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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while! I wanted to wait until I was sure on all of them, but I don’t know that I’ll ever figure out the last three (I suspect the woman in green is Yharnam; the women wear green broaches, green represents fertility, even her ‘ghoulish’ form we encounter in game has very dark lips, but the dress is just too off for me to call it more than speculation.)

This is the reddit topic where I’m discussing it, and have listed all of my sources. Feel free of course to message me here, but if you’re looking for links to the images you can find them in there. ;)

P5つめ | 緋月アキラ [pixiv] 

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“Tae is quite honestly the best Persona 5 girl; well for me at least. Literally satisfying all of my fetishes with her long slender legs, hourglass body, sexy lingerie, really alluring voice (both English and Japanese VOs), and beautiful hair. I also, really love her punk rock fashion and aesthetic, dark colors are the way to go, her spiderweb dress with her leather coat is my favorite. Best girl all the way. Honestly, I really wish she got more fleshed out in the game :(  I would be her “Guinea Pig” any day.  Also, girls that always tend to cross their legs when they sit happens to be a fetish of mine as well. 

Tae is bae. 

Character: Tae Takemi ❤❤❤❤❤

Series: Persona 5


DRESS: Light In The Box*

I’m finally back in New York all settled. I have to admit, it was a strange & exciting experience. And also extremely inspiring. So from there, we’ll see what happens you know?

As for this dress, the buttons popped the second time I put it on. I don’t expect it to last very long. It’s definitely not longterm in regards to quality. Concept wise though the idea is cute. I had to put a slip under it though.

**Link In Source!

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♧ authorized reprint for tumblr // artist: かいり

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ladybug and chat noir doing the fake-dating thing in order to bait an akuma and you know the rest


ao3 link

“The akuma only shows interest in couples, correct?” Ladybug furrowed her brows in thought. 

They were stumped. Here was a difficult akuma, created by a broken heart. The akuma had absolutely no interest in them; they found this rather strange since every other one came head on for them and their miraculouses. “

It seems that way milady,” Chat was crouched down, eyes focused on Ladybug’s pacing. “I have an idea… Follow my lead chaton.”

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wowo what happened with the dress??

mmm i don’t have the energy to actually find and link sources and stuff, but basically emma watson demanded that the dress belle wears in the beauty and the beast movie not have a corset because “her brand of feminism says FUCK OLD SCHOOL THINGS LIKE CORSETS BC THEY’RE OPPRESSIVE AND WEIRD” or whatever (and not because she has any medical problems, which would’ve been a valid excuse) but like….that severely fucked up the dress’s design and made it look Ugly. and that then screws over the dress designer because one mistake can kill your career in that industry.

now like corsets arent oppressive or weird (i’ve wore them and they can be comfy if fitted right but ya gotta stand up straight) and feminism isn’t to blame for this. it’s just. fucking emma watson not knowing jack shit about clothing or the connection between feminism and certain pieces of clothing. 


So I have not had a theory regarding trans Marco in a while but I do now have one.

So we know as of “Heinous” the source of Marco’s wealth is from the Princess Marco merchandise. Now Marco isn’t particularly open about this but they don’t outright hide it either. And I kinda wonder if this somehow does link to Marco being trans, if they are trans.

I mean, if Marco brags about the Princess Marco stuff I feel this could draw suspicion as it would be like “Well dude, we get you started this Revolution and all but why do you have to dress as a girl to continue helping out.” On the flip side if they are trans, outright hiding it will be damn suspicious if anyone discovers the source of their income.

So my theory is Marco just treats it as casually as possible, they don’t bring it up in conversation but if like anyone ask, they are like “Oh yeah, I get $650 a month as royalties for my Princess Marco merchandise. No big deal.”

And maybe the fact they always bring up the $650 precisely is they want to be asked about it? Maybe. That last bit is a bit of a stretch. But the rest I am pretty happy with.

Enjoy :)

🌸   Hello everyone !!  🌸

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes Japanese QR Codes float around, being reblogged by the AC fandom, and that dress or shirt is probably cute af, BUT! it lacks a source ! Some of you would probably have tried to find the source, but sadly the name of the QR Code is in Japanese and you can’t read it ? Fear not, I can help you ! I read Japanese (at least enough to read the name of the QR) send me a link and I’ll try my best to find the source ! 

Please, consider doing this, it is important to credit original artists !! They probably spent hours doing that dress and get nothing for it, not even thankfulness if no one knows they did it !

