the lines are delivered perfectly

One of the things I like about Rick and Morty- particularly about Rick, is the stuttering.

I know, i know, a lot of its because the show is improvised, they didn’t put it in on purpose, but still!

I like that Rick has a stutter.

I has a stutter and it’s hard for me to talk through it sometimes. And people do stutter every now and then in typical conversation. But in movies, books, and other media, all the lines are delivered perfectly, unless stuttering is necessary for that character. And usually, when a character has a stutter, that’s all that character is, their stutter.

(Looking at that one guy from Harry Potter)

Rick has a stutter, but it’s a part of his character, it’s not the only thing he is.


Sunny x Grim Reaper Episode 13

My second couple syndrome is acting up again– I can’t help but root for the king and queen’s bittersweet love story. They are a dynamic pair, complementing each other’s personalities and giving such beautiful on screen chemistry. This scene is my favorite, both actors were stellar! The last line was delivered perfectly that my heart broke a little, seeing that she was already saying goodbye even if she was 100% still in love with him. Even her words were heartbreaking, as it is true that when in love, even the bad times are good.

Oh how I wish I had Sunny’s strength. She is an empowering woman!

willmelon  asked:

honestly my favourite thing about tattletail is the part in the trailer where mama says 'mama's coming...' seriously i keep replaying the video just because that single line is so perfectly delivered

i really feel this honestly….. its just so? well done? the music + the distortion + the line + the time when it’s said is set up so well……. the tattletail trailer in general is just so damn good

for some weird reason love sick is still my favorite thai drama (i don’t think i’ll ever get over it haha), but let’s be real: sotus was definately the most “well-made” thai bl drama out there. I mean,
1 - it not only had good and well developted girls, it also had lesbian representation!!!!
2 - they didn’t use the whole “feminine gay” thing as a comic relief. Instead they showed feminine gays like every other character and also a not-feminine canon gay character (representation matters!)
3 - the chemistry between the actors was insane
4 - of course the show had a lot of great actors, but i personaly feel like krist was the best of all the others actors in dramas i’ve watched. He was incredibly natural and delivered his lines perfectly. He made me smile in like every scene he was in.
5 - THEY ACTUALLY KISSED. TWICE. We saw their lips touch, man!!! (If you’re new to the whole drama thing, not only thai but also korean and japanese and others, they tend not to show a lot of kisses, SPECIALLY when it’s bl)
6 - the storyline was perfect. Who doesn’t like some “enemies to friends” plots??? And it’s super well done in this series.

tl;dr : sotus is GOOD SHIT.

You suave motherfucker, you’re delivering every line perfectly.

He might not have the best voice but who cares, this song is awesome.


Okay that last line was a perfect way to end the song.

I want every disc Greg’s ever made now.

Wow… just wow.

This song just grabbed a shotgun and took every other song from the show into a dark alley, and then blew their fucking brains out.

Yeah, favorite song, no questions about it.

