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conspiracy theories? tell more. please.

My Lion King conspiracy theories?  (Here is the original Dreamwidth post, but I’ll rephrase it here, and I think I actually have both movies so I can screencap it.)

So in The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, there’s a lioness named Vitani, who’s part of the outlaw pride run by Scar’s…widow, I guess.  She’s one of the younger ones, a little older than Simba and Nala’s daughter Kiara.

(She was a cute kid.)

During the final battle between the outlaw pride and Simba’s pride, there’s a scene where she confronts Nala and snarls, “Where’s your pretty daughter now, Nala?”  And Nala responds by snapping, “Vitani!”

Which is a pretty unexpected reaction because, as far as I recall, they never interact earlier.  And Nala’s tone is more reproach and less, “You bitch!”

My pet theory is that Vitani is Nala’s daughter by Scar, left behind as a cub when Nala ran off to find help (and ended up finding Simba), and then lost after Zira took off with Scar’s supporters and cubs, which is why Vitani calls Zira “mother.”  (Could also be a younger sister; Nala’s mother is apparently no longer around by the end of The Lion King.)

Also, at least so far as Disney genetics go, Vitani and Nala are the only two lionesses with blue eyes.



And that is my Lion King/Lion King 2 conspiracy theory.

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I feel like a lot of people interpret this blog as making fun of animash/editors instead of what it is, frames that look funny out of context. Just like any "relatablepicturesof[x]" blog that takes out of context animation frames and uses them as "relatable" images. I've never submitted anything here for the sake of making fun of a creator, I just find certain frames funny out of context! There's no malice behind it by any means, at least not by me as a submitter!

YES that’s exactly what this blog is, just fyi.

here are some relatable pictures of an animash movie THE LION KING (which we post sometimes too)


Part Eight of my “Cedric be Good” screencaps.

And thus concludes my screenshot journey of this episode for now- I still can’t believe Cedric actually HAD the amulet! I thought for sure this moment would happen near or at the end of the series! It sure was heart wrenching to see Cedric give up his evil scheme and return the amulet to Sofia after all. It’s nice we actually got to see some character development from him. EDIT: Oh, all this time I thought it was Winifred’s idea- thanks for clearing that up for me everyone, ha ha! I was thinking way too much of Kovu and his mother in The Lion King 2 @_@