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Can you all please just be critical of any videos of exotic animals you see, even if they are cute? Some red flags to look out for are:

- exotic animals in a home environment

-exotic animals being kept in an inappropriate environment (indoors, a small enclosure, etc.)

-multiple species interacting that should have no business together, especially prey species being exposed to predator species

-the animal being exposed to unnecessary stress

If you do not know if a video is actually cute or not, have a look through the notes. Maybe another person has pointed out something or has found a source for the video.  

Sometimes it’s hard to know if an animal is exhibiting stress signs.  What may look cute to you may be an animal expressing fear or distress. If you are unsure, it’s just better to not share it.

@kaxpha for the Lost Lance!AU

I have a whole shit ton of headcannons about Blue and Lance for this AU and I honestly don’t know how much will match with what you already have so I’m going to put it under a cut.

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The daily sea of clouds that rushes up the valley in the Khumbu Himalaya towards the highest point on earth. Shot from the summit of Lobuche peak while acclimatizing for an ascent of Everest in order to document it from the Sherpa perspective. ~

These days many western climbers sleep on this safe neighboring peak while the Sherpas and other high altitude Nepali workers take the lions share of the risk carrying equipment up and down the dangerous Khumbu icefall.

A thought I had talking to a friend of mine, but:

Suppose that, yes, the Lions and their paladins share virtues, strong facets of their personality, and it makes sense this is how the Alteans describe them because they see the Lions in a rather reverent light.

But considering the nature of the paladin-Lion bond, that kind of immediate, visceral spark of empathy…

What if that’s not what they look for in their paladins at all? Red doesn’t sit back and say “that one, that’s a fighter, he’s Courageous and therefore I want him, he’s Worthy.”

What if what they look for, what they find in their paladin that makes that connection happen… is roughly, shared pain? Fear and uncertainty and insecurity. And the Lions look into the paladins and see shards of themselves, that just hurt for how closely they can understand how that feels.

Maybe Pidge is inquisitive and Pidge is determined and clever and so is Green but what Green sees first is someone who’s lonely. Someone who’s scared. Someone whose wonderful loving family evaporated suddenly who is not feeling quite determined or clever enough to make it in this big scary universe, who wants to find her family, who thinks she can but gosh she’d really love to have a friend along for the ride, someone who understands what that feels like so she doesn’t have to explain (and she’s bad at explaining)

And Green was buried on a foreign planet not knowing if Zarkon was coming for them, knowing the other Lions were out there but utterly unable to reach them, trying as much as she can, but she can’t find a new paladin on this planet, all of her leads wither up without anything to reap from them.

Because it’s easy to look at the outside and say “these are exceptional people. These are magnificent and fearsome beasts” but that kind of deep honest connection Voltron seems to run on isn’t something cultivated by anything so distant and empty as a concept of worth. The Lions aren’t artifacts that choose the righteous. They’re people and while people are drawn to others they share things with- interests, inclinations- I’d argue there’s an inclination in people to seek solidarity in the face of pain and loss. And the Lions, given what we know of their situation before the show, have every reason to feel hurt.

And isn’t that what we see, out of each of the paladins? Before the show starts… they all have their private ghosts. Their private worries. Lance whose biggest accomplishment feels like it doesn’t count because it was Keith’s slot in the fighter class, he’s just a replacement. Hunk who can’t be confident and enjoy his own area of expertise because everything’s shaking and moving and oh god he’s not ready for this. Pidge who gives up so much to find her family but can’t because the smoking gun, the information she needs- is not on Earth and she’s tense and defensive and shutting everyone out. Keith who’s living alone in a tiny little shack in the middle of nowhere with no one checking in on him or possibly even talking to him. Shiro, alone, imprisoned, and scared not even knowing if alienating his only friend was worth it and saved someone.

Scattered, vulnerable, endangered. Outmatched by their opponents. Not living up to everything they can be.

Just like the Lions themselves.

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do u still think lance will pilot black??? bc by the looks of it,,,, it doesn't seem like he will & im so upset. (obviously keith will be an amazing leader too i'm just so in love w black paladin lance)

I can say with total confidence that Lance will pilot the black lion at some point in this series, even if he’s not the official black paladin. 

I have a feeling leadership within the team is going to be a lot more flexible in the coming seasons. None of the characters can be a leader alone like Shiro was, so they’re gonna have to work together to do it, particularly Allura, Keith, and Lance. I think we might actually see some lion sharing. 

