to come across an insanely gorgeous mechanic whom she may or may not want to bang the second she lays eyes on him.

Warnings: SMUT! Semi-Public sex. Unprotected sex.

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“Jack,” Bitty whines, throwing his head back. “I am so tired. I can’t do this anymore.”

“Come on, Bits. You’re almost there,” Jack says encouragingly.

“But I’m so sleepy,” Bitty complains. “My arms are heavy. My fning—ah!” Bitty huffs. “My fingers hurt. Listen, I’m slurrin’ all my words.”

“Look at me.”

Bitty spins the desk chair to look at Jack, and pouts.

“You do look tired.” Jack gazes at him, eyes narrowing.

So tired,” Bitty professes. “I’ll finish up tomorrow.”

Jack sighs. “That essay is due at nine am.”

Bitty bites his lip. He’s well aware of that. “Sleep though, Jack. Sleep.”

“You hate waking up early,” Jack points out with a raised eyebrow.

“Once every now and then is fine.” Bitty tries to say it with conviction.

Jack puts his bookmark in his paperback. “How long until you’re finished?” Jack asks. “Referenced and proof-read finished, not first draft finished,” he adds before Bitty can reply.

Bitty shuts his mouth against his automatic response of twenty minutes.

“Uh… Maybe an hour?”

Jack checks the time on his watch, which he’d placed on the bedside table earlier.

“Alright.” Jack stands up and stretches, then gestures for Bitty to come over to him.

“Thank god,” Bitty mutters under his breath, saving his document and shutting the laptop without powering down.

He drags his body over to Jack’s and falls into him. He wraps his arms around his boyfriend and presses his face into Jack’s chest, breathing deeply. He loves how Jack smells. Like soap, and his deodorant, and a little bit of sweat.

Jack’s hands crawl up Bitty’s back, under his shirt, and he rocks Bitty gently side-to-side. Bitty swears he could fall asleep just like this.

Then Jack’s hands start to wander; down to Bitty’s ass, slipping under the elastic of his track pants. Bitty shivers as Jack’s nails scratch the skin, and when he leans back to ask Jack what he’s doing, Jack kisses him.

Normally, when Jack initiates, it’s soft—he appreciates a slow build up. Tonight is different. Jack pushes against Bitty immediately, leaning into him and over him so that Bitty’s body curves back harshly, and Jack seems even taller than normal.

Jack kisses and kisses, his lips moving and sucking on Bitty’s with fervour. Bitty matches him, suddenly wide-awake, and his hands move to bury themselves in Jack’s hair as he attempts to meld his lips to Bitty’s.

“Oh my god. Jack,” Bitty pants and Jack moves on, kissing harshly down his jawline. Bitty’s lips feel swollen and tender when he bites down on one.

Jack pulls back and smiles down, flushed, eyes alight. “How do you feel?”

“I don’t know,” Bitty confesses breathlessly, still reeling from the enthusiasm and spontaneity.

“Awake?” Jack asks.

Bitty nods frantically. “Oh yeah. Definitely. Yes.”

“Good.” Jack steps back from Bitty, and grabs his shoulders to turn him around. He leans in close, chest pressing against Bitty’s shoulders, and puts his lips against Bitty’s ear. “Now, go finish your essay.”

Jack shoves a speechless Bitty back toward the desk.

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Age is but a Number, Love is Infinite

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,775

Warnings: age difference(nothing underage the reader is 21), language, implied sexy times

Request: Hey it’s ok if you don’t wanna do this but I was wondering if you could write a fic where Dean is his current age and the one reader just turned 20 but like her and Dean have known each other for a long time and have been together for a while and other people always say stuff about their relationship but they’re still just really happy together, maybe w/ a bit of smut?

A/N: I changed a few things like I said I would but overall I think I got what you wanted!! Shout out to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for being an awesome beta!! I hope you all like it and feedback is always appreciated!!! :D

Originally posted by frozen-delight

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Friends With Benfits

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Warnings: holy lord, a lot of sin.

Words: 3627

Author’s Note: This is the first smut I’ve written that’s actually one of Dyl’s characters, and I love Stuart so I picked him. I got the idea from my best bb Caitlin. Thanks to @dumbass-stilinski for reading it over, proofreading, and lurking around when I was writing it last night. Hope you all enjoy!