Idol Couple with Jungkook

And now, to finish off the series as he always does, the other half of the Busan line, the half cheetah half bunny maknae, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Backstory time bc I have got a plan for this !!!!!
  • You two meet when your groups collaborate
  • You know how they did that commercial with Gfriend and they did one with Jessi as well
  • That’s where you two would meet
  • It would be a commercial for something, both of your groups showing up bright and early much to many people’s complaints
  • Okay so here’s the thing
  • Jungkook isn’t shy but kookie is
  • We all know there’s a big difference between confident “I’m a man” Jungkook we see on stage and “I literally just planted an umbrella and am playing with rocks” kookie
  • So on camera, kook has no issues with talking to you, delivering his lines perfectly and all of that
  • But off camera he’s hiding behind Jin bc of all the groups in the world, they had to choose the one group that has a member he’s got a crush on
  • Like if it was anyone else, he could be somewhat okay but no it’s you who he’s been crushing on since your debut
  • He still remembers the one time that you two accidentally bumped into each other on stage and he felt guilty for like a week
  • Bc even though he hadn’t been paying attention and was laughing at something Taehyung was doing, he still felt bad that he was literally walked straight into you
  • So when you two are on break, he goes over to you and starts apologizing his lil heart out
  • You’re so ??? bc did you miss something did something happen while filming what’s happening
  • He explains that he had bumped into you during a show a few weeks ago and just wanted to apologize and that he hoped you weren’t pissed off at him
  • You kinda just have to laugh bc he’s so cute ?? like of course I’m not mad it was an accident chill out dude
  • He gets a lil shy smile on his face when you laugh bc he likes your laugh and he likes knowing he’s the one that caused it
  • Throughout the filming, he loosens up a ton and is talking to you in between takes
  • The boys are just watching bc this is gonna be great material to tease him with later on so they gotta pay attention
  • Bc kookie is just giving you these shy smiles and can’t keep his eyes off you and it’s just all really really really cute and sweet lil bby kook
  • You two exchange numbers before you leave and he just about screams
  • He does scream once you’ve left bc obviously he can’t just scream right in front of you as you give him your number
  • But little does he know, you’re just as !!! the second you get to the car bc holy shit did that really just happen
  • You two start off as friends for a while but literally everybody knows that won’t last too long
  • Like everyone
  • Your members, his members, your stylists, his stylists, anyone that sees the way you two interact are just placing bets on how long it’ll take for you two to jump from platonic to really really not platonic at all
  • Spoiler it takes a month
  • Another spoiler, Yoongi and Namjoon win the bet bc they were the closest
  • There’s a lot of texting between you two for the entire month, it’s a daily thing
  • Like you get really excited when you wake up bc you know you’re gonna have a text from him and he gets the same way and the members are just planning away at how they’re gonna tease you bc theRE IS SO MUCH MATERIAL
  • Whenever you two see at each other at shows, you both get so :D
  • He walks up to you after one show, as you’re packing up and getting ready to go
  • He’s super nervous and you can tell bc he’s rubbing the back of his neck and he won’t look up from his shoes
  • “Hey do you wanna sneak out and go get something to eat with me?? Like as a date maybe but nah nah it’s okay if it isn’t a date jk gotta blast bye”
  • You agree though bc you’ve been considering how you should ask him out but him asking you out works perfectly too
  • Jungkook would probably be really good at keeping the relationship hidden but also horrible at it
  • Like there are a few slip ups here and there but they’re kinda big slip ups
  • “Last night, I went to get some ice cream with my babe…who’s obviously Jin duh”
  • Most people know it isn’t Jin but he tried to cover it up that’s good enough
  • But besides the occasional slip ups, no one has a single clue that he isn’t single
  • The most evidence they’d have is the fact that you two happen to wear similar looking beanies (it’s actually the same beanie but it’s black so it’s kinda a stretch if someone points it out)
  • You two do have matching necklaces though
  • They don’t match in an obvious way, like you don’t have the same necklaces but they go together
  • It’s like a lil secretive way of showing you two are together without making it super obvious
  • He can be seen in the background of Bangtan bombs watching something on his phone and most people assume it’s like a performance they’d done or maybe a show of some sort but it’s actually your group’s videos
  • Bc he’d lowkey be a huge fanboy which tbh he isn’t very lowkey about at all
  • His favorite place to go on those late night dates is the park
  • Bc no one’s there, it’s just you two and you can either be romantic and just stroll through the park or you can be playful and play on the swings or the slides or whatever else they have at that particular park
  • The park does change though, depending on which one’s the closest and emptiest
  • He’d probably take the longest to reveal the relationship
  • It’d take like three years bc I feel like he’d want his personal life to be private but he also gets tired of having to sneak around everywhere
  • He’d announce it through his company but he’d also post a video to confirm it
  • He wouldn’t say anything in the video but he just shows your hand holding onto his as you two are chilling and watching some anime or a show
  • “Friday nights are my favorite”
Too Big: Niall One-Shot

A/N: Y/N becomes insecure about her weight and her boyfriend, Niall, finds out…

It is a lazy Sunday for you and Niall. You stay inside watching a movie, cuddling on the couch with a bowl of greasy popcorn. Niall’s arms are wrapped around your waist and you are leaning up against his chest, his chin resting on top of your head as you binge watch comedy films. You mindlessly nibble on the snack while keeping your eyes glued to the screen, laughing along with Niall as your favorite actors deliver perfectly timed lines. 