Submission for My Town Urban Legend

In Bellingham, WA, there is a coal miner urban legend that Ive only heard through word of mouth. It’s common knowledge that there are coal mines under the city that were in use late 1800s-early 1900s. Bellingham sits against Bellingham Bay, and the legend is that around the time the coal mines closed, there were tunnels that went under the bay, and that one day it sprung a leak. Since the Bay is  deep water access, and for some other reasons, the leak could easily become catastrophic, so the managers of the mine sealed up the flooding areas, and later all the tunnels that went under the bay, with the miners still inside. The miners that died in there then cursed the town that if you are born in Bellingham, you will die in Bellingham.

There are a couple of strange components to this also. Everyone I (born in city limits, lifelong local) know who was born in Bellingham has come back. My friend lived five years in Virginia and it was a fluke he ended up back in town, and now he can’t leave due to a variety of reasons. My mother traveled all over the country and wanted to settle down in DC, but she came back and has been her for 30 years now, and despite wanting to move to the coast, hasn’t had the opportunity. 

I also got curious about this urban legend last fall, so I did some snooping in public records and the library. The city has maps of maybe 1/3 of the coal shafts and tunnels. Most of the maps were lost in the Great Fire in San Francisco (a company there owned the lions share of the mines, rest were split between small time local owners). But there are maps that are just gone. Weren’t in SF or part of those mines, no reason the city should have lost them, there’s never been a calamity like that. They’re just gone, and with them the knowledge of some of the tunnels under the downtown area which, consequently, is right up against Bellingham Bay.

There’s only one episode of American Gods left for the season, and while I cannot stop gushing about many aspects of the show, there are a few things that are still irking me because even when something is brilliant there are grating patterns that rear their ugly heads, and I cannot bring myself to ignore or shake them.

“A Prayer for Mad Sweeney” was a fantastic episode. Pablo Shreiber has blown me away all season and he’s gifted. Incredible. I ADORE Mad Sweeney. I’ve come to understand that the coming to America stories focus on the believers more than the gods, themselves, but I would have much preferred he’d dominate the episode, if we HAD to have this episode at this time.

The shift from the main plot is agitating. For many reasons, one of them being that we have Shadow played by Ricky Whittle (which has been a gift) becoming a background character when he’s supposed to be the protagonist.

It troubles me; it irks me; it niggles at the back of my mind and picks at all those unsettling notes, that Laura Moon has overshadowed the rest of the characters. In a cast with amazing talent, Emily Browning is the one receiving heaps of praise. It is deserved. I would NEVER say otherwise. The woman is incredible in this role. INCREDIBLE. It’s just, she has had the room to be incredible and truly shine and audiences and critics alike are never aware of just how driven they are to latch on to the first non poc person who blows them away when it comes at the expense of others.

There’s a pattern I’ve noticed among critics especially where Whittle is “one note” and boring but Browning is the show stealer etc. Browning is saving the show…Browning is the true star. Yet, no one considers that despite Shadow being the protagonist, we know very little about him because he hasn’t been developed very much, has he? His most intimate, self reflective moments literally revolve around Laura.

Laura has quietly spilled into nearly every aspect and plot of the show thus far despite playing a much smaller role in the book. She shines because she’s been given the material to shine. Which is fine, as mentioned Emily Browning is amazing. It’s just irksome when there are a plethora of characters who have barely been touched on. A Prayer for Mad Sweeney was an amazing episode but the lions share of it STILL revolved around Browning. Which has been a pesky and problematic habit for the season.

It’s true that Laura Moon is a compelling character. I’m just frankly tired of hearing about it when what’s being toted as revolutionary is only looked at through a narrow scope. I’m happy that some find her antiheroine classification endearing and refreshing.

I am not happy with the accusations of misogyny the second someone dislikes her. Personally, because Shadow was cast as a MOC, Laura’s condescension, infantilization, manipulation, etc., when it came to Shadow isn’t revolutionary or refreshing. It’s archaic, problematic, and agitating. So Lara Moon the refreshing antiheroine we all deserve or however you choose to put it, doesn’t quite carry over the same way when you add racial dynamics and context.

