the lion king one and a half

Human  WC Headcanons #3

Spottedleaf has a makeup/beauty/fashion channel on Youtube.

Lionheart has seen The Lion King like a billion times and he never gets tired of it.

Brightheart has a half-shaved head.

Squirrelflight throws really awesome birthday parties. For one of Hollyleaf’s birthdays, since she really liked butterflies, Squirrel had a butterfly cake, butterfly decorations, and they got a butterfly garden in their backyard.

Sometimes, Jayfeather asks Briarlight about what certain things look like. Once she described herself, and Jay couldn’t stop smiling.

Goosefeather used to play Duck Duck Goose with Feahterwhisker, Bluekit, and Snowkit.

As a child, Crookedstar had an interest in cooking. He made little things like PB&J sandwiches for his family, and Rainflower usually took 1 bite and said something like “It was Okay, but you put too much Jelly.” Oakheart, oh the other hand, thought they were the tastiest things to ever grace the earth.

Graystripe has a lot of Twitter followers but he usually posts things like “I bought a rlly weird sweater today” and “the kids just introduced me to my favorite emoticon :Y #likewhatevenisthat”

Feathertail collects bird feathers.

Yellowfang cracks up at the comics in the newspaper.

Turtle Tail loves TMNT.

Princess was a school teacher for kindergarten.


half a week ago (?) i made a request post for people to let me draw their muse as a lion or other savannah animal. first drawing is for @king-zetsubou, with their jun and ryo as lions, and the second one is for @faiita, with akane as a lioness. if you click there are captions

More Keith thoughts

And I guess you gotta read my reasoning for why Keith most likely just has Altean heritage, and is not actually half Galra (race) here for this to make more sense.

But anyway,

Some “Voltron: DotU” background:

So, planet Arus (Altea in VLD) had a twin planet, Pollux. The original King of Arus had two sons, one was peace loving and one was an asshole. So when the king was dying the asshole son was like “Yay! I’m king now!” so the king of Arus was offended and was like “Screw you, no.” and he sent the asshole son to planet Pollux. And ever since then planet Pollux was the enemy of planet Arus.

Now in DotU story, Pollux has teamed up with Zarkon to get their revenge on Arus (Altea), and then later were betrayed by him.

How does this relate to VLD Keith?

I know there’s the theory that Keith got something like Lotor’s story and he’s half Galra, half Altean, but what I’m trying to say is that Keith is….. 

(Ok, I know there also prince Bandor, but I really want him to get Romelle’s story, because.. reasons…. )

OK OK, I actually don’t think he’s got either of their stories and has his own new completely original thing. But my point is:

Keith is from Pollux. 

  • He can shape shift and look human because he’s got Altean genes. 
  • He can operate Galra tech cause Pollux partnered with the Galra.
  • I’m not sure why he hates the Galra yet, because we don’t know if they’re still partnering with Zarkon or not. (But I assume they still are, since otherwise he wouldn’t be able to operate Galra tech, but ,maybe not all of them do it willingly? Maybe he was waiting for a moment or opportunity to break free from Galra rule and destroy it, until he somehow got on earth and finally got it when they found Voltron?) 
  • And he doesn’t say anything about his (very helpful) alien shape shifting Altean heritage to Allura, maybe because A. he doesn’t know Pollux and Altea are actually space cousins, since it’s been 10000 years (and was legit surprised there’s another shape shifting race out there..). B. maybe because Pollux and Altea were (still?) enemies and maybe Pollux actually played a part in the destruction of Altea back then. (And maybe just because Pollux is part of the Galra empire and he’s afraid to lose his spot on the Voltron team..)

Now, we do see a planet very similar to Altea in season 2 trailer…

In DotU it was said Pollux looked just like Arus. 

So If this is not a flashback or some other planet, maybe we are looking at Pollux here?

(screenshots from @darkspellmaster season 2 trailer analysis post , cause I can’t find the trailer..)

We also see some Galra ships, but with blue lights instead of purple, and some new characters with that blue light theme…

So, I wonder if maybe we’re gonna get a Pollux story in season 2.

The characters (that are not from The Lion King 1 ½ cast) that show up in the end are (not in order): Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Stitch, Pocahontas, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys, Aladdin, Jasmine, the Genie, Quasimodo, the gargoyles Hugo, Victor, and Lavern, Terk, Baloo, Mowgli, Snow White, all seven Dwarfs, Lady, the Tramp, a hippo from “Fantasia”, Belle, the Beast, Mrs. Potts and Chip, Dumbo, Flora, Fauna,and Merriweather from “Sleeping Beauty”, Brer Bear, the Mad Hatter, and the March Hare.

6 movies i can watch anytime

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in no particular order:

1. Tangled (2010)
2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
4. X2 (2003)
5. The Lion King (1994)
6. any of the LotR films

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Okay, I knew that this was obviously one of those parts of a game where you’re supposed to do something despite an NPC telling you to do nothing, but I decided to try and actually take Bea’s advice for once and do nothing to see if that actually worked.