You continue eating, not noticing how much you have consumed until you reach for another piece, only to realize the bowl is empty. Niall has barely eaten any, which means you have finished off the entire bowl. Upset, you think about the fact that he has skinny legs and abs and you don’t. I wonder why, you ask yourself sarcastically, though you know the answer: he’s not the one who eats like a pig and lays around all day. I’m fat. I’m fat I’m fat I’m fat and I need to fix it. 

Niall chuckles at a funny scene. “I love this part,” he says, smiling at the TV. You have to fight the tears threatening to roll down your cheeks. Niall can’t know about this. No one can. I got myself into this, and I’m going to get myself out. “Yeah,” you agree halfheartedly. “It’s a good one.”

The following day, you and Niall visit your local coffee shop for lunch. He has already eaten his meal, but you still have some left on your plate. “You gonna finish that, babe?” Niall asks, pointing at your leftovers. “Um… No, I’m full,” you lie. He leans over, picks up one of your French fries, and pops it in his mouth. “You sure? These fries are the shit." 

"I’m sure,” you say, a fake smile plastered on your face.


“Our dinner reservations are for 7:00, so we should probably start getting ready now,” Niall suggests, looking at his phone for the time. You nod and make your way upstairs while he stays behind to throw your beers away and tidy up. 

You remove your little red dress from the closet then take off your shirt in one swift motion. As you lower your jeans to the floor, your eyes wander to the mirror, and suddenly, you can’t look away. You throw your pants aside and slowly get up, taking in your appearance. 

Standing in just a bra and underwear, you study your body meticulously. You have been skipping meals left and right in a vain attempt to lose weight. You have shed a few pounds, but not enough to be noticeable, to your disappointment. You look yourself up and down disapprovingly. Your eyes drop to your stomach, which has been your problem area since the start. Turning to the side, you keep your eyes locked on your belly. I’m so fucking fat. You grab the skin between your fingers, angry at yourself, and squeeze until the pressure causes your eyes to sting. 

Just then, you hear Niall’s voice from the doorway. “Y/N?” he says in a soft tone, taking in the scene. “Niall,” you say, panicked, frantically trying to cover your exposed body with the dress you had left on the floor. “I thought you were picking up downstairs." 

"I finished a while ago. You’ve been up here for a half an hour, so I thought I should check on you." 

"How long have you been standing there?” You ask nervously. He walks over to you and takes the dress from your hands. You let out a small cry and reach for it, but he tosses it back on the floor. "Long enough to see you looking at your body like it’s something the cat dragged in.“ 

He puts his hands on your waist, but you wriggle out of his grasp and fold your arms defensively over your stomach. "Niall…" 

"Darling, what have you been doing up here?" He furrows his brow. "Why were you looking at the mirror like that?" 

You lower your gaze to your feet. "I-I’m fat.” You say, tears rimming your eyes. “You’re what?” He gives you a quizzical stare. 

You lift your head and meet his gaze. “I’m fat.” You say more confidently. “My stomach will never be flat like other girls’ and I’ve been skipping meals to fix it and I don’t know what to do anymore." 

You’re crying now, a flood of tears pouring down your cheeks. "I mean, just look at me,” you spit, and stomp to the mirror. More tears drop to the floor as you grab skin between your fingers and show it off relentlessly, while Niall silently watches from a distance.

“Princess,” he whispers delicately, “look at me." 

You do as he says, and cry harder when you see the heartbreak in his big blue eyes. "I’m so sorry, Niall, I don’t want to hurt you, or anyone. This isn’t your problem.” He places his hands on your waist again, but holds you tight so you can’t get away this time. He massages your skin with his thumbs as he speaks, trying to calm you down. 

