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The best way to tell a positive message is by making talking animals, superpower-induced monarchs and cute inanimate objects say them ;)

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That and extremely sophisticated 3D graphics technology :p

Imagine having this on your arm 😍 credit to @bangbangnyc

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Theo and Deuc Comic Issue 42!

Inspired by “The Lion King”, dedicated to Theo. For me, the most complex, tragic and interesting character of Teen Wolf. Thank you Cody for bringing him to life, for letting us all dive into this character, for inspiring us and making us cry about the little boy who sacrificed everything to become something different. He has given all he could give, the Dread Doctors took all they could get and yet, he was called a failure, leaving him behind with a scarred soul and the heart of his murdered sister in his chest. For nothing.

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My dearest Queen summer-arts can you teach me your ways of drawing cats? I will understand if you choose to not to. Sincerely anon.

step 1: watch the lion king when ur 10 years old and get inspired
step 2: go on deviantart and absorb everything on there
step 3: do this for 4 years
step 4: stop drawing cats for 3 years and then randomly start again and discover you’re somehow better at it despite not practicing for years

so yeah that’s where i’m at

here’s like. an actual possibly helpful post tho lol


Major Disney feels ahead. Be warned.