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines


I’ve known Stuart for literally most of my life and ever since he’s left for college we haven’t had the chance to meet up and see each other. A lot of people don’t really know this, but Stuart was ultimately the one who took my virginity. A few days after that night, we couldn’t stand being away from each other, and managed to find our way into his bed again. That night, he made me cum so many times that I lost count. They way his hands, lips, and tongue felt on my warm skin it easily became addictive, especially that wonderful cock of his. For not having sex that many times he really knows what he’s doing and I’m loving it, so much that he’s ruined it for other guys. After so many times that we had fucked we decided to become friends with benefits, none of us declared the whole “no strings attached” rule, because I’ve honestly had a crush on him since we were kids, I just don’t know how he feels about me. It’s been about four or five months since me and Stuart have fucked and I’m going through major withdrawals.

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The Cutest™ moments during GDragon x 8 Seconds Event   on 01-05-2017

First, the looks he gave!!


LOOK AT HIM BEING EMBARRASSED #1 When the host introduces him as a style icon world star :P 

A post shared by 👑BIGBANG IS MY EVERYTHING (@mxx880818) on May 1, 2017 at 4:20pm PDT

Embarassed Ji #2 When he watches his CFs play (My personal favorite clip)

A post shared by 황방첩 (@jeniefh) on May 1, 2017 at 4:01am PDT

Jiyong being extra helpful so that the fan can land the water bottle!!!

A post shared by 미즈키みずき_GD (@09at21) on May 1, 2017 at 6:59pm PDT

and lastly, GD peaking out a bit from Jiyong and being a little shit smooth talker

A post shared by Song_zi_xuan (@song_zi_xuan) on May 1, 2017 at 7:16pm PDT

Q: How does being 30 feels like? 

A: Half excited, half worried 

Q: The most memorable fans? 

A: Everyone who are here ~


99percent IG Story

Imagine hanging out at Jeff’s house one day and changing into one of his shirts as you always do. He questions why you do it and in return tries yours because he can. Needless to say, your shirts are not fit for Jeff’s physique.

I gotta give credit where it’s due and thank @tapes-at-monets for creating ‘Dating Jeff Atkins’ headcanons which spawned this idea :)

Originally posted by yalica

Jeff Atkins X Reader


Warm, comfortable bliss is what your mind immediately conjures up as you snuggle into one of Jeff’s shirts. The two of you got a little sidetracked from your after-school study session, and you prolonged your stay just a little longer when it started to drizzle outside. But with your shoes kicked off and jacket hung up in the front closet, your own t-shirt wasn’t cutting it and you wanted to be comfortable. Truly comfortable.

“Why is it,” Jeff laughs as he enters his room, “that every time I leave you alone for a minute, I come back to you wearing my clothes?”

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anonymous asked:

overstimulation with coups? but after it all, him being a cutie and asking if you are ok and stuff and then cuddling to sleep.

this took me SO long oh my god and while I’m still not sure how I feel about this, I hope you like it! ♥

happy Valentine’s day! 😘

Seungcheol had come home earlier than usual that night, and after a whole lot of suggestive messages from both of you, it wasn’t all that surprising that while you had welcomed him home warmly, his first words had been “You, me, bedroom - now.”

You had had no objections.

His lips had been hot and needy against yours from the very first kiss he gave you, and they had you excited in an instant. Not that his messages of how he’d definitely make you feel good that night hadn’t already, of course; spending most of the day thinking about his body pressed hard against yours, his hips pushing into yours and his tongue gliding on your body had had you burning.

Seungcheol was half on top of you as you made out, his right knee between your legs and his right hand, having sneaked under your shirt and into your bra with ease a few moments earlier, was cupping your breast. His fingers were playing with your pert nipple in a way that had you breathing shallowly, and he grinned against your lips when he noticed that.

“What would you think about us having a long night, baby?” Seungcheol asked huskily, nibbling gently on your ear. You gasped, both at his breath hitting your ear and the suggestive words, and your hips bucked slightly against his leg as your fingers threaded into his hair. He pulled back, and you looked straight into his eyes while playing with his hair.

“Oh, I’m all up for that.”

With a cocky smirk spreading to his lips, Seungcheol leaned down for another heated kiss, his fingers sliding out of your bra to fiddle with the hem of your shirt, which came off you rather soon, as well as your jeans and bra, which only left you in your panties. You continued kissing, and Seungcheol took some of his clothes off in the process as well, roaming his hands on your body whenever he wasn’t tugging at his clothes in a desperate attempt to get them off as soon as he could, just so that he’d be able to return to exploring your skin.

