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wowo what happened with the dress??

mmm i don’t have the energy to actually find and link sources and stuff, but basically emma watson demanded that the dress belle wears in the beauty and the beast movie not have a corset because “her brand of feminism says FUCK OLD SCHOOL THINGS LIKE CORSETS BC THEY’RE OPPRESSIVE AND WEIRD” or whatever (and not because she has any medical problems, which would’ve been a valid excuse) but like….that severely fucked up the dress’s design and made it look Ugly. and that then screws over the dress designer because one mistake can kill your career in that industry.

now like corsets arent oppressive or weird (i’ve wore them and they can be comfy if fitted right but ya gotta stand up straight) and feminism isn’t to blame for this. it’s just. fucking emma watson not knowing jack shit about clothing or the connection between feminism and certain pieces of clothing. 

The ghosts of my village and family are insulted. They were used as pawns in a game set a few millennia ago. Modern day game creators can’t even make the tokens representing the souls of Kul Elna the correct color - GOLD!!!

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I’m Sorry I Wasn’t There For You

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“Two minutes, guys! Get in position!”

“But she said that she would-”

“Can I just call her really quick?”

“Fine! But you better be on stage by the time the commercial break is over, understand?”

Kai nods in understanding as he paces around the nearly empty dressing room, phone pressed to his ear. You weren’t answering his calls, and you had promised that you would be there today. Kai had even saved a seat for you in the front row, but it was still empty, a crumpled RESERVED FOR GUEST sign still hanging over the back.


“Finally! Where are you?!”

Kai nearly runs a hand through his hair, remembering at the last minute not to mess up the neat style. “I’m coming!“ You chirp into the phone, pacing down the sidewalk. Kai was finally having his comeback today with the rest of the members of EXO, and he’d been reminding you for weeks about the event. Okay, so you were a little late. But you were arranging a surprise.

Twelve printed silver balloons were wrapped around your wrist, each one printed with the boys’ names. You had ordered them weeks ago, and the party supply had finally managed to get them in on time. but you were worried–the live broadcast started in fifteen minutes, and it was almost lunchtime. Catching a cab would be next to impossible, not to mention the traffic. Should you walk? Should you run?

"You promise you’ll be there?” Kai’s earnest voice comes through on the other line.

“I said I would, babe.” You smile to yourself at the whine in Kai’s voice. He didn’t usually get nervous before going on stage, but the dance routine in the new song was a mix of difficult combinations and footwork. “I’m on my way!” You hang up the phone and step into the street without a second thought.

You forget to check both ways.


“She said she would be here!”

“Chill out, Kai. Maybe the traffic was bad.”

“She promised! I don’t understand why she didn’t show up!”

Kai paces the dressing room while an irritated Sehun watches him. Kai didn’t freak out over many things, but he was really letting his feelings show now. Your seat had remained empty for the entire performance, and eventually the sign had been removed and a late fan put in it’s place. How could you miss something this important to him? Did you just not care about it as much as he did?

“Hey, man. Your phone is ringing.”


Kai looks up just in time to receive a swat on the butt from Luhan. “Your phone. It’s been ringing off the hook.” He jogs to his backpack, digging through and retrieving the ringing device. He didn’t recognize the number, not sure if he should pick it up (he’d been a little wary of strange numbers lately), but he answers anyway.

“Is this Kim Jongin…uh, Kai?”

“Yes it is.” He narrows his eyes. “Who is this?”

“I’m calling for ______. You were the first number listed in her contacts.”

“Wait.” His breath catches in his throat. “Is something wrong? What’s going on?”

“I’m calling to inform you that ________ was in an accident. she was struck by a motorbike around 1 pm this afternoon.”


“Where is she?! What room?”

“Slow down, Kai! Ask the front desk!”

Chanyeol tugs him to a stop in front of the nurses station. Everyone watches as a huge group of leather-studded, eyeliner-clad boys bolt down the hall, peeking into each room. A nurse directs him down the hall, and he stops, snatching the door open. The sight of you takes his breath away, and not in a good way.

“Babe.” He chokes, stepping in slowly. You blink at him wearily, offering a small half-smile. He steps beside the bed, taking you in. “What…happened?”