Which makes the pedestal this character has been put on all the more irritating. There is one episode left. Knowing that, I can’t help but feel like the season has been terribly imbalanced. I would have liked to have seen more of Mr. Nancy. It would have been great to see more of Bilquis and maybe even how she tied into the current plot in any shape or form. Is it wrong of me to assume she was only utilised to capture the attention of all with the person eating vagina scenes? It certainly feels that way. Salim has been a breath of fresh air. He’s already missed. His Jinn has been missed.

The pacing issue wouldn’t be as annoying if the screen time and character development were more balanced. Laura, while compelling, is a character I care very little about and yet most of the season has been devoted to making us care for her. We now know more about Laura Moon then Shadow and Wednesday combined.

And as a whole, while I enjoy the show immensely, and it has kept me enthralled from beginning to end with the talented diverse cast, writing, visual effects etc,. Laura Moon somehow becoming the star of American Gods (notably at the expense of Shadow), has bugged me to the very core of my being.

hey if ur lionkin u should try out lioden. it’s a petsim game like flight rising but with lions. you get to play as a male lion and lead your own pride

you can explore, collect lions and lionesses and also breed them! they can get super cool mutations (albinism, stubbed tail, overgrown fangs) and it’s fun to play if petsims are your thing and you have time to kill!!

re: 13th Doctor

I’m not enough of a Whovian to feel qualified enough to offer an in depth analysis of this but.

  1. Cool! Also, it’s about damn time.
  2. It’s telling that casting a woman in a role like this is still notable.
  3. Hoping this helps to pave the way forward for more diverse and interesting casting choices in the future on Dr. Who and other shows. A bunch of my favorite sci-fi characters are not cis, straight, white dudes (despite them having the lion’s share of leading roles). 
  4. I don’t have time for the kind of people who get upset by something like this. Welcome to the future.
  5. Hoping the show avoids the easy misogynistic/transphobic “you used to be a man, but now you’re a woman” tropes. 

Also this is pretty spot on:

Some Things CAN Be Replaced: Part 2, the Finale.

He dreamed of Blue.

Lance was sitting in the hangar where the Blue lion was kept, but instead of a giant metal entity, there was a small cat in his arms.

He grinned as the little grey Alaskan Blue kitten gnawed at his fingers, dazzling blue eyes squinted.

“Hey girl, be gentle.” He chuckled, putting her on her back in his lap and rubbed at her belly. “You like that?”

He was happy here.
Just him and Blue.

Whenever Lance fell asleep in his lion, he shared this dream with the Blue Lion of Voltron.

Just another way he bonded with his lion.
Was it like this for the others?

This was one of the reasons Lance frequently abandoned his room to come sleep here. It was calming.

It was just him and Blue.
Although it was a mind connected dream, tonight’s went a little differently.

Tonight, Blue got up from his lap and ran off. Lance followed of course, surprised.

He didn’t like where it took him.


The other boy was bending over to pick blue up and scratch behind her ears, and the cat was adoring it.


“Hey, Blue, come on.” Lance said tentatively. Was this Matt real? Or was Blue just thinking about him?

Lance swallowed, “Blue, come here, beautiful.” He took a few steps forward.

The cat’s head turned, hissing at Lance.
He stood still in his spot, heart racing.

“Blue? It’s just me, Lance, your paladi—”

He reached out to her, hand shaky, but Lance only managed a few inches. Barely grazing her fur.

Blue had swiped at him.
Her claws had met his skin and he scrambled back, staring at the red that started to bead up.


Lance chest tightened, and the tears fell.
He was forced to watch as Matt turned away, carrying his lion and disappearing.

No. This wasn’t happening.

It was the panic that woke him up.
When you’re about to die in a dream but you wake up before it can carry on.

Lance looked around, still inside his lion but it was dark and cold. He felt strange.

Like he didn’t belong.

The blue paladin was quick to exit Blue, too shaken to look back and do anything else but see what the others were doing.

The argument with Matt last night brought him back to the present and his walking slowed.

He regretted what he said, it wasn’t right.
But at the same time, after that dream, Lance couldn’t help but feel angry all over again.

Matt took his lion.
Matt took his spot.

Matt would be the blue paladin.

Lance swallowed back the taste of bile that rose in his throat, and looked up as he heard voices.

There they all were, backs to Lance, and Matt facing them and talking. Oh no.

The blue eyed boys breath hitches and he was about to turn and run when a voice stopped him.

“Lance?” It was Shiro.

He stuck a smile on his face, wincing internally, and turned to face Shiro. “Oh hey guys, I was just—”

“We need to talk to you.”