His fingers danced over your chest and on your sides, and eventually found their way to your legs and ass, which he squeezed while muffling your gasps with a deep kiss, his breathing getting heavier. He slid his hand to your front slowly and rubbed you through your panties with his fingers flat against your pussy, which only turned you on further, your fingers curling in his already messy hair.

Some ten minutes later, you were a panting, wet mess as you looked at your boyfriend. Seungcheol took your favorite pair of fluffy handcuffs from your bedside table and swung them in the air for a while, biting his lip sexily while you ogled at the object. “How’d this be?”

“Really damn good,” you said in excitement and licked your lips, already instinctively getting your arms up and your hands so that they were close to the headboard. Seungcheol hummed to himself while attaching your wrists to the headboard with the handcuffs, and then proceeded to look at you approvingly.

Sitting on his knees next to you, he grinned and brought his middle finger between your breasts. Your breath hitched at that alone, and Seungcheol chuckled smugly.

“I can do anything, and you can’t touch me,” he muttered with a low voice while dragging his fingertip down your body, all the way to the waistband of your panties, knowing full well how much you loved touching him during sex - but that was a lot of the fun of what was to come.

He moved lower on the bed and took your panties off painstakingly slowly, kissing his way down while removing the piece of clothing. If you were wet already, you only got more so with how his lips felt against your skin and how excited you were for what what would happen soon - when Seungcheol promised you a long night, he meant a long night.

With your panties now fully off, you licked your lips when Seungcheol parted your legs, and you placed your feet on the mattress. He inhaled your scent and let out an appreciative sigh before grabbing your left leg and pressing his lips to your inner thigh, which elicited a surprised gasp from you.

“Any idea how good you smell?” he asked huskily and looked at you from the corner of his eye, his lips dragging up your inner thigh. Trying not to shake too much, you let out a quiet giggle.

“Apparently pretty good,” you said playfully, and got a chuckle from Seungcheol.

“Try absolutely fantastic,” he muttered, then continued kissing his way up your leg, until his lips met the sensitive skin near your heat. You could already feel yourself clenching with anticipation and your legs starting to quiver a little as you waited for Seungcheol to give you what you wanted.

Without another word, Seungcheol brought his tongue out of his mouth and gave your pussy a long lick with a flattened tongue, which made you sigh contently, your hips desperately trying to follow his mouth when he pulled away. He smirked to himself, and with one hand on your hip and one holding your leg, he began lapping at you. The first few licks were slow and teasing, and he stopped right before reaching your clit, but gradually he built up the speed. When his wet tongue finally met your clit, your breath hitched and you tried to buck up with your hips, but it was in vain with how he was pinning you down.

“Stay still, baby,” Seungcheol rasped, running his tongue over your clit again and again, circling the very tip of it around your sensitive bundle of nerves, kissing it sloppily - doing everything he knew drove you absolutely crazy. You whimpered, your hands clasped together tightly and your chest heaving at an increasing speed while the knot in your stomach tightened second after second and lick after lick. Noticing that, Seungcheol chuckled. “Don’t come until I tell you to.”

“But,” you whined, looking down at Seungcheol, who was staring right back at you. His eyes were dark and hooded, his lips glistening with your anticipation and his tongue moving lewdly between them as it moved up and down on your soaked pussy. You were ruined.

“You can do it,” he breathed before closing his eyes, his long lashes beautiful against his skin, and all you could do was moan when he pressed his tongue to your clit and shook his head a little, only to go back to licking you fast. The long licks from your entrance to your clit were driving you crazy, but you knew the worst was only coming.

“Oh my God,” you whimpered when you felt Seungcheol wrap his soft, plump lips around your clit and suck on it lightly with his tongue gliding over it. Your legs were tight by his head, but Seungcheol didn’t mind - he never did - and just went back to giving you fast flicks of his tongue, both of his hands now holding your hips down while also pulling you closer to his mouth. Quivering, you felt your orgasm approaching, fast. “Fuck, can I–”

“Come for me,” Seungcheol mumbled against you, his tongue not once stopping as you released to his mouth with satisfied moans slipping through your lips one after another. Slowly, he began pulling back and propped himself up on his left elbow, looking at you with a lopsided grin. “You good?”