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Hello!~ I hope I don't bother you with this questions. I've been interested in Fairy Kei for a while, but I've never tried wearing it. I want to start with Fairy Kei but I don't know how to coord that type of clothes well. For example, I want to wear kawaii/colorful short petticoats with every Fairy Kei coord, but I don't know what shirt I should use. ;v; And, does it have to be an over-sized shirt or a tight one? Thank you & I hope you can answer me in a way I could understand. ^^🌸


I’d recommend reading through my FAQ first, as there are lots of helpful links which discuss coordinating fairy kei~

I think loose or oversized is best for fairy kei! If it’s too tight it looks more “mature” while fairy kei is a more childlike, floaty fashion. Because of this, things like pencil skirts and bodycon dresses don’t really work either. If your upper is more fitted, try adding a baggy layer such as a cardigan or hoodie.

Image source: @tokyo-fashion

While there aren’t any set RULES (aside from pastel & fairy feeling), to achieve a fuwafuwa fairy feeling it’s best to use floaty oversized things! 

image source: Mocos old blog (current Twitter here)

To get the hang of coordinating fairy outfits, have a look at some of your favourite coords and think about how they’re put together. You could even base your outfit on some of your favourites! (although try not to directly copy haha)

You’ll get the hang of it the more you look at cute outfits! 

Good luck ✨

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Please link me to everything that was EXACTLY worn on skam that noora wore

The others are sold out.

“Work From Home” Xiumin/You

a/n: you can’t just SAY things like this and not expect me to do something drastic. rated like nc-15-17 i guess

warnings: mild, EXTREMELY mild kink fic. (more like kink negotiations, kink acknowledgment, nota lot of KINK)

Your laugh freezes in your lungs when the counter finishes and the next image pops up, completely black except for the small I gonna try something…


You barely have time to form the question when the next picture of Minseok pops up, blurrier, with just enough of his face showing that you can see the way his teeth catch at his bottom lip.

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Catherine Howard and the Haunted Gallery in Hampton Court

The fifth wife of Henry VIII was Catherine Howard. Though young when she married the King she was certainly sexually experienced; her past lovers were her music master, Henry Mannock, and a youthful nobleman named Denham. The new Queen found her husband physically repulsive and sought solace in the arms of a young man at court, Thomas Culpepper. Servant’s tittle-tattle brought the girl’s previous indiscretions to light and eventually her adultery was exposed. The King was incandescent with rage. Culpepper was taken to the Tower of London and in due course executed (as was Mannock), and Catherine was imprisoned in her chambers at Hampton Court.

As she brooded upon her inevitable fate, the poor, terrified girl hatched a plan that might save her neck. If she could just talk to her husband and plead for mercy, he might spare her life. On 4 November, 1541, knowing that the King would be at prayer, she broke free from her guards and raced through the Haunted Gallery to pound upon the locked doors of the chapel, screaming to her husband to allow her an audience. Henry sat cold and unmoved, ignoring her desperate entreaties. Her guards caught her and dragged the hysterical Queen back to her chambers. On 13 February, 1542, at just twenty years of age, Catherine Howard went bravely to the block: ‘I die a Queen, but I had rather died the simple wife of Tom Culpepper. May God have mercy on my soul. Pray for me.’ She was smiling when the axe fell.

It is, however, that last desperate rush for clemency that her spiritual shade chooses to repeat, and her sobbing screams have often echoed through the Haunted Gallery. Still more dramatic have been the sightings of her spectral form. Dressed in white, with her long hair hanging loose, she drifts swiftly to the chapel door and abruptly vanishes. Some say that a peculiar, icy coldness can be sensed in the doorway itself, and others feel an intense and desperate sadness that hangs heavily in the air.

The Haunted Gallery was built by Cardinal Wolsey to link the Chapel to the rest of the palace. The picture is of The Haunted Gallery in Hampton Court Palace.

Source: Walking Haunted London, Richard Jones

Transgender fic recs
  • Clint

Transforming Truths in Lies and Truths into Truths by coffee_mage
gen, 7633 words, Not Rated
Trans character: Clint
Summary: Francis Barton was born into abject poverty and abuse, one step from being on the streets. It never occurred to him that he was a girl until his foster mother put him in a dress.
Francis Barton ran away with Barney, then Clint Barton joined the circus with his brother and learned to shoot a bow.
Clint F. Barton became an assassin and got tracked down by SHIELD where he learned he was so stealth that not even a shadowy government agency could tell how he’d been born anymore.