“First of all, you’re not fat; I don’t know where you got that idea. What you are is  pretty and lovely and amazing, and I love you,” he assures, and plants a kiss on your forehead. “Second, no matter what it looks like, you should love your body. I know I do." 

He takes you by the hand and leads you to the bed, where he lays you on your back. "Niall, please, at least let me put on some clothes,” you plead, fully aware of how exposed you are. He shakes his head. “No, I like you like this. If you can’t see how incredibly gorgeous you are, I’ll just have to show you." 

Niall places his hands on either side of your breasts, then caresses downward to your hips, making sure to trace every curve. His gentle touch leaves you tingly. 

"Beautiful,” he says. 

He kneels down and leans toward you so that his warm breath tickles your skin. Turning your chin with a finger so you are forced to look at him, he says,“You are more beautiful than you’ll ever know, darling. I swear it.” He places sloppy kisses on your stomach, making you giggle. 

“And,” he says between kisses, “I especially love your stomach. I love the way it feels when I’m hugging you or kissing you and when I wrap my arms around it, and when I do this…" 

He blows a messy raspberry into your skin. By now your crying has been replaced by laughter and you kick at him playfully. He flops onto the bed beside you and holds you close. "Never feel like you need to change, and definitely don’t skip meals, princess. Fill your cute little belly as much as you need. You’re perfect the way you are; any fool can see that. Except for this one apparently.” He chuckles and flicks your nose with his finger. 

He beams when you give him an annoyed look. “There she is,” he says, and a smile creeps on your face. “Thanks, Niall,” you sigh. 

“I love you darlin. Now why don’t you put on some clothes so we can go eat?" 

Noragami Blooper Reel

Hello there! The Noragami Voices here with a new challenge for the Noragami fandom! Being a voice actor is hard work, and for every perfectly delivered line, there’s bound to be a good amount of cursing and mess ups involved.

So the goal is this: we’re making a Noragami Actor AU blooper reel, but we want to get the Noragami fandom involved! All you have to do is reblog this post and write down your best blooper idea. 

Example →  “Yato: Hello! Thank you for calling! Fast, affordable, and…and…dammit. Line?”

After one week (ending on August 4th), we’ll go through your submissions and pick the best to put in our blooper reel. You’ll get to hear your own headcanon voiced by our amazing actors. So have fun, and may your wishes be heard loud and clear!

Okay but like seriously, are we gonna start talking more about Jennifer Paz, Lapis’ voice actress, and how AMAZING she is???

Like honestly, every time Lapis speaks, no matter what episode it is (even though Alone at Sea is a great testament to her skills), I think to myself:
“That line was amazing…”
“That line was delivered perfectly…”
“It’s like she totally understands Lapis’ character and every line she delivers is indicative of that…”

She so often nails the strain and struggle in Lapis’ voice whenever she recounts something or has to explain something truly heartbreaking. Lapis feels so real when she has a voice actress who mimics her pain so well. AND even when Lapis is happy! That snort-laugh of hers in Alone at Sea gave me a heart attack it was so authentic and pleasing to the ears!!!

Steven Universe is a show with a really wonderful cast of TALENTED voice actors, but I just wanted to focus on Jennifer Paz for a little bit. She can play the part of Lapis like NO ONE’S business and she’s a joy to listen to when watching a conflicted, troubled, character like this one. 


“Your acting, your thin disguise, all your perfectly delivered lines: they don’t fool me. You’ve been lonely too long. 

Let me in the wall you’ve built around. We can light a match & burn it down. Let me hold your hand & dance ‘round & 'round the flames in front of us. Dust to dust.

You’ve held your head up. You’ve fought the fight. You bear the scars. You’ve done your time. Listen to me, you’ve been lonely too long. (…) 

You’re like a mirror, reflecting me. Takes one to know one, so take it from me. You’ve been lonely. You’ve been lonely too long.”