Lance felt his heart skip a few beats and he almost willed it to have an attack and kill him.

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

He bowed his head and nodded, walking in shame over to the team and standing a little off to the side.

All of those states, several pairs of crossed arms. Lance felt like he was under interrogation.

“Matt told us you were upset. Can we help?” Hunk said, sounding worried.

Lance flicked his eyes to Matt, then to his friends. Weren’t they going to scold him?

He chuckled lightly, “Upset? Of course not you guys, I’m fine.” What a lie, and everyone in the room knew it.

Keith spoke up, “Are you having trouble bonding with your lion? Matt said he went in there and you were sleeping in it.”

“He said you looked like you’d been crying and he came to us.” Hunk added in.

Lances eyebrows furrowed, and he stared at Matt. He hadn’t told them about the fight?

What was going on?

“You know it’s okay if you need some help.” Pidge said quietly from her spot near Keith and Hunk.

It finally clicked for the boy.
Matt had no intention to steal his place on this team. If he had, he would have told his friends what really happened between him and Lance.

Lance felt horrible now.

“Thanks you guys. I guess I was upset, you know? Blue wasn’t feeling well and it projected to me. I’m okay now though.”

They seemed to believe it. All of them smiled, nodding. “Alright. We are going to hit the training deck, coming?”

Lance hesitated, but Matt cut in.

“We will meet you guys there. I want to talk to Lance.” He smiled, and waited until they all accepted and walked off.

The blue paladin looked to Matt, “Look, I’m sorry for what I said last night. It wasn’t right, and I didn’t mean it.”

Matt nodded, “I know, and I forgive you. Shiro told me about your bond with the blue lion, and I realized why you were angry with me.”

Lance looked down.

“But, I want you to know I would never take her from you. Based on what Coran and Allura told me, nothing can break a bond between Paladin and Lion when it’s like yours.” He said, keeping a smile.

Lance looked up, tears in his eyes.
“…” Why was this guy such a good person? Why couldn’t he get that image of Matt walking away with his lion out of his head?

“I had a dream last night….” Lance went on explain what he had seen, and the way it had made him feel.

Matt frowned at times, sometimes smiled.
But in the end he was still smile .

“You’ve got a special girl, Lance.” Matt said and offered a kind hand. “And you can be mad if you’d like, but she is yours.”

Lance stared at the hand, then took it and gave it a firm shake. He was smiling through tears.

Matt winked, “Some Things CAN Be replaced, but not a guy like you Lance. Let’s hit the training deck and kick Keith’s ass eh?”

The blue paladin beamed
It was fine.

Voltoron Theory: Where in the Galaxy is Shirogane?

So I re watched Blackout, again, and again, trying to figure out when Shiro vanished. Now the only time this could have happened was at the point between Zarkon’s mecha exploding and the lions falling apart. This means it happens when we’re at the distance Shot.

(Apology for the play button in the middle of the picture)

So at this point one has to wonder what the heck is going on there and why this is significant.

What we know is a few things.

1. We know that Allura showed off a strange pink energy magic that 

Haggar recognized right away and seemed shocked over her being able to wield it.

2. Said magic seemed to rip through the whole ship.

3. This same magic color seems to be coming out of Zarkon when he grabs Shiro.

4. If this is the corrupted Quintessence it seems weird that Zarkon can wield it. (Which I’ll go into in a later post) If it’s not, then it’s a form of Altean Magic (which I’ll go into in a later post).

5. Zarkon’s mecha explodes in that color when he is sliced by the flaming sword.

6. Zarkon and Shiro have a mind meld in the Astral plane again, and this time he is able to physically take the bayard from Zarkon.

7. It’s also important to note that Shiro and the Black Lion share a moment of connection when entering that plane and that both eyes glow yellow.

8. Shiro’s arm is made of Galra tech, thus making him partly Galra.

So why did I make that list? Well I think it’s important to know the events that led up to Shiro vanishing and that those moments may connect to how he got transported and where.

During the battle with Zarkon we see him take to his ship, this is significant because it’s not yet tested but we know it runs on energy like Voltron. Voltron’s energy comes from Quintessence which comes from both the Paladins and the internal workings of the lions themselves. The lions are, given what we see with the black lion’s creation, pretty much spirits that have become part of the lion. It’s why the Paladins have to bond with them and why they seem to have personalities.

