Hear me out tho
Team Skull…
 But also Lion King (im a huge nerd for lion king and i do what i want)
Yeah ewe

Plumeria: Ok Gladion, bath time
Gladion: Wha- No! -flees-
Guzma: Whoops -trips Gladion-
Plumeria: Gotcha -le grabs Gladion-
Gladion: Betrayal!
Guzma: Yeah yeah -flops on the ground- You’ll be over it by morning
Gladion: What if I’m not?! Wait no, my precious mane! Plumeria please..! Nooooo! -tries to escape-
Plumeria: Dirty cubs don’t get to sleep on the Admin rock
Gladion: …Fine e3e
Plumeria: That’s what I thought

you know how long it took me to settle on a coat and mane color for Guzma??? too long I tells ya (/’n’)/


Earlier today I was at work and Can You Feel The Love Tonight came on the radio and this was my very first thought! The funny thing is, within minutes of showing my friends my idea, they saw someone else on Tumblr had had a similar idea that hadn’t been drawn yet! Weird coincidence! I guess Viktor and Yuri aren’t the only ones just plain waiting for those two to sort it out.