“Sure,” you said, feeling a bit lightheaded in your sated daze, and smiled at Seungcheol. He began kissing your inner thighs again, both making you relaxed and turned on all over again.

Little by little, he moved up on the bed, caressing your breasts and left side while his lips found yours in a sweet yet passionate kiss. You could taste a bit of yourself on him, but didn’t mind and just focused on how soft his lips were against yours and how good his tongue felt as it rubbed into yours while his hand cupped your breast.

“Are you ready for another one?” Seungcheol asked with a low voice as he pulled away from the kiss and looked into your eyes, as though making sure you were. Biting your lower lip a little, you nodded, already feeling the anticipation grow within you again.

Painstakingly slowly, Seungcheol dragged his fingers over your breasts, rubbing your erect nipples, before sliding them just as slowly down your stomach and to your wet, swollen heat. His lips caught your moan when he massaged your clit lightly, and they caught the whine you let out when he slid two fingers into you with ease just as well.

He remained by your side as he fingered you, his eyes occasionally moving from his fingers disappearing into you to your face, your features contorted in pleasure and your cheeks considerably more flushed than usually. He was hard in his boxers, which he had yet to take off, and his desire to be inside of you was only growing with each noise you let out and each wet sound of his fingers pushing into your wet pussy.

With your hips bucking against his fingers desperately, Seungcheol moved to hover slightly above you, peppering your chest with kisses and his hips grinding a little against your bent leg. “You’re so beautiful like this, baby.”

Right then, he brought his thumb to your clit and rubbed it as well as he could from that angle, with his fingers thrusting in and out of you at a speed that only seemed to get faster.

“I’m so sensitive,” you whimpered, unsure of what you were trying to convey with your words, and got a chuckle from Seungcheol, who gave your breasts a few more sloppy kisses before bringing his lips to yours.

“I know,” he said huskily, nibbling on your lower lip while curling his fingers inside of you in a way that had you moaning. Seungcheol massaged your sensitive spot shamelessly while grinning against your lips while his muffled your moans. “Just wait until I’m fucking you into the mattress, princess, because that’s when the fun starts.”

The mere thought of him pushing into you in all his thick gorgeousness made you nod enthusiastically - you couldn’t wait, no matter how sensitive you were.

With his lips leaving yours to travel back down to your chest, Seungcheol gradually brought you closer to your second orgasm, all the while kissing your sensitive skin and sucking lightly on your nipples and telling you the lewdest things he could in that moment. About how ravishing you looked, how damn hard he was and how wet you were, and how he’d wreck you in the best way possible in just a moment.

“Can’t wait to have your pussy around me,” Seungcheol grunted by your ear, and latching his lips back onto yours to give you some sense of support, he began pistoning his fingers into you even faster, his thumb rubbing your clit erratically albeit messily.

Your hips rose off the bed with the force at which your orgasm hit you, and Seungcheol’s lips only caught some of the loud cry that you let out as your back arched. You were more sensitive than you could recall being in a long time, yet Seungcheol didn’t stop his fingers until your hips fell back to the bed and your legs fell down as well, and you weakly tried to pull away.

“Good girl,” he whispered and kissed your ear, from where he moved to kiss your cheek and then your lips, while you panted, sweat collecting at your hairline. Seungcheol cupped your cheek when he kissed you, and you leaned into his touch. He smiled. “You did so well.”

“Thank you,” you managed to say, and whimpered when Seungcheol pulled his fingers out of you, glistening with your release. He pulled away from the kiss and looked at his fingers, as sticky as they always were after fingering you. You could only watch in awe as Seungcheol brought his fingers to his mouth and took them in, sucking them clean with his tongue sliding between his thick digits.

Had you said you didn’t have a thing for Seungcheol sucking on his fingers when they were coated with your juices, you would’ve been lying.

When his fingers were clean, Seungcheol finally took off his boxers, revealing his cock in its hard state and dripping pre-cum, and opened your handcuffs to let your hands free. He spent another moment giving you gentle, long kisses while caressing you with one hand and stroking himself slowly with the other, and you got your hands in his hair while kissing him back. Knowing you were in for another round of intense chasing of your orgasm, you greedily took in all the affection and gentleness he was giving you.

A good while later, Seungcheol got between your legs and caressed your thighs, grinning at the way you were shivering.