In the original Golion the lions held the souls of five warriors, who were placed inside Voltron and were going crazy due to various reason. Something similar may be going on here, which is why I’m suspecting that for Shiro there’s a chance that the lion sent him away from the fight.

We see this pink color cover Allura during her battle with Haggar and Haggar’s reaction to it shows that she knows what’s going on and is shocked by it.

“Impossible” she says and proceeds to attack. This is formerly noticed by Allura who doesn’t seem to understand where the energy is coming from. Now it’s kind of important to note here that this isn’t the corrupted Quintessence since it’s not the same as the blacker energy that the Druids were making, so this is a new form of Altean magic, and something that Haggar recognizes is more powerful than her own dark magic.

This magic, I’m guessing, is probably connected directly to the lions and possibly to the spirits that reside with them. Another important point in the time table of the battle is that Shiro manages to connect directly with the Black lion and pull together to expand the wings, allowing him to use the ablity to phase through the astral plane (or teleport) and take the Bayard from Zarkon. Shiro doesn’t get how it happened but it did.

Lastly, during the end fight with Zarkon, right before the flaming sword occurs, we see him reaching out with his mecha hands, grab Shiro and infuse the cabin with that same pink energy. This in turn prompts Shiro to stick in his bayard, turn and we get the flaming sword. It’s followed by the pink explosion of Zarkon.

Now there’s something about the color core there that I’d like to get into when I talk about Lotor, Zarkon and Haggar, but again I have to save that for later.

It’s at this point I believe that Shiro vanished. Right when the white explosion ripped apart the Lions. But why would that transport Shiro. Well, as I said before with Haggar’s reaction. This is some sort of magic, and Shiro tapped into it when he bonded with the Lion. Rather than keep him there where he would be wounded by his connection to Zarkon, the lion sent him somewhere else.

Now there’s a few places I can think of that he would go. So I’m going to start out with the most impossible and then traverse to the most likely.

Option 1. Shiro is being transported through Time and Space into the Past

We’ve seen that the Black Lion has a deep connection to it’s past, as it was showing Shiro through a mind transport about the past of the Galra home world, back when Alfor and Zarkon were friends and worked together in creating the Black Lion.

So given that it has this mind-scape skill could it be that it pushed Shiro back through time in the blast as a means of protecting him? Making him go and learn more about the lions in this way would be something rather different and would certainly keep him out of the picture. However, the problem with this would be the fact that the series has never had a case of time travel before, and also it would probably have the same issues that Batman had when DC decided to send Bruce Wayne back in time after he got zapped by a really powerful device from big Bad of DC Darkseid. So this one is probably out in general.

However I do think that the astral plane will come into play in how he’s moving and also probably in him witnessing events during the course of the series.

Which brings us to…

Option 2:  Shiro winds up with the Rebels and Matt.

This one’s a little more logical and keeps true to the idea of possibly the Black Lion sending him off to a safe place. In this case the lion is reading Shiro’s mind and taking him to where Matt is.

Now the reason why this could be a logical next move is that it firstly brings the Rebellion a strong leader as Keith would now be taking over the Voltron Force. As such Shiro would be a great leader for the Rebels in general, unless Matt has become that? (Which would be cool, no lie.) Also it would position Shiro to rejoin when Pidge finds Matt and a joy filled reunion, allowing the rebellion to help fight Lotor.

It’s an easy thing to see also because Matt and Sam are the second part of Shiro’s mission. He wants to help Katie find her family and he feels guilty about them being captured in the first place as it was part of his job to protect them. If the Lion read this then sending him to Matt would put him in a safe place and an easier to find location for the team later in the season.

However if they want to make it where Pidge and Matt meet in a different way without Shiro then they may not have him show up here, because it would make the meeting between Katie and Matt that much more significant if Matt then joined in in the hunt for shiro.

Also if Matt is going to be seen as growing stronger since his time with Shiro then having him be the leader of the Rebellion would be a better bet than giving it to Shiro.

So if it’s not with the rebels then who? Well that drags us to…

Option 3: Shiro is going to end up where Sam Holt is

We know that Sam is not with Matt, as we saw in Season one when Shiro remembered what happened at the gladiatorial pit. So the question is, exactly where is he? We know that he’s a scientist and probably as smart, if not more, then Pidge. So it would be more than likely that Sam would be taken in to work on something for the Galra at a secure location.

