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1. I love make up, I am a make up addected and i just can’t go to sephora without buying anything. I usually do my sis, cousins and friends make up from time to time..for halloween or just dinners and parties

2. I hate feet, i just ew..i don’t like them, especially men feet..ew..sorry

3. The first thing that i look in a man are his hands, i like men with nice and big hands cause they give me a sense of safety

4. I used to cook a lot, now not so much because of work but i love to make desserts and cakes (people say i am good at it) 

5. I am not obsessed with order, but after a while if my room (or anywhere i am actually) gets a bit messy i just have to clean cause i can’t stand it

6. I was not a really nice person in high school and I am sorry to anybody who met me and got hurt by me (not phisically ofc..i was not that bad) 

7. I would love to attend university but i’m scared cause i don’t like to study and work is less stressing for me 

8. I don’t like my job ahahah too stressing and not really related to what i love but we gotta do what we gotta do to make some money

9. I have two faces: a really bad resting bitch face, or meme in between

10. I just have a very weird laugh..


1. I can ride a motorbike since I was 10 years old, I am now turning 20 in December. 

2. I have suffered from three concussions in my life time and they were all from playing sports. They were from playing soccer and my parents weren’t impressed lol. I am clearly a hazard.

3. Went to boarding school for 8 years from the age of 10 to 18 which is when I graduated.

4. I don’t like bread … well like I just don’t. It has never been something that I enjoyed to eat and neither has rice, unless it was with sushi because SUSHI IS LIFE!

5. Art and design is my passion. I am currently studying it at university but I also like drawing a doodling in my spare time. A dream of mine has always been to become a manga and anime artist.

6. I’m 172 cm tall, idk if that is even interesting but I just thought I should tell you all haha

7. I’ve been proposed to…. yeah long story

8. I like eating lemons , lol. It’s weird I know but I just like the taste, for me I don’t find it as sour as everyone makes it out to be. 

9. I play guitar since I was 10 years old as well. I used to run around my house strumming a tennis racket until my parents bought me my first guitar and sent me to lessons, his name is Blue^^

10. I hate washing dishes… LIKE WHO DOENS’T!?


1. I hate cold, but I love cold places.

2. I have various scars on my body.

3. I have the vice to eat the pens cap

4. I have a difficulty in expressing my sentiments openly

5. My favorite animated film is The Lion King

6. My favorite food is Thai.

7. I won two scholarships in high school

8. I suffer from vertigo

9. I have a mild obsessive compulsive disorder

10. I’m an intensely sensitive person


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