“Ready for one more?” he asked, slowly grinding into you with the shaft of his cock, hard and proud, as it rubbed raw against your pussy, swollen and sensitive almost to the point of it being painful. You grabbed at the plush pillow underneath your head and nodded weakly.

“Bring it on,” you managed to say, voice slightly strained with the two orgasms already behind you, and whimpered when Seungcheol aligned himself with your entrance, still dripping with your cum, and began pushing in.

“God, you feel good like this,” he grunted and bent down, kissing your collarbones and chest while continuing pushing into you slowly. Your legs wrapped weakly around his waist, and after a while, your arms found their way around his neck, too. Seungcheol didn’t budge for a while, and just took in the way you were clamping down around him and how your nails were digging into his skin.

“Move,” you whimpered when Seungcheol rolled his hips a little, stretching you out and rubbing against your inner walls. Bringing his lips to your neck, he complied, and soon you had him thrusting into you with the vigor of a man who had just brought his girlfriend to two orgasms and was only chasing his first one - not that he’d had any regrets, naturally, because if there was something he loved, it was knowing that he had made you feel good.

You were whining and moaning and nearly crying, all at once, as Seungcheol’s hips met yours thrust after thrust, his pelvis meeting your sensitive clit with each one.

About to reach his peak faster than he wanted to, Seungcheol pulled out and merely ground into you again, his cock rubbing against your bundle of nerves. You whined as you hid your face in his shoulder and held him even tighter.

“Stop,” you said weakly, although your hips were bucking against Seungcheol’s. You were so sensitive and it was almost painful on your end, yet it felt so sinfully good.

Seungcheol chuckled and kissed you by your ear, since he couldn’t reach your lips. “Do you really want that, though?”

Tugging at his hair, you whined and brought your head back to the pillow, looking at Seungcheol’s dark, lustful expression with only desperation visible in yours. You swallowed, shivering when his cock rubbed into your clit again, and shook your head in a small motion. “No.”

His lips stretched into a smirk, and he gave you a long, sweet kiss during which his hips were completely still, before guiding himself back to your entrance and pushing back in and starting a relentless speed right at the beginning.

Moans slipped through your lips almost as often as quiet profanities did, with Seungcheol’s name coming out every now and then as well, as he fucked you to your third and quite likely the most intense orgasm of the night, if not your life. You held onto him tightly when your high began washing over you, your lips parted in a silent scream and your fingers digging into his broad shoulders while a few tears escaped your eyes.

“Yeah, that’s a good girl, come for me,” Seungcheol groaned when he felt you clenching around him, and moved his hands so that he was holding onto your shoulders from underneath while moving his hips against yours in small, sensual and slow thrusts. You whined with oversensitivity, still holding onto him, and some thrusts later you could feel yourself fill up with his hot release.

Seungcheol grunted when his orgasm hit him, after so much waiting, and kissed your neck sloppily as his hips stuttered to a stop. You were both breathing heavily, and slowly Seungcheol let go of you and caressed your sides instead, and moved his lips from your neck to your lips to give you a gentle kiss.

“You did really well, baby,” he whispered to you, one of his hands caressing your cheek and the other stroking your side soothingly. You nodded with a small smile and unwrapped your legs from around him, and after giving you a few more sweet kisses that you gladly replied to, Seungcheol pulled out.

He lied down next to you and took you into his arms, looking at your slightly tear-stained cheeks that he wiped with his thumb and leaning down to peck your lips. “Are you okay?”

You gave him a small nod and cuddled up to him, drawing circles into his bare chest. He chuckled.

“We should probably clean ourselves up a little,” he said quietly and kissed you on your forehead. You giggled with a nod, and not much later Seungcheol was standing up and scooping you up from the bed, from where he carried you to the bathroom.

“You could’ve given me a warning,” you laughed when he let you down, and he gave you a sheepish smile while making sure that the water coming from the shower head was lukewarm.

“I thought you saw it coming,” he defended himself with a playful pout and gave you a soft kiss on your cheek while turning the shower off. “The water’s good now.”

You thanked him and got into the bathtub first, and were joined by Seungcheol after a while. He kissed your shoulders gently while helping you clean yourself, and by the time you were both clean and fresh again, having used some soap after the cum and sweat were mostly gone from your bodies, you were exchanging long, sweet kisses while embracing each other under the warm water.