Like before with the idea of Shiro being taken to Matt, in this case the Lion teleports Shiro to a location where Sam is. Again, it’s part of the reasoning behind Shiro’s mission to get his team back as well as help Pidge find her family. Sam, in the meanwhile, is probably on a planet that is not as hostile as some of the others and is probably taken care of for the most part. They want his mind to be busy on building something. What that something is, I can only guess at right now. My own theory is that Lotor stole the scaultrite from Keith in order to create lenses for a Telladove device to transport something from one location to another.

It’s kind of important to note that the Galra show no magical abilities. The only characters that have used Magic is Allura and Haggar. While they have wielded energy weapons, not one has used any form of magic to attack any of the Voltron members. Leaving me to speculate that they can’t wormhole due to the lack of Magic to power the tech to do so. But if they have Sam there, he may be being forced to find a way to get a warping device to work.

This would mean that the story line from the original story about Romelle needing Sven to help her get out of a sticky situation could translate to Sam and Shiro escaping. Allowing Shiro to have his own adventure with Sam and probably discover more about himself and the galaxy at large.

While having Shiro play big damn hero to Sam would be really nifty there’s another option here that could connect with this one.

Option 4: Shiro is going to end up on Pollux and meet Princess Romelle

While Romelle’s name isn’t as famous as Allura’s she’s still a very important part of the Voltron story and has always been at least mentioned if not shown in the series proper. As the daughter of the Royal family on the planet Pollux, Romelle was given to Lotor in the original to be his wife to solidify the alliance between Galra and Pollux. However she rejected him and was sentenced to death until Sven (Ryou Shirogane) helped her escape after she helped him get over his guilt in failing Voltron (or in the original losing his brother Takashi).

Pollux would make for an interesting location for the Lion to shoot Shiro too for two reasons. Firstly it was one of the few planets that wasn’t over run by the Galra due to the fact that it had an alliance with them, and would be a mostly safe place for an injured Shiro to hang out. Second, Pollux would be a great place to have Sam Holt work on a project. Not only is the royal family Altean –and possibly most of the people are as well –but also its, again, a safe place where there’s an alliance and no one’s going to try to kidnap Sam or break him free.

I’m going to take a large leap of logic here and theorize that there’s a high probably that Pollux is where Shiro ends up. It’s an easy jump to tell a story where Romelle or Bandur finds an injured Shiro and has him taken to the castle where he’s bandaged up. Here they discover he’s a member of Voltron and try to cover it up so that Lotor (who hasn’t yet gotten word about his father’s injury) doesn’t know. Romelle’s older brother could play a part as a morally gray person, he at first offers to help Shiro, but in the end turns on him as a means of protecting his people.

Romelle in the meantime could take on Sven’s role, and help Shiro and Sam escape from Pollux on a ship to find Volton. This could be used to show what’s going on outside of what Voltron has been doing and also help cover the issue of the aliens that are actually for the galra and feel that they’re benefiting from the empire. This could also help in dealing with the Altean plot and what happened to the rest of Altea and if anyone else is still alive.

So those are my four options, I wonder if anyone has other ideas. I’d love to hear them.  

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We still don't know why lance / blue lion was able to make a wormhole in episode 1 and I think it might be related to allura and how allura makes wormholes and is connected to the lions then lance might also have a connection to the lions

(to a captured Shiro whose helmet he’s removed)

Lotor: Ah, the Black Paladin’s Helm. My father used to let me play with this when I was a boy, promising one day, that if I was brave, strong, and noble, it and the Lion whose shade it shared, would be mine. (channels Dark Quintessence through the helmet, causing it to glow and violently crumble into dust) No need to glare like that, Shiro. We both look much better without it.

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*whipsers* im new in the voltron fandom and im really confused. who is Mothman?

Alrighty Anon, so this is a question I see asked/reflected in a LOT of the tags whenever I post Meithman, and as a result, I’ve actually been meaning to make a post to explain it as best I can for those folks! SO I GUESS THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO ACTUALLY DO IT!

The “who” is just as important, however, as the “why,” and to be frank, the “why” isn’t super clear to me, and when I go digging deeper, I feel like Tumblr isn’t actually showing all the results when I search for the truth! (CONSPIRACY!)  So my information is a) not 100% certain, and b) I can’t back it up to give credit where credit is due to whoever made the first, shall we say, “connections” in building this piece of fandom lore, such as it is. I’d love to know as much as anyone!

AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE, no longer with deep-digging stripes required, by semi-popular demand!

So first off, is the answer to your ACTUAL question: WHO IS MOTHMAN?

Essentially, Mothman can perhaps best be summed up as an urban legend/cryptid with no actual canon connection to the Voltron show. That’s right, you’re not crazy, you didn’t miss something glaringly obvious! (OR DID YOU.)

[An artist’s interpretation.]

From the Wikipedia article on Mothman, “In West Virginia folklore, the Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated November 16, 1966, titled “Couples See Man-Sized Bird … Creature … Something”. The national press soon picked up the reports and helped spread the story across the country.“

[What a fantastic headline!]

There were various Mothman sightings back around ‘66-’67 or so, etc, etc, and while many of those sightings are suspected of being hoaxes or misattributions of perfectly normal phenomena (as well as tricksters), the sightings were also sometimes said to precede catastrophic events, etc., leading to the additional conspiracy theory of the of a prophetic element, popularized in John A. Keel’s 1975 book, “The Mothman Prophecies,” made into a movie in 2002. (One such “linked” disaster being the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which included the very real, very tragic loss of many lives.) IIRC some conspiracy theory-type TV shows postulated that Mothman kind of “came” to the town and revealed itself as something of a warning that something bad was about to happen, while others believed Mothman somehow caused the disasters. (Ah, good old conspiracy theory TV…)

Now, with all this unrelated-to-Voltron stuff in mind, the next logical question you might be asking would, of course, be: WHY MOTHMAN?

And it’s a great one! And I’ll be honest, I probably know about as well as you do - my own assumptions are merely that: assumptions. Like most people, I saw the art/tags/head-canons and went, “…What…?” I kind of pieced together what I assume is the reasoning for how it came to be on my own - so my explanation could be spot on, or it could be way off - but I’ve seen similar opinions reflected elsewhere, so I’m fairly confident that my best guess is at least somewhat relevant to why this all came together.

[Keith reveals his chef d’oeuvre at Gallery Desert Shack, June 10th, 2016.]

Honestly, it largely comes down to Keith’s S1E1 living situation and preoccupations. Living alone in a shack in the desert, tracking conspiracies on a cork board, linked together with COLOURED FLIPPIN’ YARN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! (And tied in weensy bows! uwu)

So, from there, if you narrow down conspiracy theorist!Keith a bit and you come to him searching, specifically, for the Blue Lion, which, on its own, basically sounds like a cryptid (cryptids, of course, being creatures who cannot be/have not been proven or disproven by science. Well-known examples include the Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch, Yeti, etc.).  After all, a blue lion sounds about as likely as Bigfoot, right?

[Collective groan]

Conspiracy theorist!Keith, not too surprisingly, is often paired with conspiracy theorist!Pidge, who similarly was preoccupied with the conviction that there were aliens puttering about, having a good old chin-wag about something called Voltron, and that said aliens were, in some way, possibly connected to the disappearance of the Kerberos crew, etc.

So. Conspiracy Theorist!Keith begets General Cryptid-Seeking!Keith. You follow?

(Somewhat unrelated, but while you’re here - along a similar vein, Lance, whilst skeptical of all of this, latches on later to the idea that the Castle-Ship is haunted, which, when you float them all together, makes for a really fun paranormal investigation team AU! I like to think Hunk would be really into gemology, Allura would have some possible psychic ability, and Coran would be in charge of setting up the technical experiments & baseline tests,  while Shiro would be the resident skeptic with a dark past/experience he refuses to admit was real. GOOD TIMES! But nobody asked about my random AU head-canons…)


So then, why exactly did anyone arrive at focusing on Mothman specifically? I’m… not really sure. D: It’s something I’d lovet to know; I’ve tried to look into it, but, as I said, Tumblr doesn’t want me to know. Maybe because Mothman toes the line between being considered a cryptid and an alien? (There are UFO theories as well as cryptid theories regarding Mothy.) Idk.  I’m pretty sure someone (I don’t know who, I’d source if I knew for certain) just kind of latched onto cryptid-seeking Keith, it evolved specifically towards a fascination with Mothman in particular, and then before you know it, other people followed suit, and then there were posts and art about Mothman’s fantastic abs, and it escalated. (Or maybe it didn’t really escalate. I don’t actually see a lot of Meithman content these days… What a loss…)

There is this line: “It’s like something… some energy was telling me to search. […] Each [carving] tells a slightly different story about a blue lion… but they all share clues, leading to some event, some arrival happening last night.”

