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This is Kevin Richardson also known as “The Lion Whisperer.”


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And there goes my heart. 


This lion and his sibling were rescued 3 months ago from a lion petting operation in Spain where they were mistreated and malnourished. Now they are being rehabilitated in a park in South Africa with Kevin Richardson, a conservationist well known for forming strong social bonds with the wild lions he works with.

Voices - Voltron Lions x Reader

Prompt: I’m not too familiar with Voltron yet but can you write the reader is friends with Pidge or one of the paladins and has been known to be weird because they caught the reader talking to themselves a couple of times but it turns out that the reader is actually talking to the lions because they’re psychic? And what would the group’s reaction be like?

You should tell the Red paladin to shut up and just mate with my paladin already.’ The voice of the Blue lion whispered in your ear.

“I’m not going to say that!” You whispered under your breath to the voice nagging in your head. A couple of the other lions rumbled annoyed comments in your head.

Well you can tell the Blue paladin that my paladin would gladly mate with him if he didn’t act so childish all the time.’ The Red lion shot back accusingly.

“Oh my god guys! Please keep me out of this!” You complained covering your ears with your hands.

Enough!’ The Black lion barked. ‘Do not bother the Orator with such trivial matters.’

“[Y/N] … Are you alright?” Pidge asked hesitantly.

“What?” You asked, looking around the room to see that all of the paladins were looking at you with varying expressions of curiosity and concern.

“You were talking to yourself.” Keith said slowly.

“Oh no! No! I can explain actually!” You said hurriedly trying to find a way to explain the voices in your head without sounding absolutely insane.

Orator, I highly advise against this. It is better the paladin’s believe they don’t have a direct line to us. It’s better the paladin’s form bonds without your assistance.’ The deep rumbling voice of the Black lion rumbled in your head. You always kind of thought the Black lion sounded a little like Mufasa, but maybe that was just you projecting human voices to these sentient mechanical lifeforms.

“I can talk with the lions, like actually talk and exchange words with them.” You confessed. “It’s actually not as cool as it sounds. They banter … a lot.” You complained. You received mixed reactions from the paladin’s and Alteans.

“So … what do they say to you?” Lance asked.

“I-Errr. Well it’s a lot of complaining, a lot of grandstanding, occasional strategy. Mostly it’s just a giant bitchfest.”

“So what were they saying just now, that you didn’t want to say?

“Oh god.” You said, your cheeks turning bright red. “Uh … how to best put this … Red and Blue were discussing how Lance and Keith should, well in the words Blue ‘just shut up and mate already.’” You said avoiding eye contact with the two paladins in question. Keith turned bright red and Lance smirked widely.

“That’s my girl Blue!” Lance hooted, slapping Keith on the back who only turned more red at the contact. The Blue lion snickered in the back of your mind while the Red lion pouted silently.


Hyena facts from Kevin!

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