“I think we should get back to bed,” you giggled and hugged Seungcheol, pressing your body against his as you hid your face in his shoulder for a moment, wanting nothing more than to remain close to him. He hummed and stroked your back.

“I think we should.”

Some time later, you were cuddled up to each other under your blanket and Seungcheol was stroking your hair.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been quiet after we stopped,” he said in a quiet mumble, and you nodded, lifting your face a little so that you could look at him with a small smile.

“I’d tell you if I wasn’t. I’m just tired,” you said and yawned, snuggling closer to him. Seungcheol chuckled and leaned down to kiss you, holding you close to himself.

“Good night, honey.”

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Undercover Pt.3 (M) ~ Mafia!BTS AU

 Sorry for the wait, been going through a lot recently. - Admin Tamra

PT. 1 PT. 2

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader ft BTS

Genre: Smut, Angst


“Hello?” You answered, quickly clearing your throat and sitting up. 

 "(Y/N)? Baby? Can we talk?“ Jungkook spoke, he sounded exhausted and it was only 8AM. 

 "I don’t know, are you going to try to use me for sex again?” You asked, remembering what happened the day before. It disappointed you that that’s all Jungkook wanted. 

 He sighed, “No. But I’m on my way, and im going to explain everything.” You hung up, and got out of bed. Your hair was a mess and you hadn’t even showered since you got home last night. Quickly turning on the hot water, you washed your hair and body. The hot water felt amazing on your tense back, the stress was definitely catching up. 

 When you got out of the shower, you walked into your bedroom to see Jungkook sitting on your bed on his phone. 

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That's my name


Request:  Could I request a Bucky x reader? In a soulmate au where everyone has their soulmates name on them like a tattoo in matching places. And the reader is an engineer, who has been living under a fake name and hiding the mark on their left wrist, that Hydra wants to capture and while trying to protect the reader Bucky finds out its them, but he’s been thinking that his soulmate is long gone and is pretty shocked and happy about it. Please?

Warnings: swearing

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

   Bucky had made a slow recovery, it had taken years of therapy, years of medicines, years of pain and hell but he had finally done it, he was finally the old Bucky again. He still struggled with the PTSD, the nightmares, but that was expected, other than that his mind was free of Hydra, of brainwashing, of words and codes that made him bendable to hydras will, he was finally free. He was free to live his life, to do what he wanted , eat what he wanted, sleep when he wanted, love who he wanted- no, that part wasn’t true, he couldn’t love anyone he wanted.

    Once upon a time he’d be destined for someone, just as everyone was in his world, soulmates actually. Back before he had lost his arm he had the name (Y/N) (Y/L/N) printed on his wrist in small, black lettering, but after the fall he had lost his arm. Then hydra immediately began with the brainwashing, making it nearly impossible for him to remember the words that had once been printed onto his wrist. 

   He clung onto the name for dear life and yet he never could, he couldn’t even remember his own name much less someone he hadn’t even met. Needless to say after years and years of brainwashing he had completely forgotten that he had a soulmate, the idea was almost foreign to him but after coming out of Wakanda a new man he remembered that everyone in this world had someone and he didn’t. He remembered the name printed on his wrist all those years ago but that was exactly the problem, it was years ago, he doubted his soulmate had survived 70 years, it was pointless to even try but fortunately the universe had a funny way of working things out, soulmates included. 

   The avengers had been sent on a rescue mission, a rather valuable engineer, one that shield wanted to rescue (for reasons unknown), but Hydra had their best agents scoping the poor thing out. No one knew the ins and outs of hydra better than Bucky so of course he was assigned to the mission, of watching (Y/N) until shield could intervene and help Bucky bring them in. So that’s how he ended up where he was now, scoping (Y/N) out as they ordered some coffee from a small cafe. 

   "If you wanted to be less obvious maybe not constantly talking to a com in your ear would help,“ A sudden voice whispers to him, nearly making Bucky jump out of his skin. He whipped around, glaring at whoever had interrupted his mission but he froze when he realized it was his mission and they were staring right at him. "You new to this whole agent stuff?” The agent asks as they sit down, casually sipping their drink. Bucky looked at them dumbfoundedly, as though he couldn’t believe they were addressing him like this. “Since you’re not aiming a gun at my head or making any attempt on my life I’m assuming you’re one of the good guys?” Bucky coughs a bit, clearing his throat immediately afterwards. Well they sure as hell were…forward. 