When I look up from the pavement I know I’m gonna be just fine by Tora
Clint/Phil, 4333 words, Teen
Trans character: Clint
Summary: “I don’t know what you’ve heard but I’m really not into bondage on a first date,” Clint sneered. “You could at least buy me dinner or something.” He grinned, baring his teeth like a snarl. The smiley ones didn’t really like it when he was a smart ass, and maybe he could provoke the guy into making a mistake.
The suit didn’t react beyond a twitch at the corner of his mouth. He shut the door behind him and approached, setting the stack of files down on the table.

That Which by treeperson
gen, 7132, Mature
Trans character: Clint
Notes: Involuntary body modification (but not to Clint)
Summary: Super Soldier Serum: make the perfect soldier! Results may not be as expected.

soul meets body series by shadowen
Phil/Clint, 52551 words, T-M
Trans character: Clint
Notes: Warnings for sexual assault that’s not actually in the story, but the after-effects are graphically described.
Summary: Right from the beginning, Clint Barton was a source of complications and headaches.

  • Natasha

Spider by Anamia
Clint/Natasha, 758 words, General
Trans character: Natasha
Summary: “He gives his covers feminine names and dresses them to match. He goes undercover as Natalie, as Isabelle, as Sophia, wearing tight black dresses and ankle-breaking heels.”

All The Young Graves Filled by CryptoHomoRocker
Steve/Sam, 6250 words, Teen
Trans character: Natasha
Notes: Trans-woman Natasha is outed without her permission. I’m not sure, but Sam Wilson might be transgender too in this.
Summary: “There are things you can forget and things that are a part of you, and she knows which one this is.”

  • Steve

seasons change (but people don’t) by ftmsteverogers
Bucky/Steve, 2046 words, Explicit
Trans character: Steve
Notes: Trans-man Steve. Bucky and Steve seem to be remembering something differently. Author is a trans guy.
Summary: “If there’s a girl I’m meant to be mourning, I want to know,” Bucky persists, as though Steve hasn’t had a close brush with asphyxiation right before his eyes. His foot twitches against Steve’s under the table.
“There wasn’t a girl,” Steve coughs. “Why…?”
Bucky’s gaze is sharp and discerning as his eyes flick back and forth between Steve’s.
“There was,” he says, right hand gripping the counter behind him in a white-knuckled grasp. “A girl. A small blonde girl.”

Blue Skies Up Ahead (The Sweetest Thing) by Tito11
Steve/tony, 27877 words, Explicit
Trans character: Steve
Notes: Trans-woman Steve falls in love with Tony Stark. WIP, AU
Summary: Shy Stella Rogers has somehow attracted the attention of notorious playboy Tony Stark. To her amazement, she finds Tony is nothing like the rumors would have her believe. He’s crass, sure, and a jerk at times, but he’s also sweet and loving and everything Stella ever wanted in a man. But there’s something that could ruin her new-found relationship, because Stella has a secret. And it’s in her pants.

Sugar and Spice by blakefancier
Steve/Bucky, 3559 words, Explicit
Trans character: Steve
Summary: It started with a box of women’s clothing that the last occupants of their apartment had left behind. Bucky remembered picking up a pair of panties and throwing them at Steve and saying, “Go on, Rogers, these look about your size.”

Catching My Breath by ACeramicGirl
Steve/Bucky, 1960 words, Teen
Trans character: Steve
Notes: Trans-man Steve, mostly about his relationship with Bucky so far.
Summary: Sometimes it has nothing to do with asthma.

Steve Rogers is Not a Woman by AlienTourist
gen, 7979 words, Teen
Trans character: Steve
Summary: Steve Rogers was not a woman, no matter what anybody else said, or what his body looked like.

  • Pepper

Walking in These Shoes by redfiona
Tony/Pepper, 7217 words, General
Trans character: Pepper
Notes: Trans-woman Pepper. Not so much about her transness so much as her relationship with Tony.
Summary: Pepper Potts is the woman she’d always wanted to be. It’s probably not all Tony’s fault that her well-ordered life has just been blown to pieces. But it’s definitely mostly his fault.

and it seems I’ve waited long enough by anomalously
Tony/Pepper, 1892 words, Teen
Trans character: Pepper
Notes: Trans-man Pepper. Fashionista Stark. Author is gender-fluid.
Summary: “We’re gonna buy you the nicest dick in Manhattan.”

  • Other Characters

believe in sheltering skies by Melesmeles
Steve/Tony, 1534 words, General
Trans character: OC
Notes: Deals with misgendering
Summary: In which Avengers Tower is very large and Peter’s friend gets confused, Steve has some outdated views on gender, and Clint is a good person.

Pippa Coulson, SHIELD Agent series by Miss_Von_Cheese
Steve/Phil, 11926 words, G-E
Trans character: Phil