This could be a reason as to why Mothman might have been the cryptid of focus - the prophecy connection. But I feel like this is perhaps grasping…? It could have been that someone just kinda said, “Mothman,” and it stuck. (Or, as with the Meithman valentine I posted the other day, MAYBE IT’S A MOTH-TO-A-FLAME ATTRACTION JOKE? A+ if so. If not, I feel blessed anyway. What a perfect OTP.)

I also like to think this lil’ carving of Voltron’s silhouette could be said to vaaaaguely resemble Mothman. At least in so far as it also does not really resemble Voltron either. Let’s be real though; it could also be a very distinguished looking Kaltenecker.

Anyway, fast-forward a bit through the random conception of this, and Keith pining for Mothman is suddenly a… thing… understood and accepted (well, accepted, anyway) by a large segment of the fandom, VERY MUCH NOT UNDERSTOOD by another segment, and for other people, whichever side of it they’re on, it just confuses them anyway. The fandom, therefore, is suddenly left with the pairing that, by and large, seems to be colloquially accepted as “Meithman” (though I have also seen “Meith,” “Keithman,” and “help how tf do I tag this?”).


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so thanks for asking, Anon! I hope this has been enlightening and entertaining, if not precisely helpful!

NCT and their PATRONUS (As Requested)

Chenle: Hyena. Because he laughs like one but also because they’re a symbol of passion and knowledge which suits Chenle as he’s been passionate about music from an incredibly young age and is amazingly smart. 

Doyoung: Rabbit. Because he looks like one but also cause rabbits symbolize vulnerability, Doyoung has a mother like temperament and is sensitive despite being a giant smart-ass. 

Haechan: Otter. Because otters symbolize creativity which Haechan has and they are also incredibly hardworking but not always as appreciated as they should be. Give my boy some attention. 

Jaehyun: Golden Retriever. Compassionate and supportive towards his team members and is intelligent and helpful. Plus, they’re both so pure and adorable. Protect them. 

Jaemin: Deer. Symbolizes gentleness, intuition and sensitivity which suits Jaemin and can also be associated with harmony which I think Jaemin brings to the Dream members, they’re too wild when he’s not there ngl. 

Jeno: Flamingo. Finds comfort in his group much like a flock of flamingo but still manages to stand out for his striking features. Jeno is actually a pretty flamboyant dancer. Also, good at supporting his members. 

Jisung: Chick. Innocent, young and cute. But can also be a handful and pester his elders. Both are adorable. 

Johnny: Lion. Lions are fierce and brave but also lazy and Johnny has described himself as the most chill member. They also symbolize authority and the group tend to listen to Johnny even though he isn’t the leader.

Kun: Cat. Cats have the courage to explore the unknown much like Kun when he left China. They’re also mysterious animals much like Kun as not much is known about him. They’re also independent and patient.

Mark: Lion Cub. Mark shares many of the same aspects as Johnny except he’s more motivated and playful. This is why he’s much like a lion cub and he also looks like a baby lion cub in limitless promotions.

Renjun:Giraffe. The babies like to play fight much like Renjun with Chenle. Also symbolize gracefulness and a bit of mystery.

Taeil: Penguin. Funny and adorable but slightly awkward. Can also symbolize intuition and intelligence and taeil is incredibly intelligent.

Taeyong: Wolf. The leader of the pack support and guides the others but can also work well indiviudally. Wolves are seen as aggressive but that’s a misunderstanding, they’re just temperamental. They avoid fights and only attack to protect those in their pack. Much how Taeyong has a reputation for being scary but is actually a ball of fluff unless you insult his members.

Ten: Gazelle. They are graceful and agile much like Ten when he dances but they are also incredibly aware much like Ten is of his members and can sense their moods. They try and avoid negative emotions even though they’re vulnerable animals because of their place on the food chain. This could symbolise Ten being a happy person even though he may not always be as happy as he seems.

Winwin: Fox. They are cunning and know how to get what they want. Foxes are also swift and graceful much like Winwin. They also learn quickly and adapt in new situations much how Winwin did in Korea.

Yuta: Horse. Ambitious and passionate. Can symbolize war or a fiery temperament much like how fierce Yuta can be. Can also mean to be free and openminded much how Yuta is mindful and liberal in his opinions and actions.