   "You know people can hear you right? You still have agents on your ass even if I’m here,“ They smile gently, sipping at their drink gently. 

   "I’m not worried, I’m sure you’d scare them off. So I assume you’re here to protect me, right? Keep an eye on me, intervene if anything happens?" 

   "Well that was the plan until you sat down and completely foiled every plan I had,” They smile gently, this time a bit more genuine than the last time. It was…it was really cute.

    “I’m Alex,” They offer their hand to Bucky, extending their left hand out to the agent. 

   Bucky goes to shake their hand, gripping it gently but he stopped when his eyes caught their wrist. They had tried to cover something on their skin with makeup but due to their sleeves and the rather terrible weather it was beginning to melt away, revealing a few small, black letters. 

   He knew it was stupid to hope, after all, millions of people could have the same tattoo in the same place but then his eyes caught onto the last name Barnes. His last name. Bucky gulped as his eyes scanned the entire tattoo, the entire tattoo of his own name. James Buchanan Barnes, printed in the same black lettering that he once used to have. 

   "That’s my name…“ Bucky whispers, his eyes still transfixed on their wrist. 

   "What? Alex?" 

   "No,” Bucky shakes his head, gulping as he does. “James Buchanan Barnes,” Bucky gestures to (Y/N)’s wrist, alerting them that they were exposing a rather personal detail about them self to Bucky. (Y/N) looks down at their hand, immediately ripping it out of Bucky’s grasp as they pull their sleeve down. 

   "You’re name isn’t really Alex…“ Bucky whispers, his brow furrowe an nose crinkled in thought. "You’re (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” Alex- or (Y/N)- looks around them in fear, shushing Bucky not so quietly. “You’re my soulmate,” Bucky was in sheer shock, he thought (Y/N) had died, he didn’t even think he had a soulmate anymore and now they were sitting right before him. After 84 years of waiting Bucky had finally found his soulmate. 

   "Yeah, well prove it,“ (Y/N)’s tone is slightly venomous, almost defensive as they glare at Bucky, their arms folded over their chest. Bucky looks to his metal arm, the left one, the one that once had a soulmate mark. His fingers reached for his sleeve as he pulled his gloves off, exposing the metal hand. Then he slowly rolled his shirt sleeve up, exposing the shining metal plates. 

   "You may want to check a ravine in Europe, that’s the last time I saw my arm,” Bucky whispers as he traces his wrist, right where the soulmate mark should have been. He felt almost naked without it now, all strange and exposed. 

   "No one knows my real name,“ (Y/N) bites their lip as they reach out, brushing their fingers along Bucky’s wrist. "I’ve been living under a fake name for years, there’s no possible way you could have known that-" 

   "Unless we were soulmates?” (Y/N) nods, gulping as they do. Bucky looks up at (Y/N) biting his lip as they traced all along his wrist, as though trying to see if they could feel a remnant of the tattoo that once used to be there. 

   "Well,“ Bucky smiles gently as he shifts his hand a bit, just enough to clasp (Y/N)’s hand in his gently. "You made quite the introduction, soulmate,” (Y/N) smiles a bit as they look at their intertwined hands, staring at the stark contrast between metal and flesh.

    “Didn’t you say we were being watched,” (Y/N) looks up at Bucky, their smile growing a bit by the minute. “If we don’t want to end up shot within seconds I think we should continue this conversation somewhere safer,” Bucky smiles as he rises to his feet, taking (Y/N) with him. Even now they don’t let go of each other, their hands remained locked together. 

   "We’ve got a safe house a few miles from here,“ Bucky can’t help but feel a bit giddy. A safe house for him and his soulmate- the one he was destined to be with. "Then shield will come pick us up Tommorrow," 

   "Shield, guess I was right about you being a good guy,” Bucny chuckles softly as he begins to walk through the cafe, taking (Y/N) with him.

    “You sure were,” one day he’d tell them about his past, about how at one point he hadn’t been the gold guy, how he’d been a part of the same organization that was hunting them but that was for another day, today was about getting to the safe house and holding each other as though their lives depended on it. 

   Bucky may not have been able to fall in love with whoever he wanted but now as he held (Y/N)’s hand, guiding them through the streets, keeping them safe, he realized he wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to love.