“I wasn’t watching.” You joke lamely, shrugging with a wince. “I stepped out in front of a delivery bike. It was just an accident, really.”

“This doesn’t look like an accident.” He whispers, touching your hand. Your arm was wrapped in a cast, and deep blue and purple splotches,. The doctor had informed you that three of your ribs were broken, and your knee had been dislocated. He had taken care of most of the damage, but for now, he had ordered you put on some pain medication and rest here overnight.

“Kai, it’s okay.” You reach out for him and pull him to the bed. You probably looked a little worse than you actually were–the bike had been carrying spicy rice cakes, which had gotten all over you when he hit you. Your jeans and top were now covered in the stuff, and the nurse who had promised you some clean clothes had returned yet.

“How could this happen?” Kai’s voice rises. “Where is he? I want to know who did this to you!”

Your eyes widen as Kai’s temper swells. You look to the door, and luckily Sehun peeks his head in. “Relax, Kai.” He says, a bit of warning in his voice. “They said he already went down to the police station to file a report. He left his information at the front desk downstairs.”

Kai lets out a sigh as you pat him. “It was an accident, Kai.” You say softly. “They happen.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there.” He whispers back. “I thought you weren’t coming, and then I got the call-”

“It’s okay.” You give him a half-smile. “I’m sorry, too.” He wraps you in a hug, and you sit there contently, feeling a little bit getter than you had all day. “Hey.” Kai backs away a little, a grin on his face. “What?”

“You smell really, really good.”


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Dear Tumblr,

If the article sounds fishy, Google it.
If the infograph includes a broken link as a source, don’t believe it.
If the study was based on a small group of people, it isn’t accurate.

Instead of believing everything you read and reblogging it with a feign outrage, why don’t you use your fucking heads and make sure that what you are getting irate about isn’t a parody, satire or a plain lie.
You have been blessed with Internet access. Practically all the information in the world is at your fingertips and you still believe a screenshotted article about how a guy named Richard (Dick) Head is proposing a dress code for the First Family’s daughters.

The Many Faces of Tatiana Maslany      (Source.)


“On ‘Orphan Black,’ the clones fight constantly for control of their own lives and bodies, and Maslany obliquely linked their struggle to her own experience with the publicity machine. ‘This is about volition and autonomy,’ she said of the show, ‘and that was resonating with me, being an actor who was suddenly being interviewed or being dressed.’” 


“An unapologetic feminist, Maslany is frequently hailed as a purveyor of Strong Female Characters. Though appreciative, Maslany finds this a reductive formulation. ‘That’s so boring!’ she said, and went on to condemn the way female strength gets shoehorned into the confines of male-dominated narratives. ‘What about the strength of this uncharted territory we’ve never explored on camera? We haven’t seen them yet, they’re not archetypes yet, because they’re all related to male expression.’”


Religious Fanatics In Gotham?

Men Dressed As Monks Linked to Murders Around The City

While investigating a string of seemingly unrelated homicides, GCPD detectives were led under the city and into the sewers of Gotham. There they found the body of an unidentified man kneeling before a makeshift altar, in what appeared to be one of many ritualistic murders.

The GCPD believes that this homicide, and at least seven others, are linked to a fanatical sect of religious extremists. Although the group has not been officially identified, sources within the GCPD say they belong to a group called “The Order of St. Dumas.”

The GCPD have one suspect in custody, but are releasing very little information in this ongoing investigation.

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Hiya Ballsy not sure if this is noteworthy or even worth a response but is it weird that the tumblr blog that may have originally posted the second dress pic is now completely deactivated? I don’t know where you sourced the image from but I went to a blog listed as (had a looped square as an avatar and no other information; anythingbatch Twitter account linked to the photo there) and while I was checking out the blog it was deactivated. I browsed the archive (saw that it started with a single Sherlock photo posted September 2014) but as I was checking out some of the other archived photos I started to get the tumblr error page message. I had both the first page and the archive page open and refreshing those just resulted in the same “there’s nothing here” pages. The Valentino photos were only posted on that blog 5 hrs ago, that post already had 225 notes then entire blog gone. Just struck me as strange that’s all.


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