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B.A.P Hashtag Project

Instructions: Write the hashtag (both Korean and English) on your palm and take a photo of it.

Hashtag Trend: #StillWeAre6 #우리팀돌아왔다 (meaning: “Our Team Came Back“)

Date: November 27, 2016 (12:00AM KST)


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  • Turn your location on, so it can trend worldwide.

Albus didn’t remind people of Harry or Ginny, he didn’t look like James Potter or Lily Evans like his siblings, if it weren’t for his eyes people would’ve thought he was adopted and originally he disliked not being immediately linked with his family but since he’s gotten older he realized this can make him his own person.

The gif is apparently too big for tumblr so if you want to see it animated with some fireworks lights you have to click the link and go to the original post on my page. ;-;

By the way, happy Chinese New Year! :>

So! I have a bunch of manips that don’t really have a story and I was thinking that maybe you guys could give them some!

Here’s how it’ll work. I’ll post an image every week, probably Sunday and whoever is interested can adopt it and write a little drabble or a whole fic if you’re inspired or make art, whatever! Hell, you could even just add a caption.

You could finish it before I post the next one (or not, schedule at your own pace) and it’ll be a fun little thing to see how everyone interprets the image. 

Link them to the original image and tag them with #CHPC or #Chinx’s Hiatus Prompt Challenge or just my url, #seastarved and I’ll find them. 

Reblog this post and spread the word! If enough people are interested, I’ll post the first one tomorrow! :)