In the half-hour or so of waiting till I gave up I hit F12 out of boredom a couple of times, messaged my brother on Steam (about what I was doing, then about when we should re-watch The Lion King and how the remake is gonna be weird if they call it live action since there’s no humans) and walked to the dollar store and back (they closed just before I got there), and finally gave up. If I ever play this part of the game again I’m gonna see if I can leave it on overnight because I’m stubborn like that.

video games as described by my ten year old sister
  • pokemon: little monster babies
  • portal: evil robots and ford pines and puzzles and a potato
  • half life: the one with the lion king monkey and the antlions
  • undertale: death plant and skeleton man
  • the stanley parable: don't do what he says but then do and then don't then do then
  • bioshock: why are you underwater
10 Favorite Characters

I got tagged by @justyouraveragefangiri for this 10 favorite characters things. I don’t usually do tag memes, but this seemed cute and will help me continue to procrastinate so lets do this. I think its supposed to be one character per franchise (otherwise half of this would be SU)

1. Pearl (Steven Universe)

2. Claudia Wolf (Silent Hill 3)

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3. Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead [TV series])

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4. Jake the Dog (Adventure Time)

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5. Merrill (Dragon Age 2)

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6. Grunt (Mass Effect 2)

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7. Zazu (The Lion King)

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8. Audrey 2 (Little Shop of Horrors [the movie])

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9. Grizz (We Bare Bears)

10. Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh)

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The signs as objects

Aries: Map

Taurus: a red cape that bulls run at

Gemini: a sign pointing the wrong way

Cancer: a bucket of tears

Leo: the Lion king DVD

Virgo: a your momma joke

Libra: A bra

Scorpio: butterfly knife; beautiful and deadly

Sagittarius: a tree

Capricorn: a popcorn kernel that didn’t pop

Aquarius: a glass half full

Pisces: one of those signing wall fish things

Okay, so a little bit of Chile here. The story of Huenchula and the Millalobo is a bit similar to the story of Persephone and Hades. This story is part of Chiloe’s folklore. At the south of Chile (Los Lagos “the lakes” region) there is a group of Islands (archipiélago de Chiloe) and the biggest one is called Chiloe.

Huenchula was a young girl, daughter of a machi (mapuche’s female religious leader and healer). One day she went to a lake to look for water and she saw a mysterious creature, some kind of sea-lion. There are different versions, some say that the sea-lion abducted her; others say that she willingly left with the sea-lion. The sea-lion was The Millalobo, the King of the underworld/seaworld. He was a merman, half human, half sea-lion.

Huenchula became the Queen and her role was associated to the fertility and balance of the sea-world.
Together with Millalobo, she had 3 children: the Pincoya (protects the fertility, with her dances she anounces if fishing will be plenting, and she has full human body) , the Pincoy (merman prince who aids his sisters) and the Sirena (mermaid), who aid them in the role of taking care of the sea and lakes.
There is also the Caleuche, the ghost ship that carries the soul of the dead. It is said that Millalobo leads it or built it, and their children help in the task of guiding the souls. 

:3 I have a rough idea for a book on Chiloe’s myth, and I want to work on it once I finish my greek-myth series ♥

What was that?
What was what?
What was that?
What was that?

What was that?
Quick before the hyena come!


Digga tunnah,
Dig, digga tunnah.
When you’re done, ya digga bigger tunnah.
Digga tunnah,
Dig, digga tunnah.
Quick before the hyena come.
Dig a tunnah,
Dig, digga tunnah.
You could dig and never get done.
Dig a tunnah,
Dig, digga tunnah.
What was that?
Quick before the hyena come.
Digga tunnah is what we do.
Life’s a tunnah, we’re diggin’ through.
Digga tunnah is what we sing.
Digga tunnah is everything.
Mud and clay is a meerkat’s friend,
Always more around every bend,
And when you get to your tunnah’s end,
Shout hallelujah, let’s dig again!
Digga tunnah,
Dig, digga tunnah.
When you’re done, ya digga bigger tunnah.
Digga tunnah,
Dig, digga tunnah.
What was that?
Quick before the hyena come.


—  Digga Tunnah Dance (From Disney’s The Lion King 1 ½)
When did life get so complicated?
Four years ago, we were taking photo booths together. Now the only pictures I see are of you popping pills on Snapchat. A year ago we were decorating my room and dancing to rap.
Now you’re fucking boys you barely know and drinking to numb the pain.
11 months ago, I was laying on your chest and you told me you’d never seen the Lion King. I hopped up and put it in the DVD player. You fell asleep half way through and I just watched you.
That was the last time I saw you. I haven’t heard from you in months.
In August, the EMT worker who brought me to the hospital after my suicide attempt was chatting with me about parts of the city. We discussed one part of Massachussets where I had attended summer camp for six years.
I barely to talk to anyone from that camp anymore and my chest tightens whenever I hear an A Fine Frenzy song.
Nobody ever told me, “some people have a thick skin and you don’t.” Nobody ever told me, “you’re gonna get hurt a lot and time can’t always fix it”. No one taught me that sometimes your best friend smokes cigarettes and her mom doesn’t even care when you tell her. No one taught me that the sweet boy who used to text me good morning would call me a bitch when I wouldn’t kiss him.
Cause I learned that you don’t wear white after Labor Day, and you don’t swallow your gum. But I never learned that sometimes at night when I’m having a nightmare I have to take showers with my clothes on. Up until sixth grade, “fuck” was the worst word I knew. Up until 10th grade, sex was something to make jokes about, not something your friends did drunkenly in cars.
People always tell you that life is complicated. But not how to live with it.
—  15 years on this earth have taught me to hate myself