the linear life

“Trajectories aren’t linear. Life’s just a roller coaster. If you’re getting a chance to do cool stuff and it’s varied stuff, just enjoy it. I guess I’m a believer in the randomness of life, rather than it being a linear trajectory, or an arc, a consistent smooth arc towards anything… Then again, I’ve never done a Star Wars movie, so what the hell do I know?”

i can’t sing anymore because my voice is unfamiliar 

with strength these books could leave the shelf- 

limp learning leaves no room for comfort 

i can’t remember the last time there was a shred of recognition 

if i could remember, if i could remember, if i could remember 

what my voice used to sound like 

i cannot read about it 

with linear longitude toward life’s lingering lumps 

in your throat 

that keep you from singing 

and remembering 

and feeling like you know anything about yourself 

Progress update!

It’s important to remember that weight loss isn’t linear. Hardship in your life will occasionally influence the scale but worry not. Consistency really does pay off in the long run!

Try not to focus on the numbers, and just work towards bettering yourself each and every day 😊

But what if they do manage to find Glendower and do wish for Gansey’s life - and save 10-year-old Gansey’s life? Non-linear time and all?

Eta.: To clarify, I meant that it’s their wishes that saves him in the past, that makes it possible for his life to be exchanged with Noah’s, for him to become obsessed with Glendower etc - which is why he hears Glendowers name when he (almost) dies/comes back, because he’s already been saved by him, and now Gansey must go find him (so that this reality, the one where he doesn’t die from the hornets, comes true). Non-linear time and so forth! Same concept as with Ronan and the writing on the stones. (This also means that their wish has already been used up which… I don’t want to think about at all. )

Because recovery isn’t a linear process. Because life isn’t a linear process. There are ups and downs and downs and ups. But it’s always–always–worth it to try again. Just one more time. Today, tomorrow, next week, next year. You’ve gotten through it before, and you’ll get through it again. Even if it’s for the 100th time.