the lines on go in the wrong direction i know i know

Enough to Grab Onto

I got sad talking to @inkedferns about his hair last night. So I woke up and spat this out. I also definitely got teary eyed over one line (EMBARRASSING MUCH!?) – guess which one! x. (I was going to wait to post it until more of the world was awake, but I CAN’T!)

“It’s just hair,” Harry tells you with a heavily lined forehead.

“I know,” you say. “It’s just… it suits you, you know?” You reach up and run your fingers through the curls that nearly go to his shoulder blades now. “And I’ve gotten used to it. I like them.”

“All this time,” Harry says with a shake of his head, “I thought I’d have to worry about someone loving me for m’money. I was wrong.” He kisses you pertly and you scowl. “It’ll grow back, won’t it?” he soothes you. “Didn’t you say it was looking a bit tattered anyway?”

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fem!larry fic rec masterpost

Because fem!larry is a blessing.

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sing me a line from your favourite song 
(a mixtape for barbara holland)

side a.
1. stevie nicks; edge of seventeen (sometimes to be near you is to be unable to hear you) | 2. frida; i know there’s something going on (won’t be long before you’re gone) | 3. the runaways; fantasies (am i dreaming?) | 4. abc; the look of love (one thing that turns the grey sky to blue) | 5. blondie; angels on the balcony (like a fire burning in a stone) | 6. the cure; m (all the directions were wrong) | 7. visage; fade to grey (wishing life wouldn’t be so dull)

side b.
8. patti smith; because the night (they can’t hurt you now) | 9. mike oldfield; moonlight shadow (the trees that whisper in the evening) | 10. tom petty & the heartbreakers; i need to know (all of a sudden it’s me on the outside) | 11. billy idol; rebel yell (i’d give you all, and have none) | 12. marianne faithfull; guilt (i’m like a curious child, give me more) | 13. the only ones; another girl, another planet (i think, i’m on another world with you) | 14. irene cara; what a feeling (first when there’s nothing, but a slowglowing dream)


The Map

“I’m telling you, you’re heading the wrong way.”

“Cas,” Dean snapped, “I came here all the time as a kid, okay?  I know where I am and where I’m going.  Do you even know what direction you’re facing?  Without looking at your phone?”

Cas lowered his phone back into his lap.  He gritted his teeth and looked outside the car window.  All he saw was a long, unending highway lined with a thick pine forest.  The sun was directly above them, not giving the slightest hint of dipping in one direction or another.

“No,” he finally admitted with a huffy cross of his arms.

Dean smirked.  “See?  You don’t know where you are.”

“But the phone does.”

“Baby, relax.  I’m not lost.  Don’t you trust me?”


“No?”  Dean’s head whipped over to look at his fiancé.  “Are you kidding me?  We’re driving out to spend Thanksgiving at my parents’ cabin with all of my family there to announce our engagement and you don’t even trust me to get you there?”

“Well, let’s check your track record.”  Cas ticked his points off on his fingers.  “There was that time you promised me that you would pick up the dry cleaning so that I would have my suit in the morning for the ‘Big Important Meeting’ I had the next day.  There was the time you put that piece of fish under the seat in my car—the car I didn’t use for two weeks and sat out in the hot sun and was completely ruined because the smell wouldn’t come out.”

Dean snickered, and then schooled his features when Castiel shot him a nasty look.

“Babe, that car was a piece of junk.  It needed to go.”

“There was that time you threw away my garden—”

Dean groaned.  “Jesus, not the garden again.  Weeds in a couple of tiny pots that spawned dirt everywhere they appeared do not constitute a garden.”

“You threw away my garden without talking to me about it.”

Dean rolled his eyes.

“There was that time you promised me you’d let me touch you then just left me tied to the headboard while you got to have all the fun.”

“Hey, I think we both enjoyed that night.”

Cas made a face and looked out the passenger window.  He would concede nothing.

“Come on, Cas.  All you’re doing is listing the reasons why you’re in love with me.”

“I am still pissed about my garden.”

“So noted.”

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